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  1. Giovinazzi in F1
  2. Switzerland won't be womens world champions Canada, Russia, Sweden and Scotland on to the play-offs. Homan with a perfect record after the group stage, is this finally her championships.
  3. Everything last year was about politics and corrupt juries, so why would it be any different this year?
  4. Disolve the contest or move it to a country not at war, namely Bulgaria, the true winner of 2016
  5. For anyone that growed up with Looney Tunes, the real Foghorn Leghorn was spotted in the US.
  6. This week officially starts the new motorsport season with the return of F1. Also GP2 is now transformed into the Formula 2 banner (version 3.0 ) in an attempt from FIA to restructure the smaller formulas. There is also talk in the comming years to combine GP3 with F3 and make a defined pyramid of the classes, which we know has always been very blurry.
  7. WTA finals shoud always play on a saturday in joint events, or introduce 3rd set tie-breaks. Unbelievable slugfest... Wanted to see Fed-Stan final before i went to bed, now they won't even start.
  8. Darn it, i wanted 20 categories each. Oh well, there is always next time.
  9. It should have been Juve -PSG If there is a miracle and Juve go through it would be much sweeter though.
  10. So what else is new. Fourth place is our specialty, no matter the sport.
  11. Well, if they started correcting their mistakes and not only talking big bad words, people like Wilders would never be a factor. They may take this battle, but if things continue in the same direction, next time, next place, thing won't go their way. Things haven't been kumbaya for a long time.
  12. What happens, happens. Occidentali's Karma
  13. My thoughts exactly. It was well known for weeks that even if Wilders "won" he won't form a government, because noone wants to be in a coalition with him. People acting like it is some uprising against him. The internet
  14. Well, that is still only a fraction, unlike in other countries *cough* here *cough*, where the turkish party is the third biggest.
  15. Rutte - Erdogan round 2 comming to your local channel this april. Will the fiery southern tyrant break the mild-mannered western historian. Check your local listings.