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  1. If I want the last one, I get the last one. I do afterall still have both Denmark and Sweden
  2. Just one last of the many America First videos. This time from my city. It's absolutely terrible, but you can actually see me I'm the one in red t-shirt and white cap at 1:48 (I can also be seen in the background at 1:41)
  3. In general, France has been pretty lucky. 3 DNF/DQs against Russia and tiny wins against both Sweden and Slovakia.
  4. And it's a medal!
  5. You spelled Swedish wrong!
  6. Wouldn't mind if Belgium beats Austria. Would love to see Sweden up against Belgium! (of course Sweden has to beat Slovenia first)
  7. Another great downhill by Christoffer but once again he made some very clear mistakes as well. With a good slalom and some luck, he may be able to make it into top 20.
  8. Down to 4 songs in the Danish selection. One very new artist, one major band with a song from their comeback album, one Danish artist who has had a bit of international attention and a more personal one from someone I know personally. Damn tough, as I would really love having all four as representatives, but it has to come down to one song!
  9. Not impressed so far. I'm tempted to say Italy's worst song since the comeback, but that doesn't really say a lot, as they've been very good more or less every year. So far France is my personal favorite.
  10. The other puck seems to have been in the top of the net...
  11. An absolute scandal in the match against Czech Republic!
  12. Another top 30 for Christoffer!
  13. I would say that the German one is the best. So lovely and political incorrect!
  14. And cancelled, it is!
  15. I've got a bad feeling about this!