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  1. Wow, Istomin did it!
  2. Break for Istomin in the 5th set
  3. Istomin is doing an awesome job against Djokovic so far!
  4. Hello Brazilian friends I just saw this post by CBDN: That dude's 15 years old and already finished in the middle of a World Cup stage (not far behind or something, but in the middle)...seriously, that kid's got talent!
  5. Meanwhile, the metro/underground in Rome is being evacuated because of all this.
  6. Another, bigger one 9 minutes ago: 5.7 is the current magnitude for that one..
  7. Here we go again...5+ earthquake in Central Italy a few minutes ago.
  8. Svindal's season is over...again! That's the 3rd season in a row
  9. Karlovic - Zeballos getting to 5 hours, this is getting awesome
  10. Yes, and that's weird. They might as well have a pictogram for 2man and 4man bobs as well then, for example. And for single luge and double luge. Etc.
  11. Why would they have pictograms for sports but also pictograms for some specific events? There's like 6 that could be freestyle skiing
  12. Thanks! At least the athletes are also fairly confident that the federation is wrong, that's a good thing I guess.
  13. The top-300, period, or the top-300 when considering only a maximum number of athletes per NOC (the 'cleaned' points list)? I really wish I thought about this earlier so I could have directly talked about this with the federation guy who was with the biathlon team the past weeks, but I totally forgot. I just can't get it through my head how they could be so wrong about something seriously important like this (and I definitely trust your judgement about these things a lot more..).
  14. Quick repeat of my earlier question about XC at the Olympics and the options for a nation to get two tickets in the same gender. Jaqueline Mourão has raced in Europe in the past days/week, where in the Czech Republic she scored the following points: Sprint - 232.56 Distance - 169.19 + 169.91 On top of that, she already had the following results/points earlier in the season: Now, what I've been hearing since her results in the Czech Republic of last weekend is that she got the "A-limit" for the Olympics and the Brazilian federation is absolutely convinced that means they'll be able to send two female cross-country skiers to the Olympics, maybe as long as the other one gets a result of below 300 FIS points. Are we all missing something and are they right, or are they really missing something and are they wrong, with Brazil still only having one women's quota? If for example Mika Picin or Bruna Moura want to join Mouão in Pyeongchang, which concrete results do they have to have in order to qualify? Sorry for all the questions about this, but it's confusing when there are so many different things you hear about it and when at the same time it's something so important..
  15. That feeling when you spent an awesome one and a half week with awesome people who you could spend every day with but then it's time to say bye