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    Ice Hockey (teams) and Fencing (individual), but I love almost every Sport, with very few exceptions
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    Alexander Karelin, Aldo Montano, Wayne Gretzky, Alexander Ovechkin, Stefania Belmondo, Federica Pellegrini, Vincenzo Maenza, Clayton Kershaw and many more...
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  1. I wish a Merry Christmas (and Happy New Year) to all the forum users, from the super-admin to the simple readers... @heywoodu I feel very sorry for your loss... may your grandma R.I.P.
  2. well, even if there are a lot of different things (playing field, rules and so on...) between Finnish Baseball and the traditional "hit and run" discipline, I guess that you can post here also about your National version... I don't see anything wrong with that...
  3. men's football European qualifiers... http://www.uefa.com/under21/news/newsid=2428250.html format will be the same as 2017 sub-21 Euro...the 12 teams qualified for the final tournament will be divided in 3 groups... then the groups' winners and the best second ranked team will qualify for the semis (and the OG, considered that there will be 4 spots allocated to UEFA)... a 5th place playoff will be contested only if 1 or more British teams will reach the semis... men's South American qualification will be played at Sudamericano Sub-20 in January 2019 (all 10 teams are already qualified to that tournament, of course)... location is still TBD... no idea about times and dates for the other Continents...
  4. Russian success thanks to Yana Egorian (who defeated the Hungarian Anna Marton in the final bout with a score of 15-11) in the Women's Sabre Grand Prix event in Cancun... decent (but not unforgettable) performance for the Italian team, with 2 girls in the top 8 (and many in the top 32), but none of them on the podium... Foil queen Arianna Errigo this time got to second round, thanks to a victory over Anna-Elizabeth Stone (USA) in round #1...but then she went out (15-12 the final score) against Manon Brunet (FRA), who eventually got to the quarterfinal stage (where she lost to Marton)... Today it's the boys' turn...
  5. it's almost sure that Synchro Swimming Mixed Duet will be part of Tokyo 2020 program (and no, I'm not joking)... by the way, about boxing... I know that many of you would like to see the number of weight categories receiving a further cut, but it's technically very difficult, because it would create some health issues... don't forget that we're talking of a sport made mainly of hits to the head...and putting one against each other 2 people with too much fork in weight and power (and other physical features like height and reach, too) exposes them to very high risk (we already have too many "fatal accidents" on the rings throughout the world)... and when we consider athletes just 1.60/1.65m tall and 50/55/60kg heavy, even a small 4 or 5 kg difference is quite important in that way... on the other hand, if they make like they do with the girls (less weight classes with also a minimum weight officially set), it could lead to many cases of dangerous (and often illegal) practice to cut (or put on) too much weight in too short time many times a year to keep up with those weight windows for all the fighters not naturally included in the "new" Olimpic categories, creating other potentially very serious health problems... p.s. to fix the problem, the IOC should ban Boxing from the Games in full...and it would be a good decision, based also on the corruption issues that this sport has...
  6. a lot of changes in the Judo rules for the next Olympic campaign... here you can find a detailed summary: https://www.ijf.org/news/show/adapted-rules-of-the-next-olympic-cycle I have to admit that I agree with most of those new rules, but I'm still doubtful over the new scoring system (OK, it's simpler and way more understandable by the newcomers, but I'm not sure that it can reflect the complexity of the game...and I'm against the principle of trying to remove all the the tactics' stuff...it's always been a great part of all sports and I don't think it's a good thing to give it up only because a buch of bored to death people get annoyed by that when they watch Judo once every 4 years)... no comment on the proposal of a useless and senseless team event for Tokyo 2020...if they want to make a present to the host Nation, just give them 10 Gold medals before the Games start, but save us from this farce on the mat...
  7. Nice weekend for Italy... Today Alessio Foconi won the Men's Foil GP in Turin (ITA) beating Alexander Massialas (15-7 the score) in the Gold Medal bout and the Italian team won the men's Sabre Team World Cup in Gyor (HUN), beating all their strongest rivals (GER in qtrs, RUS in semis and KOR in the final bout)... this make up for the girls disappointing performance from yesterday in the Women's Foil GP (Errigo and Volpi ended up only in 3rd place, both going down to the Americans Kiefer - the eventual winner - and Ross) and the Men's Individual event in Gyor (Montano was the best among our guys, ending up in 7th place, meanwhile Korea got the double with Oh Sanguk having the edge over teammate Gu Bon Gil)...
  8. I couldn't agree more...
  9. sure... I also have NHL.tv, by the way (and my faithful motorized dish, which allows me to find always new hockey matches on the Swiss & German networks or some feeds from the KHL and other leagues, too)... basically, we can say that I'm hockey addicted... my only regret is that I don't know any of those Eastern European languages (and now it's too late to start studying them)... I'd really like to understand a bit more what local commentators say...just to know those places and environments better...
  10. I know...right now i'm enjoying the whole kombi pack from Skylink, so I have regular view of sport1 & 2, nova sport 1 & 2, arena sport 1 (if only they had a better picture quality...it's my only reliable source for the SHL - apart for those couple of games you can find on youtube once every while), Golf Channel (man, how I'd love to see it in HD) and all Slovak and Czech public channels (included CT Sport HD, another great channel)... frankly, I think this is a lot better tv package than many of the most famous ones, skysport Italia included (which is basically only about football, basketball and motorsports, with all the other sports in their lineup getting really a bad coverage)... and it's not so expensive (at least for the Italian standard)...
  11. I watched it on Sport2 HD (satellite tv @ 23.5 East)... fortunately for me, I don't understand Slovak that well (actually, I don't understand it at all, if not for the numbers, the players' names and a couple of other hockey related terms), but I clearly heard the name Magnitogorsk more than once...