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  1. Giro d'Italia 2018

    Somebody please kill me. I thought Froome was finished and cycling was finally free of him again and then this.
  2. Giro d'Italia 2018

    Superman Lopez to come back after horrible first two weeks and demolish everyone on the Zoncolan. Heard it here first
  3. Giro d'Italia 2018

    This looks more and more like a Yates vs Dumoulin (who looked quite good today) battle. I just hope Yates doesn't dominate on the Zoncolan and easily wins the giro
  4. Giro d'Italia 2018

    Holy crap, how good is Yates
  5. Giro d'Italia 2018

    Great win for Wellens. And I still think Froome won't start the 2nd week. He will DNS on either stage 7 or stage 10, but after his arguably worst performance on this sort of finish since he became an elite rider, I'm even more convinced that he got injured in the crash in the time trial recon.
  6. Giro d'Italia 2018

    Maybe some crosswinds can spice this up. Otherwise it will be boring
  7. Giro d'Italia 2018

    After this stage Dumoulin became the favorite for me. I think Froome is injured, otherwise he doesn't lose that much time in a time trial. Maybe he'll fight through the first week, but my guess is, he won't start stage 10.
  8. Formula 1 2018

    Yeah, we simply have different opinions on this. I don't think discussing this any further will lead us anywhere.
  9. Formula 1 2018

    What makes you think he underestimated slipstream and DRS. There is absolutely no way you can know he was going too fast at that point. And even if he was, the reason they crashed was Verstappen closing the gap too late. Maybe Ricciardo was going too fast but even in that case Verstappen must not change the line so late, or do you think he crashed deliberately thinking he'd crash in the corner anyway?
  10. Formula 1 2018

    @heywoodu Look at twitter reactions to the crash. I'd say around 90% think he did a mistake and all experts I've heard saying something about the crash claimed Verstappen did a mistake too. (Not saying there aren't any experts claiming he didn't make a mistake, I just didn't specifically search for that) Yeah Verstappen had to move left at some point, but what you claim, which is that he had to move left at that point already is complete rubbish. And that they had crashed even if Verstappen had left room is complete speculation, absolutely not based on facts. Ricciardo was in Verstappen's slipstream and therefore so much faster in that moment that they would have been side by side in the turn, and Ricciardo wouldn't have run into Verstappen's side as you claim.
  11. Formula 1 2018

    Maybe Ricciardo shouldn't have been so aggressive, but that was Verstappen's mistake nonetheless. There was enough place to overtake him on the left so Ricciardo was trying to do exactly that but then Verstappen was trying to close the gap when it was already too late. If Verstappen just keeps going straight, how he is supposed to do in that situation, he and Ricciardo go into the first turn side by side, and nobody crashes into anyone.
  12. Totallympics Annual International Song Contest 2018

    Congrats to Italy, I only gave the song the bronze medal, but it was really close at the top and for most of my voting process I actually wanted to give you gold. In other words, I'm very happy with the winner Thanks @vinipereira for the great organization. I'll surely participate again next year.
  13. Road Cycling 2018 Discussion Thread

    It's pretty ridiculous how boring LBL is nowadays. Such an easy race plays into the cards of 2 or maybe 3 teams, but everyone seems to be fine with it.
  14. Road Cycling 2018 Discussion Thread

    That climb was really cool. When I see stages like that in small races I always wish those kind of climbs could be located in somewhere closer to France, Italy or Spain so one day they could be used in a grand tour. That said, it was still great to watch.
  15. Road Cycling 2018 Discussion Thread

    Well, 29km with 1800m of climbing would mean a gradient of 6.2% so not brutally steep but also not exactly flat. If I remember correctly the climb was used last year too but the last few km were cancelled due to wind. On another note, the tour of the alps (formerly known as giro del trentino) takes place this week too with a great starter field with the likes of froome, Lopez and Pinot