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  1. ne treba jos uvek one da idu po seniorskim turnirma. samo gube samopouzdanje. treba sve po redu, kao nikolic sto je uradila. kad rano udjes u seniore ili se izgubis zbog lozih rezultata ili poletis zbog dobrih pa u oba slucaja bude lose.
  2. for men's team expected results, but women;s team surprised a lot
  3. Austria is best nation in alpine skiing so far in the world
  4. he is not normal at all
  5. but still one bronze is disaster.
  6. medal for Felix. Nice
  7. No top 4 maybe medal for Germany now
  8. what a result for Hadalin. wow.
  9. omg maybe top 4 for Austria now.
  10. Shipulin destroyed Fourcade
  11. wow Shipulin on fire
  12. Contrats France