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tuniscof    76
Il y a 2 heures , LDOG a déclaré:


What did you decide to do with the Q vs Q matches and the last minute withdrawals for those who couldn't edit in time?


Since I updated them in the last hours, I counted them as correct ;)  

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OlympicsFan    148

Not being able to predict on day 1 really fucked my chances ...

At this point i hope that someone ends up with at least 40-45 points more than me, otherwise i will have to find a way to punish Sindo for what he did to me ... :whistle:

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LDOG    291

I can't believe i'm 2nd place in a tennis contest... I think I never was higher than 15th. I don't even have a clue why, I missed a lot of stuff... the only "surprises" I got right are Keys and Chung pretty much.

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