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  1. Ice Hockey 2017 - 2018 Discussion Thread

    Apparently, it's all been paid by the hungarian government...
  2. Ice Hockey 2017 - 2018 Discussion Thread

    Both combined or each ? In any case (and no offense to the slovak league) that seems quite expensive...
  3. 2026 Winter Olympic Games

    Yes, it had (except for the speed skating thing). I don't believe Switzerland could had a better bid tbh. It's more that possible that we will never see a swiss bid ever again...
  4. 2026 Winter Olympic Games

    I'd say that if any (western) european city makes it to the final candidate stage, they will have it in the bag. The thing is, I don't believe anymore that a western european bid will survive so far (Sion was my best hope).
  5. 2026 Winter Olympic Games

    And now, Sion is gooooone too. https://www.lematin.ch/suisse/Sion-2026-c-est-non-aux-JO/story/14427188 So no olympic speed skating in the Netherldands I guess
  6. Doping Cases and Bans Thread (2018)

    Sooo... don't answer the doping agents, claim yout bell is broken and walk free ? She should copyright it, she 'd make more with that than with her tennis's carrer. On other news, l'Equipe had acces to the letter that Russia sent to WADA which is a basically a confess that inded shit was going on in Russia and that the McLaren Repport findings were right. (In french). A moment of thought for the ones (here and elesewhere) that was claiming this to be only an anti-russia conspiracy run by rabbic russophobes. In Memoriam.
  7. Football 2018 Discussion Thread

    Him tweeting against Morocco 2026 is the best possible lobby in favor of Marocco 2026.
  8. [OFF TOPIC] General Chat

    It's pure decorum. A grotesque decorum that's it.
  9. Doping Cases and Bans Thread (2018)

    Thankfully, he only starts to dope in january this year. Do you immagine, if he doped in 2012 ? ... Actually, there is something that could be done and that could be more efficient than life ban. Strip every medals, every records from any caught athletes up to the date he got caught.
  10. Summer Olympic Games 2020 News

    No, they're not, even if many people like to prented they're. There is no official venue designed for any of this sport in Paris plan so far.
  11. Road Cycling 2018 Discussion Thread

    https://www.metro.news/tour-bosses-to-block-chris-froome-if-drug-case-not-resolved/985901/ Christian:
  12. Shooting Qualification to Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympic Games

    IOC So it's still possible to have a triple starter (rifle/pistol *2 + team event)
  13. Shooting Qualification to Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympic Games

    Why not ? As long they reached the minimum standard. There are no other limitations for "double starters" than the max number of athletes/teams per event and the minimum standard, right ? Btw, can there be triple or quadruple starters, or is it limited to two events ?
  14. Football 2018 Discussion Thread

    Because, that's the subject you have discussions about ?
  15. 2026 Winter Olympic Games

    Old news. Second post of this thread Anyway, at that point, Sion 2026 looks very much in Jeopardy. Unfortunatly.
  16. Rugby Discussion Thread

    Unfortunate is the word (whithout irony) . Rugby Europe is a rather amateur organization which have done quite a poor job at developping its owns competitions for years (they don't run SIx Nations nor the european clubs cups). It's more likely than they have made a piss poor decision one more time than antyting else. It's even more likely considering that - The - promising - career of the romanian referee is probably over now - Romania would still have stood a decent chance to make the RWC with the repechage tournaments - RE appointed a french ref for the Spain-Romania game when 2/3 of the spanish squad is actually french born. Occam's razor always.
  17. Rugby Discussion Thread

    Welsh, Irish, Scottish, English from our perspective they are only cosmetic differences when it comes to rugby (and specially refeering). I wouldn't surprise if more than half of the rugby followers here believe than Nigel Owens is actually english
  18. Rugby Discussion Thread

    It was just bad refeering. Nothing more, nothing less. Just like, us, frenchies, we like to believe we're contantly fucked over by referees in european games, because, really, what's the difference between an englsih and a welsh if not for more readed hair ? That's called a confirmation bias. They should never have appointed a romanian ref for this game. And everyhing would have set down. Now, it gets traction in french and british press. I don't believe WR will go full retard on this one (like asking for replaying the game), but some people will need to go down at Rugby Europe.
  19. Retired Athletes in 2018

    The last OG Virtual Tennis player
  20. Retired Athletes in 2018

    French biathletes Marie Dorin and Jean-Guillaume Béatrix.
  21. Doping Cases and Bans Thread (2018)

    It's interesting (it actually is), but how does it have anything with doping ?
  22. Speed Skating ISU World Cup 2017 - 2018

    Maybe Who was the first commercial team ?
  23. Speed Skating ISU World Cup 2017 - 2018

    Well, I get that. My interrogation is not sponsors, what are they for ? But why, in one case (speed skating) the sponsors led to the creation of commercial teams, and that in pretty every other cases it didn't (some of them being much more popular sports than speed skating).