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  1. [OFF TOPIC] General Chat

    For sure, Visegrad is the shame of Europe Btw, in Dusseldorf is a common criminality
  2. Summer Universiade 2017

    Probabily becouse San Marino play in 4th italian league
  3. Summer Universiade 2017

    I just check our football team, we play whit athletes that play in 4th and 5th italian division
  4. 3 german in top 5 whitout Jung, they are just amazing!
  5. Ski Jumping 2017 - 2018 Discussion Thread

    Sara Takanashi disqualified in qualification round UPDATE: Japan won the appeal, Takanashi is in. UPDATE 2: And no, she's out
  6. Summer Universiade 2017

    Any livestreaming?
  7. Basketball is started too
  8. Only 3 athlete for the team events
  9. Archery 2017 Discussion Thread

    Parisa Baratchi whitdraw from the women's compound. She will be replaced by Chen Yi-Hsuan
  10. Doping Cases and Bans Thread

    Samuel Sanchez (road cycling) tests positive in out-off competition control for growh hormone GHRP-2. It's the same substance of Pirazzi and Ruffoni, the two doped at the the Giro
  11. Great score for Canter, whit some 9 too
  12. I'm ready to my VPN, but where is the original streaming? I don't found it on http://sport.tvp.pl/
  13. Wow, what great score for Roman, and i read that he's better on cross country and jumping
  14. I hope that they will show all cross-country and jumping sessions...
  15. And it's time to start, whitout any dressage live streaming
  16. Really nice routine for Singapore It's the same team that compete at the world level or it's a B team?
  17. Summer Universiade 2017

    FISU vote for Kosovo, St Tome and Principe, Marshall Islands and Cape Verde to become full members. They will complete at the 2017 Summer Universiade.
  18. In 2015 i followed all the night the SEA Games despite the not-live site results and i remember a very nice opening ceremony and some good events, but this time i'll skip it for some reason, the frist is that the current website in impossible to ceck in live at 3a.m on the smartphone
  19. Well, it isn'true. Some big team in Europe like PSG, Juventus, Bayer Monaco and some english club can win the champions.
  20. In men's events your tactic is put Fourcade?
  21. Italy National Thread

    Delegazione azzurra a Strzegom alla cerimonia di apertura agli europei di completo.
  22. Archery 2017 Discussion Thread

    Qualified for the archery WC final in Rome: Men's Recurve: Kim Woojing Im Dong Hyun Brady Ellison Steve Wijler Jean-Charles Valladont Wei Chun-Heng Sjef van den Berg David Pasqualucci Women's Recurve: Chang Hye Jin Ksenia Perova Tan Ya-Ting Ki Bo Bae Alejandra Valencia Deepika Kumari Alicia Marin Lucilla Boari Men's Compound: Stephan Hansen Steve Anderson Braden Gellenthien Mike Schloesser Demir Elmaagacli Pierre-Julien Deloche Andreas Darum Federico Pagnoni Women's Compound: Sarah Sonnichsen Sara Lopez Sarah Prieels Andrea Marcos Tanja Jensen Parisa Baratchi Yesim Bostan Marcella Tonioli Compound Mixed Team: South Korea Italy Recurve Mixed Team Demark Italy