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  1. painful day for Italy... Fiamingo didn't get any medal after 3 consecutive years on the podium (world champion in 2014 and 2015, Olympic Silver medallist last year)... her teammates showed once again that they have no talent and can't win anything at this level... Garozzo suddenly lost his magic touch against an unknown Japanese Kid (Tokyo 2020...we're coming) and had to be happy with bronze, missing his personal "triplete" after the Olympic and the European Gold medals... Foconi had a very good first experience at world champs, but couldn't get his reward once again against another youngster from Japan (Tokyo 2020...we're coming...in force and charging!) and Cassarà lost his mind another time when the going gets tough, proving he's not the tough man he thinks he is... p.s. bad news for the men's sabre team, who lost Aldo Montano for tomorrow's team event because of an ankle injury (he's already back to Italy...young substitute Dario Cavaliere has been called up to take Montano's place for tomorrow)... on the other side, congrats to the Russian second tier guys, who got both of today's golds when nobody expected them to even pass the early rounds... and congrats to these Japanese guys, who have been really impressive throughout the whole day and deserved the medals they finally got... it's not beautiful to be said, but I'm also happy for the American epic fail...a bit more sportsmanship and fair play from (not all, but many of) them would be highly appreciated...
  2. it means that the climber did reach the successive height but couldn't "finish it completely" (didn't lock the catch of the marker)... basically, it's like a .5 bonus compared to those who lose their position immediately after a full mark...
  3. Cassarà as I wrote before, his mind is not "normal"... even the best psychiatrist would have his own troubles in treating him...
  4. good is good, but definitely Imboden is not the king of fair play... however, if he plays like against the German guy, he has no chance against Garozzo...he needs to raise his game...and not by a little...
  5. surprisingly good! but also a bit disappointing Imboden, right now... this gives me more confidence for Garozzo's next bout, at this point...
  6. if Cassarà can keep his mind "normal", there's no match between him and Foconi... but the youngster looks very determined...I really liked his attitude against Kleibrink... to be honest, I hope Cassarà wins this match because he's the only one who can take care of Massialas in the possible semis (provided he can put the really hot Shikine back at his place in the quarterfinals)... however, despite my hope, I'm afraid we're going to see an all-US final (Imboden vs Massialas)...
  7. actually I don't remember exactly all the facts, but I'm sure that our TV speaker told something about that during the last Europeans... I'd like to know something more, but I can't find any further news...
  8. not so sure...Cerioni always spoke very well about Zherebchenko (by the way, he also has quite a personal story behind him...I don't know if he had heart transplant or only heart surgery when he was younger, but I'm sure he had great health troubles...and now he's back at his best shape and more motivated than anybody else...I have to admit that, apart the Italians, of course, I'd really like to see him on the podium)...
  9. next round against Imboden (I don't think Sanita has any chance against the American) will be quite different, I guess...
  10. 15-6 also for Garozzo... Kruse surprisingly destroyed Meinhardt...
  11. Shikine wins 15-3, Garozzo now leading 13-5...
  12. Shikine on fire! 10-1 ahead against Arslanov! Garozzo easily leading against Ha (10-5)
  13. Fiamingo is definitey being influenced by her teammates...she's getting worse and worse every year... I think it's time to give space to our great former juniors Bozza, Isola and Marzani...
  14. c'mon! all videos crashed on the final seconds of Fiamingo vs Nelip and Ndolo vs Szasz! I can believe that!!!
  15. trampoline should stay in Circus, where it belongs... Diving is one of "those kind of activities" (couldn't name them all)...