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  1. Men's Volleyball CEV European League 2018

    Did Sweden invading the Baltic territories ? But wow, we won a match in volleyball, that´s really something new. I wonder when this happened last time, this must be for ages
  2. Ice Hockey NHL 2017 - 2018

    Patrik Rybár signed a deal with the Detroit Red Wings He have now chance to become our 5th goalie in the NHL history after Rastislav Staňa, Ján Lašák, Jaroslav Halák and Peter Budaj
  3. Men's Ice Hockey IIHF World Championship 2019

    The only possible swap can be CAN for SWE, but I don´t see this realistic, They will certainly not have more fans than Sweden to put them in Bratislava I was in 2011 at CAN-FRA game and it was something unbelievable, + I enjoyed every second of the tournament, I remember the French and Swiss fans making great atmosphere in the local pubs But this will be even better with our National team. Hopefully I´ll grab some tickets. wow, I´m so excited
  4. Men's Ice Hockey IIHF World Championship 2019

    And it´s Official !!!! Slovakia will play all preliminary round matches in KOŠICE !!!! can you even believe it ? I can not even describe the feeling when I heard the official news in the radio. Wow I feel like a kid that everyone forgets in a pastry shop the whole night or so this is really something that can happen only once in a life https://www.new-iihf.com/en/events/2018/wm/news/3359/groups-for-2019
  5. Men's Ice Hockey IIHF World Championship 2018

    MEN ' S IIHF WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS 2018 UNOFFICIAL FINAL STANDING RANK NATION WCh 2019 1 Sweden A 2 Switzerland A 3 United States A 4 Canada A 5 Finland A 6 Russia A 7 Czech Republic A 8 Latvia A 9 Slovakia A 10 Denmark A 11 Germany A 12 France A 13 Norway A 14 Austria A 15 Belarus I A 16 South Korea I A 17 Great Britain A 18 Italy A 19 Kazakhstan I A 20 Hungary I A 21 Slovenia I A 22 Poland I B 23 Lithuania I A 24 Japan I B 25 Estonia I B 26 Ukraine I B 27 Romania I B 28 Croatia II A 29 Netherlands I B 30 Australia II A 31 Serbia II A 32 China II A 33 Belgium II A 34 Iceland II B 35 Spain II A 36 New Zealand II B 37 Israel II B 38 North Korea II B 39 Mexico II B 40 Luxembourg III 41 Georgia II B 42 Bulgaria III 43 Turkey III 44 Chinese Taipei III 45 South Africa III 46 Hong Kong III Q 47 Turkmenistan III 48 Bosnia and Herzegovina III Q 49 United Arab Emirates III Q 50 Kuwait III Q
  6. Men's Ice Hockey IIHF World Championship 2018

    So that´s all for this year, tomorrow I´ll post the traditional unofficial final raking of the 2018 WCh. See you in Slovakia 2019
  7. Men's Ice Hockey IIHF World Championship 2018

    MEN'S WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS 2018 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Directorate Awards Best Goaltender Frederik Andersen Best Defenceman John Klingberg Best Forward Sebastian Aho Media All-Star Team Goaltender Anders Nilsson Defencemen Adam Larsson / Oliver Ekman-Larsson Forwards Rickard Rakell / Patrick Kane / Sebastian Aho MVP Patrick Kane
  8. Men's Ice Hockey IIHF World Championship 2018

    MEN'S WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS 2018 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Knock-Out Round Gold Medal Match Central European Summer Time (GMT +2) Sweden PSO3 - 2 Switzerland Period-by-Period: 1-1, 1-1, 0-0, Overtime: 0-0, Penalty Shoot-Out: 1-0 May 20th 2018, h. 20:15, Royal Arena, Copenhagen HIGHLIGHTS
  9. Men's Ice Hockey IIHF World Championship 2018

    MEN'S WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS 2018 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Knock-Out Round Bronze Medal Match Central European Summer Time (GMT +2) United States 4 - 1 Canada Period-by-Period: 0-0, 1-1, 3-0 May 20th 2018, h. 15:45, Royal Arena, Copenhagen HIGHLIGHTS
  10. Men's Ice Hockey IIHF World Championship 2018

    I think he will. All guys from the so-called gold generation are already more or less implemented now since last years "internal hockey revolution" like Miro Šatan general manager, Ján Lašák coach of goalies, and guys like Vladimír Országh, Michal Handzuš or for example Ľubomír Višňovský helping the coach Ramsey as his assistants or consultants, everything in order of the total cleaning mission and re-start of our hockey
  11. Men's Ice Hockey IIHF World Championship 2018

    IIHF 2018 World Champions TEAM SWEDEN Goaltenders: Anders Nilsson (Vancouver Canucks, NHL), Magnus Hellberg (Kunlun Red Stars, KHL), Filip Gustavsson (Belleville, AHL) Defenders: Oliver Ekman-Larsson (Arizona Coyotes, NHL), John Klingberg (Dallas Stars, NHL), Adam Larsson (Edmonton Oilers, NHL), Hampus Lindholm (Anaheim Ducks, NHL), Erik Gustafsson (Chicago Blackhawks, NHL), Mikael Wikstrand (Färjestad, SHL), Lawrenc Pilut (HV71 Jönköping, SHL), Mattias Ekholm (Nashville Predators, NHL) Forwards: Mika Zibanejad (New York Rangers, NHL), Lias Andersson (New York Rangers, NHL), Rikard Rakell (Anaheim Ducks, NHL), Magnus Pääjärvi (Ottawa Senators, NHL), Johan Larsson (Buffalo Sabres, NHL), Jacob de la Rose (Montreal Canadiens, NHL), Mikael Backlund (Calgary Flames, NHL), Gustav Nyquist (Detroit Red Wings, NHL), Mattias Janmark (Dallas Stars, NHL), Adrian Kempe (Los Angeles Kings, NHL), Dennis Everberg (Neftechimik Nižnekamsk, KHL), Patric Hornqvist (Pittsburgh Penguins, NHL), Filip Forsberg (Nashville Predators, NHL), Viktor Arvidsson (Nashville Predators, NHL), Elias Pettersson (Växjö, SHL) IIHF 2018 World Championships Runner-Up TEAM SWITZERLAND Goaltenders: Reto Berra (Anaheim Ducks, NHL), Leonardo Genoni (Bern, NLA), Gilles Senn (Davos, NLA) Defenders: Raphael Diaz (Zug, NLA), Michael Fora (Ambri-Piotta, NLA), Lukas Frick (Lausanne, NLA), Joël Genazzi (Lausanne, NLA), Dean Kukan (Cleveland, AHL), Mirco Müller (New Jersey Devils, NHL), Roman Josi (Nashville Predators, NHL), Ramon Untersander (Bern, NLA) Forwards: Sven Andrighetto (Colorado Avalanche, NHL), Nino Niederreiter (Minnesota Wild, NHL), Chris Baltisberger (Zürich, NLA), Reto Schäppi (Zürich, NLA), Enzo Corvi (Davos, NLA), Gaëtan Haas (Bern, NLA), Simon Moser (Bern, NLA), Tristan Scherwey (Bern, NLA), Kevin Fiala (Nashville Predators, NHL), Gregory Hofmann (Lugano, NLA), Damien Riat (Ženeva, NLA), Noah Rod (San Jose, AHL), Joël Vermin (Lausanne, NLA), Timo Meier (San Jose Sharks, NHL)
  12. Congrats, I´ll take my revenge in the equestrian contest, be careful
  13. Men's Ice Hockey IIHF World Championship 2018

    yeah..but I´m afraid it will need some time my friend..maybe even two olympic cicles... we have to survive this current generation, which is far far away of our golden generation that unfortunately have gone..but in other hand, we have some promising pretty good youngs prospects actually, just it will need some time to implement them to our seniors team
  14. Men's Ice Hockey IIHF World Championship 2018

    MEN'S WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS 2018 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FINAL RANKING Sweden - Switzerland - United States - Rank Athletes Nation Result 4 Canada - 5 Finland - 6 Russia - 7 Czech Republic - 8 Latvia - 9 Slovakia - 10 Denmark - 11 Germany - 12 France - 13 Norway - 14 Austria - 15 Belarus - 16 South Korea -
  15. Men's Ice Hockey IIHF World Championship 2018

    Sweden the only country that heard it´s national anthem during it´s every game. what more to say, Fully deserved world champion. Congrats Tre Kronor