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  1. Cool, but you are welcome in Italy, expecially in Costiera Amalfitana Only risk is the sun Only joke
  2. Fmsi press section and Rai Radio 1
  3. What about Italy? Possible terrorist attack maybe, i read vatikan...
  4. Who know... i read that he and his trainer had contact whit some criminal organization in the doping affairs...
  5. Sadly you can't ban a sportman forever... but you can ban his trainer and his sport team and his parents can be denouced. We'll see..
  6. An italian cyclist of 14 years old was positive an a control in a regional race
  7. @hckosice i respect the Slovakia's football and their player but i see a lot of organized results in my life, we call it biscuits (Euro 2004, Euro U21 2015), but not now please. I know, in the last 10 minuts Germany don't play, but hey, it isn't our choice. Btw, i'll respect your don't want speak about this but good luck for our team in future... And for @bestmen, i think that you don't deserve any replay after the post about womens in sport.
  8. Are you serius? After a lot of shot, two touching jokes... what about Denmark in 2015? C'mon...
  9. Wow, Slovakia team start to become ridiculus, and it's so sad...
  10. Add If anyone want help me whit the post of qualification summary, he's welcome
  11. Amazing results for our history, tomorrow Italy-Netherlands. I hope that we'll qualify to the final of the WL too, but it's hard.
  12. I haven't idea and i wont know it
  13. Sono disgustato, arbitraggio scandaloso e in malafede. Partita persa per un fallo antisportivo insesistente proprio il giorno in cui assegnavano gli europei alla Lettonia e alla Serbia. Prima dell'assegnazione nel video degli highlights compariva anche il "fallo" incriminato che subito dopo l'assegnazione è stato tagliato... Una vergogna, un furto che resterà e brucerá per tanto tempo. Peccato veder piangere le ragazze...
  14. How the qualification works? A non-qualfied athlete won points?