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  1. During today's press conference it has been said that the number of quotas needed for the additional sports will be counted towards the overal 10,500 athletes set by IOC Charter (contrary to what happen for Tokyo)


    Il means that the number of additional sports will be low (very likely lower than five) and that they won't request a large number of quotas (any team sport is basically screwed at that point)


    Edit: Paris will make its proposals by the first semester of 2019.

  2. Juste maintenant , dcro a déclaré:


    Sure, that's one thing to look at it. The other is that we missed once-off opportunity which will not be repeatable. And we missed it in possibly the stupidest way imaginable, as even some players have admitted.


    France will play and win many big finals. Maybe already in 2020/2022 (even though I might get a quote from Agger and his claims about European World champions :p). We will not.


    I'm sure people said so after 1998.

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  3. All right, I didn't post it earlier but that front page from l'Equipe was brillant (that was before the semi final, thus th Tintin theme)


    Résultat de recherche d'images pour "objectif lune lequipe"


    The gremin on the left being The french FA boss (again) with Giroud and Deschamps (and his pet, don't ask)

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  4. il y a 7 minutes, Bohemia a déclaré:


    I thought you were kidding when you said you didn't remember another French user, I thought you were intentionally snobbing him or something, sorry :lol:


    I thought so too.


    I feel very depressed to have made less of an impact on heywoodu that benetolympique did.


    Edit; I guess to tell people to fuck off is not enough, i need to get also full retard also.

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  5. Juste maintenant , heywoodu a déclaré:

    And there we have the user I couldn't get the name of to congratulate earlier on in this thread :d 


    So, here we go: congratulations!


    I'm the french user who tell people to fuck off, that should be easy enough to rember.

  6. image.jpeg.1d8fd9098296bc34eea278a6fa9a447d.jpeg  Résultat de recherche d'images pour "mothers of god"



    Comisearations for any Croatian fan readling that. You've been outplaying us for 50 minutes or so. Not so lucky, but we've been very efficient in the first half . We have a word in french that weirdly enoudg doesn't exist in english: it's called 'réussite'.



    Florain Thauvin and Abdil Rami are world champions. Florian fucking Thauvin is world champion



    The gremlin next to the somewhat hot croatian PM on the podium is called Noël Le Graët. He is the french FA boss and he is a scumbag (as yu can guess by his look)



    Racialists, either from the "good side" (the africanist), or the "bad side" (the white supremecists) can stil Go to fuck themlselves though



    Raphael Varanne is that close to turn me gay


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  7. Juste maintenant , konig a déclaré:

    You dont like my joke :(


    Fuck off with that tedious shit. We allready have the most pathetic idiotic troll on the internetz claiming a world cup for Algeria each time Mbappé enter the stadium.


    I'm sure that as an Argentinean, you'll find it very funny if each time Argentina was achieving anything, you'll be told that there is no such thing as argentineans but Italians, spanish and whatnots. Very funny indeed. Very original also.

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  8. il y a 56 minutes, Bohemia a déclaré:


    France after extra time :lol:

    But earlier in the match Belgium was leading 6-3. After 90 minutes it was 6-6 and then there was only one goal during ET that made France win :lol:


    Sounds legit. I've put my monthly salary on it. Thanks for the tip.

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    il y a 25 minutes, toulousain a déclaré:

    Must be the second proposition.

    In the case of the French team, most of the players are French-born. Only Mandanda and Umtiti were born abroad.


    Not even...  to reach 78% (18/23), you have to count the likes of Griezmann and Hernadez and also Lémar and Varane (whose famillies were allready french citizns living in a french territory at a time when most of the countries in this world cup didn't even exist, but still count as "migrants", presumably becaure they are not white...)


    Funny how teams made up of virtualy 100% foreigner-born players like Tnisia or Morocco somehow don't count either...


    Nevermind, really.

  10. That statement... ffs... there is nothing in it. He's cleared... because... well, he's cleared. So now please fuck off and enjoy our races.


    It's about cycling, it's about UCI, it's about a freakin kenyan boy that used to be tracted by car just to make the finish line who has became one of the greatest GT riders of all time. You need to make it crystal clear why he's cleaned. Do they think, this statement is even remotly enough ? Really ?