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  1. I thought it might be good to have a general chat thread, just for all kinds of stuff and for some general talk We didn't have it on the old forum, often resulting in these kind of things ending up in all kinds of other threads
  2. Verbij nearly crashes but manages to keep it straight and is world champion
  3. First Norwegian men on the world sprint championships podium since 1997
  4. 1:06.51 for Nuis The eternal choker chokes no more
  5. What a world championships for Hege
  6. Damn Ihle, that was a horrible race.
  7. 34.08 for Mulder, what the.... 5th fastest time in history
  8. If we don't win, we have to find some other way right? Kodaira already learned how to say "I'm the boss!" in Dutch so that counts
  9. Meanwhile day 2 of the world sprint championships has started in Calgary, so fast times are to be expected. They have been posted already yesterday, for example in the men's 1000m which was arguably the best 1000m race in history: three men going well under 1:07 and Lorentzen and Ihle staying slightly above 1:07 with (for them) superb times. Ronald Mulder and Roman Krech were fast in the 500 with 34.18 and 34.21, although nowadays there isn't really someone capable of really flying like Wotherspoon or Kulizhnikov (who is injured, sick, mentally unstable, etc). Nao Kodaira is dominating the women's competition so far, winning both the 500 and 1000 yesterday, especially that last one is a great result for her. She was of course already the huge favourite and only a fall or huge mistake can stop her from taking the title today. In the Netherlands we're already cheering for a full-Dutch women's podium of Kodaira (Dutch team), Erbanova (Dutch team) and Bergsma (Dutch husband) followed by Ter Mors (Dutch passport)
  10. Our Dutch commentator directly after the finish by the way: "Gold for Russia, silver for Italy and the Finnish fans can be happy with a nice bronze medal for their team" Ok, after some time maybe, but please tell me in which universe fans from Finland can be happy with this bronze medal directly after the finish (where Finland might also be replaced by any random country, the big thing being it's the home country)
  11. Today was Feyenoord (Rotterdam) - PSV (Eindhoven) in the Dutch competition, the 1st and 2nd placed teams in the competition so a big match. Feyenoord won because of a 82nd minute goal that would never ever have been given if there had not been goal line technology The ball didn't pass the line, then PSV's goalkeeper Jeroen Zoet picked it up in such a way that it passed the line by a few millimeter, resulting in 'Goal' instead of 'No goal'
  12. Yeah but he put them in his mouth like 10 minutes earlier, come on
  13. "The big classics are up next, what's your goal for the classics this season?" Sagan: "We'll see.....the big goal is to stay good. After that, whatever comes, everything is good."
  14. Can you please teach Sagan it's very rude and sort of disgusting to talk with your mouth full of 'food'?
  15. Very strong win for Sagan
  16. Sagan, Rowe, Trentin, Bennoot and Stuyven going for the win in Kuurne-Brussel-Kuurne, 5k to go.
  17. 4 runs and we end the world championships with a tie for gold Not that good though because I'm never a fan of people sharing gold, since now you still can't say who really is the champion
  18. Never heard of Bontje And nah, the real sad stories are those that missed out on participating several times due to injuries and stuff like that, those with 4th and 5th places at least got 4th and 5th places
  19. Would someone who doesn't care so much about something get all teary in the interview when asked about it and saying that he has fought so hard for 15 years for this?
  20. What? It's deserved after 15 years of being in the top of the world Losing it today wouldn't have been the most strange thing ever in the history of sports
  21. Finally gold for Kircheisen, so incredibly much deserved
  22. I have a feeling Lahti is going to explode if Manninen manages to take bronze here Although he doesn't because right when I write this, Gerstgraser throws on the turbo
  23. If it was a bigger sport there would be a winning margin bet, but not here
  24. Yeah....nope Free money btw! (not really obviously)