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  1. Correct (Ermelo is closer though but I've had several cycling tours where I went through Ermelo at the beginning and end and through Garderen in the middle) And slightly more on-topic: Apparently Tejay has said he still has not stopped his dreams about being a seriously good GC rider in the grand tours....come on dude, just accept that's not your thing, like Rolland did, and go for stages, like Rolland does
  2. Me too, I meant it's the first time he showed something good since a half millenium Side note which has nothing to do with cycling at all: I live close to the Dutch town of Garderen
  3. Exactly, it's quite weird from IBU that they give Russia a World Cup and two IBU Cups and they even didn't take away the Summer World Championships yet.. And Khanty as IBU Cup is just sad, that should be a World Cup venue
  4. Landa throwing away the stage win like an amateur again What a fantastic stage final
  5. Van Garderen shows something good for the first time since his country was 'discovered' And a great Giro for Jan Hirt
  6. Probably longer than Quintana can attack, since pacing is always faster than attacking
  7. No stress, Dumoulin is already back
  8. Quintana is finally gonna try something
  9. Bye Jungels
  10. Apart from maybe Rosskopf there are exactly 0 surprising names in the lead group
  11. Nothing stupid about it, much more fun than a 200km stage with one climb at the end, like they love in the Vuelta Like this: _______/ A short stage with one major climb where everyone starts off fresh? That's one hell of a guarantee for attacks and spectacular racing. I'm not sure about the grade by the way.
  12. Provisional World Cup calendar: And the provisional IBU Cup calendar: I can already see another nice biathlon trip in my crystal globe Option 1: A double with the new biathlon complex of Lenzerheide and the beautiful town and scenery of Obertilliach (or only Obertilliach if travelling between the two is a bit hard). Option 2: A longer, triple trip starting in Arber and going on to the Süd-Tiroler double of Ridnaun and Martell I guess it all depends a little on the plans of a certain Brazilian biathlete
  13. Meanwhile in Japan, Canola is on fire It's not like there are any serious top riders there, but still, it's slightly remarkable.. Stage 6 is fun by the way, the traditional 11km stage from the bottom to the top of Mt Fuji (and no, not a time trial)
  14. I thought it might be good to have a general chat thread, just for all kinds of stuff and for some general talk We didn't have it on the old forum, often resulting in these kind of things ending up in all kinds of other threads
  15. The 'Museumplein' in Amsterdam is already sort of full
  16. Long time ago since I've been sort of nervous for a football match, but that's what I'm feeling now (even though I'm no fan of any specific club)
  17. Attack after attack after attack for Conti
  18. Oh well, those 8 points aren't gonna make a difference
  19. Ugh, LottoNL riding for Kruijswijk's top-10 finish in the GC because Polanc and Monfort are passing him as it stands now. Come on, he's shown to be much better now than in the beginning, why not just drop back 15 minutes and try and attack and go for a stage win?
  20. Oh and Polanc is well and clear in the virtual white jersey now so Quick-Step is gonna work
  21. It's making me remember Voeckler in the Tour years ago, when all of a sudden he took the yellow jersey by being in the right breakaway and then kept it forever and ever until eventually the real GC riders managed to beat him
  22. Both Polanc and Conti, actually (and Costa, so UAE is having a busy day with Mohoric in the lead as well)
  23. Dumoulin descended faster than Nibali and Quintana yesterday in the final descent
  24. Well, that's the end of Brutt for today. Couldn't follow Mohoric anymore, gasping for breath, apparently even vomiting....see you 30 minutes behind the rest at the finish.
  25. The huge group is now 5 minutes behind Brutt and Mohoric, unbelievable