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  1. Brazil National Thread | Rumo a Tóquio 2020

    Títulos mundiais do golbol e futebol de 5. Motivo de orgulho
  2. Brazil National Thread | Rumo a Tóquio 2020

    Pra lá de bizarra né? Mas que bom que veio à tona.
  3. Summer Paralympic Games 2020 Qualification

    Thanks to the qualification schedule, Brazil has the most athletes qualified so far other than Japan (with 20)
  4. Summer Paralympic Games 2020 Qualification

    Blind Football IBSA World Championship 2018 full results: Men's Brazil has qualified for the football 5-a-side tournament at the 2020 Paralympic Games. Men's Tournament
  5. Not related to this topic, but another national thread title that made me stop for a second was the Poland one: Droga do Tokio 2020. (in portuguese, droga literally means drug, but also a very common word to express anger or frustration)
  6. South American Games 2018 Cochabamba (BOL) - 26 May 2018 - 8 June 2018 Totallympics Results Thread
  7. Brazil National Thread | Rumo a Tóquio 2020

    Morto com seu avatar
  8. Summer Paralympic Games 2020 Qualification

    Goalball IBSA World Championship 2018 full results: Men's / Women's The medalists have qualified for the 2020 Paralympic Games. Men's Tournament Women's Tournament
  9. South American Games 2018

    I agree, but I guess they can gain experience over time. The altitude is a real deal breaker, though. Many athletes suffered a lot during this competition - one brazilian swimmer almost passed out in a event and some table tennis athletes were vomiting. For a competition that act as Olympic qualification for many sports, this isn't ideal.
  10. South American Games 2018

    I heard rumours Miami might try? Of course any american city would be a instant favorite to host in case they have any interest
  11. BMX Cycling UCI World Championships 2018

    I wouldn't go that far, but we celebrated on the whatsapp "Rumo a Tóquio" sports group
  12. BMX Cycling UCI World Championships 2018

    Medal for Brazil And to think Anderson couldn't win a medal at the (much weaker) South American Games days ago...
  13. Tennis Roland Garros 2018

    Happy for Halep
  14. South American Games 2018

    After the successful organization of the South American Games, Cochabamba will bid for the 2027 Pan American Games. After 2 editions in South America (Lima 2019 and Santiago 2023), I think Cochabamba can only win the right to host if no city from North or Central America is a candidate.
  15. South American Games 2018

    For a competition of this level, I think the prize money is more than enough. I bet most medalists from other nations received a big 0 for their performances
  16. South American Games 2018

    So Evo Morales has promised a prize money for all the bolivian medalists. US$ 30.000 for the gold medalists, 20.000 for the silver medalists, and 10.000 for the bronze medalists. Bolivia won 4 gold, 15 silver and 15 bronze medals, so the sum surpasses half a million. With her 3 silver medals, swimmer Karen Torrez won US$ 60.000! Conrrado Kevin Ortiz from Racquetball won 3 gold medals, but I suppose the prize is divided among teammates (so he should get 55.000?): Singles: US$ 30.000 Doubles: US$ 15.000 Teams: US$ 10.000
  17. South American Games 2018

    The final medal table:
  18. South American Games 2018

    Damn, Argentina, you screwed my predictions!
  19. South American Games 2018

    Yeah, a lot of people do... at least until we start to play and everyone sees how overhyped this team is
  20. South American Games 2018

    They're with another athlete, so I'm not sure if Argentina will win gold but a medal is likely.
  21. South American Games 2018

    Oh the drama. And the World Cup hasn't even started yet
  22. South American Games 2018

    Brazil managed to win a bronze medal in the 4x100m men's relay with a "improvised" team that included an athlete from the 400m event and another from decathlon. We would also participate in the 4x100m women's relay with a long jumper, but I guess they didn't try. I think only 3 nations have participated and that's a little ridiculous?
  23. South American Games 2018

    That bronze in Field Hockey made me more happy than most medals Brazil won here.
  24. South American Games 2018

    Colombia is winning all golds in Boxing so first place is probably secured with Brazil im second. It will be interesting to see who will end in 3rd, 4th and 5th, since Argentina, Chile and Venezuela are pretty close. It seems like Chile will be 5th, and Argentina and Venezuela will fight for 3rd.
  25. South American Games 2018

    Guyana wins its first medal with a bronze in athletics (Men's 400m)