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  1. Tour de France 2018

    Well. I was a bit too quick. I do of course mean for a stage
  2. Tour de France 2018

    And Cort is suddenly in contention
  3. Summer Olympic Games 2020 News

    Not much fan of the 1 Vs 1 and 3 Vs 3 part, but I do like the bottom half
  4. Tour de France 2018

    Considering how close he is to yellow, it feels like they want to put Sky under pressure
  5. Tour de France 2018

    Gaviria wasn't in the last group
  6. Tour de France 2018

    34 minutes now. They're close to the top, but it'll be tight!
  7. Tour de France 2018

    Got to give it to van Avermaet. What a way to defend the yellow on the first mountain stage!
  8. Tour de France 2018

    We'll see on Romme, but it's really looking like another first mountain stage where it's mainly about waiting.
  9. Tour de France 2018

    And now for the kind of mountain so missed in the Tour!
  10. Tour de France 2018

    Izagirre getting dropped by the break? Edit: Not quite, but he's not looking like one of the best in the bunch
  11. Tour de France 2018

    Shouldn't really be necessary with any help in that group...
  12. Tour de France 2018

    Well. If she felt that nothing was working for her back then. The she had a wisdom tooth removed and slowly got better.
  13. Tour de France 2018

    Terrible cyclist
  14. Tour de France 2018

    Cecilie in tears of joy after feeling that she was terrible about a month ago. She's a new darling!