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  1. Somehow we just made semifinals
  2. United States National Thread

    This is my first time fully watching the Winter Olympics so I don't know what to expect but I'm still surprised by the results so far aswell. I honestly think we could have a in Mixed Doubles Curling if it wasn't for throwing our lead at end 5 most games. I mean I feel like I've noticed lots of young athletes these games (Red Gerard, Chloe Kim, Nathan Chen, Maame Biney, etc.) Who will only get better over the years.
  3. United States National Thread

    Team USA 2018 - Winter Olympics Schedule All times in PST Day 10? (February 18/19th) Curling Women's United States of America vs Denmark - 4:05pm Team USA Nina Roth Tabitha Peterson Aileen Geving Rebecca Hamilton Team Denmark Madeleine Dupont Denise Dupont Julie Hogh Mathilde Halse Thoughts/Background Information This is a must win match for the USA Women, Denmark currently sits at 1-4 right underneath us. United States of America vs China - 3:05am Team USA Nina Roth Tabitha Peterson Aileen Geving Rebecca Hamilton Team China Wang Bingyu Zhou Yan Liu Jinli Ma Jingyi Thoughts/Background Information This is another must win match for us. Men's United States of America vs Canada - 9:05pm Team USA John Shuster Tyler George Matt Hamilton John Landsteiner Team Canada Kevin Koe Marc Kennedy Brent Laing Ben Hebert Thoughts/Background Information I don't see us winning this, we need to though! Figure Skating Ice Dance - 5:00pm Team USA Maia Shibutani/Alex Shibutani Madison Chock/Evan Bates Madison Hubbell/Zachary Donohue Thoughts/Background Information Madison and Zachary are 4th in the World for Ice Dancing so if they can perform to the best of their abilities we might be able to snag a medal. All of our teams are very good (4th, 6th, 7th) Freestyle Skiing Women's Halfpipe Qualification - 5:00pm Team USA Brita Sigourney Annalisa Drew Devin Logan Maddie Bowman Thoughts/Background Information All of our Women have very good chances to get a qualify! Keep your eye on Brita! If I'm not mistaken the top 12 will Qualify! Ice Hockey Women's Semifinals United States of America vs Finland - 8:10pm Thoughts/Background Information We have already beat Finland in the group stage 3-1! Speed Skating Men's 500m - 3:00am Team USA Kimani Griffen Jonathan Garcia Mitchell Whitmore Thoughts/Background Information I don't think we have a chance Women's Team Persuit - 3:00am Team USA Heather Bergsma Brittany Bowe Mia Manganello Carlijn Schoutens Thoughts/Background Information I don't think we have a chance here aswell Ski Jumping Men's Team - 4:30am Team USA Casey Larson William Rhoads Michael Gladser Kevin Brickner Recap Men's team is dominated by Norway and Germany so I don't see how we can get in the top 3 Snowboard Women's Big Air Qualification - 4:30pm Team USA Hailey Langland Julia Marino Jamie Anderson Jessika Jenson Thoughts/Background Information Julia Marino is in 12th place for this event in the World Cup. I think Julia has the greatest chance of getting a medal but the chances are slim as Austria, Norway and Japan have some great athletes. Bobsleigh 2-Man Run 3 & 4 - 3:15am Team USA Justin Olsen/Evan Weinstock Nick Cunningham/Hakeem Abdul-Saboor Codie Bascue/Sam McGuffie Thoughts/Background Information At this point it's impossible for us to get top 3 but we can still cheer on our teams and hope they perform well! Feels good to be back doing these! I'm already planning what I will be posting during the off season! I can't wait!
  4. United States National Thread

    I've been busy all day, so I can't get around to it either. I'll be off of school all next week so I'll be able to it then!
  5. United States National Thread

    Well Chloe Kim is pretty good!
  6. United States National Thread

    Gold in women's slopestyle! Bronze in Figure Skating Team Event!
  7. First medal for USA! GOLD!
  8. United States National Thread

    hahahha, you definitely know much more than me. I don't know how much I'll be able to do these posts over this week (tests at school) so happy your helping with these Our Mixed Doubles Curling team is quite the inconsistent team they do good till about end 5 then they just can't seem to get/keep the lead.
  9. United States National Thread

    Team USA 2018 - Winter Olympics Schedule All times in PST Day 2 (February 10th & 11th) Curling Mixed Doubles United States of America vs Finland - 4:05pm PST Team USA Matt Hamilton Rebecca Hamilton Team Finland Tomi Rantamaki Oona Kauste Standings: Thoughts: Hopefully we will be able to win the last game and end the Mixed Doubles Curling with a record of 3-4. Finland currently sits at the bottom of the table 0-6 so here is to hoping we play well! Figure Skating Team Event Standings: Ice Dance: Short Dance - 5:00pm Team USA Maia Shibutani Alex Shibutani Thoughts: Siblings Maia and Alex will be making their Olympic debut in the Ice Dance event, Team USA currently sits in 2nd place in Team Overall points with 14. We need good scores in the rest of the events to stay at the top Women's Single: Short Program - Around 5:00pm Team USA Bradie Tennell Thoughts: I'm hoping Bradie Tennell can do a great job and score some points for the team! Pair's Free Skating - Around 5:00pm Team USA Alexa Scimeca Knierim Chris Knierim Thoughts: Alexa and Chris were able to score 7 points for us in the Pairs short program so I'm hoping they can do that or better in this event. Snowboard Mens Slopstyle Finals - 5:00pm Standings: Thoughts: Redmond Gerard will be out only man competing in the finals. Redmond is 1st in the World Cup in Mens slopestyle so I'm hoping for a Gold or Silver from him! Women's Slopstyle Qualification - 8:30pm Team USA Jamie Anderson Julia Marino Hailey Langland Jessika Jenson Thoughts: Jamie and Jessika are have good chances to qualify for the finals, hopefully they have some good runs in qualification Cross Country Skiing Men's 30km Skiathlon - 10:15pm Team USA Erik Bjornsen Scott Paterson Patrick Codwell Noah Hoffman Thoughts: I don't think any of these men have any chance of a medal at this event. Ice Hockey Women's Team United States of America vs Finland - 11:40pm Thoughts: Team USA should win this match as they are expected to make it into the finals of this tournament Speed Skating Mens 5000m - 11:00pm Team USA Emery Lehman Thoughts: I don't see Emery getting a medal but I will be cheering him on anyways Luge Men's Singles: Heats 3 & 4 Standings: Still more people below 37th place but none are American Thoughts: If Chris can keep up his runs he should be able to get a medal Freestyle Skiing Women's Moguls Finals - 4:00am Thoughts: Hopefully Jaelin Kauf will be able to grab a medal at the end of this event! Biathlon Men's 10km Sprint - 3:15am Thoughts: I don't see us getting a medal in this event
  10. United States National Thread

    Team USA 2018 - Winter Olympics Day 0 & 1 Recap Curling Mixed Doubles United States of America vs China Result - Loss Thoughts: Like our past 4 losses we do fine in the early rounds but start making mistakes at around round 5, with this loss our chance at top 4 is over, now we just need to keep getting practice for the Men and Women tournament. I'll be rooting for Olympic Athletes from Russia for the remainder of the tournament (assuming they make top 4) as I enjoy Anastasia yelling "Sveeeeeep!" United States of America vs Norway Result - Win Thoughts: Now that's how you win a match! Very proud of the curing team as they were able to finally break the loosing streak and beat Norway who was previously 4-1. Still no way we can make it into the top 4 but still great to have a win! Snowboard Mens Slopestyle Qualification Result Thoughts: Redmond Gerard was the only USA snowboarder to qualify for the finals. He got a great Run 1 of 82.55 which secured the 3rd spot in Heat 2 of the Qualification. At only 17 years old Redmond might be able to medal in the Finals! Cross Country Skiing Women's 15km Skiatholon Result Thoughts: Jessica was able to got a solid 5th place in the Women's 15km Skiatholon, this is the highest individual woman's placement ever for USA cross country skiing (the last record being 6th place) Short Track Speed Skating Mens 1500m - Heats, Semi, Final Results: All 3 of our men competing in this event were able to get past the Heat stage. But sadly none were able to get past the semi-finals. Our highest placing athlete was Aaron Tran placing 12th. Women's 500m - Heats Results: Maame Biney was able to qualify for the semi finals as she came 2nd in her heat. Sadly Lana Gehring was unable to qualify as she came 3rd in her heat. Biathlon Women's 7.5km Sprint Results: Not the best results for our women here but we were not expecting much anyways. Emily Dreissigacker got 51st, Clare Egan got 61st, Susan Dunklee got 66th, and Joanne Reid placed 86th. Ski Jumping Mens Normal Hill Individual Results: Kevin Brickner was the only USA man to make it past round 1 in the finals, he ended up placing in 18th place. William, Casey and Michael all placed below 30th place. Luge Mens Singles - Run 1 & 2 Results: In Run 1 Chris Mazdzer was able to pick up 5th place, Taylor Morris got 15th and Tucker West got 26th. In Run 2 Chris Mazdzer got a great 2nd place, Tucker West got 15th and Taylor Morris got 32nd. If Chris can keep up the good runs he might be able to medal! After the day, we have yet to grab a medal but hopefully that will change soon!
  11. United States National Thread

    Well that's a shame for mixed doubles curling
  12. United States National Thread

    Gonna be staying up till 6am tomorrow morning, very excited to be able to watch all the events!
  13. United States National Thread

    Team USA 2018 - Winter Olympics Schedule All times in PST Day 0 (February 9th) Cross Country Skiing Women's 2 x 7.5km Skiathlon - 11:15pm PST Team USA Jessie Diggings Sadie Bjornsen Kikkan Randall Rosie Brennan Curling Mixed Doubles United States of America vs China - 4:05pm PST Team USA Matt Hamilton Rebecca Hamilton Team China Ba Dexin Wang Rui Snowboard Men's Slopestyle Qualification - 5:00pm Team USA Red Gerard Chris Corning Ryan Stassel might be more athletes but there are like 10+ on team USA app that are not on website
  14. United States National Thread

    Team USA 2018 - Winter Olympics Day -1 Recap Curling Mixed Doubles United States of America vs Canada Result: Loss Thoughts I was not able to watch the game live as it was 3am my time but I can see Team USA held the match close until the 5th round. 4-6 is not a bad score especially against the team expected to win gold! United States of America vs Switzerland Result: Loss Thoughts The game was very close until the 8th round, there were 3 mistakes that I think lost us the game. Very fun game to watch though! United States of America vs South Korea Result: Win - Loss will add after the game Thoughts will add after the game Ski Jumping Mens: Normal Hill Individual Qualification Results: Thoughts All four men were able to get into the top 50 which means they all qualified for the finals. Free Style Skiing Women's Mongul Qualification 1 Results: Thoughts Three of the four women were able to qualify for the finals, Tess needs to do better than she did today if she wants a spot in the finals alongside her teammates. Great 3rd place by Morgan today aswell! Men's Mongul Qualification 1 Results: Will update the rest when the information gets inserted into Wikipedia Thoughts Will update when rest of information gets into Wikipedia Figure Skating Team Event Men Short Program Result: Pair Short Program Result: I will be re updating the photos when all the rest of the information is put in, the place and points are correct though! As more stuff get's updated I will be updating the photos as well, expect the tomorrow schedule soon!