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Canada National Thread | Road to Tokyo 2020

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intoronto    328

Canada will invest 40% more in sports funding for the next four years




Hopefully that means 25-30 medals for Tokyo? Here's hoping!

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orangeman    127

Hey there Canada (esp. intoronto)!


I've been in China which basically blocks everything.  Long story, but I should finally have access to this place, just in time for the lead up to the Olympics.


I used to live in South Korea, so disappointed that I will miss this one.  Tried to make it work, but the tickets and accommodations were just way too expensive.  I could have stayed in Seoul, but that's missing the point.  I was going to drop by the final weekend, but it didn't work out.  


Instead I'll be on a beach in Thailand watching instead.  Tough life, I know.  Just excited I can finally come here and elsewhere (CBC was also blocked).  

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intoronto    328

And to the other big Multi-sports event of 2018, the Commonwealth Games.


This appears to be Canada's athletics team: http://athletics.ca/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/2018-Commonwealth-Games-Ranking-List.pdf

Sadly they can only send a max of 36 athletes, meaning the women's 4x400 relay has to sit at home. This is ridiculous considering Australia got 111...


Also its sad to Bishop, Drouin and George (understandably, as she will compete in bobsleigh in Pyeongchang) withdraw. Tat is possibly 3 medals opportunities gone down the drain. Canada won 17 medals in Glasgow, but only 11 are currently ranked in the top 3 atm. 

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orangeman    127

Yay!  Was able to get to Korea for the Olympics after all!  Going to be there at the end, got tickets for the women's gold medal hockey game, which should be even more fun because I'm going with an American.  Also got tickets to the men's curling semis the same day.  If Canada's men get to the hockey semis the next day I'll try to get tickets for that, too.  Leaving before the gold medal game, though (stupid work!).  Tried to get short track tickets, but only the super expensive ones are left ($400).  I did finally get to see some short track here in China a couple of months ago, so that'll have to hold me.  

So stoked!  Always wanted to go to the Olympics!  

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Nate River    139

Baring any last minute oddity (which, lets face it, always happens) Canada is looking at a team of 222 for Pyeongchang. This is exactly the same size as in Sochi.


It is still possible Canada will be offered a second re-allocation in cross country skiing (Canada is 13th in line and seven spots remain to be re-allocated). That's the likeliest way Canada could beat the record from Sochi at this point. Alternatively, someone could get injured between runs / due to a crash in bobsleigh (like in Sochi).

Edited by Nate River

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:CAN Canada Pyeongchang 2018 Olympic Team (225 athletes) :CAN 


Alpine Skiing: (13)

Men: Philip Brown, Dustin Cook, Jack Crawford, Manuel Osborne-Paradis, Trevor Philp, Erik Read, Broderick Thompson, Benjamin Thomsen

Women: Valerie Grenier, Candace Crawford, Erin Mielzynski, Roni Remme, Laurence St-Germain


Biathlon: (10)

Men: Macx Davies, Christian Gow, Scott Gow, Brendan Green, Nathan Smith

Women: Sarah Beaudry, Rosanna Crawford, Emma Lunder, Julia Ransom, Megan Tandy


Bobsleigh: (18)


Pilots: Justin Kripps, Christopher Spring, Nick Poloniato

Breakmen: Alex Kopacz, Ben Coakwell, Bryan Barnett, Cam Stones, Jesse Lumsden, Josh Kirkpatrick, Lascelles Brown, Neville Wright, Oluseyi Smith


Pilots: Kaillie Humphries, Alysia Rissling, Christine de Bruin

Breakmen: Heather Moyse, Melissa Lotholz, Phylicia George

Cross-Country Skiing: (11)

Men: Jesse Cockney, Alex Harvey, Knute Johnsgaard, Russell Kennedy, Devon Kershaw, Graeme Killick, Len Valjas

Women: Dahria Beatty, Cendrine Browne, Anne-Marie Comeau, Emily Nishikawa

Curling: (12)

Men's Tournament: Kevin Koe, Marc Kennedy, Brent Laing, Ben Hebert, Scott Pfeifer

Women's Tournament: Rachel Homan, Emma Miskew, Joanne Courtney, Lisa Weagle, Cheryl Bernard

Mixed Doubles: Kaitlyn Lawes, John Morris

Figure Skating: (17)

Men: Patrick Chan, Keegan Messing

Ladies: Larkyn Austman, Gabrielle Daleman, Kaetlyn Osmond

Pairs: Meagan Duhamel/Eric Radford, Julianne Seguin/Charlie Bilodeau, Kirsten Moore-Towers/Michael Marinaro

Ice Dance: Tessa Virtue/Scott Moir, Piper Gilles/Paul Poirier, Kaitlyn Weaver/Andrew Poje

Freestyle Skiing: (30)


Aerials: Lewis Irving, Olivier Rochon

Halfpipe: Simon d'Artois, Noah Bowman, Mike Riddle

Moguls: Marc-Antoine Gagnon, Mikael Kingsbury, Philippe Marquis

Ski Cross: Chris del Bosco, Kevin Drury, Dave Duncan, Brady Leman

Slopestyle: Alex Beaulieu-Marchand, Alex Bellemare, Teal Harle, Evan McEachran


Aerials: Catrine Lavallee

Halfpipe: Rosalind Groenewoud, Cassie Sharpe

Moguls: Chloe Dufour-Lapointe, Justine Dufour-Lapointe, Andi Naude, Audrey Robichaud

Ski Cross: Kelsey Serwa, India Sherret, Brittany Phelan, Marielle Thompson

Slopestyle: Dara Howell, Kim Lamarre, Yuki Tsubota

Ice Hockey: (48)


Goalies: Justin Peters, Kevin Poulin, Ben Scrivens

Defensemen: Stefan Elliott, Chay Genoway, Cody Goloubef, Marc-Andre Gragnani, Chris Lee, Maxim Noreau, Mat Robinson, Karl Stollery

Forwards: Rene Bourque, Gilbert Brule, Andrew Ebbett, Quinton Howden, Chris Kelly, Rob Klinkhammer, Brandon Kozun, Maxim Lapierre, Eric O'Dell, Mason Raymond, Derek Roy, Christian Thomas, Linden Vey, Wojtek Wolski


Goalies: Ann-Renee Desbiens, Genevieve Lacasse, Shannon Szabados

Defensemen: Renata Fast, Laura Fortino, Brigette Lacquette, Jocelyne Larocque, Meaghan Mikkelson, Lauriane Rougeau

Forwards: Meghan Agosta, Bailey Bram, Emily Clark, Melodie Daoust, Haley Irwin, Brianne Jenner, Rebecca Johnston, Sarah Nurse, Marie-Philip Poulin, Jillian Saulnier, Natalie Spooner, Laura Stacey, Blayre Turnbull, Jenn Wakefield

Luge: (8)

Men's Singles: Samuel Edney, Mitchel Malyk, Reid Watts

Women's Singles: Brooke Apshkrum, Alex Gough, Kimberley McRae

Men's Doubles: Tristan Walker/Justin Snith

Short Track: (10)

Men: Charle Cournoyer, Pascal Dion, Samuel Girard, Charles Hamelin, Francois Hamelin

Women: Kim Boutin, Kasandra Bradette, Jamie Macdonald, Valerie Maltais, Marianne St-Gelais

Skeleton: (6)

Men: Dave Greszczyszyn, Barrett Martineau, Kevin Boyer

Women: Elisabeth Vathje, Mirela Rahneva, Jane Channell

Ski Jumping: (2)

Men: Mackenzie Bowd-Clowes

Women: Taylor Henrich

Snowboarding: (21)


Parallel Giant Slalom: Jasey-Jay Anderson, Darren Gardner

Slopestyle/Big Air: Mark McMorris, Tyler Nicholson, Max Parrot, Sebastien Toutant

Halfpipe: Derek Livingston

Snowboard Cross: Baptiste Brochu, Kevin Hill, Chris Robanske, Eliot Grondin


Slopestyle/Big Air: Laurie Blouin, Spencer O'Brien, Brooke Voigt

Halfpipe: Mercedes Nicoll, Elizabeth Hosking, Calynn Irwin

Snowboard Cross: Carle Brenneman, Zoe Bergermann, Tess Critchlow, Meryeta O'Dine

Speed Skating: (19)

Men: Jordan Belchos, Ted-Jan Bloemen, Alex Boisvert-Lacroix, Vincent De Haitre, Ben Donnelly, Laurent Dubreuil, Olivier Jean, Gilmore Junio, Denny Morrison, Alexandre St-Jean

Women: Ivanie Blondin, Kali Christ, Marsha Hudey, Kaylin Irvine, Heather McLean, Josie Morrison, Keri Morrison, Brianne Tutt, Isabelle Weidemann



Let me know if anything needs to be changed. Also I'm fairly new on this site and this is my first post so it's nice meeting all of you fellow Canadians.

Edited by Topicmaster1010

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orangeman    127
1 hour ago, Topicmaster1010 said:

:CAN Canada Pyeongchang 2018 Olympic Team (225 athletes) :CAN 




Let me know if anything needs to be changed. Also I'm fairly new on this site and this is my first post so it's nice meeting all of you fellow Canadians.


Hi Topicmaster!  Welcome aboard!  Nice list, thanks for doing that.  

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