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  1. Football 2018 Discussion Thread

    http://www.european-football-statistics.co.uk/attn/avesvk.htm Sub 1,000 attendance in first league
  2. Bobsleigh at the Winter Olympic Games 2018

    Cool story.
  3. Bobsleigh at the Winter Olympic Games 2018

    The chauvinist nature of the olympics IS the only reason why the Olympics are still a thing. Whithout it, there will be nothing on your screens, an no "nice" people for you guys to cheer for. Cheering for someone because he shares the same nationality than you is no less idiotic than cheering for someone because he sounds nice on ITW or because your like his haircut.
  4. France National Thread | En Route pour Tokyo 2020

    2 heures de sommeil hier, Plus de 12 heures de sport quasi non stop, pour presque uniquement des déconvenues. J'ai complètement explosé en vol sur l'individuelle. Bref, plus jamais. Je me mets à la diète.
  5. France National Thread | En Route pour Tokyo 2020

    La demie de Vaultier, Bon en fait non pas vraiment, c'était plutôt l'angoisse en vérité Sinon, nuit assez moyenne en somme. On pouvait espérer 2, sinon 3 médailles. On risque d'être pas mal en or, mais si les biathlètes ne commencent pas à scorer gros, l'objectif de 20 médailles va être dur à atteindre.
  6. Snowboarding at the Winter Olympic Games 2018

    Back to back Olympic medallist in such a volatile sport. That's amazing I hope he will get the credits he deserves by the médias.
  7. 2026 Winter Olympic Games

    There are only 160km between Aachen and Dortmund. That's less than between Vancouver and Wistler IIRC. That seems more than manageable. What are some of the specific venues missing: Velodrome ? Wild water canoeing stadium ?
  8. Shooting has been part of the Games since the begininng. History is a criteria for IOC and entering and staying are two differents things all together (ie, if Modern Pentathlon had to bid today to enter the olympics they will never be chosen). Besides, I've heard many times people saying that shooting should be excluded for that reason (and I'm personnaly not far from agreing with them)
  9. And why do you believe we consider (I agree btw) that e-sport is no sport and should not be part of the olympics, if not because of tradition ?
  10. 2026 Winter Olympic Games

    Speaking of widespread olympics. I wonder if the Rhein-Rhur 2032 project we heard about last year is moving forward ? Any german perhaps ? @EselTheDonkey @OlympicsFan ?
  11. I've a hard time imaginning chess, poker and e-sport players sharing the same event. That doesn't seem like a natural fit at all My bet, e-sport will end up having their own sort of games. That will be big, but not as big as anyone thinks and won't hurt the OG. Kinda like the X Games, really.
  12. 2026 Winter Olympic Games

    Are there many downsides to have widepsread olympics anyway ? Maybe some hidden costs (transport, security), but still a lot less than to the cost of builiding new specific facillities. I guess some spectators wouldn't like it as they will have to spread themselves out and maybe we should consider splitting the olympic village. If this it what it takes to save the Wnter OG (and perhaps Summer ones too) that's fine by me. And yes, pretty much everyone wants Switzerland to host the Games for a third time. The only question, does the the people of Valais (Sion's canton) want it too ?
  13. https://olympics.cbc.ca/news/article/canada-kim-boutin-breaks-down-tears-during-emotional-medal-ceremony.html#.WoR5gblOUEM.twitter
  14. Mediterranean Games Tarragona 2018

    Ah, Portugal was not a member yet. You do learn something new every day ^^ I allways assumed they were, and allways assumed that it was perfect normal for them not to score any medal too
  15. Biathlon at the Winter Olympic Games 2018

    Yes, the strategy is (well, was...) rather clear. My interrogation was more about other nations not doing the same.
  16. Biathlon at the Winter Olympic Games 2018

    Something like a weather forecast you mean? No, it can't be, such a thing doesn't exist, that would be sorcellery.
  17. Biathlon at the Winter Olympic Games 2018

    Three french girls (Braisaz, Bescond, Chevalier) in the last group They're betting on something, and they are the only ones to do so
  18. Soooo, for real ?, all right, let's start this thread. . Additional sports: As we all know, hosting cities are now free to add a certain number of extra sports and events to the olympic program. Only the 37 IOC recognised federations can apply for inclusion. For Tokyo, 26 of them applied, 7 were then short-listed, and finally, 5 were chosen (skateboarding, surfing, sport climbing, baseball/softball & karaté). As of today, the parisian commite has tried its best not to close the door to anyone (from E-sport to Pétanque). We are yet to know what will be the exact schedule of the bidding process, but apparently, the additional sports will be known by 2019. . New events: Not directly linked to the host, we can also expect the olympic program to move further into a more "youth and urban" direction. Gender equality is also likely to be pushed even futher.
  19. France National Thread | En Route pour Tokyo 2020

    Et qu'ils n'ont absolument rien fait d'un équipage champion du monde et médaillé olympique. Cette fédération est un désastre de a à z mené par un ignoble personnage qui ne devrait plus avoir sa place autour d'une patinoire. Bref: Messieurs, Mesdames du Bob, Skeleton, Luge et Vitesse BARREZ-VOUS !!! (et si le ministère est pas content, foutez tout sur la place publique - et des squelettes, il doit y'en avoir une tonne)
  20. France National Thread | En Route pour Tokyo 2020

    Le Stress ? La découverte des Jeux peut-être ? Et puis, c'était du classique, après tout. Pour ce qui est de Fauconnet, je pense pas qu'il s'agisse d'une conjuration, puisque les trois auraient largement eu leu place en demie (les Coréens sont plutôt perdant du coup). Sinon, l'article quadriennal sur l'incompétence et la nullité crasse de la FFSG (qu'on aura oublié une fois les jeux terminés): https://www.20minutes.fr/sport/2219075-20180213-jo-2018-luge-skeleton-francais-regardent-jeux-teloche-alors-qualifies-voila-pourquoi
  21. Alpine Skiing at the Winter Olympic Games 2018

    We allready did as googd than in Sochi after one single race Now, we can just sit back and enjoy whatever is comming
  22. Alpine Skiing at the Winter Olympic Games 2018

    And why the IOC and/or the organizers should care that much about to the point of not staging some races ?
  23. France National Thread | En Route pour Tokyo 2020

    Le programme court à déjà eu lieu ? Oh wait... A la limite, c'est intéressant comme stratégie: du preventive shitstorm en quelque sorte. Si vous ne souhaitez pas une polémique de proportion épique, filez nous la victoire
  24. France National Thread | En Route pour Tokyo 2020

    Quel beau sport (cela dit Gailhaguet, il s'y connait aussi) Bon, je vais continuer à n'apporter aucune attention à cette épreuve, ce sera bon pour ma tension artérielle De toute façon, quel que soit le résultat, ce sera sujet à polémique et le béotien que je suis n'y comprendra rien.
  25. France National Thread | En Route pour Tokyo 2020

    Oui Merci à toi, c 'est ainsi la 6247ème fois que je regarde cette vidéo Même sans médaille, si on pouvait revoir Jason, ne serait-ce qu'une fois, à la bagarre avec les meilleurs