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  1. That's not the point...


    Juste maintenant , Dunadan a déclaré:


    Sorry, but imo this is a pathetic attempt by the French Federation to blame the FIVB in case of elimination. The number of victories is the first criterion in all FIVB tournaments, it's written in their regulations, and everyone can find this info in a few seconds.


    It's not an attempt of anything (as it won't change anything). It's just plain stupidity. I think that's the part why they believe so



    At the end of the second round matches, the rankings of the four pools will be drawn up taking into account the points scored by each team in the first and second rounds. The four pool-winning teams of the second stage will access the third stage, together with the top two of the second ranked teams.




    It the third time we have people that should know better misunderstanding the rules. How is that even possible ?  How come the international federation is not even capable to make it crystal clear to NTs, federations, medias ?



  2. And now an other confusion :rofl:


    The french federation actually believes that's the number of points who will determine who go through the third round (ant not the the number of victories first).


    I believe they are wrong, but still. How can an international federation set up a competition that creates so much confusion ?

  3. Juste maintenant , Federer91 a déclaré:


    Not only in Italy. I have heard some people here also say, that it would be one second team from the Bulgarian groups and one second team from the Italian groups. Guestt that is no true after all.


    Fine, my Bulgarian is quite poor :d


    TBH,I find it quite incredible that such a unethical policy could even be considered and talked among volleyball fans without creating some kind of uproar.  

  4. il y a 48 minutes, Dunadan a déclaré:


    FIVB site always said: "The four pool-winning teams of the second stage will access the third stage, together with the top two of the second ranked teams." (http://italy-bulgaria2018.fivb.com/en/competition/formula,and in the picture you can read "1st place + two best 2nd advance"). For me the part that I quoted was media speculation.


    Something that was written only in italian medias I may add.


    Even for the very low FIVB standards, such a move would have been called for what it would have been : a scam. 

  5. As much as I'm gutted by the end of the Davis Cup, I can't say they 're no reasons why....


    Saturday's double between France and Spain was watched by only 1.2 million in France and by no one in Spain as it was not even broadcasted live...

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  6. Did you knew there was such a thing as the 'Atlantic Games' ? It runs since 1995 and it's open to youngsters from the 'Atlantic Arc' (:POR  :ESP :FRA :IRL :GBR ) ang :GER in swimming this year because why not. Only water sports are contested, because you know, the Atlantic is not a volcano.


    Don't expect any livestream, now go shine in society with your new knowledge.

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  7. Sur 08/07/2018 at 09:59 , Rdbc a déclaré:


    I'm an idiot. I was assuming the number of quota places per gender on the left 5 (5 teams) meant that only 5 team could qualify + host country. This is my first year looking at qualification documents and some of them are very confusing for me.




    Don't worry, even after three or four times, some of us (well, me), still manage to never understand them.

  8. Sur 17/08/2018 at 19:03 , OlympicsFan a déclaré:

    I wish the german coaches would take lessons from the french coaches. France had one amazing talent on the womens side in Gros and now they seem to focus more on the mens side.


    Not really by design though. Gros was just blind luck beeing discovered by a journalist after a training on a wattbike during a basketball camp.


    French cycling is by default very much male focused (only 10% of the FFC members are women)  with only the occasional female talent poping up more or less out of nowhere (Longo or Ballanger back in the days, PFP or Gros nowadays)


  9. Il y a 3 heures , heywoodu a déclaré:

    World keirin champion Fabian Puerta Zapata has been provisionally suspended after testing positive for an anabolic steroid at the Colombian championships in June. 


    And that's just in order to win the national championship, imagine what he took for the worlds  :mirror:

  10. il y a 27 minutes, phelps a déclaré:


    Shooting will surely be part of it in 4 years time, if the Championships are hosted in Rome...

    and probably a few more disciplines (a couple of fighting sports between Judo, Wrestling or Taekwondo, too)...


    At that point, I believe any individual olympic sport will want to take part during the next edition.

  11. According to the french athletics federation president, Rome could be in the mix for 2022.


    Anyway, i really do think this thing will turn into the mid olympiad continental rendez-vous we all wish for. They 've done it the right way. Secure the most popular sports and make sure it's the real thing, and then expand from it.


    The EG can GTFO and take taekwondo with them.

  12. Juste maintenant , Monzanator a déclaré:

    Please, let's stick to the facts. France remains a massive colonial Empire but last time I checked the entire Cameroon cheered for Croatia in a World Cup final :lol: I wonder why?



    Clearly, we need more facts about football based on internet memes on a athletics thread.


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  13. il y a 8 minutes, Pavlo a déclaré:

    you probably don`t know it but in 30s we were close to colonize Madagascar - we had French acceptance. It`s obvious that if it would happen those ties would last for ages, so Monzanator is right in this aspect. But sure Mo is British and Crippa is Italian for me - 100% in those cases.

    Do all those runners from today know 1 word from their "national anthem"? ;) - well...i hope so ;) - i`m judging only those "artificial" transfers


    Good, then you'd had decent pétanque players by now. How these pétanque players would have helped you in european athletics is still unknow though.

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