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  1. Doping Cases and Bans Thread (2018)

    My favorite will always be Tyler Hamilton's unborn twin!
  2. Men's Handball EHF European Championship 2018

    He must have been sleeping then. Even if the 3m rule was new, the last change of the rules were 1½ years ago. BTW, @mihamiha: I just found this explaining why nothing was done by the Slovenian throw-off: "Incorrect positions on the part of the defending players in connection with the execution of a throw-off, throw-in, or free throw must not be corrected by the referees if the attacking players are not at a disadvantage by taking the throw immediately. If there is a disadvantage, then the positions are to be corrected."
  3. Oh yeah. Didn't read the article, just saw the names and wanted to be first
  4. TEAM SWEDEN Goaltenders: Jonas Enroth (Dynamo Minsk, KHL ) Viktor Fasth (Växjö) Magnus Hellberg (Kunlun Red Star, KHL ) Defencers: Staffan Kronwall (Lokomotiv Jaroslavl, KHL ) Mikael Wikstrand (Färjestad) Patrik Hersley (Ska S:t Petersburg, KHL ) Johan Fransson (Geneve-Servette, ) Simon Bertilsson (Brynäs) Rasmus Dahlin (Frölunda) Erik Gustafsson (Neftechimik, KHL ) Jonas Ahnelöv (Avangard Omsk, KHL ) Forwards: Joakim Lindström (Skellefteå) Fredrik Pettersson (ZSC Lions ) Pär Lindholm (Skellefteå) Dennis Everberg (Avangard Omsk, KHL ) Joel Lundqvist (Frölunda) Alexander Bergström (Sibir Novisibirsk, KHL ) Viktor Stålberg (Zug ) Dick Axelsson (Färjestad) Oscar Möller (Skellefteå) Carl Klingberg (Zug ) Anton Lander (Ak Bars Kazan, KHL ) Linus Omark (Salavat Julaev, KHL )
  5. Men's Handball EHF European Championship 2018

    Let me once again say, I didn't watch the match. I have therefore not seen the situation with the towel, but no doubt it sounds like a big mistake (I actually believe that it should have led to a disqualification and written report on the one who did so) The Slovenia throw-off is slightly harder to judge. Usually people are allowed to be a little closer when it's clear that they are on the way back to the defence and therefore not planning to obstruct anything. One German player (Weber?) does turn around, most likely within 3 metres. It doesn't mean anything to the match and therefore it's pretty hard to judge as the ref. Had he in any way obstructed the throw-off (if the Slovenian player decided to shot at once) he would (and should) most likely be given the same as the Slovenian. When it comes to the last German goal (in regular play), it does to me look like the defender moves a bit to the side just before the hit, making it seem right to me to give Germany a goal. But I'm not quite sure about that one. I must admit that I don't know the rules about instant replays very well and therefore I cannot say whether that happened as it should. And the suspension did absolutely seem wrong, but once again people don't understand that it only makes things worse complaining. No matter if the ref is right or wrong, it won't help complaining, either nothing happens or you get an suspension..
  6. Getting ready for some kind of party, I guess?
  7. Men's Handball EHF European Championship 2018

    The final decision was 100 % correct. Well done by the refs (I cannot say anything about the match in general, though). "For the throw-off at the start of each half (incl. any period of overtime), all players must be in their own half of the court. However, for the throw-off after a goal has been scored, the opponents of the thrower are allowed to be in both halves of the court. In both cases, however, the opponents must be at least 3 metres away from the player taking the throw-off (15:4, 15:9, 8:7c)." and: "if during the last 30 seconds of a game the ball is out of play, and a player or team official prevents or delays the execution of a throw for the opponents, in order to prevent them from being able to take a shot on goal or to obtain a clear scoring chance, the guilty player / official is to be disqualified and a 7m throw is to be granted to the opponents. It applies to any type of interference (e.g., with only limited physical action, interfering with the execution of a throw such as intercepting a pass, interference with the reception of the ball, not releasing the ball)."
  8. Finally Emil Jönsson seems to be in good shape. Great race by him!
  9. Men's Handball EHF European Championship 2018

    What a 1st half from both offenses!
  10. Any medal (though we do absolutely have a couple of chances) will be worthy of a massive celebration!
  11. Well. With 7 less indoor rinks than Denmark, who can blame them
  12. TEAM SWEDEN Goaltenders: Sara Grahn (Brynäs) Sarah Berglind (Modo) Minatsu Murase (AIK) Defencers: Emilia Ramboldt (Linköping) Annie Svedin (Modo) Johanna Olofsson (Modo) Johanna Fällman (Luleå) Maja Nylén Persson (Leksand) Elin Lundberg (Leksand) Emmy Alasalmi (AIK) Forwards: Anna Borgqvist (Brynäs) Erica Udén Johansson (Brynäs) Pernilla Winberg (Linköping) Emma Nordin (Luleå) Rebecca Stenberg (Luleå) Erika Grahm (Modo) Olivia Carlsson (Modo) Hanna Olsson (Djurgården) Maria Lindh (Djurgården) Lisa Johansson (AIK) Sara Hjalmarsson (AIK) Sabina Küller (AIK) Fanny Rask (HV 71)
  13. Winter Olympic Games 2018 News

    https://www.insidethegames.biz/articles/1059974/exclusive-talks-over-possible-north-and-south-korean-womens-ice-hockey-team-at-pyeongchang-2018 Though I'm very positive towards letting North Korea participate even though they haven't met the original deadline for figure skating, I'm kind of sceptical towards this idea. Though I love the symbolic thing in marching in together, they would have to compete together in everything, to make sense when it comes to doing so in ice hockey.