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  1. Winter Olympic Games 2022 News

    I would chose... none of them . The only one I'd personnaly like to see is the snowboard cross team event, but only if it was limited to only one - mixed - event. I guess that alpine parralel slalom is a given at this point (and alpine combined on his way out also). Big air skiing is so redundant with both aerials and snowboarding big air. But the IOC really want to reach these millenials I don't see any other events making the cut (except perhaps women NC)
  2. Please, let it be true. Please, let it be true
  3. Modern Pentathlon UIPM World Cup 2018

    Fencing + equestrian and you only need horses that go straight: problem solved
  4. Baseball 2018 Discussion Thread

    Well, no, not really . There are similar games in other european regions (Wallonia, northen France, Valencia region...). There is even a world championship and an international game that mixes the differents disciplines. All of them and more (basque pelota, tambourin/tamburello... and, well, tennis) are sharing the same roots. None of them looks anything like this new baseball game though
  5. The "Road to Tokyo 2020" Topic

    We really should make a contest out of it: - predict every nations that will qualify in each team sport - rank according to the percentage of success - a ridiculous tiebreaker ------------- Bragging rights Edit: once, we have the definitve qualification systems.
  6. Men's Field Hockey FIH World Cup 2018

    I assume our comeback in the World Cup after 27 years will be a very short-lived one
  7. Track Cycling UCI World Championships 2018

    No it didn't. Please stop. Swimming was neither needed nor seen valuable and certainly didn't come naturaly. And again, it has nothing to do with the topic...
  8. Track Cycling UCI World Championships 2018

    Disagree with what ? It has nothing to do with the lack of popularity* of the sport outside of the olympics. *popularity as in spectators popularity which was @JoshMartini007point I believe. Besides, that's a very debatable point. There have been billions of people who never learnt how to swimm through historty. I'm not even sure that the majority of people today knows how to swimm.
  9. France National Thread | En Route pour Tokyo 2020

    La chaîne L'Equipe qui réalise ce qu'on espérait plus du "service public"
  10. Track Cycling UCI World Championships 2018

    Six, next year !
  11. Track Cycling UCI World Championships 2018

    The 'popularity' of swimming is only worth of the million+ of medals they are giving away during each olympics. If it was not for that, it would just be just one olympic sports among others. T&F is a different beast.
  12. Regarding Sochi (Why are we talking about that here btw ) and its pricetag, the $50b meme should really be revisted one day, possibly cut in half: https://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/style/did-the-winter-olympics-in-sochi-really-cost-50-billion-a-closer-look-at-that-figure/2014/02/10/a29e37b4-9260-11e3-b46a-5a3d0d2130da_story.html?utm_term=.76063b896db5 But, it won't serve the anti-russian Sochi 2014 narrative. So... And yes, other cities didn't wait for Sochi to happen to drop their bids left and right.
  13. Not even close. The Olympics survived Montreal 76, they'll survive Sochi 2014
  14. Men's Tennis Davis Cup 2018

    The thing is that the Davis Cup was really the X factor of the tennis world. The X factor that was badly needed. Congrats, tennis you're the new golf. Nicklas Kulti and Arnaud Boetsch played the best match of tennis ever in 1996. Period.
  15. Men's Tennis Davis Cup 2018

    No, the very top 0.0001% of the best players wanted this. For many players, the Davis Cup was their thing, their ultimate goal. Bye to the epicness of 5 sets matches, bye to the crazyness of 5 matches rounds, bye to the small places and their one chance in a life time to host some of the best players in the world, bye to the crowds and fucking bye to history. And they dare to call this thing 'Davis Cup' Tennis is fast becomming a souless bilionaires freakshow, so clean, so perfect. Davis Cup was the last thing giving it a bit of life.
  16. Winter Olympic Games 2018 Medal Count

    No idea, IOC used to have its own placement table (top 6 only IIRC) in the official repports (findable online), But they stopped that in the 50's or 60's...
  17. Only from a national perspective (french performances on the field and TV coverage here). Overall, they were OK games, just like Rio (with very different issues though). Sochi was one step higher IMO (that if you don't take in consideration the ridiculous high price tag attached to it)
  18. From a personnal perpestive, it was awfull; from a more borader view, it was ok I guess: - The look/feeling of the games: Meh to say the least. The venues were boring and the decorum was allready seen a thousand of times. Nothing will make history here. The snow events were held in front of empty crowds and the fandom in the ice events leave me quite puzzled. We didn't feel any passion for the games, and considering the reviews from people that were there, I don't think there was any. Vancouver was so much better in this regard, without even speaking of Lillehammer - Organisation: Good. We didn't have any drama with the venues before the games. Everything was ready way before the Games started. On the field, everything went smooth with very helpfull locals.Security was tight but not over the top. On the other hand, the schedule was awfull. -Performances: Ok We only had a few of historical moments (White, Ledecka, the german ice hockey team, etc.), but I'm not sure we could ask for more with the winter Games.
  19. That makes two of us... From an national perspective, it was kinda awfull, whith way more bad surprises than good ones to an extent that I didn't beleive was possible and our national coverage made it only worse (basically, announcing medals before they were there each fucking time) Very frustrating games. By far the ones I enjoyed the least since I've started followed them (Atlanta here).
  20. 6th place, not bad Just missing the podium for very little, that's frustrating very much like the french team at Pyeongchang actually I had a couple of big 7 or 8 points misses (like Switzerland overtaking Austria ) I had abyssimal results in the other contests (often beaten by @bestmen ), so there is that. Thanks to anyone involved, I really appreciated this contest
  21. Winter Olympic Games 2018 Medal Count

    Number of medals per number of overall medals in each winter olympics: *Germany = East + West Norway and the early games
  22. Winter Olympic Games 2018 Medal Count

    Czechoslovakia just had its best olympics ever, Yugoslavia not so much.
  23. France National Thread | En Route pour Tokyo 2020

    Oui, il faudrait faire une chaîne tout autour du monde pour crier notre désamour de la FFSG http://mobile.lemonde.fr/jeux-olympiques-pyeongchang-2018/article/2018/02/23/jo-2018-alexis-contin-le-soliste-du-patinage-francais_5261377_5193626.html Ici, ils annoncent en toute tranquillité que la grande piste c'est mort en France. Leur sempiternel augment c'est qu'il n"y a pas de piste de France et que donc "tout cela est bien compliqué ma bonne dame" (je ne sais l'pas si l'expression existe au Canada ) en omettant de dire que d'autres pays qui n'ont pas de piste ont des équipes compétitives et que nous sommes une des meilleures nations en roller et que les Pays Bas sont à moins de 200 bornes... A noter que je ne parle pas nécessairement de résultats ici, mais seulement d'athlètes qui pourraient mener leur projet à bien en étant accompagnés par des gens bienveillants, et non des demi sociopathes qui n'ont que mépris et méchanceté pour eux. Constat valable également pour le bob, skeleton et luge (y'a des gamins qui étaient qualifiables dans ces sports qu'ils ont choisi de ne pas emmener à Pyeongchang)