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  1. Doping Cases and Bans Thread (2018)

    Nice try, Sadly, some people will believe them Some peiople even did believe "My mum spillt her cancer pills on my pasta" Seara Errani. The power of self delusion is immense.
  2. Men's Handball EHF European Championship 2018

    It's not a matter of opinion, but one of rules. Look at @Agger post. And yes, the rule is idiotic. and yes, the referees have ben atrocious during the game, and yes, it feels terribly unfair, and yes, if it was the other way around, the call might have been different... ...But, still, the call was justified and there is no ground for an appeal.
  3. Men's Handball EHF European Championship 2018

    There is no ground for it... Edit: there is no denying of the über bias Germany get from handball officials on and off the field ( 2007 world Championship Australia Köln fucking every year, etc.), but this shit is getting ridiculous. Everything was made according to the rules as it been aknowleged by many.
  4. Freestyle Skiing at the Winter Olympic Games 2018

    Well, it's proportionnal to the gold medal chances you had in the first place. I'd argue losing Koukalova is a bigger blow for the Czech (their only gold medal chance, right ?) The Olympics can be a ruthless machinery sometimes. All these athlete who lost 4 years for nothing and be forgotten for ever. Oh well...
  5. Your own Winter Olympic Games Programme

    No, I didn't. I brought a nuance. Please don't think I'm idiot enough to contractid myself in the same post. "I don't see a clear patern for global integration even it has became an arguement to save one sport's ass recently" is a sentence that makes perfect sense. An nuance that may not be that strong anyway (see wrestling exclusion for instance). It's not a critisicim neither, more a matter of fact. No one is denying that the winter olympics are much less global than the summer olympics (I've said so a couple of pages ago), but I'd argue that it doesn't have much to do with willingness, but very much with opportunism.Which is not the same thing. @vinipereira No one is denying that the climate has a great influence on winter olympics results neither. But that it can be bypassed to and extent and that the winter sports culture can be cultivated out of nothing (see Monaco and bobseilg as some kind of an extreme exemple). Do it, don't do it., it's really up to you guys. I personnaly don't care one way or the other. I guess you love your windmills in Brazil.
  6. Your own Winter Olympic Games Programme

    I said "come" (as in orginate from), nothing about the popularity of these sports. But, yes, I forgot about the three asian martial arts. There is a nice pattern about them as there were all included to make the home nation shine (Japan x2 and Korea x1), not so much to reach global integration per se (even, if is as became an arguement to save TWD's ass recently). I don't see a clear patern for global integration here, but a reward for both nations to have became credible business partners.
  7. Your own Winter Olympic Games Programme

    It's called PR. I'm not sure why you take it for more that it actually is. Besides, it's not only the Winter Olympics, a good chunk of the summer disiciplines are also a western club + friends (rowing, track cyling, sailing, etc.). Every olympic sports come from the west. A few have taken off globally, most didn't (often for la ack of infrastucture). You may find it sad, unfortunate, but that's not going to change anytime soon and I don't think the IOC is delusional about that. Then, you have PR... If they were really looking for global integration, they would include Kabbadi, not skateboarding.
  8. Bobsleigh at the Winter Olympic Games 2018

    We never really have one to start with. Only one roller guy that is left alone with his... roller coach. At his point, I believe it would be better it the roller sport federation was handling it...
  9. I could also drop some chances here and there too. The point is to give a kind of realistic bracket for each sport/discipline.The FFS probably annonuced its objective too soon (before the season started actually). 18 is the number I'm personnaly looking for (allreay 3 more than our record in Sochi). Then, the more, the merrier
  10. 18-20 Cross Country : 0-2 Nordic Combined : 0-1 Ski Jumping: 0 Alpine Skiing: 2-3 Freestyle skiing: 4-5 Snowboarding: 2-3 Biathlon: 7 Figure skating: 1 (that's the easy one) Speed Skating/Short Track : 0-1 Sliding sports: 0 The skiing federation (FIS + IBU disiciplines) is aiming at 20 medals for its disciplines. It's doable, but it sounds like the very upper limit.
  11. Your own Winter Olympic Games Programme

    Because the IOC runs it... The IOC don't owe you (or your country(ies)) anything. If you don't like it, don't watch it. That's really that simple. Regarding what top ranks IOC members might or might not say about global integration. You should take them for what they are: politician talks. And who is listening to politicians ? Besides, if they were doing doing what you're suggesting, then we'd have the World Games, a collection of random B sport thant didn't make the - "real" - Olympics. Not something the IOC is looking for. And yes, the Olympics is a westerner thing. Borrn and breed here. No need for fake outragism.
  12. About the same in France also. If it was not for the North Korea affair, I think the general medias would still to have to aknowledge that Pyongchang 2018 is a thing.The sports medias have yet to give a fuck too. The difference with Rop 2016 is baffling tbh.
  13. Your own Winter Olympic Games Programme

    I think preserving the integrity and identity of the Winter Olympics is important. Besides, I don't see how expanding the Winter Games will help with the allready very critical lack of bidding cities, If moving around some summer sports is an option, I'd very much favor the introduction of a third season; the Fall Indoor Games or something. We would have 16 months between each Olympics then (Summer -> Winter -> Fall).
  14. Your own Winter Olympic Games Programme

    Of course, they were. Curling, for exemple, would never have been considered if it was a summer sport. The gap in depth between summer and winter sports is monstruous. That's hardly up for debate. I think everyone is aware of that. It doesn't make them more ridiculous than some other summer sports though, just smaller sports (and thus alien to more people)
  15. Your own Winter Olympic Games Programme

    You probably have no idea how alien curling looks to anyone not born in Canada
  16. Your own Summer Olympic Games Programme

    Fair enough.
  17. Your own Summer Olympic Games Programme

    Yes, besides World Rugby is more than happy with Sevens at the Olympics. It's a great point of entry for the sport and a great communication tool..
  18. Your own Summer Olympic Games Programme

    Quotas (I still think it's coming, but it might be challenging for that reason alone)
  19. Your own Summer Olympic Games Programme

    Not possible. And no one wants it (World Rugby, Unions or clubs)
  20. Your own Winter Olympic Games Programme

    @Quasit It would be nice, if you could update the first post with a direct link to each user program post. Same with the other thread. Just a thought.
  21. Same here. Never forget: a forum is only worth its content.
  22. Your own Summer Olympic Games Programme

    First: Then, Guidelines: - The biggest sports must prevail - Because "we can" should not be a reason enough to include an event - Different disciplines = different sports to be judged accordingly - That a swimmer, by himself, can be ranked top 10 in the the overal medals table is a ludicrous idea. - I'm ok with some random team events and mixed relays as long as they are limited to minor sports - "Gender Equity" and the Summer Olympics is a tragedy as it prevents many more competetive sports/events/athletes to be included (including some women's ones by the way) - I'll probably revist this post about two hundred times before Tokyo 2020 kicks in. And finally: Diving [8 -> 8] 3m springboard (m/w) 10m Platform (m/w) Synchronised 3m Springboard (m/w) Synchronised 10m Platform (m/w) High Diving (m/w) Swimming [37 -> 32] 50m Freestyle (m/w) 100m Freestyle (m/w) 200m Freestyle (m/w) 400m Freestyle (m/w) 800m Freestyle (m/w) 1500m Freestyle (m/w) (-> move it to open water) 4x100m Freestyle Relay (m/w) 4x200m Freestyle Relay (m/w) 100m Breaststroke (m/w) 200m Breaststroke (m/w) 100m Butterfly (m/w) 200m Butterfly (m/w) 100m Backstroke (m/w) 200m Backstroke (m/w) 200m Individual Medley (m/w) 400m Individual Medley (m/w) 4x100m Medley Relay (m/w/mixed) 3KM Open Water (m/w) 10km Open Water (m/w) Note: And that's a very conservative draft, I'm very inclined to limited the strokes to one event each, and to cut one or two freestyle distances. Synchronised Swimming [2 -> 1] Women's Duet (w) Women's Team (w Water Polo [2 -> 1] Tournament (m/w) Archery [5 -> 6] Individual Recurve (m/w) Team Recurve (m/w/mixed) Individual Compound (m/w) Team Compound (mixed) Athletics [48 -> 46] 100m (m/w) 200m (m/w) 400m (m/w) 800m (m/w) 1500m (m/w) 5000m (m/w) 10,000m (m/w) 110m/100m Hurdles (m/w) 400m Hurdles (m/w) 3000m Steeplechase (m/w) 4x100m Relay (m/w) 4x400m Relay (m/w/mixed) Marathon (m/w) 20km Race Walk (m/w) 50km Race Walk (m) Long Jump (m/w) Triple Jump (m/w) High Jump (m/w) Pole Vault (m/w) Shot Put (m/w) Discus Throw (m/w) Javelin Throw (m/w) Hammer Throw (m/w) Heptathlon (w) Decathlon (m) Note: Considering the walking events, They really need to bring some thecnology to judge the walking ASAP. Badminton [5 -> 5] Singles (m/w) Doubles (m/w/mixed) Baseball [1 -> 1] Tournament (m) Basketball [4 -> 4] 3x3 Tournament (m/w) Tournament (m/w) Boxing [13 -> 13] 8 9 Men's weights 5 4 Women's weights Canoeing - Slalom [4 -> 5] K-1 (m/w) C-1 (m/w) C-2 (m) K-1 (mixed team) Canoeing - Sprint [12 -> 11] K-1 200m (m/w) K-1 500m (w) K-1 1000m (m) K-2 500m (w) K-2 1000m (m) K-4 500m (m/w) C-1 200m (w) C-1 1000m (m) C-2 500m (w) C-2 1000m (m) C-1 200m (m) Cycling - BMX [4 -> 3] BMX Race (m/w) Park (m/w) BMX Race Team (mixed) Cycling - Mountain Bike [2 -> 4] Men's/Women's Race (m/w) Downhill (m/w) Cycling - Road [4] Road Race (m/w) Time Trial (m/w) Note; I'm very much considering dropping the men's races all together, if anything, just for quotas sake. Cycling - Track [12 -> 13] Individual Sprint (m/w) Team Sprint (m/w) Team Pursuit (m/w) Keirin (m/w) Omnium (m/w) Madison (m/w) Individual Pursuit (m/w) Elimination Race (m) Equestrian [6] Individual Dressage (mixed) Team Dressage (mixed) Individual Jumping (mixed) Team Jumping (mixed) Individual Eventing (mixed) Team Eventing (mixed) Fencing [12] Individual Foil (m/w) Team Foil (m/w) Individual Épée (m/w) Team Épée (m/w) Individual Sabre (m/w) Team Sabre (m/w) Field Hockey [2] Tournament (m/w) Football [2] U-23 Tournament (m) Tournament (w) Beach Soccer Tournament (m) Note: The men's U-23 thing is making a mockery of the Olympics. Besides, it takes too much attention in some countries. I'm positive Rio 2016 would have been much better if it was not for this tournament. It saves quite a lot of quotas also.. Golf [2] Individual Stroke Play (m/w) Team Event (mixed) Gymnastics - Artistic [14 -> 14] Individual All-Around (m/w) Team All-Around (m/w) Floor (m/w) Vault (m/w) Pommel Horse (m) Rings (m) Parallel Bars (m) Horizontal Bar (m) Balance Beam (w) Uneven Bars (w) Note: I'd very like to expand the sport beyond its 14 actual events. But they'd need to bring some new apparatus... Gymnastics - Rhythmic [2 -> 2] Individual All-Around (w) Group All-Around (w) Gymnastics - Trampoline [2 -> 2] Individual (m/w) Trumbling (m/w) Handball [2 -> 4] Tournament (m/w) Beach Tournament (m/w) Note: I'm pretty positive it will happen by 2024... Judo [15 -> 15] 7 Men's weights 7 women's weights Team Event (mixed) Karate [8 -> 12] 3 5 Men's Kumite weights 3 5 Women's Kumite weights Individual Kata (m/w) Modern Pentathlon [2 -> 3] Individual (m/w) Relay (mixed) Rowing [14 -> 14] Single Sculls (m/w) Double Sculls (m/w) Lightweight Double Sculls (m/w) Quadruple Sculls (m/w) Pairs (m/w) Fours (m/w) Eights (m/w) Lightweight Quadruple Sculls (m) Note; I'd drop the women's height for lack of competition and quotas sake. Rugby Sevens [2] Tournament (m/w) Sailing [10 -> 12] RS:X (m/w) Laser (m) Laser Radial (w) Finn (m) 470 (m/w) 49er (m) 49er FX (w) Nacra 17 (mixed) Kite Surf (m/w) Shooting [15 -> 10] 10m Air Rifle (m/w) (mixed) Mixed Team 10m Air Rifle (mixed) 50m Rifle Prone (mixed) 50m Rifle Three Positions (m/w) (mixed) 10m Air Pistol (m/w) (mixed) Mixed Team 10m Air Pistol (mixed) 25m Pistol (w) 25m Rapid Fire Pistol (m) (mixed) 50m Pistol (mixed) Trap (m/w) (mixed) Mixed Team Trap (mixed) Skeet (m/w) (mixed) Mixed Dpuble Trap Team event (mixed) Note: I don't see any reason to have separate men and women competition here. Women used to compete with men, they should do it again. Skateboarding [4 -> 0] Park (m/w) Street (m/w) Softball [1 -> 0] Tournament (w) Sport Climbing [2 -> 6] Combined (m/w) Lead (m/w) Boulder (m/w) Speed (m/w) Surfing [2 -> 2] Shortboard (m/w) Table Tennis [5 -> 5] Singles (m/w) Doubles (mixed) (m/w) Team (m/w) (mixed) Taekwondo [8 -> 0] 4 Men's weights 4 Women's weights You had your chance TKD, You are still looking ridiculous after all these years. Time to move on. Tennis [5 -> 5] Singles (m/w) Doubles (m/w/mixed) Team (mixed) Something like the Hopman Cup to be played during the second week ? Triathlon [3 -> 3] Individual Race (m/w) Mixed Team Relay (mixed) Volleyball - Beach [2 -> 2] Tournament (m/w) Volleyball - Indoor [2 -> 2] Tournament (m/w) Weightlifting [14 -> 11] 7 Men's weights 7 4 Women's weights Note: Many times, a female medallist in the n-1 weight categorie would also have won a medal in the n category. Such competetive. Obv, there is also the option to drop it all together. Wrestling [18 -> 16] 6 Men's Freestyle weights 6 Men's Greco-Roman weights 6 4 Women's Freestyle weights Note: WW, there is probably not one female wrestler for every ten male wrestlers.... And 16 event is way more than fair for what the sport weights. Cross Country [0 -> 3] Individual Race (m/w) Relay (mixed) Squash [0 -> 3] Single (m/w) Team (mixed Total medel events: 332 in 33 sports Total athletes: 10,738 Days of competition: 19 (including Day -2, Day -1 and Day 0 before the Opening Ceremony) To be considered also: Speed roller skating, Roller Hockey, Floorball, Netball etc.
  23. Your own Winter Olympic Games Programme

    Guidelines: - The biggest sports must prevail - Because "we can" should not be a reason enough to include an event - "Gender Equity" is okish for the Winter Olympics as it doesn't really prevent more competive sports/event to be included. Alpine Skiing [11 -> 13] Slalom (m/w) Giant Slalom (m/w) Super-G (m/w) Downhill (m/w) Combined (m/w) Parralel Slalom (m/w) Team Event (mixed) Biathlon [11 -> 11] Sprint (m/w) Pursuit (m/w) Individual (m/w) Mass Start (m/w) Team Relay (m/w/mixed) Bobsleigh [3 -> 3] Two-man/woman (m/w) Four-man (m) Cross-Country Skiing [12 -> 14] 15/10km Freestyle (m/w) 30/15km Skiathlon (m/w) 50/30km Classical (m/w) 4x10/5km Relay (m/w) Individual Sprint (m/w) Team Sprint (m/w) Cross (m/w) Curling [3 -> 2] Tournament (m/w) Mixed Doubles (mixed) Figure Skating [5 -> 5] Singles (m/w) Pairs (mixed) Ice Dancing (mixed) Team Event (mixed) Freestyle Skiing [10 -> 7] Aerials (m/w) Moguls (m/w) Halfpipe (m/w) (-> Snowboarding) Slopestyle (m/w) (-> Snowboarding) Ski Cross (m/w) Ski Cross Team (mixed) Note; I'd consider Dual Mogul if it was offering something different from mogul (perhaps something based on speed only ?) Ice Hockey [2] Tournament (m/w) Luge [4 -> 3] Singles (m/w) Doubles (m) Team Relay (mixed) Nordic Combined [3 -> 4] Individual Normal Hill/10km (m/w) (no rush though) Individual Large Hill/10km (m) Team Large Hill/4x5km Relay (m) Short Track Speed Skating [8 -> 8] 500m (m/w) 1000m (m/w) 1500m (m/w) 5000m/3000m Relay (m/w) Madisson (m/w) Skeleton [2] Singles (m/w) Ski Jumping [4] Normal Hill (m/w) Large Hill (m) Large Hill Team (m) Team event (Somehow...) Snowboarding [10 -> 13] Halfpipe (m/w) Slopestyle (m/w) Big Air (m/w) Parallel Giant Slalom (m/w) Snowboard Cross (m/w) Giant Slalom (like in not Parralel Giant slalom) (m/w) Parralel Slalom (m/w) Snowboard Cross Team (mixed) Speed Skating [14] 500m (m/w) 1000m (m/w) 1500m (m/w) 3000m (w) 5000m (m/w) 10,000m (m) Mass Start (m/w) Team Pursuit (m/w) Point's Race (yeah, why not) Ski Mountaineering [0 -> 3] Sprint (m/w) Relay (mixed) Bandy [0 -> 1] (optional, if money or infrastructure is not a problem) Tournament (m) Total medel events: 109 in 17 sports Total athletes: --- Days of competition: 18 (including Day -1 and Day 0 before the Opening Ceremony) To be considered also: Ice Cross, Ice Climbing and Telemark.
  24. Which are your most memorable Sports moments of 2017?

    Yeah, from a french perspective, that's a no brainer. Out of nowhere golds are best golds.