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  1. Road Cycling 2018 Discussion Thread

    There’s an interesting website for discovering climbing, it should be called salite.ch maybe you can find more there
  2. I didn’t notice it was changed
  3. I though the same, to be honest... On the other side, however, it is too different to be confused
  4. Some Italian media reported that IWF will totally exclude from Olympic Games nations with 20 or more doping cases in weightlifting
  5. Commonwealth Games 2018

    We have European Union Games?
  6. No, maximum 8 athletes in total, divided as maximum 4 men and 4 women
  7. Looks like that the parallel world of internet deleted my message with sailing qualification criteria xD Sailing Tokyo 2020 Qualification System.pdf
  8. I’m not expert of weightlifting, however I don’t think there are too much categories per gender. They will only have to slightly modify the minimum weight per category, maybe...
  9. Weightlifting Tokyo 2020 Qualification System.pdf weightlifting
  10. this morning a page appeared on my phone saying that no site was on this url. There was also a society name called "Parallels" or something similar. Is that a problem of mine only?
  11. Strangely, no water polo qualification system
  12. Summer Olympic Games 2020 Team Sizes

    Suppose it's ok, there are no direct host place for swimming
  13. Artistic Swimming Tokyo 2020 Qualification System.pdf artistic swimming
  14. Modern Pentathlon UIPM World Cup 2018

    UIPM is streaming fencing bonus round on their website
  15. Summer Olympic Games 2020 Team Sizes

    You should add other 9 to Japan because each baseball team is of 24 athletes, not 15