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Henry_Leon    89

@Wanderer (About calendar 2018)

There will haven't the Curling Contest (Olympic 2018)?


Note: Hope the miscellaneous will not be too long (30/40 questions) because there is a trouble when copy and past the table too long ..... (in the past contests it was necessary to save more times, in order not to risk losing what has already completed

Otherwise isn't possible post the events in two tables? (same post but two tables as tennis)



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LDOG    263

Also about calendar: acronym for hockey federation is FIH not IHF.

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Henry_Leon    89
10 minutes ago, LDOG said:


Well, to be fair it's only you and other 7/8 users who really care about general standings. I don't think it would have an effect on the popularity of contests... those who care about general standings will still participate in all contests, and those who don't care will still play just the contests they feel like doing. For example, I don't think I would suddenly start to participate in biathlon contests even if it starts giving 1000 points for general standings, cuz I don't care about general standings and I don't know anything about biathlon. On the other hand, I would still participate in a rugby contest even if 15 people participate because I simply like and know more about Rugby.


You are right, I play each contests, some events I follow and some events aren't too interest for me, but with these contests i can improve my knowledge about these sports, this is the spirit for these contests, the ranking and the medals are just for fun....................there aren't prize!


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dcro    1,102
7 hours ago, Henry_Leon said:

We can't complicate the precarious situation :wacko:   There are a troubles with a single year ranking.............

Furthermore the events aren't the same every year and you can't substitute the FIFA WC 2018 (men) with Fifa WC2019 (women) or the Winter Olympic with Summer Olympic (every two years, obvious).


Let this ranking system be left at tennis, as we see in other situation don't runs so much (Fifa ranking :facepalm:)




But at the end of the year you'll get the exact same thing - year rankings. ;)


Plus, this way rankings are calculated on a monthly basis, making it easier to run. Do we really need the rankings to be updated after every single contest?


And, as you said, it's for fun. So, yeah, stuff like career high ranking etc adds to the fun. Can't really use that if you get 12-months rankings only at the end of a calendar year...


Also, I completely disagree with the FIFA rankings comparison. This system just means that there's 12 months in the background of each rankings, simple as that. Between January-February rankings and March-February rankings, it's the first one that is more FIFA alike!

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