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  1. Oh poor Aldo I still hope for Russia-Italy final
  2. I hope that we will win at least 3 medals Ok, 4
  3. Ne znam zasto Medjedovic nije otisao na EYOF. Bas bzv on je bio medju top 3 favorita
  4. Nice finish for Russia with two gold medals. And both are totally unexpected. Congrats to Poland and Japan for finals
  5. Salaski 51.98. Uhvatila voz u poslednjem momentu
  6. Stafeta nije iznenadjenje, ne znam zasto to ljudi misle Svako ko prati nase plivanje je ocekivao rezultat ispod 2:16
  7. Micevic 4. na 5000m Ali daleko iza bronze. Bar PB ako nista
  8. yes. medal for my favorite team
  9. Zlato za Gardasevic Ne tako dobar rezultat ali dobro
  10. Russia again 4. Like in Rio. But this time Hungary beat them. Wow.
  11. wow medal for Hungary
  12. And now will be interesting