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  1. She can't participate because she needs some snowboard training
  2. Venier was quite good, even might have had the chance to win a medal, but she crashed.
  3. I didn't really expect more. Siebehofer is a solid skier but she doesn't have that extra level for the race day which is required to win a medal if the favorites all have good runs.
  4. Great run but that upper section gives vonn a chance. I think gold will go to America
  5. So this is basically a race where I can go to bed again after the first 7 starters.
  6. Biathlon at the Winter Olympic Games 2018

    That was so incredibly sad. I hope she'll get over this soon. Anyway, what an exciting race, after the 2nd shooting I was sure France, Norway and Italy are only racing for silver and bronze, but at the end not only one of them beat Germany, all three did. Peiffer probably feels even worse than Fialkova. If Fourcade catches you despite your advantage, that's okay, he's the best biathlon athlete right now and one of the best of all time, but Windisch and an out of shape Svendsen should really only be capable of beating you if they have an absolutely perfect race and both didn't have that. Peiffer just completely threw away his nerves and made the other countries a big present. Sad for germany, considering what a super strong team they have right now.
  7. Unfortunately the weather forecast for this week is bad again. The fis requested to change the date for the women's downhill from Wednesday to Tuesday but the ioc let the schedule unchanged. Now let's just hope the chaos of the first week won't repeat.
  8. Actually spitsov followed better than I expected. For 2/3 of his race klaebo could have followed that pace walking on his hands while spitsov was going all out. I'm actually not sure whether klaebo could have skied spitsov out of his slipstream if he hadn't always gained a few meters on the descent. That said, ofc he would have beaten spitsov in a sprint too
  9. I don't want to be the guy who complains all the time although my country is really successful but brennsteiner's last time split was more or less equal to Kristoffersen's. Now instead of a possible medal he might have a torn acl.
  10. Kristoffersen vs. hirscher That's just how it's supposed to be
  11. Please not another 4th place for kristoffersen. He has enough of those already