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  1. Al-Qaeda released an article in 2010 about it.
  2. For me it's usually 100 % my taste. This time it's the slightly more personal choice, as I know Kris and have helped him on several occasions.earlier in his solo career. I still like the song a lot (though I personally liked som of his earlier songs a bit more)
  3. A terrible alpine season for Sweden. It ended in a fine way with a podium for Frida and a win for Andre as well as a team win.
  4. Well. The first cut is the deepest, as Cat Stevens sings. It has now been done. I expect to be done by the 27th or 28th.
  5. No doubt that he never bacame as good a sprinter as was expected (as we was after all seen as a major talent), but he was still pretty decent
  6. Ciolek a non-sprinter?
  7. As a student, it surely would for me!
  8. Well. After a rather mediocre (maybe even bad) Champion season, we finally got our golds!
  9. Danish and Dutch TV seem to be having a bit of a battle at who's best at the other country's language!
  10. I'm using the Youtube playlist
  11. Usually I listen to the songs twice before doing anything (the first time without even looking at the countries) The third time, I make the first cut. Sometimes it's pretty big and other times only 5 songs are cut (this will be during this weekend) The fourth time, I try cutting it down to the final top 15, but sometimes it's a bit more. Then I rank the songs during one or two listening sessions (sometimes I feel sure enough to just take the first ranking. Other times, I give it another go)
  12. Don't know if I would feel happy about machines yet, but it did seem extremely slow. Also pretty interesting that cities like Amsterdam and Groningen are done, while some of the very small are still counting.
  13. Groningen! Let's just finish counting now
  14. Didn't really listen to that one (was focused on something else). But wow. Watching people counting votes brings back memories (I was an official myself during the election for the European Parliament)