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    modern penathlon, curling, volleyball, field hockey, water polo, equestrian
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    Poles and Hungarians
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  1. There's a change zone one the parcour - as the first rider finishes and arrives to it the second one starts (time is not stopped for the change of course).
  2. And Bob the Builder sleeped after yesterday's breaking leg in a fall... Tragic competition for us.
  3. Hoy eliminated, Carlile eliminated... It's gonna change the team classification a bit, isn't it?
  4. They said in the media centre, that the Germans' team result is the world record. I'm surprised that the result of Hoy isn't (or is it?).
  5. Summer Youth Olympic Games 2018

    Check FIPM webiste. I posted it based on official document with qualification system.
  6. Summer Youth Olympic Games 2018

    Modern pentathlon (in fact tetrathlon as youth athletes don't do horse riding) - European Qualification in Caldas da Rainha - three quotas per gender: Girls - Michelle Gulyás Laura Heredia Beatrice Mercuri Boys - Giorgio Malan Egor Gromadskii Kamil Kasperczak
  7. Correction for - due to injury of one of top horses (I don't know which one) there will be no Polish team "for it has no chance for good result" (official information of Polish Equestrian Federation). The only Polish pair will be Kaźmierczak on Stakorado.
  8. Best: 1. Win against Soviets in final of men's volleyball in Montreal 1976. 2. Kozakiewicz in Moscow 1980 (+Ślusarski with silver) 3. Gold of Kowalczyk in Vancouver after wonderful finish against Bjoergen. Worst: 1. Szewińska losing baton in Mexico 1968. 2. Fall of Seroczyńska on last turn at 1000 m in Squaw Valley as she was heading for gold and WR. 3. No gold for Małysz.
  9. Looking this way Germany is also Eastern as it's more Eastern than France. Just in case you forgot Berlin was an Eastern city too.
  10. Today I came back from Hungary. The tennis competition was terrible to follow - only the official site with final score of each game, no electronic scoreboards (only the manual one at the umpire's chair), one court out of nine had tribunes, all other were covered and you had to climb to see, what's behind the fence, no press info (I had to use the board for athletes). Great facilities at athletics (livescore on touchscreens for a half of a media tribune seemed to be enough for us), though volunteers somehow forgot to bring athletes from few events to the mixed zone. Fantastic atmosphere at judo, very little interest from media for the volleyball. Very nice people and a really good organisation (as for the city of Győr having public traffic quite complicated for people outside of the city).
  11. Summer Olympic Games 2020 News

    I think Hungary would rather use Hosszú in backstroke instead of butterfly, as they have Cseh and Kenderesi.
  12. Summer Youth Olympic Games 2018

    Quotas for boys' Hockey5s from Europe go to Poland and France.
  13. Field Hockey FIH World League 2016 - 2017

    Finished with 0:1 loss. It's a loss, but I think it's a great start for our girls. On Monday we play with England - another tough game, but after what I saw today I think we might fight for some surprise.
  14. Field Hockey FIH World League 2016 - 2017

    That's right, my mistake, sorry.