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  1. dcro you're going down bro!
  2. No, he's a XC skier The slalomming was a technique exercise
  3. Thanks! I didn't hear about him for some time now, but I remember after skiing on one ski for a very short time he was already slalomming between obstacles as if he'd been doing it for all his life, so it would be a huge shame if he would be forced to compete in a sitting category (I doubt he'd even continue skiing then).
  4. Well he definitely deserved a move to a big team instead of an IBU Cup team, he has been doing a really great job. It's just sad to see someone who is both a really nice guy and a really good coach leave all of a sudden, now we'll just have to wait and see who the Brazilians will be coached by. My guess is his assistent will take over, Mattias something (Nilsson?), but we'll see I guess. At least the Brazilians aren't focused on biathlon for the Olympic qualification..
  5. Tobias Torgersen will move from the Swedish B-team to the Polish women's team because I'm 99% sure that means he won't be coaching the Brazilians anymore, which is really a very big shame....such a nice guy and someone who has helped them so much in the past two years http://www.biathlonworld.com/news/detail/tobias-torgersen-new-women-s-coach-in-poland
  6. Where is the results page? (the official one I mean, not the Totallympics one )I'm always having trouble finding that
  7. I wouldn't be surprised if they choose Aranha (I believe that's Rocha's 'used' name) because it's his last chance and then focus fully on Thomaz for 2022, but I'm hoping they go with the young guy. Both because the experience is invaluable and because I think he simply could perform better. Brazil also has a young guy with one leg by the way who skis on one ski instead of in a sitting ski, I wonder how they're gonna solve that (because I believe with one leg, you're automatically confined to the sitting category?).
  8. Thomaz Moraes right? I remember seeing his results and he is so young...if he keeps improving, he could be a very serious threat for some top contenders in 2022
  9. Maybe if the EU goes through some drastic changes. I'm not strongly anti-EU and quitting the EU is definitely not a way to solve a problem, but they've got to make some big changes in the way the EU is run. Anyway, the countries that are thinking "no way, we don't want to get in the EU!" are mostly countries of which EU-people think "we don't want them to get in the EU!" (Turkey at the front of that, that door should have been closed aged ago with idiot Erdogan) so that's no problem
  10. The German women won the 4x100m, wow Especially happy for Tatjana Pinto, who's had an extremely tough situation around the loss of her mother (apparently killed by her father) in 2015. I've been wanting her to win something ever since and you can see she is now completely overcome by emotions during the anthem.
  11. Which of these French people is closest to 'the center'? So not someone who's too right or someone who's too left, but a decent, acceptable person that both the way too right and way too left people could maybe accept if their favourite doesn't win?
  12. Hard to say if it's Photoshop or not, but if it's real....damn Context: that's Frankje, the macaw who was flying with Scarponi on a lot of his training rides resulting in Scarponi putting a lot of training videos with Frankje on Twitter. Frankje is sitting at the place where Scarponi had his deadly accident yesterday
  13. These three medal moves happened in a matter of around 40 seconds in the video btw, which is filled with people who look like they're playing around in the local town skate park. And people dare complain about e-sports.
  14. GOLD Upside Down 360 Wrist Breaker SILVER Goofy 720 Catch the Board BRONZE 100m One Handed Board Hold
  15. Definitely