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  1. One of the Polish webiste's is referring to the source close to FIVB saying, that the volleyball qualification system for Tokyo 2020 is going to change drastically. They say it's sure and it's been accepted by FIVB Board. Details: - September 2019 - 6 round robin tournaments of four with TOP24 in FIVB ranking participating (serpentine of course) - winner with the quota. - 5 continental quota - Host Is it possible to change it after the IOC confirmation?
  2. Volleyball 2018 Discussion Thread

    I think it will be only second paid IF channel (after FEI TV).
  3. [OFF TOPIC] Fantasy Games Thread

    Heh, I tried to join the old one (somebody put a pin code here, so I typed it). Now I'm joining the new one. Will my results from Doha and Shanghai be counted?
  4. Does anyone have the list of events in which athletes can earn points to the Olympic Ranking?
  5. Skateboarding - not an official document, but the system is known: http://www.worldskate.org/
  6. But we could update it as some new systems (and dates to those who we already know) would come.
  7. Is anybody doing the qualification calendar? I have it, but in Polish and with focus on when Polish athetes can qualify. The only rankings that already started are Volleyball and Taekwondo, right? Or BMX Elite also counts from now on?
  8. Summer Youth Olympic Games 2018

    For now only Salma, but the other girl (also one) can qualify through ranking on 1st of July then your NOC (or rather federation, probably it will be coach's decision) have to choose one.
  9. Summer Youth Olympic Games 2018

    Quotas for girls' Modern Pentathlon/Tetrathlon: Alice Rinaudo*, Yewen Gu* , Salma Abdelmaksoud Martina Armanazqui** Emma Riff Anna Jurt * waiting for decision of NOC as their compatriots already have quota ** Host Country
  10. Yeah, that's the problem - it shouldn't be, because each NOC can have only one duet, and if it has a team, the duet has to be from that team too because of the quota limits.
  11. Isn't there something wrong in the artistic swimming? Host country has a quota in duets as one of 10 teams AND as Asian representative in duets itself - which is impossible as every country can have only one duet (2 athletes) maximum. Where is the mistake - in a system checked and approved by both FINA and IOC or in my interpretation?
  12. Modern Pentathlon UIPM World Cup 2018

    Italy with gold in mixed relay ahead of hosts and Mexicans.
  13. Aaaah, ok, thanks, that's what I didn't notice.
  14. I got lost with field hockey. The OQE is six matches (I guess home and away) so it means 12 teams (which is also confirmed in point v)). But those to quaify are 4 from Hockey Pro League, 2 from Hockey Series and 2 from ranking - that gives us just 8 teams, so we need 4 more. Did I miss something?
  15. Does Japan as host country has an automatic quota in triathlon mixed? It's not written in the system, butI think that's why they have two quota instead of one.
  16. So it's the first one which is not only a project, but rubberstamped by the IOC? Now the snowball will start rolling faster and faster.
  17. Totallympics Annual International Song Contest 2018

    If so - Monaco is first in my queue (though I don't speak French or Monegasque at all).
  18. Totallympics Annual International Song Contest 2018

    I speak Hungarian, I study Hungarian language and culture at the univeristy, I write Hungrian-Polish-English sport dictionary, I support also Hungarian athletes, but I'm 100%
  19. 2026 Winter Olympic Games

    I think it was in 2015 when they crossed out the term "discipline" out of the Olympic Charter (as a result of Agenda 2020 which proposed to concentrate more on events). Now Telemark is a new event in one sport (skiing) and it's up to FIS to propose it. The host may propose for their own edition some new sports, for example bandy.
  20. Sport Climbing project from the Polish federation's website.
  21. I also thought about it, but I was waiting if someone else would want it. But as there is no one I can take my beloved sport.