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Jack Gonçalves

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  1. Mediterranean Games Tarragona 2018

    I can't find the article where i read it... It was from when it was announced that Portugal has been approved... Something about Greece fearing that Portugal could be a "similar sized country" competing with them for medals... That part was like a comment from someone with some information, but the part that it was Greece that opposed (for whatever reason, was really explicit in the article).
  2. Mediterranean Games Tarragona 2018

    In the news here in Portugal (from when we joined) they talked that Greece opposed the Portugal entry (Portugal Olympic committe wanted to join for several years).
  3. Men's Futsal UEFA European Championship 2018

    Portugal 3 - 2 Spain in extra time. Portugal becomes the new European champion.
  4. Men's Futsal UEFA European Championship 2018

    Russia 2 - 3 Portugal Portugal is the first finalist.
  5. Men's Futsal UEFA European Championship 2018

    Portugal 8 - 1 Azerbaijan Portugal into the semi-final against Russia.
  6. Track Cycling 2017 Discussion Thread

    First time Portugal wins a Senior medal in Track Cycling, and won 2, a silver and a gold (by 2 twin brothers), Portugal has never been represented in the Olympics in Track Cycling so maybe Tokyo 2020 will be a debut!!!
  7. Portugal National Thread

    Para o jogo de canções não sei se posso ajudar muito, também estive fora uns anos, agora estou em Portugal mas não ando muito a par... nem sei que estilo de musicas funcionam nesse concurso. Quanto a qualificação ainda quase nada começou. O futebol... Mas vou acompanhando os atletas do Judo nas grandes competições, bem como o Atletismo
  8. 3 - 1 What a shame the Portuguese game... Incredible... Hope tonight we play better for the World Cup qualification
  9. Portugal National Thread

    Hey fellow Portuguese, anyone wants to comment Portuguese Olympic qualification for 2020? cheers