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  1. Without me, I'm done with tennis. Good bye.
  2. Firstly, it'd be helpful to know what is what. I just know that meels are the big clubs and that there's also "shield lifting". But yeah, it's like sailing. It'd be more interesting to actually do it but very boring to watch on TV. And Azerbaijan won one of the golds which is probably why this sport had a chance to be contested in the first place.
  3. How is it possible Malaysia is still without medal?
  4. You don't?
  5. Thankfully you can count on Ding for some centuries.
  6. The USA can still sweep this event without her.
  7. Yes, that's another thing I've noticed about these Championships. Those with a big lead crumble and let their opponents come back again. A 7-1 should really be converted into a victory but what does "should" mean in the world of sports.
  8. Yeah, none other than Judd Trump, second-ranked player in the world. His high standard of offensive play got him there but he was injured so couldn't play his full potential. He isn't liked by everybody but I like him.
  9. Very uninteresting WC so far. Not a good haul on centuries for now, Trump gone already and players gifting victories to Ronnie.
  10. 2008 Olympic Silver medalist Germaine Mason died in a motorbike accident.
  11. Of course working out doesn't have anything to do with the games themselves. It's for fitness and building stamina. Most E-sports have been "Open Class" but yeah, men clearly have the upper hand when it comes to professional playing.
  12. There's a difference between a "nerd" and a professional. Many professional gamers do workouts and prepare in a gym for fitness and stamina at this point.
  13. Maybe people will have to reconsider their definition of sport. When does something become a sport? In my opinion if you do it competitively, on the highest level. That's just what it is. In contrast to East Asia and North America though, Europe is still a bit conservative when it comes to gaming.
  14. But rifle and shot gun are okay?
  15. Don't forget E-sports has become a big, money-making market at this point.