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  1. Weightlifting 2018 Discussion Thread

    I guess it matters mostly in the sense that we now mostly know who will compete, or not even that?
  2. Weightlifting 2018 Discussion Thread

    Ilyin I know half the entry list consists of convicted dopers, but weightlifting is so shady anyway that I don't care anymore This promises to be some seriously awesome championships
  3. Weightlifting 2018 Discussion Thread

    You caught me...
  4. Weightlifting 2018 Discussion Thread

    Nijat Rahimov
  5. Weightlifting 2018 Discussion Thread

    China forgot to send their entry weights so everyone got 150kg?
  6. Football 2018 Discussion Thread

    We have a word for people like him on Totallympics...
  7. FIA Formula One World Championship

    Is there supposed to be something in that post?
  8. The final of the European korfball championships will be played between the Netherlands and.......Germany! The Netherlands beat Belgium 22-9 in the semi's, meaning it's the first European final that is not NED - BEL since 2002, when the Netherlands beat the Czech Republic in the final. Germany beat Portugal 20-10 in the semi's.
  9. Judo IJF Junior World Championships 2018

    Yeah, my was for her gold but since she won everything including the final so easy and fast, I was wondering when this warm-up tournament finishes and the real stuff starts for her
  10. Judo IJF Junior World Championships 2018

    Vermeer She won all her fights within two minutes, when does the competition start?
  11. Football 2018 Discussion Thread

    20-year old Serbian Luka Jovic is on a path of utter destruction
  12. Wrestling UWW World Championships 2018

    If they show up..
  13. Artistic Gymnastics 2018 Discussion Thread

    Right, I forget it's pairs in table tennis. Still, I'm sure there are other sports with a similar mixed team format. I think one might see it more as a sort of 'friendly' competition (and possibly an opportunity for 'minor athletes' to learn from the big guys and girls) and we - as big sports fans - shouldn't see them as anything too serious. Only Thomas Bach would introduce himself as a Youth Olympics mixed team champion.
  14. Artistic Gymnastics 2018 Discussion Thread

    Well, that's the thing with mixed nation mixed team events at the Youth Olympics. Same thing with speed skating at the winter version for example, where medals were won by athletes who individually would never be anywhere close to a medal, because they were in a team with some of the best individual skaters. I'm guessing the same thing happened in table tennis, badminton and so on.
  15. Wrestling UWW World Championships 2018

    Where's the Cuban legend who throws Akgul around when it really matters (Olympics)? Edit: never mind, he's a Greco-Roman wrestler, my bad