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Everything posted by Gianlu33

  1. Today? In the afternoon we'll have some B competitions, i don't know if they give points for the final standing
  2. Greece back at WCh after that they miss 2014 edition and Belgium qualified for the 1st time!
  3. Italy played whit only 2 girls: Zandalasini (amazing match for Zanda) and Sottana, we make a lot of mistakes, very bad match Now, c'mon Spain, the Wch dream isn't over yet!
  4. Again a draw against a big field hockey country! Italy draw 0-0 against South Korea
  5. Semifinals starts, and now it's time for Italy-Belgium! If Italy will win we'll back after 22 years in the WCh! C'mon girls!
  6. Che partita tra Italia ed Ungheria ieri, fantastiche le azzurre capaci di recuperare uno svantaggio notevole! Adesso semifinale non impossibile con il Belgio
  7. Today starts the final exam for almost 500.000 Italian students! I don't know if any italian here must "fight" against this, but if yes, good luck Btw, for the 2nd year in a row Italian Minister of Education choose to put on the options an author that no anyone know, good job MIUR
  9. What match between Italy and Hungary! C'mon girls!
  10. But c'mon, really!
  11. Serbia is out!
  12. Well. u never see Pompei.. I visited the city 3-4 times and i watch the recostruction, people wasn't dead for the lava but for the toxic smoke..
  13. I don't know, maybe becouse in the generations we don't fell small earthquakes, who know Btw, here at all earthquakes people back to the mind to 1980, we are paranoid
  14. 2 points in 2 days and last place, i'm too much strong
  15. Really? I live in a seismic area and at all meetings with civil protection or various experts I have always said that an earthquake feels from the third degree
  16. I think that you can't felt an 2.2 eartquake
  17. big earthquake in Croatia? Croatia use INGV system and they say that it's only a 2.2
  18. Italy sent 2 canadair whit 2 team of Vigili del Fuoco . France and Spain sent some firefighting planes too, they have an european plan..
  19. Great match for our girls! And now, let's hope!
  20. It's a complot! I can't live whitout you bestman
  21. White suprematist are back Btw, again an attack to our democracy, it's very sad
  22. New world league system is a joke
  23. Italy defeated by Turkey in a very close match Thanks referees...