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  1. Volleyball 2018 Discussion Thread

    The Volleyball Nation League (formerly World League) official calendar
  2. [OFF TOPIC] Your Photos Thread

    Meanwhile, here I haven't seen snow this year basically
  3. Volleyball 2018 Discussion Thread

    And Italy's National Teams have changed sponsor: Kinder has been replaced by DHL and these will be the new shirts
  4. Thank you @hckosice ! Anyway, anyone else wanting to add their bday date to the list?
  5. [OFF TOPIC] Your Photos Thread

    It looks like a very interesting and funny place @dcro! Btw, last days from a huge fog to a nice sunset on the Alps:
  6. [OFF TOPIC] Music Thread

    Sea Wolf
  7. [OFF TOPIC] Your Photos Thread

    Lovely pics guys!!
  8. [OFF TOPIC] Your Photos Thread

    You should try guys, I bet you're surrounded by amazing sceneries and I'd love to see them
  9. [OFF TOPIC] Your Photos Thread

    From last summer (Aosta Valley)
  10. [OFF TOPIC] Music Thread

  11. Volleyball 2018 Discussion Thread

    Perugia won the men Coppa Italia, with a couple of great performances in the weekend.
  12. [OFF TOPIC] Your Photos Thread

    One of my fav places - Lake of Orta (X)
  13. [OFF TOPIC] Movies & TV Series Thread

    I watched season 1 but I hadn't time to start season 2 yet
  14. Volleyball 2018 Discussion Thread

    Some clubs didn't do that right though, it could have been better.. I just hope clubs won't start close again