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  1. Baseball MLB 2018 Discussion Thread

    I'm also a big fan of Blue Jays
  2. Wrestling 2018 Discussion Thread

    There's an Egyptian wrestler named Ibrahim Ghanem , he plays in Greco Roman -71 kg and he escaped in November after world U23 championship and went to Italy but i don't know anything about him since that , i know my question can be weired , but didn't u hear about him anything in Italy ?
  3. my favorite event here , Marathon of XC
  4. Figure Skating at the Winter Olympic Games 2018

    well depending more on technical side will bring a more fair competition , cuz it'll be really hard to much over score or underscore someone , 1+1=2 that's it , depending more on Artistic view is much more interesting and fun to watch , but doesn't always bring a fair competition , i always like it when u depend less on judges
  5. Doping Cases and Bans Thread (2018)

    thanks God , we don't have many international elite athletes in Africa , that's why Africa is the least
  6. Germany can be more dangerous than Canada they play like a team with full of grinta ( enthusiasm) , they remind me some how of Italian football
  7. As far as I know , national federations are the ones to pay insurance for NBA teams in basketball is this right ?
  8. They won bronze yes , I saw it gold when I first searched for it
  9. Hmmmm it's some how complicated , but IOC could have some pressure as well , well I just don't like how players are restricly bound to their clubs in those 2 leagues basically , for example just from few weeks Los Angles Clippers did a trade with Detroit Pistons including their star Blake Griffin who only knew from the media about this trade u can imagine how frustrated was him
  10. But why even IOC doesn't have any control over NHL and NBA
  11. They won gold in 1976 in Olympics
  12. Germany the better team won
  13. Korea wins , 1st final and medal ever for them and what a tournament so far also from Korea iam not a fan of curling , but I have really enjoyed that game
  14. Japan steals the tie in 10th end , this's really heating up we're going to an extra end
  15. And it could have been much worse , for Canada in this period
  16. 5 minutes power play for Germany , game over Canada
  17. That was really hard shoulder
  18. It's going crazy now , that's the hockey we want to see
  19. 3-1 , this's going be very tight
  20. They still have their chances , let's see
  21. Still many to play in this game
  22. Horrible defense by Canadians
  23. 2-0 Germany , Germans on fire
  24. 6-4 for Korea after 7th end