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  1. Could u tell me more info about this athlete , or how to contact him on social media , I'm an administrator of Egypt sports network page and we can send his message to the minister of sport and the media here
  2. Football 2017 Discussion Thread

    this's really silly , it's a very big chance for any player to play in WC , i think they could postpone it until qualification ends , especially Denmark still has a shot in qualifying to WC
  3. Men's Basketball FIBA European Championship 2017

    Impressive Slovenia with 7 wins in 7 matches
  4. Volleyball 2017 Discussion Thread

    We had a historic victory in women's u23 wch , the 1st for Africa in tournament after defeating Thailand 4-2 , now a victory over Argentina will put us in 5-8 placement matches , we also lost hardly to Dominican Republic 4-2 , after leading 14-11 in 6th set and took 2 sets from China , despite absence of 2 of our major players
  5. Volleyball 2017 Discussion Thread

    I'm with experimental , if they return service as usual , because it's one of volleyball major skills that can't be modified , these new rules really help small countries to compete with big ones and make big results
  6. Tennis US Open 2017

    i know Zverev is still very young , but players like Nadal , Murray and Novak were doing much more great things at his age , i can't accept the fact he's never beaten any top 50 player in Grand Slam , despite his achievements this year , he's to work physically much harder to be able to do great things in Grandslams , for your question of course Nalbandian is greater than Cilic , but i didn't mean those players with only a slam and not doing other great things , i mean to be among the best in tennis u should be able to go very far in Grandslams , if Nalbandian didn't make such great results in Grand slams , he wouldn't have been mentioned , yes he didn't win a grand slam , but he was always among the best 4 in many grand slams of his era , he was very close from doing so
  7. Tennis US Open 2017

    Iam a big fan of Federer and i don't like nadal to win , but i think he deserved more appreciation of his achievement of winning US open and returning to no.1 this season , well Nadal's performance has been really high from 2007-2013 , so we can't say that he's not been great for 2 seasons in a row , he's simply among the greatest of whom had ever played tennis
  8. Tennis US Open 2017

    Many people talk about this in Tennis community and even here that Nadal didn't face top 20 players , so he doesn't deserve to be mentioned for his Grand slam victory , so I just clarified that it isn't his fault. Shapovalov could be something really big in tennis , I cheer for this player since I saw him in Rogers cup and I hope he just can end Big four dominance in Tennis and doesn't take foot steps of other young players who upsetted us , kyrgios , Dimitrov , Raonic , Theim and Zverev look like they would be the same , it doesn't matter if u win 4 masters , people will remember u for a slam victory
  9. Tennis US Open 2017

    I mean this overall season , who really would think that Nadal would become world no.1 before that season starts , same for Federer ofc
  10. Tennis US Open 2017

    I think Nadal totally deserved to win the title , Murray or Djokovic weren't that good before they got injured this season , and they've already got benefit from Nadal absence in past tournaments , he's not responsible for other players not able to win unseeded ones , Dimitrov , Cilic, kyrgios , zverev , goffin, tsonga and others , Nadal could have easily lost to unseeded player like these guys did , even the player who defeated Federer in Quarters , Nadal swept Delpotro , it's one of rarest times I see Delpotro not able to get back in such big games , same happened with Anderson , so Nadal is the one who made it.look easy here and he totally deserve this historical comeback
  11. Karate 2017 Discussion Thread

    Our performance is very awful , since the sport become Olympic
  12. Historical Sport Pictures

    thanks for this info , it's the first time i see that Froome participated in African games 2007 and won bronze there !
  13. Shooting ISSF Shotgun World Championships 2017

    Rosettii is the new king of men's skeet , new Vincent Hancock
  14. Handball 2017 Discussion Thread

    does anyone has info about women's junior wch 2018 ? where it'll be held and how many teams from each continent will qualify ?
  15. Tennis US Open 2017

    so Rafa Nadal looks very close to a 16th GS title here in US OPEN , 1st US open title since 2013
  16. Tennis US Open 2017

  17. Tennis US Open 2017

    what do u mean by IKR ?
  18. Tennis US Open 2017

    Juan Martin Del potro reaches his 1st grand slam semi final since 2013 after beating Federer in 4 sets
  19. Men's Football FIFA World Cup 2018

    he spent more than 2 years on the bench of manchester , Caballero could be a better solution ?
  20. Tennis US Open 2017

    Federer is doing the best he can to lose today , but all credit to the big man Delpo
  21. Men's Football FIFA World Cup 2018

    These're teams that almost qualified after this stage in world qualifications : Germany - Spain - Serbia - England - Nigeria - Tunisia - Costa Rica - Uruguay
  22. Men's Football FIFA World Cup 2018

    Panama will be 3rd if , result ends this way just 2 games before the end
  23. Men's Football FIFA World Cup 2018

    North American Qualifications :- 1. 1 - 1 FT 2. 2 - 0 74' 3. 1- 0 72'