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  1. Sadly it's a terrible week for me. Kolding is pretty close and I would love to go see a bit of badminton, but I don't have any time this week.
  2. I feel absolutely terrible seeing Fuglsang. I'm really impressed that he could focus enough to get a 15th place.
  3. Macron is social-liberal.
  4. The government numbers are those counted yet. She will most likely lose when votes from major cities are done.
  5. I'm having a hard time seeing any of the losing candidates support Le Pen and the same about their voters. Some of Dupont-Aignan's and Asselineau's voters may support her (and maybe some few Fillon-supporters), but unless Macron barely gets any votes from people supporting the other candidates, I'm having a very hard time seeing Le Pen winning.
  6. Norway JANOVE - Et hjerte som sloss (a heart that fights)
  7. Well, it seems like they're trying to make the race an alternative warm up for the Giro to make it more interesting. Nibali is a massive favourite, but guys like Zoidl, Roson, Hirt and Hansen will be interesting to see.
  8. The latest massive hit from the humanistic students at Aarhus University (Humbug is a union of students from humanities dedicated to parties and the annual boat race at the Univesity). I'm the one standing by the island at .2.08
  9. Just read that it was a puncture.
  10. What a disaster!
  11. Thanks a lot for the lovely welcome, and thanks a lot for selecting a place reminding us so much about where we're from with barely any altitude! And of course an area with so much history. I am looking forward to visiting the fort and the Cathedral. But being from a festival loving country (I believe we're the country with most festivals compared to population), I would love to be in Glastonbury for the festival to experience one of the few festivals above our own Roskilde Festival in the rankings!
  12. We decided to leave early to make sure that we made it in time this year!
  13. Gilbert 2011 is without doubt up there (Winning the Ardennes classics as well as Brabantse pijl and Strade Bianchi with a 3rd place in MSR and Top 10 in Flanders as well). Boonen 2005 is close as well.
  14. What a brilliant hole in one by Kuchar taking hip up to 3rd place!
  15. A highly interesting Masters. Justin Rose and Sergio Garcia seems to be fighting for the win, being 3 i front of Rickie Fowler halfway through the last round. Will Sergio Garcia finally get hist first major after 22 top 10 finishes including 4 2nd places? A win would make him only the 3rd Spanish golfer to win a major after the legend Seve Ballesteros and Jose Maria Olazabal Or will defending Olympic Champion Justin Rose win the green jacket? That would be his 2nd major after winning U.S: Open in 2013. Or will we see a collapse for both of them or an astonishing finish from Fowler or maybe Pieters or Schwartzel?