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  1. Beach Volleyball 2018 Discussion Thread

    For those who are interested (@heywoodu), Alison will play with André, which was world champion last year with Evandro - they just won a title in the world tour this past weekend! This move by André has been seen as pretty shitty and Evandro is clearly pissed (in portuguese).
  2. South American Games 2018

    Brazilian athletes starting to arrive at the village. Nice touch from the organizers with the nation's name at the building
  3. [OFF TOPIC] General Chat

    I think this will be solved very soon, or at least I hope so. I wouldn't worry too much
  4. [OFF TOPIC] General Chat

    I don't discuss politics a lot, but honestly I found the whole situation a little bit funny because some people were sure Brazil would get better under the Temer government and the exact opposite happened Huge lines today at gas stations here in my city 'cause people don't know if we will have gas tomorrow because of the truck drivers protests.
  5. Beach Volleyball 2018 Discussion Thread

    While Bruno already announced he will play with his old partner Pedro Solberg, nothing about Alison yet. I hope he announces something soon.
  6. Beach Volleyball 2018 Discussion Thread

    Olympic and world champions, Alison and Bruno have ended their partnership after 4 years playing together.
  7. South American Games 2018

    You're too confident about the women's team. How are the chances that they screw up at least one of those finals? Or considering how lucky we are, that one of the girls gets injured? Same for all the gold medals in Rhythmic Gymnastics - Gaudio can drop the ball in the middle of her routine or something I guess it can happen, but I wouldn't call it a safe bet.
  8. South American Games 2018

    You're crazy
  9. Men's Ice Hockey IIHF World Championship 2018

    I think it's a thing only among religious people and we don't have a free day for that - although, like @thiago_simoes said, on May 31st we have a catholic holiday ("Corpus Christi") that might be related to that... or not... Sorry, I'm not religious at all.
  10. South American Games 2018

    I think it will be something like this: 1. Colombia 2. Brazil 3. Argentina 4. Venezuela 5. Chile 6. Ecuador 7. Peru 8. Paraguay 9. Uruguay 10. Panama or Bolivia (really don't know if they have many chances for gold) Brazil can be 1st, but definitely don't have the advantage of last time (in 2014, we won 32 gold medals combining Athletics and Swimming, which won't happen this time).
  11. South American Games 2018

    Don't be so dramatic There are good commentators in Football (some are REALLY bad like Ronaldo, though). And while I agree these commentators of your list are really good, they're not the only ones. For instance, you left out one of my very favourites, Marco Freitas (volleyball).
  12. South American Games 2018

    I think only those will offer qualification (and Brazil is sending athletes in all of them): Athletics, Bowling, Cycling, Field Hockey, Handball, Karate, Modern Pentathlon, Rugby Sevens, Shooting, Swimming, Triathlon, Wrestling.
  13. South American Games 2018

    Brazil is sending 315 athletes to the Games, only the 7th nation in number of athletes. The relatively small number of athletes is due to the fact we're only sending athletes for 33 of the 46 sports, and that includes only a few team sports. The main goal is to achieve qualification for the Pan American Games next year in many sports. Unless something changes at the last minute, Brazil won't participate in: Basketball Beach Volleyball Equestrian Football Futsal Pelota Vasca Racquetball Speed Skating Squash Tennis Volleyball Water Polo Waterski The no participation in Beach Volleyball bugs me a little. They could send some youth pairs to gain some experience in multi-sports games.
  14. [OFF TOPIC] Eurovision Song Contest 2018

    So Switzerland wasn't even the next nation to qualify. Pity. Also I was pretty sure Russia would be last.
  15. [OFF TOPIC] Eurovision Song Contest 2018

    Honestly I don't see much difference, they're both entertaining songs but hardly winners. Austria was my last hope among the top 5.