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  1. that's quite obvious...Zapolski is one of the best goalies outside the NHL...they would be crazy not to have him as their no.1, even if I like Maxwell a lot (I've watched him playing quite a few times in the last months between CHL and Extraliga)... Leggio, as his family name may suggest, would be good for the Italian National team for the USA I don't think he's anything special... about the other rosters... I don't know what to think about the Czechs...they heavily rely on KHL players, but almost none of them are real superstars (maybe Nakladal on defense is an above the average player...and Kovar...but he's not having a good season at all in Magnitogorsk this year)... their best players look to be still the oldies like Cervenka and Erat... btw, I'm very happy for Kubalik from Ambrì Piotta... Canada...well...Canada are always a very, very dangerous team...I like the fact that they don't rely so heavily on KHL players... moreover, they're filled up with a lot of veterans with previous NHL experience and a good mix of skilled players and hard workers... Russia are still the main favourite (actually, I think they can only lose the Gold Medal because their usual internal conflicts, rather than the other teams could win with their best effort), but this Canadian team will be a true contender until the final whistle... I'm also curious to see what version of "hooligan" Lapierre we're gonna see in Korea...knowing his style of play, with IIHF officials he's always on the edge...
  2. Freestyle Skiing FIS World Cup 2017 - 2018

    if I understand correctly what eusp commentator said, there were some protests because the team managers considered a pair of points of the track too demanding and/or dangerous for the girls (in particular, the small climb just at the beginning and the big curve right on the slope halfway through the course)... but frankly I don't know why yesterday they had nothing to say and suddenly today there was something wrong... update... just found this on FIS website: 'The second of this weekend’s back-to-back Audi FIS Ski Cross World Cup competitions in Sweden’s Idre Fjall resort went down on Sunday but not without a hitch, as Saturday’s bluebird conditions were replaced with falling snow and heavy winds on day two of competition, forcing the cancellation of the ladies’ finals although allowing the men’s to continue, where France’s Jean Frederic Chapuis claimed a huge victory. The call to cancel the ladies’ final was a last-minute decision by the jury made as the first heat of the quarter finals was approaching the start gate. Having already postponed the start of the competition by 30 minutes in the hopes that the wind would die down, and with the earlier onset of darkness at the northerly Idre Fjall location quickly approaching, officials couldn’t push the race back any longer and made the decision to call off the ladies’ side of things to avoid a potentially dangerous situation for the athletes. With that decision, Friday’s qualification results would go into the books as the final results for the competition, giving Sweden’s own Sandra Naeslund her fifth victory of the season and making it two-for-two on the weekend at her home country venue. Swiss star Fanny Smith would take second place, while Germany’s Heidi Zacher would walk away from Idre in third.'
  3. well, I don't think that questions about age are not appropriate (and for sure I don't see any sort of discrimination)... so, why not? for what concerns the Nordic Combined...if there's someone able to sweep one of those races that's Germany or Norway...so, I chose GER, but there's no difference if they come up with NOR in the final question (if they choose this question)... and about the "combo" medals...that's just an example... we can build the question with as many combinations as we want (however, I really think this is a well balanced matchup, since GER should win between 10 and 12 gold medals and NED could go as high as 8 or 9...and US and CAN more or less can both get around 10/11 Gold medals each, maybe USA something more and CAN something less...meanwhile the GER+NOR duo for me is a no brainer, as I think they will be the top 2 Nations in the final medal standings)... p.s. FRA+SUI+AUT (with or without ITA doesn't make much difference) against KOR+JPN is also unbalanced imho...all those 3 European Nations will get at least 6/7 Gold Medals each (I think)...and there's no way that both KOR and JPN would go in double digit...
  4. Fencing 2018 Discussion Thread

    and the new year starts with not so good results in our best discipline... Women's Individual Foil (Katowice, POL) Final Results: Gold: Inna Deriglazova (RUS) Silver: Lee Kiefer (USA) Bronze: Camilla Mancini (ITA) & Anne Sauer (GER) Semifinals: Deriglazova b. Mancini 15-6 Kiefer b. Sauer 15-7 Gold Medal Match: Deriglazova b. Kiefer 15-4 Here is the Full Final Ranking (and Results) from Yesterday's competition: http://fie.org/competitions/2018/127/results/rank Women's Team Foil (Katowice, POL) Final Results: Gold: Russia Silver: Italy Bronze: France Semifinals: Italy b. France 45-35 Russia b. Germany 42-31 Bronze Medal Match: France b. Germany 45-22 Gold Medal Match: Russia b. Italy 45-39 Here is the Full Final Ranking (and Results) from Today's competition: http://fie.org/competitions/2018/824/results/rank
  5. just another day at the office for Arianna...not quite the same for Martina, who missed out on a great chance to win her 1st overall title... pity for the wasted opportunity by the girls' relay...let's hope nothing similar's gonna happen in Korea next month... and still depressing results from our men's side...the Nineties, what an era!...it looks like it was yesterday, but Lillehammer's glory is already 24 years behind us...
  6. nor the US to sweep the HP events in Snowboard (even if the Asian competitors may have different ideas)... you know...those X-Games "owned by judges" events...
  7. well, I was a bit supertitious there...actually, I think Moioli and Jacobellis are by far the 2 best SBX specialists, but they also have a long history of "Olympic epic fails"...so, as I wrote, I really think that a French sweep is possible (the other 2 girls with some potential to stop them are Gulini and maybe Samkova, even if in this season she hasn't shown her best shape yet...the rest of the field is well behind those girls and I don't think they have a shot at the podium places)...
  8. France in women's snowboardcross (and this is more than likely...actually, there are just 3/4 girls who could avoid it)... Germany in men's Bobsleigh (mainly in 4-man, but I don't exclude the 2-man neither, if they can enter 3 sleds -I'm not 100% aware of qualifications criteria in Bobsleigh) Russia (pardon, OAR) in women's single (Figure Skating) South Korea in all 1000m and, even more, in all 1500m races in Short Track Speedskating (those last 2 being the most likely of the entire Games program)...
  9. I don't watch rai channels even if they pay me to do it... by the way, today we are lucky..they're broadcasting the Short Track Europeans right now...tomorrow instead it's gonna be just somethinmg more usual by them...I think they will show them after midnight...
  10. sure... and in fact I agree on the general principle you expressed (which, as @LDOG wrote, would be in place for the contest)... but I also think that it shouldn't be ignored the fact that 1 or 2 sports have so much more following than the average (and in fact @LDOG confirmed that they would take also this thing into consideration)... to me, that's perfect...they have my full support... by the way, here another couple of questions... Snowboarding (but the first one could be used also for Freestyle) will Halfpipe and Slopestyle be won by the same snowboarder (freestyler)? (question including both men and women's competition) in Snowboardcross, will both Qualification winners (m and w) fail to medal? will we have a full podium with -18 years young medallists in any of the sports disciplines? Nordic Combined will all 3 Gold medals go to the same Country? will we have a German clean sweep of the podium in 1 of the Individual events? will someone ranked outside the top 25 after the Jumping phase get a medal at the end of the day in an Individual event? will we have at least 5 teams finishing within 45 seconds behind the winners (and included the winners) in the Team Relay? Curling will Italy win 2 or more games? will at least 2 different Nations get a medal in all 3 events of the program? will we have at least 1 team (all 3 events included) winning all of their games, from first preliminary match to the final? Overall will the Germany+Netherlands duo win more Gold medals than the USA+Canada duo? will we have at least 5 Gold Medal winners being less than 18 years young on that given day?
  11. no, not upset... but a bit disappointed, yes... you know, short track is one of my favourite winter sports and I always hope that our skaters can do well... and since I was watching the races (on the Hungarian TV ), I was surprised by that bad mistake by our girls, who, as I wrote, didn't need to make anything extravagant to keep their position and skate through to the final race... just that... p.s. however, short track is a wonderful sport...and it's difficult not to get involved when watching it (and it doesn't matter if it's the Europeans or the Olympics or even a small caliber race)...
  12. naaa...this time they won't sweep the field in speedskating like 4 years ago...
  13. after a day like today, I must be very optimistic... 10/12 Podium finish, with at least 3 Gold Medals
  14. and it looked too good to be true...something stupid had to happen for us... and here we go with our girls throwing away an easy Gold in the Relay competition after falling down in the semifinals when we were comfortably on the way of tomorrow's big final... so, Germany get the benefit of our mistake and skate through to the final act together with Hungary...
  15. naaa...I think you should put a bit more than just 3 questions about Ice Hockey in the contest... if a sport has more followers in such a big way, it can't be ignored and put on the same level of the others...I mean, not that there should be 10 times Hockey questions more than the other sports, but even if there are some more it's still OK, imho... p.s. however in the next hours I'm sure you'll get some more inputs also for the other disciplines...