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  1. Yeah I saw that he won the Hengelo 1500m and was like who is that???? And why does he improve his PB by 5 seconds at a time and never lose? And is he from Bahrain or bought by Bahrain (like Ruth Jebet)?
  2. This is off-topic and I don't know if this is where to put this, but: After the first couple of jokes it is really funny and I had to share it with someone
  3. Okay so apparently there was a volleyball set that ended 87-85 in the Czechoslovakia League in 1979. But it's hard to find evidence of it, according to http://www.volleyball-movies.net/fanclubs/discussion/the-longest-set-in-the-history-of-volleyball-329 63-61 happened in the German League (I don't know when) and 54-52 happened in Italian Serie A in 2002 and between Athens and Thessaloniki in 2007. But in the 1970s/80s, a normal set e.g. 25-20 would last over an hour. So 87-85...!??!!
  4. What do people think about Tiger Woods? Will he be back? After going through his 4th back surgery in recent years, he has said that there is less pain in his back than since before his back issues started about 8 years ago. But unfortunately, by mixing medications he experienced symptoms of being like drunk, and was arrested after driving his car erratically on a freeway. A lot of the news coverage was very pessimistic about his future, but I have hope
  5. Danny Talbot won 200m Adam Gemili 20.64? O.o Churandy Martina 20.76? :/// Hakim Sani Brown 21.10???
  6. They have uploaded some events but shortened. Like the men's road race (cycling), they put up a 15 minute highlights video which was actually some guy saying for 5 minutes 'Here we are in Rio it's sunny now it's cloudy now it's sunny again, this is the cycling and we are in Rio and look there are cyclists and it is not raining and we are in Brazil and did you know we are at the Olympics!!!1!!1' and then it shows the start and the final 200m.....
  7. Now I remembered that I was watching volleyball or archery idk on a YouTube stream and someone miiiight have in the comments said 'check out totallympics.com'. So it might not have been woodu that got me here And I thought their name was like 'sino'? Which sounds like @Sindo ???? Was that you lol
  8. They interviewed Christian Horner before the race and he said they 'would take the FIA out first, they'll be watching track limits so they're excluded'
  9. I must have searched 'Tour de Suisse livestream' and apparently totallympics came up
  10. Ummmm what is this? I love Liberty Media so much
  11. Serbia then Switzerland then back to Serbia?
  12. Ummmmm how did I find this site again I guess it was the Tour de Suisse that I found this place lol But I'm more of a tennis/motorsports/athletics fan than cycling
  13. Yesterday Lewis Hamilton won his 65th Pole Position, equalling the record set by Ayrton Senna. The Senna family were ready for this to happen, so that they could present Lewis with one of Ayrton's famous helmets (form 1987). Lewis said this gift was better than any trophy he had ever one.
  14. Netherlands beat Egypt in 5 set comeback to go from 6th to 2nd in Group (top 4 qualify)