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  1. Weightlifting 2017 Discussion Thread

    Yes, because only honest people are left, right.
  2. Weightlifting 2017 Discussion Thread

    In other words, this year's WC is going to be uninteresting.
  3. Summer Olympic Games 2020 News

    Even tons of Mixed Team Relays and eSports at the Olympics are better in my mindset than mixed NOC events. When I look at the medal table, I want to see countries' flags and not a white flag with Olympic rings or "ANA". So I disapprove of that idea even though Equestrian is the Olympic sport I care about least to begin with.
  4. Tennis US Open 2017

    I remember that as if it was yesterday.
  5. Tennis US Open 2017

    Looks like nobody cares about Nadal's 16th GS title? Well, I think at least one person doesn't.
  6. Tennis US Open 2017

    Actually, I like Anderson making it far here. He has always been exiting in the fourth round before.
  7. Shooting ISSF Shotgun World Championships 2017

    I see, thanks. Sounds about right for the qualification stage but I agree, another 2x25 series for semifinals and medal matches is too much.
  8. Shooting ISSF Shotgun World Championships 2017

    I didn't watch it, how does it work?
  9. Judo IJF World Championships 2017

    I like this team event. There should be one in Taekwondo and Wrestling too... and yes, this is my honest opinion. I don't have a problem with every (mixed) team event.
  10. Judo IJF World Championships 2017

    I'm not a judo expert but shouldn't somebody ranked 4th Dan have no problems winning over somebody ranked 1st Dan?
  11. Shooting ISSF Shotgun World Championships 2017

    And Skinner really let a comfortable lead slip by.
  12. Shooting ISSF Shotgun World Championships 2017

    The commentators are even worse. "Oops, she missed that." - Nope, she didn't. Just wait for the green or red face if you don't know what you're supposed to be saying...
  13. Judo IJF World Championships 2017

    Not a great win by Antomarchi. SHould have received more than two shidos.
  14. Judo IJF World Championships 2017

    Interestingly, Japan doesn't have a starter for Women's -63kg tomorrow.
  15. Judo IJF World Championships 2017

    Could have gone either way, one of the best matches ever, perhaps?