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  1. Alpine Skiing FIS World Cup 2017 - 2018

    Julia Mancuso is retiring right now
  2. Bobsleigh at the Winter Olympic Games 2018

    Czech + Slovakia = true brothers Apparently the president of the Czech Bob federation send a open letter to ISBF yesterday and this was apparently their own initiative ! wow. respect but unfortunately the decision is final and unchangeable. ps: The Slovak team at least offered to the Czechs our bob for their PyeongChang Bobsleigh team, so they may use it if they want or will need in case of mechanical issues with their original engines or for any other reason
  3. Road Cycling 2018 Discussion Thread

    @heywoodu the yummy gummy bears are back and part 2
  4. [OFF TOPIC] General Chat

    Hahaha this is so funny ! I can´t stop laughing "You have no neck ! Show me your neck !" https://www.olympicchannel.com/en/playback/sports-swap/core-sports-swap/sports-swap-figure-skating-vs-ice-hockey-with-marchei-vasiljevs/
  5. Bobsleigh at the Winter Olympic Games 2018

    yes, they approved their team today and announced that they will send 2 bobs in both mens events
  6. January 18th, 2018 Mixed Pairs 1. Russia (Evgenia Tarasova/Vladimir Morozov) 221.60, 2. Russia (Ksenia Stolbova/Fedor Klimov) 211.01 and 3. Russia (Natalia Zabiiako/Alexander Enbert) 210.18 Full Results Short Program and Finals Video Highlights Tarasova/Morozov Free Skate Stolbova/Klimov Zabiiako/Enbert James/Cipres
  7. Winter Olympic Games 2018 Team Sizes

    The General Assembly of the Czech Olympic Committee approved today the Czech Olympic delegation for the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympic Games, It count 85 Athletes (5 of them will be named and added next week, 3 in Biathlon (2 Womens and 1 men) 1 women in Alpine Skiing and 1 men in Cross-Country Skiing, following the last parts of the internal qualifiers. The youngest athlete is 18 years old Pairs Figure Skater Anna Dušková, the Oldest 39 years old Jakub Havlín who will represent in bobsleigh. They are expecting to receive one or two more realocations in the next weeks, but actually they are also counting that in the worst scenario they may also lose 2 quotas in snowboarding Czech Republic Olympic Team Alpine Skiing: Martina Dubovská, Ester Ledecká, Kryštof Krýzl, + 1 women will be added next week. Cross Country Skiing: Kateřina Beroušková, Petra Nováková, Martin Jakš, Petr Knop, Michal Novák, + 1 men will be added next week. Freestyle Skiing: Nikol Kučerová (skicross) Nordic Combined: Lukáš Daněk, Miroslav Dvořák, Ondřej Pažout, Tomáš Portyk. Ski Jumping: Lukáš Hlava, Roman Koudelka, Čestmír Kožíšek, Viktor Polášek, Vojtěch Štursa. Snowboarding: Ester Ledecká, Vendula Hopjáková, Eva Samková, Jan Kubičík, Šárka Pančochová, Kateřina Vojáčková, Petr Horák. Bobsleigh: Dominik Dvořák, David Egydy, Jakub Havlín, Jaroslav Kopřiva, Jakub Nosek, Dominik Suchý, Jan Šindelář, Jan Vrba + Jan Stokláska (Alternate). Biathlon: Michal Krčmář, Ondřej Moravec, Michal Šlesingr, Adam Václavík, 1 men will be added next week, Markéta Davidová, Jessica Jislová, Eva Puskarčíková, Veronika Vítková, + 2 womens will be added next week. Luge: Tereza Nosková, Ondřej Hyman, Antonín Brož, Lukáš Brož, Jaromír Kudera, Matěj Kvíčala. Figure Skating: Michal Březina, Martin Bidař, Anna Dušková, Michal Češka, Cortney Bree Mansourová. Speed Skating: Karolína Erbanová, Martina Sáblíková, Nikola Zdráhalová. Short Track Speed Skating: Michaela Sejpalová. Ice Hockey: Patrik Bartošák, Pavel Francouz, Dominik Furch, Michal Jordán, Jan Kolář, Tomáš Kundrátek, Vojtěch Mozík, Jakub Nakládal, Ondřej Němec, Adam Polášek, Ondřej Vitásek, Michal Birner, Roman Červenka, Martin Erat, Milan Gulaš, Roman Horák, Petr Koukal, Jan Kovář, Dominik Kubalík, Tomáš Mertl, Lukáš Radil, Michal Řepík, Jiří Sekáč, Michal Vondrka, Tomáš Zohorna. Source Czech Olympic Committee in Czech http://www.olympic.cz/clanek/2874--plenum-cov-schvalilo-nominaci-85-ceskych-sportovcu-do-pchjongcchangu
  8. yeah, well, still heartbreaking though
  9. Winter Olympic Games 2018 Uniforms

    Olympic Athletes from Russia
  10. James/Cipres lost the podium for 0.01 point from 1st place after short program
  11. Nicole Rajičová and her new pb in short program 61.01
  12. When Slovan presented the project around the KHL participation and decided to leave our extraliga, there were a lot of spectacular statements from their bosses about how it would help our hockey, how they will open the doors of big hockey and experiences for Slovak young players and that the club would become a showcase of the Slovak National team, so now after Ramsey announced the roster, there quite a lot of jokes in our forums pointing the general policy of Slovan management. (but also to be honest I think Viedenský and Meszáros should be invited !) especially Viedenský as a decent center, a post we are struggling a lot in our hockey lately. Right, unfortunately the times when we were part of the super 7 are gone with the 2000 golden generation, now we are completely entered the difficult stage of rejuvenation and generation changes in our NT. What can we do, This is how it is. But at least the things have moved forward overall in our federation, it´s clearly visible that the general atmosphere calmed down, and peoples finally started to work. We know that the results will not come immediately (or better say regularly) but Craig Ramsey brought some interesting visions and projects to improve our hockey and he is really working hard together with Miro and our "old gold boys" like Országh, Handzuš or Višňovský. so if they showed the courage to make the so needed changes and decided to rebuild the team relying on players from Czech and Slovak leagues, they have all my support and respect.
  13. TEAM SOUTH KOREA Goaltenders: Matt Dalton (Anyang Halla) Park Kye-Hoon (Sangmu) Park Sung-Je (High1 Chuncheon) Defencers: Cho Hyung-Gon (Sangmu) Kim Won-Jun (Anyang Halla) Lee Don-Ku (Anyang Halla) Oh Hyon-ho (Daemyung Killer Whales) Alex Plante (Anyang Halla) Eric Regan (Anyang Halla) Seo Yeong-Jun (Daemyung Killer Whales) Bryan Young (Daemyung Killer Whales) Forwards: Ahn Jin-Hui (Sangmu) Cho Min-Ho (Anyang Halla) Jeon Jung-Woo (Sangmu) Kim Ki-Sung (Anyang Halla) Kim Sang-Wook (Anyang Halla) Kim Won-Jung (Anyang Halla) Lee Young-Jun (Daemyung Killer Whales) Park Jin-Kyu (Sangmu) Park Woo-Sang (Anyang Halla) Brock Radunske (Anyang Halla) Shin Sang-Hoon (Sangmu) Shin Sang-Woo (Anyang Halla) Michael Swift (High1 Chuncheon) Mike Testwuide (High1 Chuncheon)
  14. That moment when Kostner take the lead by "only" some 22 points