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  1. That's right, my mistake, sorry.
  2. With Netherlands as rival in QF you need to take 5th place.
  3. Then maybe there is no place for football in the Olympic programme? I think it should be the most important competition for everyone. If FIFA has their own big show, then what for do they need the Olympics? Maybe it's time to change it for futsal or beach soccer?
  4. For sure football (at least the men's event), tennis and golf. These are those sports who have more important competitions than Olympics (what hurts me) and it is seen in the attitude of athletes (in case of men's football it's the attitude of FIFA, which makes it junior competition instead of normal). About rugby - it is sevens, which is less popular than fifteens. But for me it's ok, it's like introducing vaulting in place of dressage. Boxing is for me the second sick sport in the Olympic programme (after weightlifting). No other sport has so many IFs. In this situation we cannot say, who really is the best. Road cycling - I would say that Olympics are not the most important race (what hurts me again), but in opposite to football, tennis and golf we can see the best athletes racing for it. It's like second World Championships, which I think is still less prestigous than TdF, Giro or Vuelta.
  5. I want to ask in another matter. Are there any plans to come back to weekly schedule that was on totallympics before the great breakdown of the forum last year? It would be very helpful for some of the users.
  6. It won't replace the World League, but the Champions Trophy. The idea quite interesting for gaining money in countries, where field hockey is more popular (TV rights, sponsorship etc.)
  7. Italian girls were impossible that day - all four of them were in the top four places after first running lap, but Laura and Ilke destroyed this "dolce vita" (though the real "dolce vita" was at the after party on Sunday evening). But coming back to Alice - just two days later big tragedy for her - at the beginning of the mounting for the mixed relays she had problems with her horse, who got really nervous. I didn't see this, but those who were there said me the whole story - one of the referees was holding the horse to help her calm it down. She asked the referee not to, so he let it go. The horse stood up on its back legs and she fell off - she wasn't even on the sand yet, she fell down on a concrete and broke her wrist. I heard the medicals being called by the announcer and turn my head there (I was sitting near the mounting area, but watching the main parcour), one of Polish young athletes came down there to see what's happened and told me the story.
  8. Well, the best summary is the quote from Beach Boys' song "Fun, Fun, Fun" (later covered by Status Quo feat. Beach Boys): "She makes the Indy 500 look like a Roman chariot race now"
  9. Great group for women - and are too good, but with and we should fight for places 3-4. And I think that even 8th place will be enough to qualify for World Champs in London (I suppose all continental champions and host, England, will take place, that would give them quota from World League).
  10. After he finished the competition a little wound under Bagazza's saddle-blanket was found.
  11. Polish TVP Sport will broadcast live today's jumping since 3:40 a.m. CET, also on their website sport.tvp.pl (I'm not sure if it's not geo-blocked). The commentator will be Jarosław Idzi, former modern pentathlete, now member of the EBU Sports Committtee.
  12. Next week the Dressage Nations Cup season starts in Wellington, FL. Only three teams start - , and . According to rules there shall be at least four teams for CDIO, so I am not sure, if this event will be counted to the overall classification.
  13. The rumours in Polish media say, that TOP 10 of today's relays has a sure relay qualification to the PyeongChang 2018. I can't find such a rule neither in official international qualification system nor in Polish criteria. Anyone can confirm or deny the rumours about TOP 10?
  14. Dawid Kubiak, Gábor Szabó jr and Rein Pill qualified for Jumping WC Final in Omaha from Central European League.