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  1. Archery WA World Championships 2017

    Simonelli, our paralympic athlete, lost at the shoot off in the 1st round.. very disappoint results for Ret and Pagnoni, 3/3 out in the frist round, at last we have 3 athletes whit a bye
  2. Archery WA World Championships 2017

    Amazing results for Galiazzo, I never expected this... now he will be against Van Der Berg, it will be a great match
  3. Archery WA World Championships 2017

    Yes, it's seems that you're right.. i think that it was an error
  4. Archery WA World Championships 2017

    Das, Valladont and Houston eliminated in the 1st round A lot of the surprise for now in men's recurve!
  5. [OFF TOPIC] General Chat

    I think that it was unlegal
  6. Italy National Thread

    Buona prova di Nespoli, Galiazzo e Pasqualucci che battendo Cina Taipei, Stati Uniti e la Corea del Sud accedono in finale. Giornata da dimenticare per l'intera squadra femminile.. non qualificarsi nemmeno in finale è semplicemente ridicolo, purtroppo convocazioni scellerate
  7. Archery WA World Championships 2017

    Great results for our men's team, I never expected this, sadly we had a low score.. but our team was lucky too. Interesting see that all my 3 black horse was eliminated before the semifinas, very bad results for India, Kazakhstan and Netherlands
  8. Archery WA World Championships 2017

    Yeah, amazing! 17 place in women's team event and bye bye round of 16 Very, very bad world campionship..
  9. Italy National Thread

    Fantastico... siamo superiori ma c'è da dire che un sorteggio peggiore non poteva uscire.. contro la Svezia con la prima gara in trasferta..
  10. Modern Pentathlon 2017 Discussion Thread

    The italian team compete in an athletics cross-country event whit their best athletes. I don't know if it means that we'll compete at the Championship of Champions
  11. Archery WA World Championships 2017

    4th place for our team for only 2 points... Galiazzo isn't in the top 70 We have some good juniors athlete like Musolesi and Mandia that compete at senior level.. we why compete in a WCh whit a dinosaur?
  12. Archery WA World Championships 2017

    And here you can see an Olympic champion fail completly
  13. [OFF TOPIC] General Chat

    He isn't an artist but a criminal.
  14. Archery WA World Championships 2017

    Great results for our compound time Now i hope in a good results for the recurve team. Here the live results, not the joke-results on the world archery They use Ianseo too, but it work better on the site https://info.ianseo.net/
  15. Italy National Thread

    Road to Tokyo2020 Taekwondo - G1 Belgrado Vito dell'Aquila (-58kg) ha vinto il torneo accumulando 10.00 punti per il ranking olimpico. Claudio Treviso (-68kg) non ha preso parte al torneo Roberto Botta (+80kg) ha vinto il torneo accumulando 10.00 punti