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  1. First official world record in Women's 50km Race Walk set by Inês Henriques , clocking 4:08:26
  2. Happy new year and all I have to say about 2016 is: Good riddance!
  3. 8 pages only? That'd be pretty much for one event. To cover all events in 8 pages, the book would consist of at least 2448 pages.
  4. @konig Yes, breathtaking. I love dragons. @hckosice Cool. Let me guess, slalom canoeing and athletics were the first sports you've checked.
  5. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. I got some sweets and a wonderful dragon wall calender by the amazing Argentinian artist Ciruelo.
  6. How about if this sport was dropped? I'd approve. (But of course, I don't care about winter sports anymore. )
  7. Imagine there were Thais competing.
  8. Bisse Passe? How can that happen wen you consider there's the Dutch judoka Birgit Ente. Birgit shouldn't be an uncommon name.
  9. Who cares about F1?
  10. Wow, this sport is becoming a joke. Good thing I'm done with winter sports at this point.
  11. Obviously, you haven't heard of Lake Balaton, for example.
  12. I'm surprised to see Japan doesn't seem to have that interest in Paralympic sports.
  13. Shitty result. I had hoped for England to lose and not qualify for the world cup because only then will something really change in English football. Not that I care much about football though. Too bad for Slovakia.
  14. Congratulations to Norway and Slovenia only.
  15. I don't follow equestrian but that's an interesting name for sure.