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    Roger Federer, Clayton Kershaw, Denis Shapovalov, Roberto Baggio, Florence Schelling, Hillary Knight
  1. Baseball MLB 2018 Discussion Thread

    And he's my starting SS Guys have you seen how the Astros beat the Padres yesterday? Hilarious
  2. Totallympics Annual International Song Contest 2018

    Ah that's why one of my messages disappeared^^
  3. Baseball MLB 2018 Discussion Thread

    WOW!!! That's short! Manfred must be happy haha! The game Dodgers-Dbacks was a lot of fun, if you guys can watch the replay or condensed, I recommend it!
  4. Baseball MLB 2018 Discussion Thread

    And Pillar who stole 3 bases (2nd, 3rd and home) in ONE inning After a rusty start, the last 2 games of the Blue Jays and Dodgers were fun to watch! And Happ starting the season with a HR, awesome! Even more because he was on my fantasy team haha! But I traded him for Moncada.
  5. Totallympics Annual International Song Contest 2018

    The Jury of Switzerland has voted! So many good songs this year
  6. Totallympics Annual International Song Contest 2018

    Haven't started yet... I was sick, then on a business trip and now I'm even sicker than before Will vote today or tomorrow though
  7. Totallympics Annual International Song Contest 2018

    It also doesn't matter to me if there's a music video or not I listen more than I watch.
  8. Totallympics Annual International Song Contest 2018

    ELIANE - DEAR HOME For the TISC 2018, Switzerland presents 27-year old Eliane Müller from Lucerne. She is a singer-songwriter and the song "Dear Home" is part of her 4th album "Slow Motion" that was released in November 2017.
  9. Totallympics Annual International Song Contest 2018

    Welp... That's also the kind I had chosen...
  10. Baseball MLB 2018 Discussion Thread

    Well, Ohtani was perfect as a batter yesterday, pleasure to watch! 3 walks and an rbi single
  11. Baseball MLB 2018 Discussion Thread

    A lot of good pitchers made their season debuts yesterday. Terrible start of Spring Training for Nola: 2IP, 4H, 3ER, 3K. Bumgarner's start wasn't much better: 1.2IP, 4H, 2ER, 5K. The Giants lost 10-12 to the Cubs Greinke was a little sharper: 1.2IP, 3H, 1ER, 0K Scherzer was good: 2IP, 1H, 1ER, 3K Kershaw was perfect: 1IP, 0H, 0ER, 0K That being said, the Dodgers still lost 0-2 to the Mariners and the Blue Jays lost a second day in a row to the Tigers, 3-6. Only 3 games on TV tonight BUT Ohtani might be in the Angels' lineup as a hitter! I'll watch if that's the case. If not, I'll put the Brewers on: 19:05 Mets @ Astros (Syndergaard vs Verlander / nice pitching matchup) 21:05 Indians @ Brewers (Tomlin vs Guerra) 21:10 Angels @ Padres (Skaggs vs Lyles)
  12. Tennis 2018 Discussion Thread

    The draw in Acapulco is STACKED!!! Notable first round matchups Rublev vs Ferrer Nishikori vs Shapovalov Possible notable second round matchups Chung vs Sock Mannarino vs Anderson Del Potro vs Rublev/Ferrer Thiem vs Nishikori/Shapovalov Isner vs Schwartzman (who oddly enough plays Verdasco in the first round, whom he just beat yesterday in Rio's final )
  13. Baseball MLB 2018 Discussion Thread

    In the end, Ohtani threw 31 pitches, didn't make it out of the 2nd inning (the plan was for him to throw 2 innings) and gave up a HR to Broxton of the Brewers. But the Angels ended up winning 6-5 anyway. The Blue Jays lost 4-5 to the Tigers and the split-squad Dodgers lots 4-8 to the Royals and 3-9 to the Giants. Today's televised games: 19:05 Braves @ Nationals (Kazmir - Scherzer) 19:05 Orioles @ Red Sox (Ynoa - Johnson) 19:05 Astros @ Cardinals (Cole - Mikolas) 19:05 Yankees @ Phillies (Montgomery - Nola) 19:05 Rays @ Twins (Snell - Gibson) 19:07 Tigers @ Blue Jays (Boyd - Happ) 19:10 Marlins @ Mets (Cloyd - Gsellman) 21:05 Cubs @ Giants (Tseng - Bumgarner) 21:05 Reds SS @ White Sox (Castillo - Guerrero) 21:05 Indians @ Reds SS (Bauer - Bailey) 21:10 Dodgers @ Mariners (Kershaw - Gonzales) 21:10 Padres @ Angels (Mitchell - Richards) I'll watch the start of the Phillies to see Nola, then the Jays until the Dodgers game, then switch to KershGod
  14. Tennis 2018 Discussion Thread

    Just watched the replay of the Shapovalov-Tiafoe matchup in Delray and, as sad as I am that Shapo did not make it to the final, Tiafoe played amazing! No wonder he beat Delpo earlier in the tournament... The NextGen guys are really starting the year well, I'm loving it!