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  1. Men's Baseball WBSC Under 15 World Cup 2018

    Let's go Panama
  2. Swimming 2018 Discussion Thread

    Eleven Cities Tour It's epic... since i follow sport i really want see, damn global warming
  3. Italy National Thread | Verso Tokyo 2020

    Segnali di risveglio (finalmente!) dalla pallamano, e con mia curiosità... dalla pallamano maschile, di cui sinceramente conosco ben poco. I ragazzi della nazionale under 18 si qualificano per la prima volta ai campionati europei di categoria del 2020, vincendo la neonata competizione di serie B contro la selezione bielorussa 31-26. Nel loro cammino gli azzurrini hanno battuto nella fase a gironi Bielorussia, Georgia, Finlandia e Grecia mentre in semifinale hanno avuto la meglio sulla selezione svizzera. Speriamo che questo gruppo promettente di 2000 abbia gettato le basi per una qualificazione ad un europeo senior nei prossimi 10 anni..
  4. Rhythmic Gymnastics 2018 Discussion Thread

    Awful world challenger for Russia, withouth the Averina sisters, they reach to win only 2 golds Good result for the Italian team, sadly we decided to put in the trash the 5+2 with an awful routine
  5. Rhythmic Gymnastics 2018 Discussion Thread

    Minsk World Challenger - Day 2 Hoop Katsiaryna Halkina 19,750 Aleksandra Soldatova 19,150 Vlada Nikolchenko 19,100 Ball Ekaterina Selezneva 19,900 Anastasia Salos 19,650 Linoy Ashram 19,650 Clubs Linoy Ashram 20,250 Aleksandra Soldatova 19,600 Anastasia Salos 19,350 Ribbon Aleksandra Soldatova 18,600 Neviana Vladinova 18,200 Katsiaryna Halkina 17,850 5 Hoops Italy 22,800 Russia 22,100 Belarus 21,150 3 Balls 2 Ropes Japan 22,400 Russia 22,200 Belarus 20,900
  6. Asian Games 2018

    Wrestling - Men's 97kg Freestyle Alireza KARIMIMACHIANI Magomed MUSAEV Magomed IBRAGIMOV KIM Jaegang
  7. Asian Games 2018

    Wrestling - Men's 86kg Freestyle Hassan YAZDANICHARATI Domenic Michael ABOUNADER Adilet DAVLUMBAYEV Uitumen ORGODOL
  8. Asian Games 2018

    Wrestling - Men's 74kg Freestyle Bekzod ABDURAKHMONOV Daniyar KAISANOV Yuhi FUJINAMI GONG Byungmin
  9. Asian Games 2018

    Do you have a link?
  10. Asian Games 2018

    Wrestling - Men's 65kg Freestyle BAJRANG Bajrang Daichi TAKATANI Sayatbek OKASSOV Sirojiddin KHASANOV
  11. Asian Games 2018

    Wrestling - Men's 57kg Freestyle Erdenebatyn BEKHBAYAR KANG Kum Song LIU Minghu ATRINAGHARCHI Reza
  12. Asian Games 2018

    Fencing - Men's Epee Individual Dmitry ALEXANIN PARK Sangyoung Koni KANO JUNG Jinsun
  13. Swimming at the Asian Games 2018

    Swimming - Women's 4x100m Freestyle Japan - 3:36.52 GR China - 3:36.78 Hong Kong - 3:41.88
  14. Asian Games 2018

    Fencing - Women's Sabre Individual QIAN Jiarui SHAO Yaqi Norika TAMURA KIM Jiyeong
  15. Swimming at the Asian Games 2018

    Swimming - Men's 200m Butterly Daiya SETO - 1:54.53 Nai HOROMURA - 1:55.58 LI Zhuhao - 1:55.76