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  1. Issoufou First world title for Niger in any Olympic sport/event?
  2. Issoufou
  3. What happens if the referee says "fight!" and they keep doing nothing and he says it again and the still don't do anything?
  4. Let's go Issoufou The "Olé olé olé olé, Niger, Niger!" after he reached the final in Rio is still in my ears, one of the best moments of the Olympics
  5. Headkick in the golden score
  6. I really don't get this penalty system and why the other sometimes gets a point when the opponent gets a penalty but sometimes the other doesn't get a point
  7. Well this is not very entertaining at all so far
  8. Come on Reshmie
  9. And there's Davis' first win, still possible to play 5 matches in one day
  10. Instead of fixing it, they just took away the whole scoring graphic from the screen
  11. I've seen mix-ups with Slovenia/Slovakia, but Slovenia and the Solomon Islands is a new one for me
  12. Maybe a lack of experience or something?
  13. Because in one part you can lose your head and in another part you can only lose your stuff....
  14. To be honest, I barely ever hear anything bad about Cape Verde
  15. The grass tournament in Eastbourne is going well with all the rain....with a bit of luck, Robin Haase will play 2 singles and 2 doubles tomorrow and Lauren Davis might even play 2 doubles and 3 (!) singles matches because of all the delays so far