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  1. Stelvio is so awesome
  2. Cheering on the 'finish' with almost 100k to go
  3. Fraile is fighting for the mountain classification, but he gives away the points on the Mortirolo (the Cima Scarponi) to let Luis Leon Sanchez (Scarponi's team mate) be the first one to pass. Nice move from Fraile
  4. Kruijswijk attacking (Amador as well but that's obviously just for Quintana)
  5. Mortirolo, Stelvio and again Stelvio (but from another side), this is gonna be good
  6. Movistar has already started the war and is riding in front of the peloton like crazy, averaging way over 50km/h so far.
  7. This is so fucked up.. As they say everywhere now: Ride on, Kentucky Kid...
  8. That was a good trade (although I would still have preferred the Netherlands Antilles to still be an entity on it's own, including Olympic participation, small countries for the win )
  9. Ah yeah, I forgot about the Anguilla thing. Still, especially in Francis' case I was disappointed to see a 'small' nation lose such a talented athlete to a 'big' nation.
  10. Didn't Zharnel Hughes and Miguel Francis do the same?
  11. Now let's hope the Brits won't steal him
  12. 47.80 WL for Kyron McMaster of the British Virgin Islands yesterday in Jamaica at the 400m hurdles
  13. Surprising, I thought Mandy or Fränk would have won at least one stage as well
  14. Nice sprint by a whole group of anti-sprinters
  15. Ouch, nasty fall from Kangert.