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  1. so, it's because of this encouragement that we (in Italy) are going so far ahead (hope you can read a bit Italian)... http://www.gazzetta.it/Volley/18-02-2017/volley-scelta-palmi-c-tiffany-era-rodrigo-180886408883.shtml http://www.gazzetta.it/Volley/20-02-2017/volley-tiffany-spezza-rete-per-nostro-campionato-fuori-quota-180911537845.shtml
  2. they are just destroying this sport... by the way, it's now official (we just have to wait for ratification at the deadline) that 10m Pistol, 10m Rifle and Trap are the 3 Mixed Events that will be chosen for Tokyo 2020, thus cutting once and for all 50m Pistol, Prone Rifle and Double Trap off from the Olympic program... http://www.issf-sports.org/news.ashx?newsid=2729
  3. if you want to watch the full replays (and highlights) of all the Rio events (Paralimpycs, too), the Italian public TV rai has its dedicated website still working... http://www.rai.it/rio2016/ you just have to click on the "Home" menu (high left), then go to the calendar ("calendario") and choose the event you want to watch day by day... all videos have at least the environmental audio, most things also have both Italian and English audio...
  4. and Germany beat France 3-2 (after Penalty Shootout) in the opening game of group D in Japan...meanwhile Japan is 2-1 ahead of Austria in the 2nd period at the moment... p.s. all games from both tournaments can be watched for free on the Olympic Channel (and for those who can watch those channels, Saturday's SUI vs NOR will be live on the Swiss National TV SF2 HD and Sunday's SUI vs CZE will be live on the Czech public Sport channel CT Sport HD)...
  5. well, it's clear that the IIHF has done all they could do... basically Fasel said to the NHL & NHLPA representatives: "OK, we've gone as far as we can go; our door is always open (until the last second)...now it's only up to you and your own internal questions...let us know what you want to do as soon as possible and we're going to set up things for the Games"... I guess the window is closing quicker and quicker, but I still hope there's a little margin for those idiots on the other side of the Ocean to make up their minds and still be part of the Olympics... by the way, if I were the IIHF I'd still go down hard on the other part of the Hockey World in case they give up on the Games (I mean...something like "every player that put a single skate on North American Ice is no longer elegible for any other IIHF tournament - even in the amateur ranks - for the rest of his career")...they can't let this thing go as if nothing serious happened...
  6. First big tournament of the new Karate season, the Premier League 1 event in Paris (FRA)... Japan dominated the field with 5 Gold Medals, followed by Italy and Iran with 2 Gold Medals each... France, Serbia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan and Venezuela won the remaining Gold Medals (one each)... If we look at the Olympic classes only, Japan won both Men and Women's Kata events and 1 of the "regular" 2 classes which, added together, will make the Olympic Heavyweights in both the Men and Women's Kumite... the other 2 "halves" of the Olympic Heavyweights went to Iran among the boys and France among the girls... the Olympic Lightweights, meanwhile, went to Venezuela among the boys and Iran among the girls in the actual Olympic weights (with Uzbekistan - boys - and Japan - girls - taking the lower classes that are supposed to be added together to make the Olympic Lightweights)... the only existing class that is also a pure Olympic class (Middleweights) was won by Ukraine (men) and Serbia (women)... here are the full results from the French capital... https://www.sportdata.org/wkf/set-online/popup_main.php?popup_action=results&vernr=109&active_menu=calendar
  7. French success in New York... Cecilia Berder won the Women's Individual competition at the NY World Cup stage, beating South Korea Ji Yeon Kim in the final assault (15-11 the final score)... Bronze went twice to Italy, thanks to the veteran Irene Vecchi and the youngster Martina Criscio (her first podium finish among the senior ranks)... the Team event is not over yet, but we already know that the Bronze Medal bout wil be contested by Russia and Hungary, meanwhile the Gold Medal bout will be fenced by South Korea and France... Italy lost to France in the quarterfinals and endd up in 6th place...more or less the same story of the entire past Team World Cup season...
  8. great success for Italy in the Men's Team World Cup of Heidenheim (GER)... after a few convincing wins against second tier opponents, they survived a scare in the semis, beating China 14-13, but in the final bout they managed a masterpiece of tactics and beat France 45-40... Bronze went to Ukraine... on the other hand, yesterday in the individual event the Italian guys didn't do as well as today and the final win went to Park Kyoung Doo (KOR), who defeated Yannick Borel (FRA) by a score of 15-13 in the Gold Medal assault... Bronze was taken by Koki Kano (JPN) and 18-year young Mate Tamas Koch (HUN), both at their first World Cup podium finish in their career... Today and tomorrow it's the time of the Women's Sabre in New York, with the Individual event first, followed as usual by the Team competition on Sunday...
  9. naaa...it's not Trump (even if he could be happy of that)... it's Golf itself, which heavy heritage from its own history and tradition still allow things like that to happen here and there in almost every part of the World...
  10. I don't think so... here in Italy our public broadcaster is not gonna spend a single cent for the Winter Games (they already left Sochi 2014 in the hands of the FTA branch of our main pay-TV Network...and it proved to be an absolute disaster...basically they only showed Figure Skating and Alpine Skiing, with just a couple of notable exceptions...they didn't even show all of our very few medal winners on the FTA channel - they missed out on the Biathlon Mixed Relay, since they were showing, guess what? yes, you win! Figure Skating!!!)... so, I'm pretty sure that at least for the Winter Games they won't be able to stick with their original plan at 100%... and in Germany (where public broadcasters ARD/ZDF definitively called themselves out from the competition) they already announced their program for Pyeongchang 2018... in GER they will show the 2018 games on 2 of their FTA channels + the 2 Eurosport paid channels + the Eusp360 service...which is always a perfect coverage, but it's still a mostly paid offer...and many fans don't like that...
  11. I wish a Merry Christmas (and Happy New Year) to all the forum users, from the super-admin to the simple readers... @heywoodu I feel very sorry for your loss... may your grandma R.I.P.