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  1. Rugby Sevens 2017 Discussion Thread

    I dont watch rugby very closely. Does anyone have an idea about what has changed in the South African team to achieved this performance boost in the current World Series season?
  2. Handball 2016 Discussion Thread

    LOL, Serbia in a position to commit "the crime".
  3. Handball 2016 Discussion Thread

    Things that are possible with this Spanish team on the court
  4. Football at the Summer Olympic Games 2016

    haha, brazilians always support the weakest team when Brazil is not in field.
  5. Football at the Summer Olympic Games 2016

    21ºC, but it's raining in various parts of Rio de Janeiro, so it's all a bit dark.
  6. Football at the Summer Olympic Games 2016

    Vuvuzelas were not allowed in Olympics venues
  7. Football at the Summer Olympic Games 2016

    That first half was very bad
  8. Football at the Summer Olympic Games 2016

    The public is beginning to get bigger in the Olympic Stadium. I think the atmosphere will be good for the brazilian match. In Belo Horizonte the public, unfortunately, must be pretty bad. But in São Paulo is expected that the stadium will be well filled.
  9. Brazil National Thread | Rumo a Tóquio 2020

    Tô rindo demais desse vídeo:
  10. Summer Olympic Games 2016 News

    Try this link: https://www.instagram.com/explore/tags/olympicvillage/
  11. Summer Olympic Games 2016 News

    You mean it? https://www.instagram.com/explore/tags/rio2016/
  12. Summer Olympic Games 2016 News

    The official site design is extremely chaotic for a while I hope they make a layout change, since this current layout, in theory, it is already old.
  13. Football at the Summer Olympic Games 2016

    The Brazilian mens NT beat Japan by 2-0 on Saturday. The game was in the Serra Dourada Stadium (which will not be used in the Olympics), and the pitch was very bad. But I really like what I saw, the squad is very good and creative. I was quite excited.