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  1. Women's 3x3 Basketball FIBA World Cup 2018

    July 7th Pool B: France (6) 19 - 9 Argentina (18) Kazakhstan (9) 14 - 16 Switzerland (14) Argentina (18) 10 - 9 Kazakhstan (9) China (1) 16 -14 France (6) China (1) 21 - 20 Switzerland (14) Pool B Standings after 5 Games: 1) China (2-0) 2) Switzerland (1-1) 3) France (1-1) 4) Argentina (1-1) 5) Kazakhstan (0-2) July 8th Pool D: Netherlands (4) 21 - 11 Philippines (20) Germany (11) 12 - 18 Spain (12) Hungary (3) 20 - 14 Netherlands (4) Hungary (3) 14 - 19 Spain (12) Philippines (20) 10 - 12 Germany (11) Pool D Standings after 5 Games: 1) Spain (2-0) 2) Netherlands (1-1) 3) Hungary (1-1) 4) Germany (1-1) 5)Philippines (0-2) Pool C: Russia (5) 22 - 8 Uganda (19) Iran (10) 7 - 21 United States (13) Uganda (19) 18 - 10 Iran (10) Andorra (2) 9 - 21 Russia (5) Will be updating as games happen today!
  2. Week in Summer #8 - United States May 28th - June 3rd Archery No Archery news this week! The 2018 Archery World Cup - Stage 3 (Salt Lake City) starts on June 18th! These are the world rankings for our top 6 archers! Brady Ellison - 2nd Jake Kaminski - 39th Zach Garret - 55th Mackenzie Brown - 10th Khatuna Lorig - 58th La Nola Shepherd - 147th Badminton No Badminton competition this week but we are getting ready for the 2018 Yonex US Open which is June 12th - 17th which will feature many American archers! Basketball We have a 2019 FIBA Basketball World Cup Qualification (Americas) game this month against Mexico on June 28th! Cycling Road - UCI World Tour No events took place this week but we have the Criterium du Dauphine on June 3rd - 10th! Mountain Bike - UCI World Cup No news or events took place this week either but next week is the Val di Sole! Synchronized Swimming This week was the 2018 FINA Artistic Swimming World Series - #7 in Surrey BC! In the Duet Free we placed 8th place which is expected because our duet team is not the strongest! NOTE: Pretty quiet week for Team USA! But As the summer comes around more and more sports will be starting their leagues and such! Still trying to update my worksheet for everysport!
  3. Week in Summer #7 - United States April 29th - May 28th Archery 2018 Archery World Cup - Stage 2 (Antalya) Men's Recurve Qualification Round Brady, Jack, and Matthew Requa all improved their qualification scores from Shanghai! This was 19 year old Matthew Nofel first ever Archery World Cup and placing 79th in qualification is great! Bracket Round - Brady Ellison Brady Ellison was able to get a first round & second round bye as he ranked 4th after the qualification round. In the third round he was up against Sanzhar Mussayev (29) and ended up loosing 6-5. This was a pretty big upset as Brady should be making it to the semi-finals or finals in the World Cup. Bracket Round - Jack Williams Jack Williams was up against Polish Archer Slawomir Naploszek (75) and ended up winning that match. Next Jack played against Xu Tianyu (27) and won the second round match up aswell! In the third round Crispin Duenas (6) was up against Jack and ended up beating Jack 7-3. Making it to the 3rd round is an improvement for Jack as he went out of Shanghai in the second round. Bracket Round - Matthew Requa Matthew started first round against Ben Adriaensen (55) and upset him in the first round. In the second round Matthew was up against Furukawa Takharu (10) from Japan and ended up loosing 3-7. Bracket Round - Matthew Nofel Matthew Nofel lost first round against Wei Shaoxuan (34) of China. Men's Recurve Team We ended up ranked 8th after the qualification round like in Shanghai, which let us get a 1st round bye in the bracket stage. After our Bye round we got matched up against Chinese Taipei (9) losing to them 6-2. Sadly we exited the tournament in the second round which is worse than Shanghai in which there we made it to the Quarterfinal. Women's Recurve Qualification Round Both Khatuna Lorig and Mackenzie Brown both had worse qualification scores than Shanghai. We had two new archers Amy Jung and Danielle Park join us in the World Cup! Bracket Round - Mackenzie Brown Mackenzie Brown had a very bad first round getting upset by Olivia Hodgson (80) from New Zealand. Bracket Round - Khatuna Lorig Khatuna Lorig again got upset first round by Natalia Lesniak (81) from Poland. Bracket Round - Danielle Park Danielle Park sadly didn't bean Alicia Marin (25) from Spain. Bracket Round - Amy Jung Lastly, Amy Jung lost 1-7 to Viktoria Budaeva (28) from Russia. Women's Recurve Team After the qualification Round we beat Team Ukraine (17) 5-4, and advanced to the 2nd round where we played Korea (1) and lost to them 0-6. Mixed Recurve Team Our Mixed Recurve Team performed worse than we did in Shanghai. After qualification round we ranked 9th (better than Shanghai 11th). First round was against IR Iran (24) and we beat them 5-1. Second round we faced against Germany (8th) and lost 5-3. Archery Overview: Very disappointing results from everyone in Stage 2 of the Archery World Cup. Hopefully we can pull it together for Stage 3! Badminton Barfoot & Thompson New Zealand Open 2018 Women's Singles Crystal Pan competed in this tournament but sadly lost in the first round. Some good news came as Beiwen Zhang has qualified in Phase 2 for the TOTAL BWF World Championships for Team USA! Basketball 3x3 Women's This is the our group for the 2018 FIBA 3x3 World Cup which starts on June 8th! Water Polo We were able to come up on top of our group which means we are headed to the Super Final which starts mid June! NOTE: Sorry I was absent for a whole entire month, I was gone for 2 weekends in Eastern Washington so I had no access to PC while I was there. Only 3 weeks till summer then the posts should be at regular times every Sunday.
  4. Week in Summer #6 - United States April 15th - April 29th Archery 2018 Archery World Cup - Stage 1 (Shanghai) Men's Recurve Qualification Round The Qualification Round went great for Brady Ellison placing 3rd behind him was his teammates Jack Williams (54th), Matthew Requa (68th) and Thomas Standwood (87th). Bracket Round - Matthew Requa At the top of the Bracket Matthew Requa (68) got placed against Oibek Saidiyev (45) and ended up winning which was a great upset for him! The next round he got placed against Zurab Mestvirishvili (93) and ended up winning that match 6-2! Moving onto the 3rd round Matthew got paired up against Mateusz Ogrodowczyk (61) and upset him in a close match with a final score of 6-5. On the 4th Round Matthew got placed against Taylor Worth (4) and ended up loosing 4-6 overall it was a good finish for Matthew as he was ranked 68 after qualification round. Bracket Round - Brady Ellison Brady Ellison got a first and second round bye as he was ranked 3rd after qualification round. In the 3rd round he faced against Faith Bozlar (78) and won that match 6-2. On the 4th round Brady won against Denis Gankin (19) 6-5 in a very close match. Moving onto the Quarter Finals Brady played against Mauro Nespoli (22) and won again 6-5. In the Semi finals Brady was against Lee Woo Seok (2) and won 6-5! Moving onto the finals Brady Ellison played against Kim Woojin (1) and endded up loosing 6-2 overall it was a very good showing from Brady and he ended up getting the silver medal! Bracket Round - Jack Williams Jack started out his bracket stage run going against Yuriy Havelko (59) and won that match. Sadly, Jack lost the 2nd round match against Steve Wijler (11) 5-6. Bracket Round - Thomas Stanwood Thomas lost his first round match up against Kuraya Tomoaki (26) of Japan Men's Recurve Team We ended up with a 8th after the qualification round which let us get a 1st round bye in the bracket stage. After our Bye round we got matched up against Italy (9) beating them 5-4! After that we had the hardest match as we played #1 ranked Korea loosing 0-6 Women's Recurve Qualification Round We didn't have the best of Qualification Round for the Women but we can only go up from here! Our highest ranked was Khatuna Lorig with 43rd! Bracket Round - Mackenzie Brown Our currently highest ranked archer Mackenzie Brown had to face Celmence Tellier (64) first round and ended up winning 7-1. In the 2nd round Mackenzie got beat by Kawanaka Kaori 0-6. This was not the best of Mackenzie's performances so hopefully the stage of World Cup she can improve! Bracket Round - Khatuna Lorig Khatuna Lorig also had an underwhelming performance as she got knocked out 1st round by Luiza Saidiyeva (70) 3-7. Bracket Round - La Nola Shepherd La Nola also didn't do well as she got beat 1st round by Alexandra Longova (42) Bracket Round - Erin Mickelberry Lastly, Erin Mickelberry got upset by Alicia Marin (50) 1-7! Women's Recurve Team Somehow our Women's Team actually put on a good show so something good came out of them! We got ranked 19th which is not the best but ended up beating Russia and Georgia! Mixed Recurve Team Our Mixed Recurve Team also performed quite well we ended the qualification round ranked 11th and 1st round beat Thailand (22) 5-4. In the 2nd round we also beat China (6) 6-2! 3rd round we did a great upset against India (3)! Sadly though we lost the Semifinal to Turkey and the bronze medal match against Indonesia! Either way we proved our Mixed Team can compete quite well! Badminton Pan Am Badminton Championship Men's Doubles Great to see Ryan and Phillip Chew competing again and they did great! They made it to the finals but ended up loosing to team Canada. Basketball Women's The USA Women's National Team beat China 83-46 in a Seattle Exhibition match! NOTE: Had 5 tests last week so last Sunday I was studying so I didn't have time for this, currently I've got a massive stomach ache so I tried to do this quickly so sorry there are not many sports on here this week but wanted to get this up nontheless to make sure you guys know I didn't quit doing these! See you next Sunday!
  5. Week in Summer #5 - United States April 8th - April 15th Archery No Archery news this week were just waiting for the 2018 Archery World Cup to start on April 23rd! Badminton No major Badminton events took place this week Baseball No Baseball news or events this week Basketball Women's The USA Women's National Team is set to face China in Exhibition Game on April 26th in Seattle! Prior to the April 26th game the USA team will train on the 24th and 25th in preparation for the 2018 FIBA World Cup which will be in Sept. 22-30 in Spain. Here is the 2018-20 USA Basketball Women's National Team Cycling Road - UCI World Tour Men's Amstel Gold Race We just had one major finish this race with Lawson Craddock finishing in 9th place earning 100 points moving him to 666th place in the World Ranking and 96th in the UCI World Tour Ranking! Women's Amstel Gold Race Alexis Ryan one of our current best Road cycler competed in this event and placed 5th giving her 85 points and moving her up 3 spots to 10th place in the Women's World Tour Rankings, and to 29th place in the World Rankings! Here is an update on where our USA Women stand in the Road World Rankings. Canoe No news this week I hate the USA Canoe website so difficult to find information! Diving Still waiting for the 3rd stage of the FINA Diving World Series to start back up in Montreal on April 27-29! Field Hockey Women's The Women's team completed their final match of their test series against 15 ranked Chile with a 1-1 tie. The Women's team will travel to Tucuman, Argentina from June 10-17 for a five-game test series against the host country as their final preparation before the Women's Hockey World Cup in London in July! Water Polo No news this week NOTE: Back from vacation, in the next two weeks there will be much more events I think because of the commonwealth games there was a pause in lots of the events!
  6. Week in Summer #4 - United States April 1st - April 8th Archery The 2018 Archery World Cup starts next week in Shanghai, but this week we saw some of our top Archers compete at the USAT #1 AAE Arizona Cup Men's Recurve In the Qualification Round we saw Brady Ellison top the charts with a score of 670 which is expected as he is the best American Recurve Archer! 2nd in the Qualification Round was Matthew Nofel who got a score of 654. In third was Jack Williams with a score of 651! The final four archers were Brady Ellison, Matthew Nofel, Adam Heidt, and Jack Williams. Brady Ellison ended up winning 1st place and Matthew Nofel got 2nd, which is great for an 18 year old! Gotta watch out for him. and 3rd place went to Jack Williams. Women's Recurve The Qualification Round for the Women went as expected Mackenzie Brown got rank 1 with a score of 635, Khatuna Lorig got rank 2nd with a score of 634 and LaNola Pritchard got rank 3rd with a score of 629. To the surprise of many the final four archers were Mackenzie Brown, Khatuna Lorig, Casey Kaufhold, and Ana Umer. Mackenzie Brown got 1st, Kahtuna Lorig got 2nd, and 14 year old Casey Kaufhold got 3rd! Badminton No major Badminton events took place this week Basketball Men's The 2018-20 Men's National Team Roster was Announced on Friday! Harrison Barnes (Dallas Mavericks) Bradley Beal (Washington Wizards) Devin Booker (Phoenix Suns) Jimmy Butler (Minnesota Timberwolves) Mike Conley Jr. (Memphis Grizzlies) DeMarcus Cousins (New Orleans Pelicans) Stephen Curry (Golden State Warriors) Anthony Davis (New Orleans Pelicans) DeMar DeRozan (Toronto Raptors) Andre Drummond (Detroit Pistons) Kevin Durant (Golden State Warriors) Paul George (Oklahoma City Thunder) Eric Gordon (Huston Rockets) Draymond Green (Golden State Warriors) Blake Griffin (Detroit Pistons) James Harden (Houston Rockets) Tobias Harris (Los Angeles Clippers) Gordon Hayward (Boston Celtics) Kyrie Irving (Boston Celtics) LeBron James (Clevland Cavaliers) DeAndre Jordan (Los Angeles Clippers) Kawai Leonard (San Antonio Spurs) Damian Lillard (Portland Trail Blazers) Kevin Love (Cleveland Cavaliers) Kyle Lowry (Toronto Raptors) CJ McCollum (Portland Trailblazers) Khris Middleton (Milwaukee Bucks) Victor Oladipo (Toronto Rapids) Chris Paul (Houston Rockets) Isaiah Thomas (Los Angeles Lakers) Klay Thompson (Golden State Warriors) Myles Turner (Indiana Packers) Kemba Walker (Charlotte Hornets) John Wall (Washington Wizards) Russel Westbrook (Oklahoma City Thunder) The Roster is 35 players, 17 of which are Olympic Gold Medalists and 29 are past members of the USA Men's National Team pool. These 35 players are expected to attend the July 25-27 USA Men's National Team minicamp in Las Vegas. It's expected that the official 12-member 2019 USA World Cup and 2020 U.S. Olympic teams, should the USA qualify compete in China and Tokyo will be compromised of 12 of these 35 players. The next Men's game is on June 28th vs Mexico Cycling No top Americans competed/No Major events Canoe Still figuring all this Canoe stuff out! Diving No events this week the 2018 FINA Diving World Series picks back up in 2 weeks! Field Hockey The 2018 Women's Field Hockey World Cup takes place in 2 weeks here is their group, the USA Women are currently ranked 7th so if rankings are correct on finishes we will place 2nd in the group stage. Water Polo Men's The 2018 Men's Water Polo World League took place this week and USA went 4-0 in their group beating Japan, New Zealand, China, and Saudi-Arabia! With this great finish we qualify to the Super Final on June 18-23. We also beat the top team from Group A (Australia) and beat them 9-6 to secure 1st place overall in the World League! Women's The 2018 Women's Water Polo World League also took place this week and the Women's team went 1-1 in their group qualifying them for the Quarterfinals. We then saw the Women's dominated the competition and end up winning this stage of the World League, they are now qualified for the Super Final! NOTE: Much more indepth this week (I can still add more though) I'm currently on Spring Break this week but I will be in Las Vegas until Thursday. Expect next weeks post to have lots of more information as I will be able to do much more sports!
  7. Formula 1 FIA World Championship 2018

    Great race the start was very intense!
  8. Commonwealth Games 2018

    Looks like I'm gonna have to use VPN to watch oh well!
  9. Week in Summer #3 - United States March 25th - April 1st Archery No competitions took place this week so I'll give a rundown of World Rankings Brady Ellison - 5th Zach Garret - 17th Jake Kaminski 29th ------------------------------ Mackenzie Brown - 9th Khatuna Lorig - 43rd La Nola Shepherd - 116th Badminton 2018 New Orleans Masters took place this weekend and we had our best ranked Mixed Doubles team compete in the event. Sadly we lost first round to a 351st ranked team and we are 120th! Basketball No news on Basketball this week Cycling Road - UCI World Tour Women's Tour of Flanders Meghan Guarnier: Meghan was able to place in 10th in this race which gave her some great points to put her into 31st ranked in the Women's World Tour Coryn Rivera: Coryn placed 34th in the race gaining 3 points putting her in 23rd rank 2018 Women's World Tour Rankings Canoe No news on Canoe this week Note: More and More qualification systems are being released everyday so I've been organizing my spreadsheet for that. I have a bunch of sports on my spreadsheet just their world cups and sutff haven't been started yet
  10. Hey, I'm hoping someone can explain the qualification to me. If a country qualifies a team does that mean they also qualify three individual athletes aswell?
  11. Week in Summer #2 - United States March 18th - March 25th Archery Versus MX 2018 (Brady Ellison) On March 22nd through March 25th Brady Ellison (Three-time Olympic Medalist) competed at Versus MX Shoot in Guadalajara, Mexico. He shot both Compound and Recurve (but for the sake of Olympics being Recurve we will only talk about that). Brady shot 686 out of 720 points to seed first in the overall men's recurve ranking round. Brady ended up placing 1st in the Recurve event! Badminton This week there was no competition this week with high ranking USA athletes as Orleans Masters 2018 is next week so I bet many USA athletes will be attending that event. Basketball There is not much news on Basketball as most of their games they play have some sort of direct correlation to the Tokyo Olympics. Here is the information for the Pan American games which I don't think are connected to the Olympic Qualifying in anyway. Men's Women's Cycling Road - UCI World Tour Volta a Catalunya Our current best Road Cycler Tejay Van Garderen competed at this event and placed 17th placing him at 162nd place in the World Tour Ranking. Tejay currently is in 78th place in the World Ranking. We had our second best Cycler competeing at this event aswell, Brent Bookwalter came in 37th place and now is ranked 177th in the UCI World Tour. Brent is currently 120th in the World Ranking. Canoe Not much information has come out recently about USA Canoe as we get closer to the 2018 Canoe Slalom World Cup I should have more information. As more and more Qualification's for the Olympics start coming out it will be easier for me to know what to put on these posts. I've been working hard on getting more and more information on everything but it takes time. I think this format is pretty good the yellow stands out well for each sport so it's easy to differentiate the sports. For the events which have a bunch of competitors (cycling, boxing, etc) I'm just gonna focus on the best ranked atheltes or else it would take me forever.
  12. Week in Summer #1 - United States March 11th - March 18th Archery The Archery season just ended last week so not much has been going on. The 2018 Archery World Cup starts back up on April 23rd in Shanghai, China. Badminton Yonex All England Open Women's Singles Beiwen Zhang got a eliminated 1st round in the tournament which is not terrible as she went against the #2 ranked player in the World Tour while Beiwen is only ranked #5 XIX Giraldilla Tournament Women's Singles With this tournament win Crystal jumped up 15 places in the World Ranking now being rank 187 in the world for Women's Singles. Basketball Men's We got news this week that our National Team will be playing Australia in a Melbourne Exhibition Game on Aug 22nd and 24th. This will be a practice as Australia is currently ranked 10th in the world (USA 1st) Women's We have got the information on the FIBA Women's Basketball World Cup Group D dates. Diving Women's 2018 Diving World Series #2 Fugi Synchronized 10m Platform Can't tell if this is a bad result or best we can do result as this is Katrina and Tarrin first Syncro 10m at the 2018 Diving World Series. NOTES: Finding/Keeping up with information for Cycling and Boxing is tough and I'm still trying to find a good way to display it and such. I'm also still working on the spreadsheet with all the summer sports on them I still have a few left (school work was extreme past week) but That's why there was only a select number of sports posted nonetheless I wanted to get this post out. As weeks progress more and more detailed information I will be able to put down for the events/athletes.
  13. Trek to Tokyo 2020 United States February 26th Basketball (Men) USA 83 - 75 Puerto Rico For more information on this game and how it ties to qualification visit the "Basketball" section in this post below. Basketball (Men) Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics In order to qualify must be one of the top 2 Americas teams at 2019 FIBA Basketball World Cup 2019 FIBA World Cup In order to qualify must be one of top 7 teams at 2019 FIBA Basketball World Cup Qualification (Americas) 2019 FIBA World Cup Qualification (Americas) USA 83 - 75 Puerto Rico This win gives us enough points to be in a very good spot to qualify for the second round of the World Cup Qualification. Puerto Rico is the next best ranked team in our group currently ranked 4th in the Americas Region (USA ranked 1st). A bigger point difference would have been preferred but nonetheless a win is a win! Group Results: EDIT: We have qualified to the second round of the 2019 FIBA World Cup Qualification (Americas)
  14. Yeah, I've met them a couple of time and sometimes talk to them on Twitter (they follow me ). Fallen is really one of the nicest people I've ever met. I'm not sure if you know who Steel is (currently plays for Liquid, the Brazilian Steel) but he is really nice aswell.