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  1. So much tension between the French and Russian team, you could feel it through the TV
  2. It's an american football ball...
  3. It basically never happens. Somme balls can be realy hard though (but there are many different kind of balls depending of the type of game). The ones playing with their bare hands with a very hard ball are the ones who suffer a lot. Still my favorute racquet sport and the most fun to play a friendly game IMHO. Can't wait to see the Slovaks make their debuts on world stage
  4. Maybe, that's just a (failed) scam Anyway, with you, that make 2 slovakains who would know what the sport is. I smell growth in the air.
  5. Wait... what ? Basque Pelota in Slovakia ?
  6. Meh... it's hardly a flawless map (see slovakia for a start) If you only count the "bums on seats" aspect of it , rugby is a more popular sport than soccer in SA. It might also be the case in Madagascar (yes, really).
  7. Rugby League.
  8. Freaking unbelievable. We won, leading the game for a grand total of 0.1 second.
  9. 0.1 second on a biathlon race
  10. Sounds perfect to my ears
  11. The french NT kit is supplid by the official local Captain Tsubasa's material retailer
  12. No one cares, basically.
  13. Wiggins seems to suffer a rare disease that seems to waken up just before GTs start.
  14. Here, we have a fancy paper signed by some one, so nothing to see there. Nothing "troubling" with so many top athletes living around with rare diseases and competing or training with legal doping products http://www.uci.ch/clean-sport/therapeutic-use-exemptions/ TUE's granted by UCI have declined from 239 in 2009 to 13 in 2015. Which can only means two things. - Up to 2009, we had a population of near-zombie ridding in pro cycling. - TUE's were used do cover up doping cases. I'd favor the second hypothesis. And what UCI has done, others might still doing it. TUEs are a disgrace. At the very least, sport people shouldn' be able to compete using them, and there sloud not be no retroactive case in any circonstance. At best, they should be eradicated. -
  15. I was not either...