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  1. And what makes you think you know everybody's personality? What is mine like then?
  2. At least the women's matches were okay. Hopefully, the Australian Open will be better than this farce.
  3. What is Dell'Aquila doing? He's only collecting penalties.
  4. Some inexperienced fighters often get disqualified for not matching the weight sometimes, I think.
  5. All male Chinese players pulled out from the singles competition at the China Open because their coach, Liu Guoliang, had to step down. I'm going to stop watching table tennis until the Chinese play again. The men's singles title can't be taken seriously.
  6. I'm going with Wayqi, of course.
  7. Unfortunately, Harimoto performs the art of "cho"-ing almost every point to the point it gets annoying. That doesn't really make him a fan favourite.
  8. Nice matches at the Japan Open once again. Ma Long.
  9. #4 - ABBA - One Of Us
  10. Why having team events before the last two individual events have concluded?
  11. #3 - Marek & Vacek - Pieśń Solvejgi
  12. #2 - Trini Lopez - Trini's Tunes Medley
  13. What exactly? The cut in weightlifting? E: Ah, nevermind. It's above mine now.
  14. Any thoughts on why no new members join? It is still the first result shown when you google for "olympic sports forum".
  15. There were also two women, one from Switzerland, one from China. But that was when the forum was more diverse and more active.