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  1. Sports budget?

    I don't think there are other federations...every existing FSN is on that list Probably this.
  2. Sports budget?

    And then you have to modify the list, in which you count only the "sports-related" part of the funding (and there the total is about 141-142) http://www.coni.it/images/1-Primo-piano-2017/Contributi_FSN_2018.pdf
  3. Sports budget?

    141 (not 241).
  4. Alpine Skiing FIS World Cup 2017 - 2018

    Another shortened downhill
  5. Biathlon 2017 - 2018 Discussion Thread

    A lot of competitions in the region can be found here http://www.asiva.it/asiva_calendario.aspx?disc=Biathlon. Search for CPI (Coppa Italia). You'll get the results by clicking on the code on the left. For today they should be XB013 and XB014 for men and women.
  6. Alpine Skiing 2017 - 2018 Discussion Thread

    With a low grade of malignancy.
  7. Skeleton IBSF World Cup 2017 - 2018

    This could also happen in men's snowboard PGS (a small chance but not impossible) and men's 500m in short track speed skating.
  8. Alpine Skiing 2017 - 2018 Discussion Thread

    Elena Fanchini said that she has been diagnosed with a tumor http://www.gazzetta.it/Sport-Invernali/Sci-Alpino/Coppa-Mondo-Sci/12-01-2018/sci-elena-fanchini-rinuncia-giochi-una-dura-prova-ma-non-mi-arrendo-240863112577.shtml
  9. Sporting rivalries and medals Norway will finish ahead of Germany in the medal table Canada will finish ahead of the USA in the medal table At least 27 countries will win a medal Alpine skiing Less than 10 countries will win at least a medal The gold medal in men's alpine combined will be won by a skier who was ranked 21st or worst after the first run Mikaela Shiffrin will win at least 3 gold medals
  10. Doping Cases and Bans Thread (2018)

    Are you sure about the sport? He is not registered for an official sport federation (only an amateur multi-sports association) and the only Pasquale Semeraro that I can find is a master MTB cyclist. Edit: I read that he was caught after this MTB race https://www.bicinpuglia.it/eventi/73 , so he is a cyclist
  11. Tom Dumoulin during Giro d'Italia's stage 16...surely unforgettable!
  12. Your own Summer Olympic Games Programme

    I think it's the Medley Relay which is also mixed. https://www.olympic.org/news/amp/tokyo-2020-event-programme-to-see-major-boost-for-female-participation-youth-and-urban-appeal EVENTS – Additions unless specified Events Sport Event # Aquatics (Swimming) 800m (M) & 1500m (W) +2 4x100m Medley Mixed Relay +1
  13. Your own Winter Olympic Games Programme

    Alpine Skiing [10] Slalom (m/w) Giant Slalom (m/w) Super-G (m/w) Downhill (m/w) Combined (m/w) Team Event (mixed) Biathlon [11] Sprint (m/w) Pursuit (m/w) it's unfair to have an event whose result is strongly influenced by the result of a previous event Sprint + Pursuit (m/w), with medals awarded only at the end of the Pursuit. Individual (m/w) Mass Start (m/w) Team Relay (m/w/mixed) Bobsleigh [4] Two-man/woman (m/w) Four-man (m/w) Cross-Country Skiing [12] 15/10km Freestyle (m/w) 30/15km Skiathlon (m/w): 15/10km Classical (m/w) 50/30km Classical (m/w) 50/30km Mass Start (m/w) 4x10/5km Relay (m/w) Individual Sprint freestyle(m/w) Individual Sprint classical (m/w) Team Sprint (m/w) Curling [3] Tournament (m/w) Mixed Doubles (mixed) Figure Skating [4] Singles (m/w) Pairs (mixed) Ice Dancing (mixed) Team Event (mixed) Freestyle Skiing [4] Aerials (m/w) Moguls (m/w) Halfpipe (m/w) Slopestyle (m/w) these events are good for the X-Games Parallel Slalom (m/w) Ski Cross (m/w) Ice Hockey [2] Tournament (m/w) Luge [4+3] Singles (m/w) Doubles (m) Team Relay (mixed) Natural track Luge (m/w Singles, m doubles) Nordic Combined [4] Individual Normal Hill/10km (m / w) Individual Large Hill/10km (m) Team Large Hill/4x5km Relay (m) Short Track Speed Skating [8] 500m (m/w) 1000m (m/w) 1500m (m/w) 5000m/3000m Relay (m/w) Skeleton [2] Singles (m/w) Ski Jumping [4] Normal Hill (m/w) Large Hill (m) Large Hill Team (m) Snowboarding [6] Halfpipe (m/w) Slopestyle (m/w) Big Air (m/w) Parallel Giant Slalom (m/w) Parallel Slalom (m/w) Snowboard Cross (m/w) Speed Skating [14] 500m (m/w) 1000m (m/w) 1500m (m/w) 3000m (w) 5000m (m/w) 10,000m (m) Mass Start (m/w) Team Pursuit (m/w) Ski mountaineering [4] Individual (m/w) Team (2 people) (m/w) Speed Skiing [2] Individual (m/w) Total medel events: 101 in 18 sports Total athletes: --- Days of competition: 18 (including Day -1 and Day 0 before the Opening Ceremony)