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  1. Massive disappointment that Mørkøv isn't in the Katusha team. Seems like they don't believe enough in Kristoff to put all focus on him!
  2. Sounded like it isn't too bad.
  3. What a terrible finish for Corvette!
  4. Was that Adam losing his shot?
  5. It's simply too close for me!
  6. Pathetic LMP1 this year, fighting with a LMP2 for the win. Meanwhile GTE Pro is just as great as hoped with 5 cars within a lap Meanwhile we may end up with a Dane on the podium in the total! Highly interesting last 1½ hour!
  7. [hide] Preliminary Round June 17th - June 25th, 2017 8 Nations, 2 Groups, 1st and 2nd Nations from each Group will qualify for Semifinals Group A Date and Venue Team 1 T1 T2 Team 2 June 17th 2017, h. 18:00, Krestovsky Stadium, Saint Petersburg Russia 1 0 New Zealand June 18th 2017, h. 18:00, Kazan Arena, Kazan Portugal 2 0 Mexico June 21st 2017, h. 18:00, Otkrytiye Arena, Moscow Russia 0 2 Portugal June 21st 2017, h. 21:00, Fisht Olympic Stadium, Sochi Mexico 2 0 New Zealand June 24th 2017, h. 18:00, Kazan Arena, Kazan Mexico 2 1 Russia June 24th 2017, h. 18:00, Krestovsky Stadium, Saint Petersburg New Zealand 0 3 Portugal Group B Date and Venue Team 1 T1 T2 Team 2 June 18th 2017, h. 21:00, Otkrytiye Arena, Moscow Cameroon 1 2 Chile June 19th 2017, h. 18:00, Fisht Olympic Stadium, Sochi Australia 1 3 Germany June 22nd 2017, h. 18:00, Krestovsky Stadium, Saint Petersburg Cameroon 2 0 Australia June 22nd 2017, h. 21:00, Kazan Arena, Kazan Germany 2 1 Chile June 25th 2017, h. 18:00, Fisht Olympic Stadium, Sochi Germany 3 1 Cameroon June 25th 2017, h. 18:00, Otkrytiye Arena, Moscow Chile 2 0 Australia [/hide]
  8. And it's getting even more interesting next year when BMW joins in!
  9. Finally I'm actually able to follow the race (usually it's the same weekend that I'm on Northside Festival). Not surprisingly, GTE Pro will be the most interesting class for me with 3 cars with danish drivers, including the man and legend, Jan Magnussen, who will be trying to get his 5th class win. It will be interesting to see how the Corvette will do, but also Nicki Thiim and Marco Sørensen is looking very interesting in their Aston Martin.
  10. Lasse still in the mountain jersey! Guess we'll see him going for the break tomorrow!
  11. I'm finishing an exam tomorrow meaning I'll have plenty of time
  12. A calendar with World Championships would be a very fine start towards getting back to the great stuff we had on the old site. I wouldn't mind using a bit of time making one in the near future.
  13. That's just a stupid rumour!
  14. Fantastic win for Birdie. I'm so happy for him! It will be extremely interesting to see how he'll do in the Tour. Fingers are crossed for a new best result for him
  15. The forecasts have changed putting the Tories a lot closer to a majority. Still more than 4/5 of the seats are to be declared meaning a lot can change.
  16. Insidethegames are expecting 3x3 basketball and BMX freestyle to be approved More positive is that they also believe that madison will be. But it should become more clear tomorrow!
  17. Well. If you're sure that you can just turn around sleeping patterns, sure it is. Sadly I fear that Rio was the last time for some years that I'll be able to do so for the Entire games. If I decide to prolong the time that I'm gonna use for my final thesis, I can do the same next year (I'm meant to finish it by new year), but after that it's very questionable.
  18. Let's get back to this. Is LA saying they will take 2028 if the IOC decide to award both 2024 and 2028? http://www.insidethegames.biz/articles/1051260/los-angeles-concede-2024-summer-olympic-and-paralympic-games-to-paris
  19. Sometimes I consider whether I use too much time on the forum. Then I look at people like you and @hckosice and find out that I don't use the forum enough!
  20. To be honest, it took me some time to figure that out for me as well (even though we're Facebook friends )
  21. Wouldn't mind donating one of my spare phones
  22. In Denmark it's rather different from person to person, though nowadays most people ask to not wear shoes inside.
  23. Not to forget 10 different skills contests!