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Wanderer    240
7 minutes ago, Finnator123 said:

Is it possible for me to participate  to the IIHF men's ice hockey tournament prediction contest 1 day late?


It is never late, join in :)

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bestmen    469

no results yet , it's the day 3


even if i know my ranking  "one of the last positions" :d


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Wanderer    240

There you go, everything is updated. I hope I didn't make (m)any mistake(s). If I did so, feel free to point them out :)


And, please, read the rules carefully and beware when you have to predict FULL score and when to fill in prediction design with only goal/point differences. 

I am talking to you @africaboy @mihamiha @ady48


One more thing: it is kinda difficult for me to manage table properly so I might post the results in different format. If anyone can find some shortcuts and make it easier to format the table, I will be very grateful.

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