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  1. He may be an annoying complaining prick, but this was a phenomenal race from Vettel Especially when you see the Ferrari was not even that good, judging by Kimi's performance, and still he beat Hamilton on class
  2. Oh and 6th place for Grosjean, by far the most impressive result of the qualifying
  3. Giovinazzi is much cooler than old Ferrari Also a very serious talent, he was often way more impressive than Gasly in GP2 last season and often made for a very entertaining race, so I think everyone who is actually fan of the sport would like to see Giovinazzi stay in F1 Not gonna happen this season of course, Wehrlein will probably be back next race or else the race after that. It'd be cool if Kimi can have a nice race, but I hope baby Vettel will get something to cry about as usual
  4. Louis van Gaal left, Danny Blind is not much of a coach for this kind of team We need someone who can keep all those egos in check. Van Gaal could, Blind can't.
  5. I have no idea, but every Dutch team is an experimental team
  6. They were angry about the petition
  7. Money on the Dutch team? Why on earth would you do that? I saw odds were 1.4-1.5 or something, that should be the odds if we had played at home...here I would have thought it was more like 50/50
  8. The Dutch team is playing like the local amateur "let's drink some beer and then play some football" team in my little town
  9. They're not far away enough
  10. Because it's the other side of the world obviously.
  11. I remember I had it on VHS tape when I was a kid and I loved it more than any cartoon ever Maybe my love for sports was born there
  12. "And last but not least, the walk, one of the most graceful of all"
  13. He had an injury after his participation in the Olympics
  14. Yes! But they all just don't get it
  15. My opinion is also always the truth Weirdly friends and family doesn't always agree with that, but they're just wrong.