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  1. millions killed :), good one oh yes, now it`s all clear, after this info it`s all clear why so many muslims are so dangerous nowadays. As always, blame goes on "Shimon" and of course this "Shimon" lives happily amongst muslim leaders who are dumb enough not to know it...oh shit, no wonder it looks like this. Libyans destroyed Libya, Syrians and other muslim groups Syria, Somalians Somalia etc etc and i even don`t know if there is someone who we can call "Iraqi". The problem is in the region....western money are totally different problem...those money are also in Europe....and we`re not running all over muslim countries killing innocent people in acts of terror. Believers of islam are dangerous, let`s stop discus the FACTS. And stop messing with all of this - US has it`s blame but it`s islam fanatics who "pull the trigger". Justifying this in any way is a kind of acceptance. This is seeing only "own nose". Blame "white people" made was colonialism, artificial borders etc....but go against goverments and armies if u have balls. Killing civilians? Cowards
  2. so CAN, UK, JAP, SUI, SWE, US, KOR and RUS made it to Pyeongchang?
  3. i just meant a scale, i think there is a big difference also with scale and methods, sure that no religion is ideal, people are far from ideal. Christians commited many sins now it`s muslim time. Now we deal with sth important. 3rd wave of muslim immigrants feels "lost", like having no home...islamic radicals have easy task to find them plus we have new "immigrants". This is all a consequence of some mistakes made by French / Belgian / German goverments + some historic "bills" but....try to imagine how normal life looks in Paris, Brussels, Antwerp. Normal innocent people pay the price and i`m sure neither you or me would like to live in this "atmosphere of fear".
  4. i see huge difference how many buddhist terrorists have you seen?
  5. hell yeah! proof seen everywhere ;p
  6. as to Syria....muslims killed much more Syrians than all armies together no wonder civilians suffer now from time to time, very sad....to be true...it`d worse if it stayed as it was, now at least there`s some hope maybe our Algerian friend will also mourn many Yazid people? No he will say that American bombs killed 30 civilians, great
  7. i didn`t mean i like it, i meant action-reaction chain, cause and effect - we won`t change natural or social laws. People will get afraid, afraid people will vote for strong-right parties, sooner or later, repeat of 30s of last century is possible - someone will use this fear politically, it started in France, in some way in HUN&POL to avoid it, from what i read people in Belgium live in "constant fear", well probably those in 3-4 biggest cities. It all doesn`t look well for today
  8. ISIS doesn`t work like we think in my opinion. They spread their people all over Europe, they have some "contact-agents" probably but mostly...they are "normal people" or seem to be normal people hidden or frozen till the attack. In my opinion they work on their own very much and have a free choice of methods and weapons. Since the first "truck" attack some of them just repeat it. But they are not typicull "agents", they are waiting for their moment and there is a lot of them, of this i`m sure, and probably very dangerous muslims are in EACH AND EVERY European country. Another attack is just a question of time, like in DM song. Solution? There is no..apart from...when strong-right parties will really start to win elections and the situation will change. There will also come a time when 1 attack will cross the border...cuz some kid will die or whatever. There is always a border, always and majority always reacts event if we have natural instincts lowered in 21st century. Sadly....from reasons hidden in our "DNA" majority will react and will start to defend from minority, this may be a goal for ISIS, to start sth bigger between 2 cultures and religions
  9. Uzbekistan as always....
  10. picture of terrorist is clear, muslim again, as always, politics? I wouldn`t call it politics...
  11. why North Korea doesn`t invest in speed skating (with short track)....i have no idea....
  12. we won`t find out, call was made. I`m only afraid it gave Erdogan and Turks another argument to use. Sometimes the smaller evil is better than bigger