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  1. No surprises so far in these qualifications. Waiting for France - Germany and Belgium - Slovenia for the deciding matches
  2. After today we can at 90% congratulate for the first ever dutch Giro win. Quintana and Nibali don't have the legs and even if they did, there is no place left for them to gain sufficiant time. Poor Landa, he is in no way a favourite of mine, but this is sad. And again the same way on the last corner. At least he will get the mountains jersey, though i don't know in what value it will be for Sky. TJVG showing his true calling, as in stage hunting. The sooner he starts in that role, the better it will be for him.
  3. That Dumoulin paicing, how long can he keep it.
  4. Many people will have trouble with the control time. With it being a short stage i assume it will be 30 minutes or so.
  5. 18 stages and so far not one drop of rain in this Giro. And they said that the third week would have bad weather. Guess Nibali is keeping the rain dance as a last resort.
  6. That is so stupid.. BTW what is the grade on that pass?
  7. Russia on the calendar, i wonder how long before certain people start blabbing again.
  8. And they are letting him go so much. Very strange.
  9. I don't think he is there, because no way they would let him be at 3 minutes and the group at 13. It's probably Conti.
  10. Without an italian win after 16 stages , he was gonna get dragged by the italian public. Plus it's not like Sky would ever help him. They are not the generous types.
  11. He is still behind, he needs some more voodoo.
  12. Quintana is not letting go for now
  13. Landa almost caught. Is this going to be that coveted italian win.
  14. Then why isn't FFS Nibali going, or at least trying to see if Quintana isn't well. No shark from Nibali
  15. Why are Quintana and Nibali not going.. Nibali doesn't want to work for Quintana, and Quintana doesn't want to work for Quintana..