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  1. Il y a 12 heures , DaniSRB a déclaré:

    Hungarian hammer thrower Krisztian Pars, the 2012 Olympic champion, has been banned until July 2019 because of a doping violation.



    Thankfully, he only starts to dope in january this year. Do you immagine, if he doped in 2012 ? :woot:



    Actually, there is something that could be done and that could be more efficient than life ban. Strip every medals, every records from any caught athletes up to the date he got caught.

  2. Il y a 1 heure , Maxim Fastovsky a déclaré:

    Are the 5 new sports automatically included from now on? Since I see the 5 are included in the venue plan for Paris and L.A.    


    No, they're not, even if many people like to prented they're.


    There is no official venue designed for any of this sport in Paris plan so far.

  3. il y a 15 minutes, Jose Luis a déclaré:

    If a country obtains quota for the mixed event at the 2018 World Championship but then do not obtain any quota for the individual test ,In the whole period of classification ¿ Will participate in the individual test the shooters to participate in the mixed?


    Why not ? As long they reached the minimum standard.


    There are no other limitations for "double starters" than the max number of athletes/teams per event and the minimum standard, right ?


    Btw, can there be triple or quadruple starters, or is it limited to two events ?

  4. il y a 36 minutes, George_D a déclaré:

    This is the goal of PAOK that was allowed and then disallowed by officials.  And prompted PAOK Salonika's owner, Ivan Savvidis to storm on to the pitch with a gun.


    There is a lot of discussion here whether the goal was off-side or not (50-50 the opinions here).


    Because, that's the subject you have discussions about ?

  5. il y a 43 minutes, heywoodu a déclaré:

    Sion 2026 isn't sure yet about where to have the speed skating, there are several options ranging from a temporary venue (they don't want to build anything that's not being used after the Olympics) to.......going to the Netherlands :d (which I guess should obviously be Thialf in Heerenveen)



    Old news. Second post of this thread :raspberry:


    Anyway, at that point, Sion 2026 looks very much in Jeopardy. Unfortunatly.

  6. Il y a 1 heure , heywoodu a déclaré:

    It's rather unfortunate that a referee from country X gets a match in which his country will go to the World Cup with a certain result and right in that match he has a bad day and right in that bad day, that results in the specific result needed for his own country to qualify. Rugby Europe's president being Romanian as well is just another unfortunate situation in all of this. 


    Imagine the group phase of the FIFA World Cup:


    Team A

    Team B

    Team C

    Team D


    In the last set of matches, team C plays against team D and the result of that has a direct influence on team B qualifying for the knock-out phase (as in, team C winning means team B qualifies). Not even FIFA would appoint a referee from the nation of team B for that match, that would have corruption smell out of every side and rightly so. 


    No, this was awful. A huge scandal. 


    Unfortunate is the word (whithout irony) . Rugby Europe is a rather amateur organization which have done quite a poor job at developping its owns competitions for years (they don't run SIx Nations nor the european clubs cups). It's more likely than they have made a piss poor decision one more time than antyting else.


    It's even more likely considering that

    - The - promising - career of the romanian referee is probably over now

    - Romania would still have stood a decent chance to make the RWC with the repechage tournaments

    - RE appointed a french ref for the Spain-Romania game when 2/3 of the spanish squad is actually french born.


    Occam's razor always.

  7. Il y a 10 heures , OlympicIRL a déclaré:


    Oh come on, a Welsh man is definitely not going to be biased towards the English, if anything it would be quite the opposite :p.



    Welsh, Irish, Scottish, English from our perspective they are only cosmetic differences when it comes to rugby (and specially refeering). I wouldn't surprise if more than half of the rugby followers here believe than Nigel Owens is actually english :lol:

  8. Il y a 1 heure , heywoodu a déclaré:

    Some analysis of Spain getting royally screwed over by the Romanian ref doing anything he can (with success) to help Romania to the World Cup. 




    It was just bad refeering. Nothing more, nothing less. Just like, us, frenchies, we like to believe we're contantly fucked over by referees in european games, because, really, what's the difference between an englsih and a welsh if not for more readed hair ? That's called a confirmation bias.


    They should never have appointed a romanian ref for this game. And everyhing would have  set down. Now, it gets traction in french and british press. I don't believe WR will go full retard on this one (like asking for replaying the game), but some people will need to go down at Rugby Europe.

  9. il y a 4 minutes, heywoodu a déclaré:


    They skate with their names on the suits, that's exposure. They train as a team and function as a team, which is why you often see people from one team all perform good or bad roughly at the same time. The exposure is them skating with the suits of sponsors


    Well, I get that. My interrogation is not sponsors, what are they for ? :p But why, in one case (speed skating) the sponsors led to the creation of commercial teams, and that in pretty every other cases it didn't (some of them being much more popular sports than speed skating).

  10. il y a 1 minute, heywoodu a déclaré:


    Which I think is odd. Why force everyone to start in national colours in cross-country or biathlon? I much prefer for example the cross-country classics (Worldloppet?), like Marcialonga and Vasaloppet, where they do have commercial teams. There's commercial teams in track cycling too, or in cyclo-cross, which is definitely both very much individual. 


    Having professional teams increases exposure for the sponsors = sponsors win

    Having professional teams makes it easier for athletes to train together = athletes win


    There's no reason why it should all be national teams (imagine Sven Kramer and Jorrit Bergsma in one team, haha. They'd rather die)


    Commercial teams in track or cyclo-cross are mostly (only ?) offsets of pro road cycling teams, aren't they ?


    Anyway, I don't think it's an oddity that commercial teams are so rare and few between them in individual sports. What exposure is there for a sponsor when the notion of "team"  doesn't really exist in the first place ? I believe that's why the concept took off in road cycling, but not really (at all ?) in track cycling (and track cycling was really, really popular at one point in history).

  11. Juste maintenant , heywoodu a déclaré:

    The same as in any sport: financial profit through exposure, basically, which is why the commercial pro teams are mostly in the Netherlands. It's also not track cycling by the way, it's speed skating :p 




    But it's similar in nature. Indiviuals (mostly) running against each other years in and years out. The set up is similar in speed skating than in other indivudual olympic sports (world cup, world/continental championships run by individuals or national teams), yet the sports developped this unique professionnal environment.


    In other individual sports, sponsors sponsorize individuals and/or a whole national team, not a selected few number of athletes that they farm in a "team". There is no athletics or swimming Lotto Jumbo team AFAIK (nor from any other country).

  12. Sur 15/03/2018 at 11:06 , Benolympique a déclaré:


    Ce post est réservé aux objectifs de qualification pour la France à Tokyo 2020, mise à jour à suivre de TOUS LES SPORTS !!!



    Homme L’Équipe Homme

    Femme L’Équipe Femme



    Homme -60kg , -66kg , -73kg , -81kg , -90kg , -100 kg , +100 kg

    Femme -48kg , -52kg , -57kg , -63kg , -70kg , -78kg , +78 kg

    Mixte - Épreuves par équipes mixte



    Homme  2 Quotas (50 , 100 , 200 , 400 M nage libre / 100 & 200 M Dos / 100 M Papillon) 1 Quota ( 800 ,1500 M nage libre / 100 & 200 M Brasse / 200 M Papillon / 200 & 400 M 4 Nages) Relais 4 X  100 M Nage-Libre , Relais 4 X 200 M Nage-Libre , Relais 4 X 100 M 4 Nages

    Femme - 2 Quotas (50 , 100 , 200 , 400 M nage libre / 100 & 200 M Dos / 100 M & 200 M Papillon / 200 & 400 M 4 Nages) 1 Quota ( 400, 800 ,1500 M nage libre / 100 & 200 M Brasse) Relais 4 X  100 M Nage-Libre , Relais 4 X 200 M Nage-Libre , Relais 4 X 100 M 4 Nages

    Mixte - Relais 4 X 100 M 4 Nages Mixte


    NATATION -eau vive-

    Homme 1 Quota Marathon 10 Km

    Femme  1 Quota Marathon 10 Km



    Homme - 2 Quotas Épreuve Individuel

    Femme - 2 Quotas Épreuve Individuel



    Homme - 1 Quota shortboard

    Femme -1 Quota shortboard



    Homme - Planche à Voile , Laser Standard , Finn , 470, 49er

    Femme - Planche à Voile , Laser Radial , 470, 49er FX

    Mixte - Nacra 17


    C'est à dire que des pronos quand on ne connait pas encore les systèmes de qualif...


  13. Thanks to my virtual table prior to the games, I've learnt that the world cup in speed skating means mostly shit (the Netherlands with 8 medals, yea, right) Why is that ? What are speed skaters supposed to do if not racing world cups ?  And while I'm at it what's the point of these commercial professionnal teams ? It's not road cycling, it's track cycling, I don't get what the sponsors have to gain there ?


    Basically, I'm looking for an ABC of Speed Skating that would explain how the sport is running. (the off the field part I mean, the on the field, I get it: people put skates; they're running in circles; the dutch are winning; rinse repeat; it's boring, fine.)

  14. 5. 1995 Handball world championsip


    The first title, the first world championship of many for the french handball NT, which was also the first world title for any team sport in our history. From Group C to world tittle in a decade. Quite the uprise :cool:. A bunch of complety over the top guys too. Long live Les Barjots




    4. CSP Limoges' 1993 Euroleague


    Just like the Handball's title, this one was also an historic win: The first french club to ever win the biggest european cup (just a few weeks before Marseille's one). And like pretty much everything else in our sport history, no one expected it.


    Fred Forte (1970-2017) :(:(:(




    3. 1991 Davis Cup victory


    59 years after the last Davis Cup, France finally claimed back the title thanks to our wild card Henri Lecomte who decided to show up on the right day and a shacking Guy Forget scoring the last point against a young Sampras. Yannick Noah even managed in making us believe for a moment that Saga Africa was actually not a terrible mistake Chapeau.



    2. France - New Zealand, Rugby World Cup 1999


    To the kids around here, France as a rugby world beaters might sound like something from an uchronian steampunk novel. Yet, there was a time,.. Beeing beaten by the mighty All Black by 14 points and with 30 minutes to play or so. We said fuck it and decided to score 3 tries to win the game 43-31. According to some people, the game was called a "semi final". I've no idea what they're talking about 



    1. France 98


    Winning the World Cup on home soil for the first time ever ?  Nothing can beat that. Millions upon milions took up the streets in celebration.


    Long live the 90's :cool:

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  15. il y a 1 minute, Sindo a déclaré:


    I will try to explain you why I want things like this to be standardized.



    I guess, I'll need to thank you for taking the time to explain to me your reasoning.


    But boy, you really like to make your life a living hell, thinking about everything that could go wrong. If you let the users chose, I'll garantee you that almost every time everything will go smooth. For the 5% remaining, there will allways be you and/or the mods, and I'm pretty much certain it will take you less time to fix it than the time you've taken to post this message.


    I don't accuse you to be a 'dictator' (quite the contrary actually*), I'm disapointed in the way you're running your forum trying to prevent problems before they appeared as:

    a) It doesn't prevent problems ultimately

    b) It puts you forum under anaesthetic


    Every succesful forum works the other way around. They are letting users with a great amount of liberty, but rule with an iron hand in cases of stepping over.


    It's exactly the same discussions we had about letting people making their own threads, making this forum their own, etc. You refuse to do so, because apparently you believe that we would start killing each others whereas there are thousands of exemple which proves that it is not necessarily the case.


    * I, personnaly, shoud have been warned a couple of times for instance