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  1. [OFF TOPIC] Politics Thread

    Kim Jong-un is in South Korea He also convinced Moon to take a step into North Korea before both headed back to the South and started their walk to the negotiating building
  2. Men's 2017-18 EuroLeague

    Regular season starts today, league table and stuff can of course be found on Wikipedia, right here.
  3. Totallympics Annual International Song Contest 2018

    Açai all the way for desert
  4. Totallympics Annual International Song Contest 2018

    "Having had"? Haha, dear amateur friend, that's not done in one hour.
  5. Biathlon 2017 - 2018 Discussion Thread

    A Russian coach has been fired. He'd help 17-year old Anna Moiseeva and all she needed to do is have sex with him! https://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/russian-biathlon-coach-fired-over-sexual-misconduct-claim/2018/04/26/280b9c92-4965-11e8-8082-105a446d19b8_story.html?utm_term=.e792a452c304
  6. Totallympics Annual International Song Contest 2018

    Someone else told me to wait for a menu when I was hungry five years ago....they were never heard from again. Just saying..
  7. Totallympics Annual International Song Contest 2018

    Out of curiousity: is it that kind where you have a sign on your table and as long as it's on green or yes or anything, they keep coming to your table with more meat? If it is, I'm afraid I might miss TAISC because I'm not coming out of there
  8. Totallympics Annual International Song Contest 2018

    Right, excuse me for an hour or two.
  9. Totallympics Annual International Song Contest 2018

    Has everyone dressed up in their penguin suits? And long dresses for the ladies?
  10. Totallympics Annual International Song Contest 2018

    Yeah I think you're cute, but really you should know, I just came to say hello!
  11. Athletics 2018 Discussion Thread

    The most odd thing is the apparent randomness in events. Rules like this should be for all event or for no events, but not for some events. Still one of the most unfortunate situations in recent sports history, on all sides. The worst are the people who bashed Semenya into the ground (online, the heroes) as if she was/is a cheater, which is rather simply not the case no matter one's opinion about the situation in general.
  12. Totallympics Annual International Song Contest 2018

    If it was, it wouldn't be a big deal. This is TAISC man!
  13. [OFF TOPIC] General Chat

    I thought it might be good to have a general chat thread, just for all kinds of stuff and for some general talk We didn't have it on the old forum, often resulting in these kind of things ending up in all kinds of other threads
  14. Totallympics Annual International Song Contest 2018

    It's in Brazil, I'm used to things being an hour or two later than expected after 9 years of experience with Brazilian people
  15. Road Cycling 2018 Discussion Thread

    That's 3 out of 3 for former World Tour rider Reguigi against Burkina Faso's best, amazing
  16. Doping Cases and Bans Thread (2018)

    They had Stefan Schumacher in that race, who finished dead last
  17. Doping Cases and Bans Thread (2018)

    A stage, not stages. And yes I didn't say he won nothing, just that he never was one of the best who won a lot. Two serious wins, two decent wins and five....'ok' wins.
  18. Doping Cases and Bans Thread (2018)

    By the way, with Kroon's confession, after 12 years we now have a full bingo card for the top-10 And behind that we've got the likes of shady Italians Paolo Bettini and Eddy Mazzoleni in 12th and 14th, Juan Jose Cobo from the most shady Saunier Duval team ever in 15th, Igor 'one year fly and abnormal blood values' Astarloa in 16th, Maxim Iglinskiy in 17th, Iban Mayo (EPO) in 18th, Chris Horner of shady Saunier Duval (who later won the Vuelta as a great-granddad in terms of age) in 19th... How fun, of the entire top-19 (!), 11th placed Fabian Wegmann seems to be the only one who doesn't have either a simple positive doping test or at the very least the stench of a huge shithole around him
  19. Totallympics Annual International Song Contest 2018

    May I just say, I like the 'points template' (the voting posts, so to say)
  20. Doping Cases and Bans Thread (2018)

    Most often Jeroen Vanbelleghem, a Belgian who usually does the Nordic combined in the winter and is one of the main commentators for cycling in the rest of the year. Sometimes Kroon works with José Been (TourDeJose on Twitter) being the main commentator, but more often she works with another former cyclist (Bobbie Traksel).
  21. Road Cycling 2018 Discussion Thread

    Well yeah, Reguigi is like the only semi-decent (proven) rider in the entire race, he should be ashamed of himself if he doesn't win every single stage while sprinting backwards