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  1. FIS Freestyle World Cup season comes to a close with Voss-Myrkdalen big airs And just like that, the 2016/17 FIS Freestyle Skiing World Cup season is over after back-to-back big air competitions on Friday and Saturday in Norway’s Myrkdalen resort. Emma Dahlstrom (SWE) took the win in both of the ladies’ contests on her way to claiming the first-ever FIS Freestyle ladies’ big air crystal globe, while the men’s wins were split between Norwegians Christian Nummedal on Friday and Birk Ruud on Saturday, while Henrik Harlaut would claim the men’s big air overall World Cup title and crystal globe off the strength of a sixth-place and a fourth-place finish in this weekends two competitions. This season was the first to feature a full big air World Cup program, with six World Cup competitions in total, beginning with the season opener in El Colorado, Chile, followed by the three Super Series city events, and concluding finally with this weekend’s pair of events in Norway. Dahlstrom and Harlaut both won at that season-opener in El Colorado, giving themselves leads on the rest of the field that they would not relinquish at any point over the course of the season on their way to winning the globes. Dahlstrom finished the campaign with three wins, five total podiums and 453 points in six contest to best the 360 points of Silvia Bertagna (ITA) and the 225 of Mathilde Gremaud (SUI). Harlaut, meanwhile, would earn two wins, a runner-up and 394 points in the six events, putting himself above Ruud’s 251 points and Oystein Braaten’s (NOR) 242. "It's freaking awesome to be the big air World Cup winner," said a smiling Dahlstrom from the finish area on Saturday, "This is the second globe to add to my collection, and I've worked so hard for this. I was just telling the other girls, you travel so many miles to get one of these and I'm so honoured and grateful." Harlaut was similarly stoked with his triumph. "It's amazing," he said, "Like Emma was saying, I've been to a lot of places this season, a lot of travel and work to make this come true, and I'm really happy to be presented with the globe." This weekend’s competitions in Voss-Myrkdalen saw some heavy hitting going down on the smooth Norwegian big air set - at least, once the weather cooperated and allowed the athletes to really go off on Saturday. Friday’s contest, however, saw some heavy snow throughout the day, making it tough for the riders to find the speed necessary for their top tricks. Still, Dahlstrom was able to stomp a pair of big 720s to earn a two-jump score of 171.20 points to best Bertagna’s 160.00 and take the ladies’ win, with 18-year-old Tora Johansen scoring her first career podium in third. In the men's competition, Nummedal somehow found the speed to send a left-side triple corked 1620 safety grab nearly to the bottom of the landing on his way to earning a score 177.80 and the first win of the weekend. Nummedal lead a Norwegian sweep of Friday's podium, with his 16-year-old countryman Ruud taking second and their teammate Ferdinand Dahl taking third. If Friday was a nice appetizer, Saturday’s main course in Voss-Myrkdalen was a true feast, with triples coming fast and furious in the men’s competition and some stylish 900s and 720 variations on the ladies’ side. Dahlstrom would take her second win on the weekend with a sweet switch left 720 double Japan and a corked 720 reverse Japan, earning a score of 174.40 to once again edge Bertagna and her score of 170.60. Kea Kuehnel (GER) rounded out the final podium of the season in third with a score of 129.60. For the men, Ruud would do one better than this runner-up performance from Friday, earning a score of 189.80 and his first World Cup victory with a triple corked left side 1080 safety and a massive right side triple 1440 safety. Antoine Adelisse (FRA) scored 187.40, second on the day and the first podium of his career with a performance that included a switch right triple corked 1260 safety, while Feliz Stridsberg-Usterud (NOR) returned to the podium for the first time in two years in third place with a score of 181.20. Full Friday Results Men and Women Full Saturday Results Men and Women 2016/17 World Cup Big Air Final Ranking Men and Women 2016/17 World Cup General Final Standing Men and Women 2016/17 Nations Cup Final Standing Here Friday Saturday
  2. Samkova and Vaultier claim SBX World Cup title in thrilling showdown 2014 Olympic champions Eva Samkova (CZE) and Pierre Vaultier (FRA) have claimed the 2016-17 season's SBX World Cup title after holding their main rivals for the Crystal Globe at bay in the tour's ultimate race's finals which were staged in perfect conditions on the high speed course of Veysonnaz. The Wallis scenery and under a blue bird sky were the perfect backdrop for the grand World Cup finale which hadn't been as close for a long time. In fact, 2010 had produced the most thrilling end to a boarder cross season for quite a long time when Alex Pullin (AUS) had passed Pierre Vaultier – who had led the standings before the final race took place in Arosa – with the tiny mere of 60 points in the final standings. This time, again in Switzerland, it was the Frenchman who was hunting for the Globe. The 29-year-old from Saint Chaffrey had descended on the Swiss Alps with the confidence boost of being the new world champion and ready to keep the momentum of two consecutive wins. And as if a Hollywood director would have given the ultimate race of the seven-stop tour a finishing touch, the main actors in the battle for the title met each other in the men's big final. Vaultier and World Cup ranking leader Omar Visintin (ITA) – only separated by 20 points before going into the season's showdown – were finally racing head to head to find out who would be able to walk away with the precious trophy after Alessandro Haemmerle (AUT) had missed his shot for the Globe being eliminated in the semis. When the gates finally dropped it was the Vaultier, the man with the most wins on the SBX tour, to win the hole shot leading the pack of six comfortably over the steep start section and through the first two turns. Visintin on the other hand, was trying everything he could to catch the French racer in front of him being handicapped by a bad start gate choice due to his qualifier results. However, just as in the rounds before, the 27-year-old from Merano found the line to squeeze through his rivals into third before things took its course into Vaultier's favour. Being caught in the battle for position, Visintin went all in in the middle roller section but did risk too much on its final hip, overshooting the landing while taking out Kevin Hill (CAN) and best qualifier Lucas Eguibar (ESP), too. “Actually, it wasn't the last chance to get Pierre, I could have tried it a bit later, too. But I was drafting and pretty fast, so I just sent it – but yeah, I was too fast. But hey, if you aren't going for it, you have lost anyway,” Visintin explained the moment which finally decided about the crown. However, the South Tyrolean wasn't disappointed at all: “I'm super happy with the second rank in the standings as it means that I had a good season. I did compete in many finals, so I'm pretty happy with my riding. Following the unsuccessful all-or-nothing manoeuvre of his competitor, Vaultier brought home his career's 20th win ahead of Alex Deibold (USA) and Alex Pullin therefore also securing his fifth SBX World Cup title (4,450) with Visintin (3,920) and Alessandro Haemmerle (AUT; 3,404.60) wrapping up the season as respective second and third overall. “It's quite hard for me to explain what I feel,” the most successful boarder cross racer of all time said after the medal ceremony. “I didn't expect the 2017 season to be that good for me. I had a bad start to the season. But then I got third in Bansko, Bulgaria and I just carried on from there. I have to say, this season turned out to be the best of my entire career; after more than ten years of racing, ten years after my first World Cup win back in Stoneham.” In the women's event, things might not have been as close in the standings going into the final event of the World Cup season but the plot was only slightly different. Again, the main protagonists in the showdown for the title – Eva Samkova and Michela Moioli – were set to go down woman vs woman with four more girls in the gates aiming to take home the win. However, all eyes were on Samkova, who had underlined her claim for the title with the best qualifier time yesterday. In fact, the Czech powerhouse just had to cross the line in fourth position to secure her career's first title. And things went just the way the 23-year-old from Vrchlabi wanted them to. Thanks to a good start she led the pack all the way down to the last left turn where she indeed got passed by Charlotte Bankes (FRA) who earned her career's second win since La Molina 2015 but was able to defend the second rank ahead of Moioli finally getting her hands on the Crystal Globe with a total of 5,170 points. “It's crazy, just crazy. Michela was really hard to beat today, and every girl in the final was riding so well. Even though I won the qualifiers with a big advantage, today was a totally different race. I'm really glad that I made it because it was my dream to win the title when I started to compete in snowboard cross. And with the girls getting better and better it just gets harder and harder to win the Globe. So, winning it means even more to me,” Samkova said. Moioli (4,490) and Belle Brockhoff (AUS; 4,060) who had missed the last individual race of the winter due to an ACL surgery finished the season as respective second and third of the ranking. The FIS SBX World Cup season concludes tomorrow with the final SBX Team event and the decision for the first ever SBX Team World Cup title in Veysonnaz at 12 PM CET. Full Results Men and Women 2016/17 World Cup Snowboard Cross Final Ranking Men and Women
  3. Sadowski Synnott and Corning victorious in slopestyle World Cup finale Zoi Sadowski Synnott (NZL) and Chris Corning (USA) have triumphed in the 2016-17 season's slopestyle World Cup finale which was staged at the Snowjam.cz in Spindleruv Mlyn, Czech Republic today. Just like in the last year's, Local Organisers led by former World Cup halfpipe rider Martin Czernik had put together a creative slopestyle course which not only attracted a strong and deep field but also a few thousands spectators who were roaring for each and every athlete dropping in. And being supported by the stellar crowd riders were throwing down with the men stomping triple 1440 in succession over the single but pretty decent kicker and the girls also going big. One of them was this season's breakthrough athlete Zoi Sadowski Synnott. The last of the top-6 women finalists to drop in scored a 87.35 in her final run – which actually was a victory lap – to edge off Spencer O'Brien (CAN; 81.22) and last year's winner Silvia Mittermueller (GER, 73.40) to the respective second and third rank bringing home her career's first win. The 16-year-old teenage slopestyle sensation threw down a half cab to 50-50 to backside 180 out, cab 180, 50-50 to backside 360, 50-50 to frontside 360, lipslide and a huge double wildcat indy therefore becoming the third Kiwi in history since Juliane Bray (Sapporo, 2001) and Christy Prior (Stoneham, 2014) to win a snowboard World Cup event. With her second Word Cup podium in her first full season in the bags, Sadowski Synnott is now definitely one of the favourites to watch out for at next week's junior worlds staged on the very same venue: “My last run was the best, I felt so comfortable. I liked the first part of the track – the rails. It was a great week here, and I'm really looking forward to the junior world,” the Sierra Nevada 2017 slopestyle Silver medallist said. Over in the men's event, Corning topped the men's podium with a score of 92.34 earned for a half cab 50-50 backside 360 out, backside rodeo 720 nose, frontside 180 to 50-50 switch backside 360 off, 270 on 450 out, frontside 270 on and a massive backside triple cork 1440 melon to finish things off in his second run of the three run, best one count final which featured the best 10 men of the qualifiers and semis. The 17-year-old therefore secured his career's second ahead of Fridtjof Tischendorf (NOR; 87.20) and defending Snowjam.cz champion Jamie Nicholls (GBR; 86.40). Seventh ranked Redmond Gerard (USA; 72.22) claimed his first ever slopestyle World Cup title with 2,460 points ahead of Nicholls (2,040). In the women's event, Jamie Anderson who sat out the grand finale in the Czech Republic took her career's fourth while Anna Gasser (AUT) and Mark McMorris (CAN), both also been absent from competition, had already secured the overall snowboard freestyle World Cup title prior to the final stop of the long season. Full Results Men and Women 2016/17 World Cup Slopestyle Final Ranking Men and Women 2016/17 World Cup Freestyle Final Ranking Men and Women
  4. China played against Chinese Taipei in the Under 18 Division III Group A world Championships played in Taipei city this week. and ofc it ended by a mass fight.. China won 4-0 the match btw
  5. Mens Under 18 Division III Group A World Championships 2017 in Taipei City (TPE) Day 4 (25th March 2017) GMT +8 13:00 New Zealand vs China 0-12 16:30 Israel vs Turkey 6-2 20:00 Chinese Taipei vs Bulgaria 4-2 *Before the last day China is already assured to win the tournament and will be promoted to the next year Mens Under 18 Division II Group B World Championships, they will replace Belgium relegated to this Under 18 Division III Group A tournament next year.
  6. Norway the best team in Planica The team of Norway, with Robert Johansson, Johann Andre Forfang, Anders Fannemel and Andreas Stjernen, won the final team competition of the 2016/17 season on Saturday with 1551.6 points. In a breathtaking competition the Norwegians came in ahead of Germany (1502.6 points) and Poland (1493.8 points). The 25 000 enthusiastic fans also saw a new amazing hill record of 251.5 m, set by Poland's Kamil Stoch. The second-to-last competition of the season was an incredible spectacle. The sunny and warm day in Planica (SLO) already started with a spectacular trial round, in which Norway's Robert Johansson set a new hill record on the HS 225 Letalnica with 250 m. Only about a minute later Markus Eisenbichler improved the German distance record to 248 m. But the record chasing was far from over then. First Austria's Stefan Kraft set another record with 251 m in the final round, a few minutes later Kamil Stoch landed at 251.5 m. But the Norwegians were unbeatable today and showed a close team performance. "Today was a great day for us. It already had an amazing start with the 250 m in the trial round and my jumps in the competition were very good as well. The whole team had some solid jumps today and so we could take the win", said Johansson. For the German team (Markus Eisenbichler, Richard Freitag, Karl Geiger and Andreas Wellinger) this second place was the first podium in a team Ski Flying event since 2012 and, of course, head coach Werner Schuster was satisfied: "Being on the podium is great, we were pretty far behind in the recent years." Besides Eisenbichler and Wellinger, Karl Geiger showed a convincing performance for Germany. Geiger, who disappointed in Vikersund (NOR) last weekend, made amends for that with great jumps of 243.5 m and 231 m. "Honestly I didn't expect to jump that far today, I'm surprised myself. It was a great day for myself and the team", Geiger said after the competition. The third place went to Poland (Piotr Zyla, Dawid Kubacki, Maciej Kot, Kamil Stoch) with yet another great performance, lead by Kamil Stoch, who set the highlight with his 251.5 m flight. "We did a very good job during the whole season and we were working hard. We are really happy and satisfied with how this season went for us", said Piotr Zyla. The team of Poland now leads the Nations Cup with 5727 points and Austria only has a theoretical chance to take this title in the final competition. Austria came in fourth, followed by the local heroes of Slovenia. Japan finished sixth, ahead of the US Americans, who qualified for the final of the best eight teams and could score 100 points with their seventh place today. A great success for the US boys. The Czech Republic was eighth. The teams of Italy, Switzerland, Finland and Russia could not qualify for the final round. The last competition of the season will take place on Sunday at 10:00 am CET (Trial round at 9:00 am CET). Full Results Here
  7. thanks, no doubts we will need it
  8. Mens Under 18 Division III Group A World Championships 2017 in Taipei City (TPE) Day 4 Schedule (25th March 2017) GMT +8 13:00 New Zealand vs China 16:30 Israel vs Turkey 20:00 Chinese Taipei vs Bulgaria
  9. Slovakia, Bratislava-Čunovo will host the 2021 World Championships http://www.canoeicf.com/news/icf-major-events-awarded-manchester-board-meeting
  10. well, honnestly when a team need only 1 point to qualify and they play against Faroe Islands, it´s hard to not qualify...but yes sure Slovakia once again proved that we know how to reach the impossible but well, what can we do, we are famous with this kind of flop results, we used to flop everytime against the so-called "small"...to mention only one, let remember the Gibraltar - Slovakia 0-0 and ofc I´m a bit afraid about the upcomming weekend...seeing that our next World cup qualifier match on Sunday is in Malta...
  11. NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS 2016/2017 GREAT BRITAIN Cardiff Devils 1st British Elite league Title ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A Devil of a win Cardiff celebrates after 20 years The Cardiff Devils won its first ever Elite League championship, ending a 20-year wait to be crowned Britain’s top hockey team. The Welsh organisation was a dominant force in British hockey in the early 1990s, but after lifting the inaugural British Superleague title in 1997, Cardiff failed to add to its tally of four national titles…until now. A comprehensive 6-2 victory away to Sheffield Steelers last weekend clinched top spot with three games of the regular season to spare, and Cardiff returned home to celebrate its first full season at the newly-built Ice Arena Wales with the trophy it has sought for so long. In the early years of the 21st century the team was twice threatened with extinction due to financial woes and then the news that its home rink was earmarked for demolition. But a change of ownership three years ago and the move to the purpose-built Ice Arena Wales last spring has transformed the Devils’ fortunes. Todd Kelman, the club’s GM, was part of the management team that came in 2014. Calgary-born, but a veteran of two decades on the UK hockey scene in Bracknell, Belfast and now Cardiff, he reckons his team prevailed in the highest-level competition he’s seen in this country. “I have been involved in top level ice hockey in the UK for nearly 20 years as a player and a GM and this is the first year I would say that the Elite League is better than the Superleague,” he wrote on the Devils’ website. “The glory years are not behind us, they are in the here and now and hopefully in front of all of us, not just in Cardiff but throughout the league.” Cardiff led from the front this season, with just one loss in the first 13 league games setting the tone for the campaign. The Challenge Cup was secured with a 3-2 victory over Sheffield in the final on March 5, but a 2-6 reverse in league action in South Yorkshire a week later set nerves jangling. The Devils’ lead was down to four points with two weekends of action to come. Having narrowly lost out in the previous two seasons, the team was determined not to fall at the final hurdle once again. The following weekend saw the team back in Sheffield – and indulging in a little psychology as starting goalie Ben Bowns entered the arena on crutches amid reports that he was struggling with an ankle knock. In the event, though, Bowns had no problems and neither did his colleagues. A first-minute goal from GB international Mark Richardson got the Devils rolling, and a commanding performance delivered an emphatic 6-2 victory and secured the title in the club’s 30th anniversary year. “Less than three years ago, we were a hockey team in ninth place,” head coach Andrew Lord told IceTime TV after the hooter. “Now we’ve come to Sheffield and won the league. It doesn’t get much better than this.” Victory on Steelers’ ice was especially sweet for Cardiff after being pipped by the Sheffield team in the previous two seasons and there were generous words from defeated head coach Paul Thompson after his team gave up its title. “This has been coming for a couple of years under Andrew Lord and this year Cardiff got it right in every area,” Thompson told the Sheffield Star. “He’s done a great job and every team – including us – will be looking at their blueprint and seeing what was so successful for them.” In Andrew Hotham, Cardiff had the Elite League’s top-scoring D-man: he finished with 10+43=53 points from 49 games. Hotham was one of several players who arrived when the club changed ownership in 2014, having previously played AHL hockey in Oklahoma and featured for Dusseldorf in the German top flight. The club’s leading scorer Joey Martin, another of the 2014 recruits, currently has one more point than his colleague on the blue line. Meanwhile, the club’s determination to do things the right way has been reflected off the ice in its support for Scott Matzka. Last summer, the 38-year-old former Devils star announced that he had been diagnosed with ALS, a terminal disease that destroys the body’s ability to control its muscles. As soon as the news broke, Devils fans started a campaign in support of their former player. A fund-raising exhibition game between the current roster and Matzka’s record-breaking class of 2010-11 attracted more than 2,000 fans and raising over £60,000 for Scott’s family. Kelman added: “I am as proud of what our fans all did to support Scott Matzka as I am of winning the title.” Cardiff’s next challenge is to complete a clean sweep of UK trophies by winning the post-season playoffs. Unusually, in Britain, the playoffs are secondary to the regular season competition. This is largely due to the difficulties of scheduling a full-scale set of seven-game series among teams that – for the most part – share their arenas with other activities. Next season brings a first ever tilt at Champions Hockey League action, joining Europe’s biggest competition alongside Britain’s Continental Cup winners, Nottingham Panthers. GB’s Continental Cup representative will be the winner of next month’s playoffs or, if Cardiff or Nottingham triumphs on April 9 at Nottingham’s Motorpoint Arena, the place will go to the Elite League runner-up. Belfast Giants are currently in second place, three points ahead of the Steelers with two games to play. The 2017-18 campaign will also see an expanded Elite League. Guildford Flames and Milton Keynes Lightning are scheduled to join Britain’s top-tier competition from the second-string English Premier League. That will take the league up to 12 members for the coming
  12. NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS 2016/2017 HUNGARY DVTK Jegesmedvék Miskolc 3rd MOL League Title ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DVTK Jegesmedvek on top “Threepeat” as MOL League Champions For the first time in league history there is a club that has won three titles and also won three championships in a row. It sounds like the same story every year in the MOL League, or at least the past three seasons. There is a new team in the league that played well surprisingly well, the regular season was the most exciting regular season up until now, and at the end of the season the team from Miskolc is crowned MOL League champion. The best part of all of this is that it is actually true and that is what is so exciting about the MOL League every year. Except for the part that DVTK Jegesmedvek have won the league three years in a row, fans of the other teams might not like this so much. During the offseason two new teams joined the MOL League, as the number of teams grew to eleven. The league expanded to Serbia as HK Beograd joined, with the support of the Serbian federation in an effort to strengthen the national team. A third team from Romania, CSM Dunarea Galati joined the league as well, Galati also happened to be the Romanian champions. The regular season was modified to 40 games as each team would play everyone else twice at home and twice on the road. With the top eight teams making the playoffs and each series being a best out of seven. Overall the final standings finished up as expected with a few surprises. If any of the coaches were asked during the regular season they would tell you that there were no guaranteed wins during the schedule, and this was reflected in some of the scores during the regular season. Last season SC Csikszereda was in the playoff hunt until the final week of the season, this season they were stuck in the gate at the start of the season and were never able to make up the difference. Beograd, also had a slow start but started to pick up points and upset teams as the season progressed, they defeated DVTK on the road to prove that they should not be taken lightly. The Serbian club showed enough that in the years to come they are team that can become a regular playoff contender. The other expansion team in the league, Gatai also showed that they belong as they just missed out on the playoffs. However the team lost ten out of their last twelve games with some of them being pretty bad defeats, as if a switch was turned off for the season. The next step for this team would be to be able to play an entire season from start to finish. Thanks to Galati falling apart during the season Ferencvaros and Fehervar made it into the playoffs. The Budapest team Ferencvaros had two sides to their season as they were red hot at the start and the finish but injuries decimated the lineup during the middle part of the season. Last season Fehervar AV19 lost in the semi finals in game seven, this year there was a coaching change and management decided to build around players coming up from the academy instead of relying just on import players. The team had some growing pains but they made the playoffs for a second year in a row. Debrecen, Brasov and Dunaújváros finished 4th, 5th and 6th respectively during the regular season with only a few points separating the three teams. After not making the playoffs last season Dunaújváros did an overhaul to their roster and finished in sixth place. Brasov who finished in last place a year before also went out and spent some cash to make a jump all the way up to 5th. Debrecen is only in its third season in the league but have improved in the standings every season. They had a coaching change during the regular season that sparked them at the end of the season. From the start of the season the top three teams all season were UTE, MAC Budapest and DVTK. UTE had a hot streak in December and January but ran out of gas as the season was closing and finished in third place. The top two teams when the regular season came to a close were the same two as the year before, with DVTK winning the regular season title. The change to a best out of seven format brought real excitement to the playoffs. Three out of the four first round matchups went to seven games, with UTE defeating Dunaujvaros in overtime of game seven to move on to the semi finals. DVTK got past Ferencvaros after they were down 0-2. Debrecen and Brasov also went the full seven games. The only series that finished up earlier was MAC getting past Fehervar in 5 games. In the semifinals MAC face a Debrecen team that had been decimated by injuries and had trouble dressing three lines, let alone a full roster, MAC advanced to the finals in 5 games. On the other side DVTK was peaking at the right time, after losing the opening game to UTE they won four in a row with ease to set up a rematch of last year’s MOL League finals. DVTK was going for their third title in a row and had won the previous two by sweeping their opponents. The defending champions won the opening game in overtime and were on a 9-game finals winning streak when MAC shut them out 3-0 in the second game of the series. Game three and four were both 4-3 victories for DVTK, game five as expected was not a cakewalk as the two time defending champions came from behind to win 2-1 and to become the first tema in MOL League history to “threepeat”. “They are a great group of guys they came into camp and worked hard from the start.” said DVTK Head Coach Doug Bradley after the final game. “Their work effort was great all season and I am proud to be their coach. We were tested in the first round against Ferencváros and had great series against UTE and MAC as well.” Final Regular Season Standings: DVTK Jegesmedvek MAC Budapest UTE Debreceni HK ASC Corona Brasov (ROU) Dunaujvarosi Acelbikak Ferencvarosi TC Fehervar AV19 CSM Dunarea Galati (ROU) HK Beogard (SRB) SC Csikszereda (ROU)
  13. Stefan Kraft first winner on the final weekend Austria's Stefan Kraft won the first of three Ski Flying event on the final weekend of the Ski Jumping season in Planica (SLO). With jumps of 243 m and 240.5 m (490.2 points), the 23-year-old of the club SV Schwarzach took a clear win ahead of the two Germans Andreas Wellinger and Markus Eisenbichler. After this win the overall World Cup title is now within reach for Kraft. The fight for the crystal globe will be decided in the final individual competition on Sunday. "Right now it's going very, very well for me. My two jumps in the competition today were sensational again, also the trial round was very good. Everything worked out perfectly and it was a lot of fun. I tried to enjoy it today and it was simply awesome. Yesterday was not that good, but we analyzed it afterwards so I could improve today", said Kraft, for whom this was already the seventh win this season. The two Germans Andreas Wellinger (235 m and 235 m; 480.4 points) and Markus Eisenbichler (243.5 m and 236 m; 461.8 points) could show a strong performance again and came in second and third. "The three of us have been on the podium together before and of course you also want to win, but Markus and I showed a great performance today with really cool jumps. I'm extremely happy that I can jump on such a high level at the moment. We are not the top favorites in the team event tomorrow, but if everyone us shows a solid performance we can be on the podium again", said Wellinger, who could follow up on his strong performances during the RAW AIR Tour. For Markus Eisenbichler this was the third podium finish of his career: "This hill here is a bit different than Vikersund and I have always had problems here. This year I came here in a better shape and I enjoyed jumping here right from the start. For me personally, this is my most emotional podium finish because Ski Flying was the reason I started Ski Jumping. This makes it extremely special for me to be on the podium here. I have to continue working, because the goal must be to stand on top of the podium one day." In this competition on a very high level, veteran Noriaki Kasai could once again prove his outstanding Ski Flying skills and finished fourth. Kasai's jumps of 221 m and 235.5 m enthused the 20 000 fans and earned him the fourth place in the Ski Flying World Cup - incredible. Close behind Kasai, Poland's Kamil Stoch came in fifth and lost important points in his battle for the overall World Cup and Ski Flying World Cup title with Stefan Kraft. After today's result he only has a theoretical chance to take one of the two overall wins. Michael Hayboeck in sixth, Piotr Zyla in seventh, Robert Johansson in eighth, Andreas Fannemel in ninth and Slovenia's Peter Prevc completed the Top 10 in an event that was carried out under summer-like temperatures of 17° C. The second of three competitions this weekend will be the team event on Saturday, the final individual competition of the season will then take place on Sunday. Both competitions start at 10:00 am CET (trial round at 9:00 am). Stefan Kraft now leads the overall World Cup with 1565 points, ahead of Kamil Stoch (1479 points) and Norway's Daniel Andre Tande (1201 points). The fight for the Nation's Cup will also be exciting. Currently Poland is in the lead with 5427 points, followed by Austria (5201 points) and Germany (5008 points). Full Results Here
  14. Mens Under 18 Division III Group A World Championships 2017 in Taipei City (TPE) Day 3 (24th March 2017) GMT +8 13:00 Turkey vs New Zealand 12-5 16:30 Bulgaria vs Israel 0-3 20:00 China vs Chinese Taipei 4-0
  15. yes total shame for our football for at least next million years