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  1. The Pyeongchang french team presentation is underway. Between 114 and 115 athletes are expected (106 in Vancouver, 116 in Sochi). The skiing federation is looking at 20 medals. For the ice sport federation, not to look complety stupid would be a good achievment. Outfits (Lacoste):
  2. 2026 Winter Olympic Games

    By July 2019 and the 134th IOC session (Milano), we will know where the 2026 Winter Olympic Games will be hold. The bidding process is yet to be officially started, but two cities are for now considered as the front runners. Two cities with a very Agenda 2020 feeling (even more so Sion who proposes venues from Lausanne to St Moritz). . Sion (SUI) http://sion2026.ch/ (fr/de) .Innsbruck (AUT) http://www.olympia2026.at/ (de) .Other Potential bidding cities : Lillehammer, Calgary, Salt Lake, Almaty, etc. What are your thoughts ? Is agenda going to save the Winter OG ?
  3. 2026 Winter Olympic Games

    By the way, 4 days ago, the swiss government delayed its decision on possible support of Sion 2026.
  4. 2026 Winter Olympic Games

    It's over, 'no' won... Edit: the city of Innsbruck voted against by two third. It's dead.
  5. 2026 Winter Olympic Games

    With 84% ot the votes counted, the 'No' is leading by 5,000 votes. The city of Innsbruck yet to come: https://wahlen.tirol.gv.at/volksbefragung_olympia_2026/index.html
  6. Winter Olympic Games 2018 Uniforms

    I'd love for Contin to have a medal if only that he gets a tribune to call out its federation....
  7. Winter Olympic Games 2018 Uniforms

    Apparatently, the federation decided not to registerer him a few weeks prior to Sochi without noticing Fernandez. When the federation was publicly called out at Sochi, they answer that they made the call with his coach, Bart Veldkamp, which was not the case. Overall it's a inept federation run by a corupt little, little man, David Gailhaguet, which should have nothing to do with sport. A federation that is letting to die everything not called figure skating. Bottom line: burn with fire.
  8. Winter Olympic Games 2018 Uniforms

    Not to "forget" to register one of your very few athletes to one of the discipline would be a good start. http://www.leparisien.fr/JO-hiver/sotchi-2014-en-direct/sotchi-2014-ewen-fernandez-patineur-oublie-par-sa-federation-17-02-2014-3598975.php (try your luck with google translate).
  9. [OFF TOPIC] General Chat

    If Puigdemont is idiot enough to proclame unilateral independance, then, Catalonia won't be recognised by France or any other international recognised state, thus making such a proposal moot. (same for any UE integration btw). Anyway, even if Catalonia was to secede legally from Spain (and then become an international recognised state), as it stands it would be impossible for FC Barcelona (or any other sports club) to integrate the top league from scratch. They would be asked to start from the very bottom (tier 17th or something)...
  10. Soooo, for real ?, all right, let's start this thread. . Additional sports: As we all know, hosting cities are now free to add a certain number of extra sports and events to the olympic program. Only the 37 IOC recognised federations can apply for inclusion. For Tokyo, 26 of them applied, 7 were then short-listed, and finally, 5 were chosen (skateboarding, surfing, sport climbing, baseball/softball & karaté). As of today, the parisian commite has tried its best not to close the door to anyone (from E-sport to Pétanque). We are yet to know what will be the exact schedule of the bidding process, but apparently, the additional sports will be known by 2019. . New events: Not directly linked to the host, we can also expect the olympic program to move further into a more "youth and urban" direction. Gender equality is also likely to be pushed even futher.
  11. Beijing 2022 Olympic Sports Programme

    Did you mean Ski mountaineering which will be featured at Lausanne 2020 ?
  12. Paris 2024 Olympic Sports Programme

    Here's one for @hckosice : https://www.canoeicf.com/news/estanguet-urges-canoe-slalom-be-bold-guarantee-future-growth Please, don't be too excited
  13. Volleyball at the Summer Olympic Games 2016

    Yeah... show me the receipt first please...
  14. 2026 Winter Olympic Games

    Apparently, it'll only be a temporary venue. Which is also an option that Sion 2026 is looking at, alongside a foreign rink and an outdoor venue. They will defintly not built a permanent speed skating rink in any case at least. It's a trend the sliding sports and speed skating should be nervous of btw. If future WOG host cities are not even going to built new sliding or speed skating tracks, then what's left for the future of their sports (and for any possible expansion) ?
  15. 2026 Winter Olympic Games

    Speaking of Agenda 2020... Sion 2026 is even proposing to hold the speed skating events outside of the country, in Germany... or even in The Netherlands (in french) . The speed skating arena beeing the only venue Sion 2026 is missing. Could we see the first bidding candidate with zero venue needed to be buit ?
  16. Road Cycling 2017 Discussion Thread

    Cookson out with 8 votes (out of 45) Lappartient (FRA) is the new UCI president
  17. Road Cycling 2017 Discussion Thread

    Sorcery ?
  18. Athletics 2017 Discussion Thread

    In the old forum, we had a thread called "sports and tragedy" (something like that), maybe it'll be better to revive it ?
  19. [OFF TOPIC] General Chat

    I believe there is no turning back at this point in Catalonia...
  20. Handball 2017 Discussion Thread

    They really need to find a native english speaker with some diplomatic skills to write this kind of press realeases...
  21. Artistic Gymnastics 2017 Discussion Thread

    I... don't disagree. but Devillard will be in Montréal (full selection here). I can't find the full minimum standards list, but I believe they are set to have only athletes that can reach finals. Anyway, Aït Saïd just scored 15.250 today and finished second, only beaten by Petroúnias (15.500)
  22. Artistic Gymnastics 2017 Discussion Thread

    Apparently, they do. Hard as steel minimum standards for qualification is becoming a mantra of french sport since the swimming federation apllied that policy in the early 2000's (and that many beleieve it leads to the great results of french swimmers during the next decade). It's something I don't agree with, but who cares.
  23. Artistic Gymnastics 2017 Discussion Thread

    Samir Aït Saïd, the guy that many probably remember as "that gymnast who had that horrible accident during the Rio Games" has jumped back to competition this week-end during the french internationals and managed to secure its place in the final tomorrow. He scored 14.900 points which is eactly the score he needed to be in Montréal.
  24. Football 2017 Discussion Thread

    The new national stadium in Brussels sounds less and less likely to be ready for the Euro 2020 (in french) They are talking about Lille (like in not in Belgium Lille) as a backup plan