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  1. Central American and Caribbean Games 2018

    The offical channel that will broadcast the games is telecaribe. They will broadcast the action on their 2 HD Channels on their website: Here, they will broadcast on their YouTube channel (Canal Telecaribe), and on their Facebook page (Canal Telecaribe), and on periscope on their Twitter.
  2. Central American and Caribbean Games 2018 Barranquilla (COL) - 19 July 2018 - 3 August 2018 Totallympics Results Thread
  3. Other Multi-Sport Games Discussion Thread

    Apparently the qualification systems for the 2019 World Beach Games were released today, but I haven’t been able to find them yet
  4. Micronesian Games 2018

    Your better than this
  5. Micronesian Games 2018

    Micronesian Games 2018 Yap (FSM) - 15 July 2018 - 27 July 2018 Totallympics Results Thread
  6. Micronesian Games 2018

    Day 1 of Beach Volleyball saw victories for Marshall Islands 2, Palau, Yap (who lost to Marshall Islands 2, but beat Marshall Islands 1), and Palau for a second time; in the women’s competition. In the men’s competition Kiribati, Guam, and Marshall Islands 1 score victories.
  7. Micronesian Games 2018

    In Day 1 of the Men’s Basketball Competition: Guam beat Palau 77-62 In Day 1 of the Women’s Basketball Competition: Guam beat Palau 77-42, and Pohnpei beat Chuuk 76-30
  8. Micronesian Games 2018

    Guam strikes gold again in the Individual Spearfishing event. Mike Genereux caught a combined total of 177.5 lbs. of fish. The day was moderately stormy, so the total was impressive. Palau’s Luis Ongalibang took silver with a total of 143.5 lbs. of fish. Pohnpei’s day got off to a rough start when their boat broke, but after be transported by a support boat Taylor Paul managed to get bronze with a total of 126.5 lbs. of fish.
  9. [OFF TOPIC] Politics Thread

    Well the independence proposal won’t be put to a vote in California this year, so I think we’re a way off from that.
  10. Central American and Caribbean Games 2018

    It just seemed late, that’s why I asked
  11. Micronesian Games 2018

    Guam takes the first gold medals of the games, winning both the men’s and women’s 10,000m
  12. Central American and Caribbean Games 2018

    Has anyone found any results/entries websites?
  13. Commonwealth Games 2018

    If it’s like the Olympics he should be able to represent said territory. Which territory?
  14. [OFF TOPIC] Politics Thread

    Unfortunately I think that’s true, although I got beat guys some pretty smart lads at the state geography bee in 8th grade. Damn fussa! Why did I get that question. There are as many smart Americans as ignorant Americans.
  15. [OFF TOPIC] Politics Thread

    Wait @konig I though you were from Uruguay, the capital of Brazil
  16. [OFF TOPIC] Politics Thread

    Or because I’m surrounded by people with racial issues, and a false belief in populism. I’m pretty certain almost every sovereign nation is meddling in each other’s affairs. Right rather have a politically correct President than one who: has bragged about assaulting woman, caged children, banned people because of their religion, used business as a way to justify his denial in science, declared victory over our allies, blames everything on people he doesn’t like, talks with the vocabulary of a 5 year old, pulled my country closer to autocratic leaders, invited the Russians to meddle in our elections, went bankrupt multiple times, has denied facts throughout his term, created fake “fake news”, used race baiting as an excuse to bring back derogatory practices. He doesn’t seem to represent the average person, and he certainly doesn’t represent the America I know. Political correctness saves us from administrations like NAZI Germany, the USSR, military junta’s, and autocratic leaders. I also don’t think that age determines a person’s knowledge on a subject. I am one of the kids in the state for knowledge in geography, politics, and history. Of course the older “wiser” generations use age as a way to justify a reaction against new ideas.
  17. [OFF TOPIC] Politics Thread

    I’m pretty Obama never declared war on the Middle East, so I’m sure as to how that’s a fact. Also common decency (political correctness) is just being a good human.
  18. [OFF TOPIC] Politics Thread

    Well, I would’ve just be glad if you voted. So many people didn’t vote in our election . I’m also not fully socialist, I’m more democratic socialist.
  19. [OFF TOPIC] Politics Thread

    Even a totallympian
  20. [OFF TOPIC] Politics Thread

    The electors didn’t have to vote for him, their not bound to any form of vote, they could’ve chosen you president if they wanted to.
  21. [OFF TOPIC] Politics Thread

    I would’ve voted for Macron
  22. [OFF TOPIC] Politics Thread

    I disagree with all of that
  23. [OFF TOPIC] Politics Thread

    Obama by a marathon, I would’ve (was too young at the time) voted for Sanders because I’m more of a socialist.
  24. [OFF TOPIC] Politics Thread

    Laws are written by those in charge, surely they can be changed