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  1. Modern Pentathlon 2017 Discussion Thread

    Choong and Muir are only ones I'm sure of - their participation is confirmed on PentathlonGB webiste. Maybe (just suppose) Prasiantsova, who doesn't participate in U24 Europeans, though Belarus sends strong team. Maybe, they are training normally As well as Italians Maybe Schleu, I'm not sure but I think she wrote something about it few weeks ago on Facebook. Schöneborn married not so long ago, but last year Khuraskina came to CISM World Championships right after her honeymoon and won it. They also don't send anyone to U24 Europeans to Drzonków, though this age category is also for Marvin Dogue, Christian Zillekens and Alexandra Bettinelli. Maybe Özyüksel, there was some competition lately in Turkey, seems like National Championships (unfortunately I didn't check it in details), so they may be training now normally. No go: Nowacka, who is on holiday in Balkans. We have this U24 Europeans in Drzonków, so other seniors might come to support their younger colleagues. And all our national team coaches will be there, so probably only Maliszewska might come with her club coach to Doha (but I doubt it, as her boyfriend, Stasiak, will start in her home city and there was no document of selection signed by sports director as it is usually done for the UIPM competition, which is all competitions instead of the only commercial one - Kremlin Cup, and CISM competitions). Kovács is on holiday in Rome, Földházi seems not to train now as well, she took part in some "BBQ World Cup". Bence Demeter had hip surgery. In fact I doubt any of Hungarians will be in Doha - both "association captains" (they call their main coaches this way in Hungarian) are to come to Drzonków. Though somebody might go either without a coach or with a club coach. Hefny has some pain and doesn't run - posted on Instagram photo from horse riding training. Kuf was on some trip in mountains, even if it was part of training, not the kind it should be done few days before competition in the desert. They had holiday lastly, I think - some of their women's pentathletes posted photos in bikini by the sea in last days/weeks, so I suppose they wouldn't start in a competition without training.
  2. 2026 Winter Olympic Games

    IOC says that they need to change the process so that more cities want to organise Olympics. Cities do want to, people don't. And people won't understand anything from the IOC officials speeches.
  3. My simulation of quotas after Dordrecht. Please, check it, if you can, just to be sure my method of counting is good.
  4. Oh, I missed it. So that might change a little bit. That's how it looks correctly:
  5. That's my simulation of Olympic quotas after Budapest. If you can please check, if I'm correct.
  6. Figure Skating 2017 - 2018 Discussion Thread

    @dcro Why won't they select Kennes?
  7. Usually only final days have been broadcasted in past seasons so it will be probably the same this time.
  8. 2026 Winter Olympic Games

    What is the purpose of permament areas? I understand that they are cheap, but this way Olympics bring nothing new to the host country, as the infrastructure isn't developed with new venues, where young athletes could train. The idea of using existing venues only leads us to giving Olympics to the same cities till the end of the world as many countries has less energy to build new arenas without being sure that they will be used in highest level of competition.
  9. Summer Youth Olympic Games 2018

    Modern Pentathlon - Asia+Oceania: Men: Hyoseop Shin Zhonghao Zhao Keaan van Venrooij Women: Xin Yuan Yangji Yoon Nikita Mawhirt
  10. The Innsbruck bid is in fact Innsbruck-Tirol, but so far it refers to Austrian citites of Seefeld, Kühtai and St. Anton am Arlberg as well as German Inzell. No word on Italy for now. On 15th of October there will be a referendum in Tirol during Austrian parlamentary election. Adding to the list of @dcro there are also Almaty, Sapporo and Erzurum interested in 2026 Olympics.
  11. I'm afraid so. And there are still questions about two things: what will be order of qualification tournament (continental or intercontinental as last chance?) and what will be qualification to qualification - last continental championships, continental confederation ranking or world ranking?
  12. Sorry, my mistake - I made a compilation of UEFA's Ceferin and Boricic. Both are from the same region. Of course I meant Boricic.
  13. This article is written on basis of article in Polish biggest sport daily newspaper Przegląd Sportowy. The author is a chief of redaction's volleyball team, but I have a lot of doubts to the job he made. First of all he wrote that IOC must approve the proposal of FIVB this year, which means he knows nothing about it - due to my information (I think from a few posts above from this forum) the approval is scheduled for February 2018 (which I pressume means it will be during pre-session IOC EB meeting in Pyeongchang). If one thesis of the article is doubtful, so there can be others. For example the one about continental championships being Olympic Qualification Tournament. In the article the phrase "Champion of Continental Confederation" was used, but in the proposal posted on FIVB website a few months ago the phrase was "Champion of Continental Confederation's qualification". That's easy to misunderstand and may lead to mistake. The second thing - during Eurovolley in Poland my colleague attented the press conference of Ceferović about 2019 qualifications and he asked Ceferović about it - the CEV president said, that there will be a separate qualification tournament. And one linguistical thing - the second tournament is not supposed to be "International" (all will be) but "Intercontinental" - that's the error of the author of an article linked by @EselTheDonkey
  14. Historical Sport Pictures

    On 13th September 2009 Polish Men's National Team became Volleyball European Champions for the first time in history.
  15. Historical Sport Pictures

    On 12th Septmeber 1981 in Drzonków Janusz Pyciak-Peciak won his second Modern Pentathlon World Championships gold medal. This time he also won in a team competition with Jan Olesiński and Zbigniew Szuba.
  16. Historical Sport Pictures

    On 1th September 1932 two greatest Polish aviators Franciszek Żwirko and Stanisław Wigura died in a plane accident while they were on their way for a plane meeting in Czechoslovakia. Two weeks earlier they won the Challenge 1932 competition.
  17. Historical Sport Pictures

    On 10th September 1972 our national team won the Olympic final of football against Hungary 2:1 after two goals of Kazimierz Deyna. (sixth from left).
  18. Historical Sport Pictures

    On 9th September 1960 Ireneusz Paliński (middle) and Jan Bochenek (right) became first Polish athletes who won two medals in one event (weightlifting - 82,5 kg) at the Summer Olympics.
  19. Historical Sport Pictures

    On 8th September 1960 Jarosława Jóźwiakowska (left) won silver in women's high jump losing to Iolanda Balas - it was first (out of two) medal for Poland in this event in the Olympic history.
  20. Historical Sport Pictures

    I know it's very small picture, but worth mentioning:, On 7th September 1929 Stanisław Petkiewicz (right) has beaten Paavo Nurmi (left) in 3000 m race in Warsaw. Thanks to that success he later won the title of Sportpersonality of the Year in the 4th annual plebiscite.
  21. Historical Sport Pictures

    On 6th September 1960 Józef Szmidt won gold in triple jump with the Olympic record of 16,81 m.
  22. People are not reading an internet, people are watching it. That's why we need colours - like those from flag. I personally like that something is regular, has it's place, order.
  23. Well, I'm afraid we cannot ignore the more and more coming news about ideas of introducing the e-sport into programme of the Olympics (maybe even in 2024). I'm interested in your opinion.
  24. Modern Pentathlon 2017 Discussion Thread

    That's nice of them
  25. Modern Pentathlon 2017 Discussion Thread

    Italian Modern Tetrathlon (Pentathlon without riding, for Youth As U19): - Beatrice Mercuri with YOG quota - Elena Micheli with WCH silver - Maria Lea Lopez with ECH gold - Alice Rinaudo with ECH bronze I'm deeply impressed