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  1. Equestrian FEI World Games 2018 Tryon (USA) - 12 September 2018 - 23 September 2018 Totallympics Results Thread
  2. Equestrian FEI World Games 2018

    I feebly remember the chaos after this horse was sold, now that I’m thinking about. Mah, the Italian equestrian federation is disastered
  3. Equestrian FEI World Games 2018

    Italy without team in dressage?
  4. [OFF TOPIC] Your Trips & Holidays Thread

    Are you coming to Naples too?
  5. Women's Softball WBSC World Championship 2018 Various Cities (JPN) - 2 August 2018 - 12 August 2018 Totallympics Results Thread
  6. Women's Basketball FIBA World Cup 2018

    Here is the full schedule: http://www.fiba.basketball/womensbasketballworldcup/2018/competition-schedule
  7. Women's Basketball FIBA World Cup 2018 San Cristobal de La Laguna/Santa Cruz de Tenerife (ESP) - 22 September 2018 - 30 September 2018 Totallympics Results Thread
  8. It would be a good idea adding to the table in the first message a link to the official ranking compiled by the IFs, for the sports that requires it. I can help finding some
  9. [OFF TOPIC] The most Beautiful Names

    As regards female names, my favorite are Stella (that is an italian word for star) and Aurora. Plus, I like Serena (that actually is my girlfriend's name and means "clear") and Federica, especially because this name is bond to some of the most important events in my life. For males name, well actually I never though about it, but I think one pretty name is Leonardo.
  10. I am a chemist looking for a PhD, even though I think I will have to change my plans. I’m quite involved in -omics sciences but I have passion for the organic synthesis this is a book regarding retrosynthesis (at very early stages), I’m using it so my mind doesn’t totally get frozen in this difficult period @Wanderer you should have understood I was a chemist by my account name
  11. Schedule: https://live.fig-gymnastics.com/schedule.php?idevent=14845
  12. Rhythmic Gymnastics FIG World Championships 2018 Sofia (BUL) - 10 September 2018 - 16 September 2018 Totallympics Results Thread
  13. Here is the schedule: Team qualification should be on 25-26 october for men and in the next two days for women. The finals will be on 29 for men and 30 for women, and they will be an olympic qualifying event. Following it, the individual all-around finals will be on 31 october and 1 november, while in the last two days the apparatus final will close the programme.
  14. Artistic Gymnastics FIG World Championships 2018 Doha (QAT) - 25 October 2018 - 3 November 2018 Totallympics Results Thread
  15. Doping Cases and Bans Thread (2018)

    With other weightlifting doping cases, I wonder what the qualification will result in
  16. European Championships 2018

    Rai made a great work with their app for Rio 2016, and I started thinking they could finally change, but I have to come back to my first opinion. Honestly, I don't get why with these championships it broadcasted national football cup and a television replication of an half-marathon in a town I've never heard before, instead of broadcasting other sports. Plus, I couldn't find the streaming and on the raisport website I couldn't connect to the web channels. I really don't get why raisport doesn't create a specific app with these channels on. As regards the other part, I don't think it's a bad idea. I don't really get why it wasn't possible to host Olympics in Rome, at this point. Bach, for some reason, is in love with Italy and has more or less asked to present a bid and Italy is granted the olympics, but still we don't really want them.
  17. "I'm gonna prepare my own prediction contest with black jack and hookers!"
  18. Sailing ISAF World Championships 2018 Aarhus (DEN) - 2 August 2018 - 12 August 2018 Totallympics Results Thread
  19. Sailing ISAF World Championships 2018

    As I told you
  20. Sailing ISAF World Championships 2018

    I almost rolled dices
  21. Sailing ISAF World Championships 2018

    No medals for and no gold for I would have never expected it...
  22. Gotta say that I'm ok with that
  23. Option E may be the first in general standing, the first in the event and the first to post prediction for that event So now is option F something I don't really know about
  24. Well, that is option A Option B may be drawing components of the team event per event Option C can be teams made up 1,2) the two best placed in general standing and 3) the best placed in the event Option D is more teams per country Option E is something I actually don't know