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  1. I thought it might be good to have a general chat thread, just for all kinds of stuff and for some general talk We didn't have it on the old forum, often resulting in these kind of things ending up in all kinds of other threads
  2. Not entirely me to be honest, the Olympic 'subforum' is always very busy on that forum, especially for sports that are both easy to follow (you make a lift or you don't) and are streamed live on the public broadcaster's website
  3. There's a 15-year old Dutch guy and he's even in the top half of the entry weights Apparently he also broke a CJ European U15 record last December, we might actually have somewhat of a talent here...which would be awesome, because weightlifting was immensely popular on the biggest Dutch forum during the Olympics
  4. I don't think any religion is a religion of peace
  5. Did ISIS release a new hit song or something saying that running over people with vehicles is the new fashion? Berlin, London, Antwerp..
  6. That would not make things any better at all. Yes, another attack is just a matter of time and there's no way things like this are even a little bit surprising, but strong-right parties winning wouldn't make terrorist attacks stop or something.
  7. That has been all over major newspapers.
  8. Always hard to know the truth. There will always be a group who says "MUSLIM!!" as soon as one bullet is fired, and there will always be a group on the other hand who will fight to the end saying it was a "confused lone wolf" or something. Mostly I don't think something being announced on 4Chan has something to do with it being in any way connected to ISIS or not, it's not like that is all done from one central command center with the same set of rules or something
  9. Asian Winter Games 2017 Sapporo (JPN) - 19.02.2017 - 26.02.2017 Sport Men's Events Women's Events Mixed Events Venue Total Events Alpine Skiing 2 2 - Sapporo Teine 4 Biathlon 3 3 1 Nishioka Biathlon Stadium 7 Cross-Country Skiing 5 5 - Shirahatayama Stadium 10 Curling 1 1 - Sapporo Curling Arena 2 Figure Skating 1 1 2 Makomanai Ice Stadium 4 Freestyle Skiing 2 2 - Sapporo Bankei 4 Ice Hockey 1 1 - Tsukisamu Gymnasium Mikaho Gymnasium Hoshioki Ice Rink 2 Short Track Speed Skating 4 4 - Makomanai Ice Stadium 8 Ski Jumping 3 - - Okurayama Stadium Miyanomori Stadium 3 Snowboarding 3 3 - Sapporo Teine Sapporo Bankei 6 Speed Skating 7 7 - Obihiro Forrest Oval 14
  10. It reminds me of a sort mini version of London has Fallen.
  11. To be fair, that Korean in 2nd place was utterly destroyed by another young Korean at nationals last week, I think this difference with one of the best slalom skiers in the world is alright https://data.fis-ski.com/dynamic/results.html?sector=AL&competitorid=175129&raceid=89923
  12. Attack in London, here we go again. Let's hope it stays 'small'.
  13. Absolutely, I can't understand how someone can be so freakishly stupid.
  14. Wait, that's true
  15. Wait until someone is 1 point away from a medal, then give the reputation and see if there is an extra medal and then remove it and see if the medal is removed
  16. What was his name? Here it's Eslam Nasser Zaki, on other sites it's Islam Nasser Ragaey etc...I get Eslam/Islam, but how can Zaki/Ragaey be so different? This is just out of curiousity (and how to write his name in my article on a Dutch website), because the main thing is of course this very sad story..
  17. Profar, dude...the fuck did you do there? Because of that it was only 2-0 after the first Dutch at bats instead of 3-0..
  18. If she manages to really get that under control without losing the speed she gets with her aggressive style, damn, that's gonna be hard to beat
  19. Goggia is definitely the female skier of the season for me, what an absolute breakthrough year
  20. And hold on, not only Formula 1 but also MotoGP/2/3 starts again this week World Superbikes has already gotten underway And I'm guessing it's almost time for F4, Formula Renault and all those things to get going as well
  21. That last one would be good in terms of having a bigger field, but not so good in losing a number of races
  22. We are each other's opposite then, the women are the only ones I'm interested in for these extra places
  23. Where did you find this on Biathlon Canada's website?