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Nate River

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  1. ...North Korea and Eritrea would like a word.
  2. Freestyle Skiing 2017 - 2018 Discussion Thread

    In hindsight I don’t mind that he didn’t get any honetown glory, that’s for sure.
  3. Freestyle Skiing 2017 - 2018 Discussion Thread

    Way to throw away a promising career.
  4. Speed Skating ISU Allround World Championships 2018

    Gotta stay on your skate to win Still, what a performance by Pedersen, one has to think he'll get his revenge. No idea what is up with Kramer's 10k form, this was kind of am embarrassing performance from him.
  5. Speed Skating ISU Allround World Championships 2018

    You say that, but man is it beautiful in the rain. I get it's probably miserable for the athletes and this isn't the ideal competitive environment but it just looks so epic.
  6. Speed Skating ISU Allround World Championships 2018

    I have to say, on TV this championship looks spectacular. I actually kind of wish the IOC / ISU allowed that kind of setup for the Olympics (would certainly save a lot of money over building an oval, too).
  7. Speed Skating ISU Allround World Championships 2018

    Quite cool to have these championships in a big stadium.
  8. Winter Olympic Games 2022 News

    I mean they did propose a mixed duet for 2020. Long term they probably need to move in that direction for the sport to remain in the Olympics.
  9. Winter Olympic Games 2022 News

    Yes. Especially now that cross country skiing isn’t the discipline with the most events. TBH I think both Snowboarding and Freestyle Skiing should he three disciplines each: snowboardcross, alpine snowboarding, freestyle snowboarding, ski cross, moguls & aerials (need to work on the branding :P) and park skiing (slopestyle, halfpipe and big air).
  10. Winter Olympic Games 2022 News

    Would the Telemark events be added as part of alpine skiing or as a new discipline?
  11. Table Tennis 2018 Discussion Thread

    2 of the 3 where born in the US -_-
  12. For the first point, it's really obvious: to have it in prime time in Canada and the US. Which was a good decision IMO, since it was obviously going to be the two countries in the finals. As to the second point, the slopestyle course in Pyeongchang was way better than in Sochi. I can live with the course having a little less personality (the last jib feature was a nice touch, though). It was arguably one of the best course ever built anywhere, unfortunately it was somewhat ruined by the wind in some of the competitions. Fully agreed the snowboardcross / ski cross course was too dangerous.
  13. Track Cycling UCI World Championships 2018

    They should copy what the speed skating team pursuit format (the one from the Olympics).
  14. 66- There will be a clean sweep (to win Gold, Silver and Bronze) by the dutch in at least one event. [NO - 10] ^ I was really, really confident about this one too xD
  15. New Zealand was due, but I feel the best is yet to come. Both medalists are 16 (!) and there seems to be a lot of freestyle skiing and snowboarding talent coming out of New Zealand. I would be surprised if there wasn't at least one Kiwi medal in 2022.