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  1. [OFF TOPIC] General Chat

    It's pretty much the only thing they could have done. 4 more years in government would've been political suicide.
  2. Rowing 2017 Discussion Thread

    Not much of a surprise. He has long shown disinterest in lightweight rowing (and it seems like IOC aren't too fond of it as well). That's terribly sad for the universality of the sport.
  3. Rowing FISA World Championships 2017

    Pretty decent first day for us. 2 boats straight trough and the lightweight both seem pretty likely to be able to join after the repechages. Tomorrow Lærke and Christina should be able to fight for direct qualification while it will also be interesting to see how Fie will do (she has had some back problems meaning lower expectations) and also the W2x
  4. Rowing FISA World Championships 2017

    Good start for our 4. Looks like they have potential!
  5. Rowing FISA World Championships 2017

    live stream if people are interested: http://www.worldrowing.com/
  6. Rowing FISA World Championships 2017 Sarasota-Bradenton (USA) - 24 September 2017 - 1 October 2017 Totallympics Results Thread
  7. Road Cycling UCI World Championships 2017

    Oh dear. Here we go again... I'm honestly getting a bit tired of Sagan... But what the heck was Cort doing?
  8. Road Cycling UCI World Championships 2017

    Who would have thought that the weather would be this good in Bergen?
  9. Road Cycling UCI World Championships 2017

    Sweden in the break!
  10. [OFF TOPIC] General Chat

    You're absolutely right. I will not believe it!
  11. Road Cycling UCI World Championships 2017

    It's kind of split between Amalie and Cecilie
  12. Road Cycling UCI World Championships 2017

    Our girls haven't done much
  13. Denmark National Thread

    Road to Tokyo 2019 UEFA European Under-21 Championship qualification Faroe Islands 0 - 3 Denmark Half-Time: 0-1 August 31st 2017, h. 17:00 (GMT +1), Tórsvøllur, Tórshavn Denmark 6 - 0 Lithuania Half-Time: 3-0 September 5th 2017, h. 18:00 (GMT +2), Aalborg Stadion, Aalborg Next match Denmark vs Georgia October 6th 2017, h. 18:00 (GMT +2), Aalborg Stadion, Aalborg 2019 FIFA Women's World Cup qualification Hungary 1 - 6 Denmark Half-Time: 1-2 September 19th 2017, h. 18:00 (GMT +2), Ménfői úti Stadion, Győr Next match Sweden vs Denmark October 20th 2017, h. 18:45 (GMT +2), Gamla Ullevi, Gothenburg
  14. Summer Olympic Games 2020 News

    But then again, would you go to watch naked men doing sports?