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  1. Not the women's, if I'm not wrong. However, it's two days I don't watch a single minute of Olympics, so probably I missed something
  2. Probably I was just expecting a little bit more from males in alpine skiing and yes, Visintin was the favorite for the gold, but I realistically thought of a medal, without thinking of gold only. However, two gold medals are a great risult for Italy, the best from Turin, this has to be underlined unfortunately, I missed Moioli’s gold hope that this night things will go better on super-g
  3. [hide] Women's Tournament Knockout Round February 17th - February 22nd, 2018 Quarterfinals, Semifinals, Bronze Medal Match and Gold Medal Match Quarterfinals Date & Time (GMT +9) Nation 1 T1 T2 Nation 2 February 17th 2018, h. 12:10 (16:40) Olympic Athletes from Russia 2 Switzerland February 17th 2018, h. 16:40 (12:10) Finland 1 Sweden [/hide]
  4. Still, this seems not a great Olympics for Italy, according to me. Probably I was relying too much on biathlon and alpine skiing. Or, maybe, I thought Italy would have won two gold medals today, so I’m a little bit sad
  5. News for weightlifting. It’s less than a draft, but something here is useful: https://vektlofting.klubb.nif.no/landslag/Documents/20171207 MF Circular QS_BW info.pdf so there will be individual qualification and I suppose there will be a kind of World Cup
  6. Doesn't it apply to European Games, right?
  7. Paris 2024 Olympic Sports Programme

    I suppose this will last until a city will make an ambitious proposal. But this proposal is not only related to the fact that sports could be hosted only in different kind of venues: a different use of indoor venues should be done. Let's say, a Judo Grand Prix requests 3 days for 14 categories, while in OG only 2 categories are held every day. It's a waste of time, other sport could join and the programme gets compressed. With the current technologies of live streaming, like eurosport for the Pyeongchang games, there's no need for television, each can decide which sports see. In Olympics, I suppose the most expensive things are venues, together with Olympic Villages and civil infrastructures, (roads, airport, public transport); athlete number is not the most important problem and, on the other hand, increasing programme in some sports (like canoe or track cycling) will increase quotas but not necessarily number of athletes, (and media will be able to "build" more outstanding athletes like Phelps or Bolt). Using venues better, by including more sports (and hence, more tickets) is the way to get a near-term economic advantage. For longer terms, it comes from the ability of the governments, and from the perception people has. Probably, in the future, the IOC should recommend to divide team sports over the whole country, so that local improvements can be done, reducing the perception of centering resources in only one place. Things definitely will change, but it takes courage from IOC and ambition from potential hosts. If I get a Ph.D. position in Lausanne, I'll go tell them
  8. Paris 2024 Olympic Sports Programme

    Karate and sport climbing will become core sports, I'm pretty sure about it and, honestly, they deserve it. One is world-wide spread, the other is cheap and attractive for a lot of people as it can be practiced in a gym (at least, you can try it) without too much equipment. I dream in the future of "venues" made up of city parks in which a surface can be used in a flexible way (for example, asphalt for roller sports, figure skating, and then using it for temporary venues like those of sport climbing and 3x3 basketball), integrating it with baseball/softball/rugby fields, rowing venues, mountain biking and so on. Maybe it sounds a little bit confusing but in my mind is clear xD
  9. I read on Wikipedia that Israel and Palestine would like to join but they will only do it together. As far as concerns Portugal, technically it is not over Mediterranean, this is true, but its history is totally bind to it: this also is a factor that I considered in saying that. As regards Gibraltar, that would be nice to have a team from there: I suppose Spain would support them rather than oppose to it; honestly, however, I don't think Gibraltar is interested in it
  10. Here are the last things I know about other sports: 1) http://www.rollersports.org/discipline/skateboarding/news/item/1341-skateboarding-at-the-olympic-games-tokyo-2020 it is a link with general explanation on Olympic qualification for skateboard but it almost says nothing you cannot imagine; 2) Judo olympic qualification period will start in May, with the first tournament for earning points being the Hohhot Open in China on May 22, if I remember well; 3) For baseball, Premier 12 (8-21 November 2019) will assign at least one quota; this should mean that Softball World championships (2-11 August 2018 in Japan) will do the same; 4) Triathlon qualification period should be from May 11 2018 to March 10 2020, with the first event to be used for point ranking that should be World Series in Yokohama, starting on May 12 2018; 5) This season Beach Volley World Tour will be used to define a 16-pair tournament (1 per NOC) which will play an Olympic qualification tournament next year, I suppose before World Championships.
  11. Badminton 2018 Discussion Thread

    Today European Team championships started in Kazan, Russia
  12. Italy National Thread

    eh a chi lo dici... io giovedì devo tornare in laboratorio e mi sa che non è il caso di mettersi a fare una nottata per guardare sci e snowboard xD magari in treno mi vedo dal player di eurosport le repliche delle finali di snowboard cross, sperando che ci sia da festeggiare
  13. I was always wondering why Portugal was not invited xD
  14. Italy National Thread

    Beh gli sci possono cambiare per fortuna. Ad ogni modo non credo che potrò vederla, perciò mi accontenterò del risultato acquisito
  15. I hope Pittin makes a nice jump. In that case, I'll be immediately celebrating a new gold medal for Italy