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  1. I hope a progress and a new record after Sochi too (15 medals) I will be a little more cautious and say 18 medals.
  2. France ranked higher than Canada seems unreal. This total of 24 medals would be a record !
  3. Tennis Australian Open 2018

    5 French players out of 8 won their first round, not so bad. Bourgue, Halys, Sakharov, Robert and Hemery in. Mahut, de Schepper and Millot out. We can also point out the victory of Darian King
  4. Hello ! I've read this forum for a couple of months now. I found it searching news about exotic nations at the winter olympics. Toulouse is fine, not a really cold winter though. I always hope for some snow. Actually, the statue isn't a bunny but a kid with a "donkey hat". https://www.ladepeche.fr/article/2017/11/04/2678120-la-sculpture-rouge-revient-au-pont-neuf.html