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  1. Tomorrow starts the 68th annual Strandzha Cup tournament. 282 athletes (210 men and 72 women) from 35 countries have signed for the tournament. It will mark the return of the talanted Blagoy Naydenov to our national team. In 2014 he became Youth Olympic champion and World Youth Champion and everyone here thought we had our next big boxer, until it got to his head, and he said he wasn't treated properly and wasn't paid enought yada-yada. There was a scandal and he said he was turning pro at which he failed miserably and 2 years later, he is wanting a return to the national team...
  2. It's only february, but Valverde is already racking up wins and podiums. This guy is such an anomaly of an athlete.
  3. Party pooper once again. Such a frustrating sport
  4. Damn you, now Popov went 31st
  5. Yes Сборная In Fourcades face, a little payback finally.
  6. Go Shipulin
  7. Shipulin to lose in a sprint is NID
  8. Can anyone other than France/Germany win something at these f'n championships..
  9. Even the last bastion of Norway, the mens relay is pathetic...
  10. Forget Vonn, i wan't to see Shiffrin against the men. What a devil geez Slovakia again fourth, noooo
  11. Excuses, excuses They should have the doubles second on the day then.
  12. ^ It was a joke, plus they praised her will to train in skiing when it is universaly known it's not in there nature. The words racist/racism are the most overused for every little thing now... Anyways i see another medal for Slovakia today.
  13. Why do Eurosport always show live the doubles, when for me they are the most boring. Give us the men/women.
  14. They should check if Nicolaisen is really norwegian, never seen such a slow skiing from them ever.
  15. Well, i think they haven't sub-licensed here (yet).