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  1. yeah , thanks very much for your efforts
  2. of course , but i doubt it . well at least if it doesn't work for the next WOG , IT CAN WORK IN 2022 WOG , it'll motivate many Egyptians living in USA , Canada or Britain and participating winter sports to represent Egypt in the near future
  3. Of course , but it'll be in Arabic
  4. Paralympic Sports Discussion Thread

    prayers with Mexico
  5. Paralympic Sports Discussion Thread

    Mexico City 2017 World Championships postponed Following Tuesday’s devastating earthquake the IPC has postponed upcoming World Championships in powerlifting and swimming. © • The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) has postponed the World Para Swimming and World Para Powerlifting Championships which were due to begin in Mexico City on 30 September following Tuesday’s (19 September) devastating earthquake in the country. The decision was taken following an assessment of the current situation and after close liaison with the Local Organising Committee and the City of Mexico government. Tuesday’s 7.1 magnitude quake has left hundreds dead and caused major damage to buildings and infrastructure in Mexico City and the surrounding area. Although the two venues that were set to host the Championships – the Francisco Marquez Olympic Swimming Pool and the adjacent Juan de la Barrera Olympic Gymnasium – appear to have sustained only minor damage, a full structural assessment needs to be conducted. In addition some of the hotels set to accommodate athletes and related infrastructure have been badly damaged. Around 1,400 athletes, officials and staff were due to be in Mexico City for the 2017 Para Sport Festival which was to feature both the World Para Swimming and World Para Powerlifting Championships between 30 September and 6 October. A small number of team delegations had already arrived in the city for training camps ahead of the event and all have indicated they are safe following Tuesday’s earthquake. Andrew Parsons, IPC President, said: “Following the terrible earthquake our thoughts, prayers and condolences are with the people of Mexico at this time. The tragic loss of life and devastation caused is heart breaking to see and our deepest sympathies are with all those involved. “As a result of this tragedy, we are in full agreement that the immediate focus of the Mexican authorities should be on prioritising recovery and rebuilding for the Mexican people and not organising two major international sport events. Therefore, we have agreed with the Local Organising Committee and City of Mexico government to postpone the upcoming World Championships in Para swimming and Para powerlifting until further notice. “I know the postponement of both Championships will be disappointing news to all the athletes who were set to take part, however these are unique circumstances and quite simply this is the right thing to do at the moment. “Our immediate priority now is to work with the team delegations currently in Mexico City to ensure their safe departure. We will then assess whether we can reorganise these Championships in the near future in Mexico City or seek alternatives.” This is the first time the IPC has had to postpone a major Championships in its history. Link : https://www.paralympic.org/news/mexico-city-2017-world-championships-postponed
  6. https://www.facebook.com/EgySportsNews/ this's Egypt sports Network
  7. Could u tell me more info about this athlete , or how to contact him on social media , I'm an administrator of Egypt sports network page and we can send his message to the minister of sport and the media here
  8. Football 2017 Discussion Thread

    this's really silly , it's a very big chance for any player to play in WC , i think they could postpone it until qualification ends , especially Denmark still has a shot in qualifying to WC
  9. Men's Basketball FIBA European Championship 2017

    Impressive Slovenia with 7 wins in 7 matches
  10. Volleyball 2017 Discussion Thread

    We had a historic victory in women's u23 wch , the 1st for Africa in tournament after defeating Thailand 4-2 , now a victory over Argentina will put us in 5-8 placement matches , we also lost hardly to Dominican Republic 4-2 , after leading 14-11 in 6th set and took 2 sets from China , despite absence of 2 of our major players
  11. Volleyball 2017 Discussion Thread

    I'm with experimental , if they return service as usual , because it's one of volleyball major skills that can't be modified , these new rules really help small countries to compete with big ones and make big results
  12. Tennis US Open 2017

    i know Zverev is still very young , but players like Nadal , Murray and Novak were doing much more great things at his age , i can't accept the fact he's never beaten any top 50 player in Grand Slam , despite his achievements this year , he's to work physically much harder to be able to do great things in Grandslams , for your question of course Nalbandian is greater than Cilic , but i didn't mean those players with only a slam and not doing other great things , i mean to be among the best in tennis u should be able to go very far in Grandslams , if Nalbandian didn't make such great results in Grand slams , he wouldn't have been mentioned , yes he didn't win a grand slam , but he was always among the best 4 in many grand slams of his era , he was very close from doing so
  13. Tennis US Open 2017

    Iam a big fan of Federer and i don't like nadal to win , but i think he deserved more appreciation of his achievement of winning US open and returning to no.1 this season , well Nadal's performance has been really high from 2007-2013 , so we can't say that he's not been great for 2 seasons in a row , he's simply among the greatest of whom had ever played tennis