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  1. Football 2016 Discussion Thread

    Not THE rival, but they'd be as happy as I am if my team had been the one suffering THIS HUMILIATION. Anyway, best Christmas present ever!!
  2. Football 2016 Discussion Thread

    That was BEAUTIFUL Kashima, I will always love you after today lolololololololol Now let's hope Nacional fans don't mug too many Japanese
  3. Summer Olympic Games 2016 News

    I was able to attend an event today with Mariana Pajon (bmx, gold), Oscar Figueroa (weightlifting, gold) and Yuberjen Martinez (boxing, silver). I mentioned that the rotary club I'm part of had an event coming and Mariana invited me backstage and recorded a video to help promote it. Such a warm giving person. I'm even prouder now that I got to interact with such a wonderful human being.
  4. Summer Paralympic Games 2016 Official Thread

    Serrano's gold and world record justs adds up to a historic day in Colombian sport. Our first paralympic gold ever.
  5. Road Cycling 2016 Discussion Thread

    Colombia already selected its team for the World Championships: Élite: Fernando Gaviria Rendón (Etixx Quick Step) Rigoberto Urán Urán (Cannondale) Edwin Alcibiades Ávila Vanegas (Team Illuminate) Carlos Eduardo Alzate Escobar (United HealtCare) Jarlinson Pantano Gómez (IAM Cycling) Jhoan Esteban Chaves Rubio (Orica BikeExchange) Walter Fernando Vargas Alzate (Orgullo Antioqueño) Omar Alberto Mendoza Alzate (Movistar Team América) Brayan Steven Ramírez Chacón (Movistar Team América) Sub-23: Juan Sebastián Molano Benavides (Manzana Postobón Team) Álvaro José Hodeg Chagüí (Coldeportes - Claro) Bryan Steve Gómez Peñaloza (Champion System - Stan's NoTubes) Daniel Felipe Martínez Poveda (Willier Triestina Southeast) Damas élite: Diana Carolina Peñuela Martínez (United HealtCare) Junior damas: Yesi Tatiana Dueñas Gómez (Liga de Bogotá) Junior hombres: Adrián Camilo Bustamante Ruda (Proactiva Aguas de Tunja) Director técnico: Carlos Mario Jaramillo Mesa Delegados: Jorge Ovidio González y Rodolfo Palomino López Mecánicos: Aliter Tejada Flórez y Nicolás Laverde Seguro Masajistas: Leonardo Diez Jaramillo y Rubén Darío Vélez Correa
  6. Your Summer Olympic Sport Program Review

    This is nice and all, but basketball would need to start a week before the opening ceremony for it to work.
  7. Colombia National Thread

    Don't remind me. Some of those hurt a lot (both track cycling ones, Leidy Solis' in weightlifting women's 69k, boxing men's fly) but a couple were so unexpected that were actually very joyful (men's triple jump and men's mountain bike) Yes. Our best results ever by far and a confirmation that the more serious approach we took since Beijing is paying off. Things are already looking up for Tokyo (Yuri Alvear is moving to Tokyo for the next 4 years, staying at the embassy to complete the whole podium: London bronze, Rio silver and hopefully Tokyo gold). It looks like we're here to stay. And James was magnificent today vs Venezuela!!
  8. [OFF TOPIC] General Chat

    All the Colombian medallists were given cars. Martinez (lightfly boxing, silver) can't drive, so Ramirez (bmx, bronze) gave him a quick class
  9. Road Cycling 2016 Discussion Thread

    With his head down always checking his watts while his stormtroopers protect him. BORINGGGG.
  10. Road Cycling 2016 Discussion Thread

    I'm actually very fond of the non-cyclists brits, tbh. But come on, Sky is pretty much the evil empire and the olympic omnium and keirin non-sanctions deserve all the hate they got.
  11. Road Cycling 2016 Discussion Thread

    The one thing I will say about Froome, I confess I do enjoy reading the Spanish press and seeing how they refer to him as "the african"/"the kenyan" and refuse to give the UK any mention. That's the only thing he does for me.
  12. Road Cycling 2016 Discussion Thread

    Disagree 100%. We're actually getting the race we didn't in that boring as fuck TdF.
  13. Rowing 2016 Discussion Thread

    Playing devil's advocate here, but if it becomes olympic it should see a growth in competition. Anyway, it might be a loss in the short term but gender equality matters more in the long term, imo.
  14. Road Cycling 2016 Discussion Thread

    Nairo: King of Los Lagos
  15. Sport Climbing 2016 Discussion Thread

    I agree that I don't like the idea of combined. The aim is probably to showcase it all with the minimun posible quota. Oh well.