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  1. pitching...pitching...and pitching once again... you can have the best infield in the world and a very powerful lineup, but if you get a bad outing by your staff and an almost perfect effort by the opposing pitcher, there's no chance you can survive... I'm very sad that after 2 very close and exciting semis we had such a poor championship game... and I'm not that happy that the US boys won, too... I mean...they never take this tournament as seriously as the other Nations (even this time, they have a very good team, but still it's more or less a "second row" lineup, especially for what concerns pitchers - just to remember to those who don't follow baseball so carefully...no Kershaw, no Kluber, no Bumgarner...and they still find a night like yesterday's by Marcus Stroman...) and if they still manage to win, it's not so good for the game of Baseball (and in perspective, for its Olympic future)... however, it's always the wonderful game of Baseball that matters the most (and not sport politics)...so, I just can't wait for April 2nd and the start of the MLB regular season...
  2. well, in Baseball Puerto Rico is not so "small"... and their infield is just illegal...Molina, Baez, Lindor and Correa are really amazing... meanwhile their pitcher Edwin Diaz is just an idiot... p.s. but the worst thing of the whole night it's been that f***in' tie-breakin' rule in the 11th inning...I just can't stand it...it always ruins all the previous efforts by the players and managers and takes 98% of possible tactics away from the match... more...it's against the spirit of the game... luckily in the MLB games there's not such game-killer and never will be...
  3. here in Italy that's not a big problem, since our TV will show the games live (with the chance to record them) and also a few replays at a favourable time...
  4. second stage of the Karate 1 Premier League in Rotterdam (NED)... and once again Japan taking the major honors with 4 Gold Medals... France followed in the final medal table with 3 Gold Medals... Azerbaijan, China, Germany, Italy, Morocco, Ukraine and Uzbekistan all got one single Gold Medal... the Olympic classes "as they stand" went to Japan (both Kata events, male and female), France (Men's -67kg and -75kg Kumite), Ukraine (Women's -55kg Kumite) and China (Women's -61kg Kumite)... the "no limits" weights in the Olympic Kumite program (which let's remember will start at +75kg for the men and +61 kg for the women) have been won by JPN (up to 84kg) and GER (over 84kg) in the Men's division and by AZE (up to 68kg) and JPN (over 68kg)... finally, here are the full results of the Dutch tournament... https://www.sportdata.org/wkf/set-online/popup_main.php?popup_action=results&vernr=110&active_menu=calendar
  5. and finally, we know the 4 teams qualified for the semifinals... after Japan and the Netherlands in Tokyo, last night in San Diego Puerto Rico and the hosts from the USA got their tickets for the final round in Los Angeles... quite surprisingly, in fact, the Dominican Republic lost their 2nd game in 4 days in Southern California against the USA and were eliminated, losing the chance to repeat themselves after their triumph in 2013... the semifinals are so set: PUR vs NED (Monday night) and JPN vs USA (Tuesday night)... and the winning teams will meet on Wednesday night in the "big final"... hoping to see 3 great games (and maybe the USA losing once again)...
  6. yes, Italy yesterday were totally empty, despite another good start... however, thanks to our Mexican friends, now we have another shot at advancing the next round... unfortunately for you, now it's also a mess about who's gonna play tonight against Italy in the playoff match, since MLB has announced that Venezuela will play, but Mexico is contesting the ruling of only 8 defensive innings counted for them in the game against Italy (but I don't think they have margin for success in their protests...MLB rules - which are used for this event, except for the special exemptions for pitchers - are quite clear...to be counted as a defensive inning, at least 1 out must be recorded...and that didn't happened in the 9th Mexican defensive inning on Thursday against Italy)... by the way, with this pitching staff, I'm not sure I want to see Italy playing against the Dominicans, the US boys and another time against Puerto Rico... maybe it's gonna be better if we lose "in style" tonight's playoff match, rather than risking 3 blowouts in San Diego...
  7. wow! it's been tough, but I'm still alive... what a night of baseball...it's just March, but emotions flew like it's October... first, another unbelievable slugfest between Italy and Venezuela (unfortunately, this time with the winners coming from the wrong side...), then a wonderful game between the USA and the Dominican Republic, with the Caribbeans coming back from a 5-0 deficit and upsetting the (supposed) home heroes in front of the biggest crowd ever registered at Marlins Park in Miami (not a single MLB game has ever had so many spectators in that stadium...another unbelievable stat of this WBC)... and lately, just to go on with this crazy tornament, Israel defeated also the mighty Cubans...thus being just one win away from the miracle of reaching the final round of the 2017 World Baseball Classic... just...wow!
  8. game over, 4-1 for the South Americans...and the first surprise of the day is served...
  9. honestly, it would be a huge upset if we beat VEN...I mean, we can play...we also have a very good number of MLB players, but VEN is filled up with real MLB superstars... moreover, we are not that good in the pitchers department... but if we can find a good day on the mound and VEN doesn't take the game too seriously (like they did the other night against PUR), then there's room for the previously named "huge upset"... but we need to keep the game close in the early innings...for sure we won't get another "remuntada" like 2 days ago... the beginning is very promising...Gaviglio looked quite sharp in the first outing and we've already hit their pitcher hard...right now, 1-0 for us...c'mon guys!
  10. rather, Canada looking outstandingly bad against Colombia... by the way, I'm already "hot" for our big game against Venezuela...should we make another upset like Thursday's, we'd be through to the next round and VEN would be unbelievably out of the tournament...but I'm just dreaming...the previous match-ups between ITA and VEN don't speak in our favor at all...
  11. wow! what a night it's been... I didn't really expect a "remuntada" like that when we got 9-5 down against MEX... I feel sorry for our friend mrv86...I guess it's been a real shock... on the other pitches, we've seen quite a good number of exciting games, despite being so early in the season... in particular, the game between Cuba and Japan was a high class effort from both sides (maybe not by the pitchers...)...and also earlier today CUB vs AUS was a thrilling one, with the highly favourite Caribbeans that almost went out in round #1, with AUS coming just short in their comeback... waiting for the US debut later tonight, yesterday it was also an impressive start by the reigning champions, the Dominican Republic...it won't be easy to stop them also in this year's tournament...
  12. I don't think they can beat NED (if NED play at their best), but for sure they're not joking...today they also destroyed Chinese Taipei, which is another big surprise... and if NED can do the same (beat the Asians, I mean), both "European" teams will go through to the next round (and their match ups will be just useless tests)...
  13. by the way, in any case this is the most qualified and exciting International tournament in Baseball... for what concerns the Olympics, a few days ago the MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred made a press conference and expressed many doubts that the MLB players will be available for Tokyo... at the moment, all the owners are totally against the Olympic break (and they will never release their players if the season is not stopped in those days)... so, I guess we're going to have another soap opera like the Hockey one for Pyeongchang from now to 2020...
  14. only indirectly... I mean, this tournament gives (many) points for the World Ranking, which is the only things that matters for the participation to the 2019 Premier 12 tournament (which is the only qualifying event for Tokyo 2020, at least for what we know until now...the final qualification path is still to be officially confirmed, however)
  15. the new Baseball season is officially underway... the World Baseball Classic 2017 has just started in Seoul (KOR), with the Home team opposed to Israel (basically a US team with Jewish players)... will the US finally find the way to make the podium? or will the Dominican Republic be able to complete their back-to-back? will the Asian get back on top? or will it be the time for some new faces lifting the trophy? I just can't wait to watch the best games of this tournament... all infos on this event (schedule, results, news etc.) here: https://www.worldbaseballclassic.com/