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  1. [OFF TOPIC] General Chat

    I thought it might be good to have a general chat thread, just for all kinds of stuff and for some general talk We didn't have it on the old forum, often resulting in these kind of things ending up in all kinds of other threads
  2. [OFF TOPIC] General Chat

    Isn't that made from iron?
  3. [OFF TOPIC] General Chat

    So there's this whole problem about woods and forests being cut down and then what? Turns out the 'loneliest person on earth' is out there bringing down trees I demand protests against him!
  4. Athletics IAAF Diamond League 2018

    Well yeah, it's like a cyclist who moves to Astana or Quick-Step or something, it makes you fly
  5. Tour de France 2018

    Wait, I forgot something: apart from his racism allegations, hanging on to the car at world champs and now trying to hit Gesbert (one kilometer or something after the start ) he also got in trouble for allegedly making Reichenbach fall on purpose
  6. Tour de France 2018

    Ha, you guys are all way too late
  7. Tour de France 2018

    Bye bye Moscon After the racism allegations and later hanging on to the car at the world championships ('doing a Nibali'), this time he is thrown out of the Tour de France for making a 'hitting move' towards Elie Gesbert.
  8. Athletics IAAF Diamond League 2018

    Elena Vallortigara What a competition! Not only jumping 2.00 for the first time in her life, but following it up with 2.02m!
  9. Athletics IAAF Diamond League 2018

    Schippers After that magic move from heptathlon to pure sprinting, she changed to American coach Rana Reider early last year and since then she seems to be going backwards. Literally, almost. Earlier this year she was out of breath.....in the 100 meters (whereas usually the 200m, specifically the last part, is her strength). Now in Londen in the last 30 meters she lost like 5 places. But no, not a single word about 'Maybe, juuuust maybe working with Reider is not going fantastic', because then she gets angry
  10. Tour de France 2018

    Having good legs and trying an attack?
  11. Tour de France 2018

    As expected Izagirre lost his cool.
  12. Tour de France 2018

    Cort Nielsen in perfect pole position to win the stage, basically only a screw-up can cost him the win.
  13. That's gonna be an easy win for Mourão: Goulão suffered a mechanical issue right at the start of the first full lap, had to walk/run for several minutes and then had an awfully slow bike exchange, so that's over within 10 minutes.
  14. Tour de France 2018

    Small flashbacks to Lieuwe Westra in Paris-Nice 2012 (Mende)
  15. Tour de France 2018

    Such a shame that someone who is being accused (by several people, from different teams and nationalities) of hanging onto cars on basically every mountain might finish outside the time limit.
  16. Tour de France 2018

    4th category climb and Demare is already 2,5 minutes behind the rest
  17. Summer Olympic Games 2020 News

    Someity sounds like they couldn't find a name and came up with sort of a Japanised version of 'Something'
  18. Women's Field Hockey FIH World Cup 2018

    I have just discovered the exists, thanks. I saw your post and Gianlu's post above you and thought the was broken or something
  19. Yeah cute little variations of this sport, like on ice or sand or glowing coal, are also fun to watch while the real deal is having a break
  20. It surely helps most top XC/biathlon athletes don't compete in it But still, a win is a win isn't it?
  21. I'm a little tired of all the 'she is the greatest hero ever who keeps writing history' stuff I am definitely eternally grateful for her managing to get my girlfriend the heart surgery that made her be able to return to being an athlete years ago, don't get me wrong
  22. For those interested, the Brazilian mountainbike championships will be shown live here today: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdIn7oQR5AhIMokVIRRZVqg/videos Most interesting is the women's race, Raiza Goulão vs Jaqueline Mourão. Mourão really wants to go to her umpteenth Olympics, no matter what, which is why she came back to MTB. In the World Cup this season Raiza has so far definitely been better than her, but apparently she has sustained a rather painful knee injury recently. I hope that'll be ok today and she can beat Mourão again, so, vamos Raiza The day starts at 12:00 Brasilia time with the women's senior and U23 + men's junior race (they all start together), later followed by the men's senior and U23.
  23. Judo 2018 Discussion Thread

    Yep, and I really don't care about which country it is. If the Netherlands would refuse Turkish athletes (not happening, but there's some tension) I'd also say the Netherlands should be stripped off any hosting rights. Don't refuse athletes, simple as that.
  24. I am 99% sure you understand the most basic rule: the team with more goals wins
  25. Fencing FIE World Championships 2018

    Luckily there won't be any major sporting events held in China anytime soon in the next few years