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  1. Italy National Thread

    Fantastica volata di Elia Viviani che si prende la vittoria ad Amburgo
  2. [OFF TOPIC] Eurovision Song Contest 2018

    So, Australia will miss the 2018 Eurovision?
  3. Vuelta a España 2017

    Trentin isn't in red for 1 second
  4. Ski Jumping 2017 - 2018 Discussion Thread

    Great win for Steiner in continental cup
  5. Damn, it's only silver for Jung Gold medal for Klimke and silver medal in team event for Germany too!
  6. Another indiivudual medal for Jung!
  7. And it's gold medal for in the team event! Great result for the british team
  8. Well, and it's a "clean" for Canter . Well, a clean round whit too much luck
  9. Well, not a good jumping for Roman
  10. Lindback whit an error at last fence
  11. Sweden on fire! I hope that they'll will finish in second place in the team event
  12. And again a clean round, this time for Krajewksi!
  13. Great clean round for Sandei!
  14. European youth games, SEA Games and Universiade, not a good years for the multisport site It was started whit the two amazing system of the games of the small states and the World games I'll wait the Asian Games next years, i think
  15. Summer Universiade 2017

    Mitchell D'arrigo compete for the 1st time whit the American team, after the silver medal ath the european championship whit Italy. He change nationality becouse he say that he don't like how the federations work (and becouse the athletes that compete for the 1st time whit italian team must have a haircut )