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  1. no, he just fired Becker. Vajda is in his team since 2006. It should be a totally new coach like Becker was few years ago. almost all fans in Serbia blame him for all this. and second reason is weight, they think that he's too thin.
  2. and first time against non top 100 player
  3. Really? This is a total debacle. I don't know what to say, but this is a sign that he has to change a lot of things. First coach. Of course If he want to win big tournaments like GS or atp 1000. If not then ok. His time has not passed yet, he is best ages for tennis. This is crises, and not small. I hope that player without GS will win this. Maybe it is not realistic now, but who know miracles happen Im happy for Lucic Baroni. I have read her life story recently and I wish her only good things in the rest of life. And also I hope that Kerber and Serena will not win this
  4. We have new athletes on the entry list. Athletes qualified for combined events
  5. Qatar-Argentina 9:2 HT. How, but how?
  6. So sorry for Nando. He is in great form and with this kind of game he would win matches against all the other players except Andy and maybe Raonic. Every player will have tough job against Novak on AO.
  7. Kapiram da jesti slucaj sa Sanjom Ali za dz kad nece da ih pozove.
  8. Scheyer is from Austrian B team!
  9. what was this wow! Scheyer
  10. yeeeeeeeees!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lara
  11. eh Ivana Spanovic se dogodi jednom u 10 godina mozda i vise. Ivana je kao juniorka imala vrhunske rezultate, a npr nasi drugi juniori sem Bibica sada nemaju. Ivana je skakala preko 6.6 kad je imala 18 godina. Ona je samo upala u krizu, ona nije zaboravila da skace. Ja bih voleo da svi od njih budu uspesni, ali je to nemoguce. a sto se Ristica tice meni se cini da je on kao Asmir Kad dodje takmicenje on ne moze da istrci pb. Podledajte samo Trajkovica. Decko na svakom takmicenju popravi pb, cak je bio u finalu na OI. Ali kako god kapiram da cemo opet na OI imati izmedju 12 i 16, sto nije lose. Ali sada cilj mora da bude vise finala. Bar 4. A i mozda se pojavi neko nov kao Salaski npr. Videcemo ima jos dosta do OI. Ali se ne bih zacudio da savez sada uvede svoje norme za OI, koje ce biti jace u odnosu na IAAF.
  12. Ne vidim ko sem Bibica i mozda Grujic moze da uradi nesto znacajnije. Nazalost svi koji su na ejofu 2015 bili dobri su bili vrlo losi u 2016.