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  1. Qualification Criteria (Draft version) https://www.google.it/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=6&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0ahUKEwi47d_jofnZAhUFjqQKHTmnAFAQFghUMAU&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.karatecanada.org%2Fpdf%2FTOKYO%202020_Provisional_Information.pdf&usg=AOvVaw1k97iooOnwghFfSjb5BhCE
  2. I agree however, it wouldn't be a problem to reach that number even without a dedicated qualification pathway, considered the previous Games...
  3. well, this is the procedure used in each and every world cup, continental and world champs event... for the mixed team events, they just add the best man and woman for each Country and make the rankings...the top 16 go through to the elimination round stage... I don't see anything wrong... I understand that many of you are used to the Olympic format for team events, where no teams are normally eliminated after the ranking round, but that's the abnormal situation...in any other circumstance, we always have more than 16 teams at the start of any event and only the top 16 going through to the final stages... p.s. that document is written very, very poorly, but it's clear that all the NOCs with at least 1 man and 1 woman qualified to the Games will start also in the Mixed Team event (and they all will start from 0, from the same point...so, there's nothing unfair)
  4. Fencing 2018 Discussion Thread

    Women's Individual Foil (Anaheim, California, USA) Final Results: Gold: Inna Deriglazova (RUS) Silver: Anne Sauer (GER) Bronze: Leonie Ebert (GER) & Lee Kiefer (USA) Semifinals: Deriglazova b. Kiefer 15-14 Sauer b. Ebert 15-14 Gold Medal Match: Deriglazova b. Sauer 15-3 Here is the Full Final Ranking (and Results) from Yesterday's competition: http://fie.org/competitions/2018/121/results/rank
  5. Fencing 2018 Discussion Thread

    Men's Individual Foil (Anaheim, California, USA) Final Results: Gold: Race Imboden (USA) Silver: Andrea Cassarà (ITA) Bronze: Damiano Rosatelli (ITA) & Nicholas Edward Choi (HKG) Semifinals: Cassarà b. Choi 15-9 Imboden b. Rosatelli 15-10 Gold Medal Match: Imboden b. Cassarà 15-10 Here is the Full Final Ranking (and Results) from Yesterday's competition: http://fie.org/competitions/2018/140/results/rank
  6. Sailing 2018 Discussion Thread

    Finn Open European Championships 2018 (Cadiz, ESP) Gold: Ed Wright (GBR), 57 Pts Silver: Nicholas Heiner (NED), 60 Pts Bronze: Max Salminen (SWE), 71 Pts News here: http://2018.finneuropeans.org/ Full Results here: http://regatas.fav.es/es/default/races/race-resultsall/text/2018-open-finn-european-and-u23-open-finn-european-championship-es
  7. Karate 2018 Discussion Thread

    Karate1 Premier League, Stage #3 (Rotterdam, NED) overall, Japan got back on top of the operations with 4 Gold medals... they were followed closely by Turkey, who won 3 Gold medals... Germany came out as the 3rd best force with a couple of Gold medals, meanwhile France, Spain and Chinese Taipei completed the "serious" stuff by winning 1 Gold medal each one... Italy (men) and Spain (women) also got some satisfaction in the senseless team Kata competitions... looking at the Olympic classes, the 2 Kata events this time were spread between Japan (men) and Spain (women)... in the Kumite disciplines, instead, JPN & TPE shared the honors in the lower female division (by winning respectively the -50kg & -55kg), with FRA taking the -61kg and GER & JPN sharing the heavier class (by winning respectively the -68kg and +68kg)... on the men's side, TUR won the lower weight division (they took both -60kg and -67kg classes), with JPN topping the middle weights (-75kg) and TUR, once again, & GER sharing the heavy & super-heavyweights (-84kg and +84kg respectively)... Full Results of the entire stage #3 of the K1PL can be found here: https://www.sportdata.org/wkf/set-online/popup_main.php?popup_action=results&vernr=165&active_menu=calendar
  8. Fencing 2018 Discussion Thread

    after a day off...back to business for our sabre girls... fully focused, they dominated all day long and left no space to anybody... well done, volks!
  9. Fencing 2018 Discussion Thread

    Women's Team Sabre (Athens, GRE) Final Results: Gold: Italy Silver: South Korea Bronze: France Semifinals: South Korea b. France 45-43 Italy b. USA 45-39 Bronze Medal Match: France b. USA 45-41 Gold Medal Match: Italy b. South Korea 45-31 Here is the Full Final Ranking (and Results) from Today's competition: http://fie.org/competitions/2018/756/results/rank
  10. Swimming 2018 Discussion Thread

    Yesterday the Swimming Marathon World Cup started in Doha (QAT) and it was quite a Dutch show, with both wins going to Sharon Van Rouwendaal among the women and Ferry Weertman among the men (where 1500m Freestyle Olympic Champion Gregorio Paltrinieri made his world cup debut...and it was a quite encouraging one)... here are the Full Results: Women http://www.fina.org/competition-detailed-results/fina-marathon-swim-world-series-2018-women-10km/event Men http://www.fina.org/competition-detailed-results/fina-marathon-swim-world-series-2018-men-10km/event
  11. still feeling very, very bad... so, basically, I spent the last 3/4 days on the couch in front of my TV watching a lot of things without well defined criteria... mostly, it was about the Winter Sports last stretch of the season... then some Football (Soccer) European Cups, a lot of Hockey (NHL, but also many other European leagues like KHL, Extraliga from CZE and SVK, Swiss NLA and German DEL) and earlier today, the last 20km or so of the Milano-San Remo Road Cycling "Spring Classic"... right now, I'm alternating some Golf (US PGA Tour, Arnold Palmer Invitational) and some live NHL Hockey (Edmonton @ Florida, later at 10 p.m. CET New Jersey @ Los Angeles Kings)...
  12. Fencing 2018 Discussion Thread

    awful comeback to the usual world cup activity for Italy... not a single girl in the top 8 (and only 1 in the top 16), with Errigo losing this time just in her first round assault... on the overall side, there have been some quite surprising results, too...especially Pascu's win (well deserved, to be honest...she defeated, among others, world no.1 Olga Kharlan in the quarterfinals) and Pusztai's silver (this girl just came out of last week's junior europeans, but she's already good among the senior ranks...and this is not her first good placing in the top class)...
  13. Fencing 2018 Discussion Thread

    Women's Individual Sabre (Athens, GRE) Final Results: Gold: Bianca Pascu (ROU) Silver: Liza Pusztai (HUN) Bronze: Anna Marton (HUN) & Manon Brunet (FRA) Semifinals: Pascu b. Marton 15-12 Pusztai b. Brunet 15-9 Gold Medal Match: Pascu b. Pusztai 15-11 Here is the Full Final Ranking (and Results) from Today's competition: http://fie.org/competitions/2018/151/results/rank
  14. when I read things like these, I can only feel a sense of sadness...
  15. Korean freestyle skiers (Choi Jae-Woo, 24, and Kim Ji-Hyun, 23) banned for life after sex abuse claim https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/korean-skiers-banned-for-life-after-sex-abuse-claim-tlq6wspfb http://www.euronews.com/2018/03/15/freestyle-skiing-korean-moguls-skiers-banned-for-sexual-harassment