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  1. Yes, I agree with everything! The 2017 Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games (this September) will have eSports as a demonstration sport then the 2018 Asian games will also have eSports as a demonstration sport, then the 2022 Asian games will have eSports as a medal event. Hopefully between 2018 and 2022 we will see eSports be added to more events.
  2. Your English is 100% better than my French. It honestly just depends on the game for example LoL has games each weekend and about 100,000+ people tune in every weekend to watch it really it just depends on if the game advertises that they are having a competition.
  3. Kinda, confused on the wording but it all depends on the eSport to be honest I would rather watch a swimming final than a SFIV final because I dont follow SFIV. But I'd watch a SFIV final before I watch a Sport Climbing final.
  4. It's hard to explain because while it's not a sport in the sense of physical activity, etc. it is a sport in the fact that it uses the brain, hand-eye coordination, etc. For example, I think eSports could be in the Olympics but I don't think chess could. It's really hard to show someone what I mean if they don't know how eSports works, etc.
  5. Your correct, eSports is not a sport if it was they would just call it "sport" but instead they call it eSports because it's an electronic sport. Even though it's not a "sport" I do still think eSports still has a place in the Olympics.
  6. But some eSports are spectator friendly even if you haven't ever watched/played it before. I guess I'm just not understanding why people are so against it.
  7. Yes, most eSports games you need to play to be able to understand it as a first time spectator so I think right now the IOC has only 1 viable game that could be added that is both not violent and spectator friendly.
  8. I'm the only one here who thinks eSports should go to the Olympics. I think what I find kinda silly is the fact that so many people are so strongly against adding it. It's not like the IOC is forcing you guys to watch eSports if it's added. If eSports do get added they would most likely be adding fifa and madden possibly the eSports with the least amount of viewership and money.
  9. As probably the youngest here and someone who follows eSports, I was expecting to see this reaction
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