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  1. if you look at the WSF rankings in the 2 disciplines, those competing in one are not even ranked in the other...
  2. X-games, but not only... but the most important thing is that the Olympic "governing body" is the socalled "Tokyo Skateboarding Commission", a joint venture between FIRS (the Roller Skating Federation) and ISF (Intenational Skateboarding Federation)...meanwhile the best athletes in the World are those competing unde the World Skateboarding Federation... p.s. this sport it's only about USA and Brazil (and very few other exceptions...but medallists in Tokyo will come almost surely from those 2 Countries)... it's a lot worse than Surfing... here a couple of interesting links... the Tokyo Commission: http://skateboarding2020.com/ the ISF site: http://internationalskateboardingfederation.org/ FIRS site: http://www.rollersports.org/ Tokyo 2020 Skateboard page: https://tokyo2020.jp/en/games/sport/olympic/skateboarding/ and, outside the institutional governing bodies, the WSF homepage (rankings in Bowl and Street disciplines show the best specialists in the World, those who should fight for the medals in Tokyo...if they compete there...and that's not so sure): http://worldskateboardingfederation.org/ p.s. US legend Alex Sorgente is in talk with the Italian NOC to represent Italy in Tokyo, if WSF athletes will choose to go (in this case we would have really big chances to get something out of this mess)...
  3. and now for me it's time to switch to the Under-18 Worlds...the second semifinal between USA and Sweden (the Americans are 2-1 ahead after 2 periods)... and then game #5 of the first round of the NHL playoffs between Minnesota and St.Louis... it's a great hockey night!
  4. game over! mission accomplished! HC'05 iClinic Banskà Bystrica are the new Slovak champions!
  5. HC'05 iClinic Banskà Bystrica are on their way to win the Slovak Extraliga title...still a few minutes to go in game #5 of the final series against HK Nitra...and it's party time for them!
  6. Canada names first players - 18 NHLers nominated for Worlds http://www.iihfworlds2017.com/en/news/canada-names-first-players/
  7. Mission accomplished! SC Bern won game #6 by a score of 5-1 and won the series 4-2, retaining their title for the second consecutive year (the first time that a team repeat themselves in many years in the Swiss NLA)...
  8. SC Bern even closer to another Swiss title...they scored another goal and now they are 2-0 ahead in game #6 at the end of the first period...
  9. I just saw that... it looks that tonight you're not gonna be sad at the end of the game...
  10. p.s. today the EHC Red Bull Munchen won their second consecutive DEL title, destroying Wolfsburg by a score of 4-0 (4-1 the score of the final series)... and SC Bern are on their way to repeat themselves in Switzerland...they are 3-2 ahead in the best-of-7 series and at the moment they are also 1-0 ahead in game #6 (even though there are still at least 2 periods to play in Zug)...
  11. yeah, I watched that game (on STV2 ) and it was really amazing... I can't believe that 17/18 years old guys can play that level of hockey... and I was also surprised by the Slovak youngsters...I didn't really think they could put Canada under such pressure as they did... at the end I was so sorry that their effort wasn't enough to get a well deserved win... right now I'm watching part of the SVK vs LAT game, but it doesn't look as entertaining as saturday's (even if SVK are winning - they just scored the second goal to none)... meanwhile, I'm worried about Italy's campaign for the senior Worlds...we just lost 2 games even against the phantom of Austria (which isn't really encouraging)...
  12. Karate 1 Premier League, stage #4 (in Rabat, MAR) No Japan and many Western Countries without their best teams for the forelast event of the K1PL... so, Egypt won easily the Medal Table with 5 Gold Medals, followed by the Host Country Morocco with 4 Golds. Italy took the 3rd place in the standings with 2 Gold Medlas tied with Azerbaijan. The last Gold Medal went to Slovakia. The 8 Olympic Classes have been won by Egypt (3 Golds), Morocco (2 Golds), Azerbaijan, Italy and Slovakia (1 Gold Medal each)... Here are the full results of this K1PL stage: https://www.sportdata.org/wkf/set-online/popup_main.php?popup_action=results&vernr=112&active_menu=calendar
  13. really? here in Italy not a single word has ever been written about this chance... We all know (it was even confirmed by one or two officials from our NF) that a few years ago Italy tried to get Aussie Tommaso D'Orsogna and US Nick Brunelli, but both said "no, thanks", but nobody here did even mention the possibility of asking Condorelli to swim for Italy (by the way, it would be a great addition to our team)...
  14. I guess that those who subscribed to the paid service are very, very happy to see that the event is fully available also for free...
  15. yeah...maybe I've been a bit too harsh to the future Olympic Champion... I mean...I'm sure that it would happen something like in Omnium in Cycling or the Combined event in Alpine Skiing...the medallists will be for sure athletes with a Golden pedigree in some of the existing disciplines (at the moment, however, the only guy in the top50 of the World Ranking of all 3 disciplines is the Canadian Sean McColl, the natural favourite for the Olympic Gold for now...meanwhile no girls are in the "triple top50" class right now, but I'd say that the current favourite for the Olympic Gold is the Japanese Akiyo Noguchi)... but the average level of a competition of this kind won't be as good (especially in the female section, where most of the girls can't even compete at the top level in 2 of the 3 core disciplines) as it would have been if we had 2 or 3 special disciplines instead of the newly created combined event... about the combined event being the only chance for Sport Climbing to get in, I can only agree with you...even if that's a pity for the reasons I tried to explain before...