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  1. Jacopo Butturini start competing for croatia in thriatlon...first race first points..new candidate for tokyo
  2. I think in tokyo must be at least 5 our swimmers to done some progress in swiming who is very low...
  3. Who will put this na putu za tokio 2020
  4. Ana Đerek win gold in world cup in Bakuu in gymnastic...she is just 19 just wow
  5. Easy win by Ivana Habazain,becames IBO world champion
  6. Something live today?
  7. I watch we have amazing young team Men's: Andrej Gacina Tomislav Pucar Frane Kojic Women's Jeger Mateja Dorina Srebrnjak Sun Jiayi-she is amazing she is only 20 and she beats wonens from top 50..and coach of women's sad that she is big potential for something big in tokyo..she jumped from 600 place to 250 in just one year...star in rising Other girls are not actually bad mateja and dorina if they keep working like they just to do they are definitly candidates for tokyo In men's i think pucar and gacina are safe for tokyo...and kojic is ch of croatia and he is too candidate for tokyo
  8. In peking we have 13 swimers and 6 table tenis competitors both team event in men's and women's and in tokyo we may not have any
  9. who are candidate in equestrian for tokyo?
  10. And it will be awesome that we will have in nacra to complete all clases but I think is hopelles
  11. What about shooting trap mix team we have 3 men's in top 15 but no woman
  12. I know that this nothing maters with this site but what the fck happend lokomitiva wins dinamo 4-1
  13. In 470 men will not sime marenic use another teammate to compete...that he said when he broke up with fantela?