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  1. Road Cycling UCI World Championships 2017

    and again Sagan
  2. Women's Volleyball CEV European Championship 2017

    So, we secured first place after two round
  3. Serbia National Thread

    Ali koja glupost kritikovanje Malsevic. Kada se pogleda statistika njen prijem je i vise nego dobar. Mislim da je oko 50% uspesnost. A sve lopte su isle na nju, tako da je to jos znacajnije. Tipa Brankica je danas primila samo 1 servis. Ovu su isle na Tijanu ceo mec. Malo je bilo losije u prvom setu, ali se kasnije bas stabilizovala i nije imala nijednu gresku.
  4. Serbia National Thread

    Tijana izgubila odmah na startu, a Vanja u 1/4
  5. Women's Volleyball CEV European Championship 2017

    lol Boskovic is not from this planet
  6. Serbia This year we decided that our song would be totally different than in the previous years. A mix of Serbian ethno, electro and pop music. Ivana Jordan - Lazarica ---------------------------------------------------------------
  7. Volleyball 2017 Discussion Thread

    wow Ukraine. Great match. Tjis group of dead will be very interesting.
  8. Road Cycling UCI World Championships 2017

    Dumoulin with good chance. I hope he will be good now when it will be important.
  9. Serbia National Thread

    Mnogo debitantkinja Bice vrlo zanimljivo
  10. Serbia National Thread

  11. Serbia National Thread

    Videcemo kako ce biti, maa i nisu nam nesto protivnici sada