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  1. [OFF TOPIC] Music Discussion Thread

    @Bohemia lovely selection! I'm listening to this rn:
  2. [OFF TOPIC] Your Photos Thread

    very nice though! I've been away while OG took place - sadly I was not in Rio but here
  3. Volleyball at the Summer Olympic Games 2016

    Exactly. I was cheering again for our team after a long time in which players didn't fight at all (in London 2012 I wasn't, for example. I was very sad Bulgaria lost the bronze to Italy, I admit it). But these guys are finally fighting again as a team is supposed to, showing they want to give all they have to win, and they made me very proud despite the "loss" of the gold (we won a beautiful silver imo, and nothing else). As you said, let's not forget that our setter, despite showing great plays and all, is still only 20... can you imagine in 8 years, when he'll be around the "standard maturity age for a setter" (and hopefully in Rome) what he's going to do, hopefully supported by another great team as this one is? I can't wait honestly!!
  4. [OFF TOPIC] Music Discussion Thread

    Oh Porcelain, yep. Totally reminds me too about the OG. Right now though I'm listening to this song and idk it makes me think about sportsmen and and sportswomen somehow (probably it's only me): ...and this too, as the TV spot reminded me
  5. Italy National Thread

    Ah uups, sorry
  6. Italy National Thread

    Intendi il sito RAI TV Dirette? http://www.rai.tv/dl/RaiTV/dirette_tv.html
  7. [OFF TOPIC] Your Photos Thread

    nice! River trip:
  8. Volleyball at the Summer Olympic Games 2016

    2nd Libero Facundo Santucci out and opposite José Luis Gonzalez in (x)
  9. Volleyball at the Summer Olympic Games 2016

    So it seems Startseva was cut from Russia’s women roster because of doping scandal -back in the CL F4- (X)
  10. [OFF TOPIC] Your Photos Thread

    haha yeah, Mother Nature's one!
  11. [OFF TOPIC] Your Photos Thread

    all my love for... this plant hahah anyway sorry, I'm an OT photos girl it seems
  12. Volleyball at the Summer Olympic Games 2016

    Sure Gennari is now recovering from a knee surgery (but doing better and hopefully she will recover completely before the OG's start), but she's a better receiver than Diouf and we need more receivers in our team tbh. I'm sad for Valentina ofc, but I understand Bonitta's decision in the end. It seems the other option was to leave Centoni at home, but he decided for Diouf.
  13. [OFF TOPIC] Your Photos Thread

    "... there are many kinds of magic, after all" / rain rain rain not too happy with the pic, but still...
  14. [OFF TOPIC] Music Discussion Thread

    I'm sorry to keep posting here...