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  1. Test thread - aim to find best possible format for upcoming prediction contest.
  2. Oh yes, they are, they will be Le Pen, luckily for "EU" won't win.
  3. I don't give a damn about EU anymore. And I can guess many people in Serbia are very skeptical now too. I hope Le Pen wins in second round, though it probably will be very, very tough.
  4. Allez Le Pen
  5. You liked the song?
  6. Mauritania Noura Mint Seymali is a nationally beloved star and one of Mauritania’s foremost musical emissaries. Born into a prominent line of Moorish griot (West African praise singers, poets and musicians) Noura began her career at age 13 as a supporting vocalist with her step-mother, the legendary Dimi Mint Abba. From a very early age, she was trained in instrumental and vocal technique by her grandmother, Mounina, mastering the ardine, a harp reserved only for women, and singing at weddings with family. Seymali Ould Ahmed Vall, Noura's father, was similarly an important teacher, himself a seminal figure in Mauritanian music who devised the first system for Moorish melodic notation and composed many works popularized by his wife, Dimi. Seymali sparked Noura’s compositional instincts and encouraged her earliest experimentations with fusion music. Reared in this rich and transitive music culture where sounds from across the Sahara, the Magreb and West Africa coalesce, Noura Mint Seymali currently drives the legacy forward as one of Mauritania's most adventurous young artists. Noura Mint Seymali - Mohammedoun Album: Arbina Released: September 16, 2016 Official Site: http://www.nouramintseymali.com/
  7. What a week for WTA. After Italian Tennis Federation rejected Schiavone a wildcard citing she already had MDWC in previous two years but didn't win a single match an so far being very low ranked, she is not the most suitable person for the one. (Errani and Sharapova already awarded MDWC. What was Schiavone's respone - a title in Bogota! With 36 years and more than 9 months old she became the fourth oldest woman to win a title in the Open era. On the other side, a 17-year-old Czech girl Marketa Vondroušova won her first title (at her second WTA tournament in career, previous showing in Prague 2016, reaching R16) coming from qualifications. What I can say for Marketa - I noticed her 3-4 years ago and I liked what I saw. This week she showed so matured tennis. Strong from both wings (fh and bh), great attacking and also defensive skills, variety and touch. Serve solid but also can improve. Mentally tough. Saved 13 BP in the final, several set points in second set and converted the first match point. I am impressed. Kontaveit improved a lot. I hope she can break in top 50 very soon. I like her game too.
  8. Marketa Vondrousova
  9. Dead Spot on, though
  10. Maybe most of you have already watched the video, but I found it today and enjoyed it very much. The Brits!!!
  11. Excellent work @dcro
  12. bestmen Fantastic work!
  13. Kasno je sad kukati... Sve sto se uocilo trebalo je na vreme trubiti... Jbg, jos par godina pa ce moci stvari da se menjaju opet.... ukoliko pre toga narodu ne prekipi u sta sumnjam
  14. Mada ovo deluje kao kada su onomad izasli zbog pobede Trampa... Ne moze se nista uraditi jer je da je bar jedan od protivkandidata imao priblizno glasova pa da se kaze da je bilo velikih nepravilnosti i krađe kao u doba Milosevica, ovo je sve.. pa kao u USA kada su pristalice Klintonke bile nezadovoljne...
  15. Wow, nije valjda? :O Samo, malo je ovo ljudi.
  16. Ja sam se zaprepasto kad sam video brojku koliko ljudi ima pravo glasa Uz to videh neku sliku sa pozivima gde je preko desetak njih adresirano na različita fantomska imena a na istu adresu haha Postoji taj normalni deo Srbije ali uvek nekako trpi i ćuti. A ja donekle osuđujem onaj deo koji zapravo ne izlazi na izbore. Jedna smo od vodećih zemalja u Evropi po odlivu mozgova, a koliko broj je otišao ne smem ni da zamislim. Koliko sam naših ljudi sreo čak i na NZ
  17. Alsarah & The Nubatones - Soukura Alsarah & The Nubatones - Habibi Taal
  18. Sudan Alsarah is a Sudanese-born singer, songwriter and ethnomusicologist. Born in the capital city of Khartoum where she spent the first 8 years of her life, she relocated to Taez, Yemen with her family to escape the ever-stifling regime in her native country. She abruptly moved to the US in 1994, when a brief civil war broke out in Yemen. Alsarah started her musical training at the age of 12 upon arriving in the US. After attending the Pioneer Valley Performing Arts Charter High School, in Hadley MA, she spent the next 4 years at Wesleyan University studying music with a concentration in Ethnomusicology. Residing in Brooklyn, NY she is a self-proclaimed practitioner of East-African Retro-Pop working on various projects. She has toured both Nationally and Internationally with critically acclaimed groups such as the Nile Project, where she was featured on their debut CD, Aswan (named in the top 5 must hear international albums by NPR). She has also released 1 full-length album with French producer Débruit titled Aljawal (Soundways Recordings), as well as 1 full-length album with her current band, Alsarah & the Nubatones, titled Silt (Wonderwheel Recordings) touring internationally since its release in 2014. Alsarah & the Nubatones were born out of many dinner conversations between alsarah and rami el aasser about nubian ‘songs of return’, modern migration patterns and the cultural exchanges between sudan and egypt. A common love for the richness of pentatonic sounds, and shared migration experiences, expanded the conversation to include armenian – american oud player haig manouki- an and french born togo raised bass player mawuena kodjovi. Under the leadership of alsarah, the brooklyn based group’s sound grew into what they have dubbed as ‘east – african retro-pop’. In march of 2014 the group released their debut album “silt / طمي “ via wonderwheel recordings to in- ternational acclaim and great reviews, with the single soukura (it’s late) debuting on spin magazine’s blog. Alsarah and The Nubatones - Ya Watan (ياوطن) Single: Ya Watan // ياوطن Album: Manara (out 9/30/2016) Written & performed by Alsarah & the Nubatones
  19. Great. I also thought it could work I am okay with the voting time
  20. I would like to nominate a band - well, there are two sisters from Sudan (born in Khartoum), Nubian people, who are currently living in USA and three more members of the band who aren't Sudanese, but... They are performing modern version of Nubian traditional music, singing about Nubian legends, stories and people. Almost everything is connected to Nubian people in Sudan... I was wondering would they be eligible to represent Sudan (2 Sudanese and three of them are not) for the Festival of Music? If yes, then would be my choice
  21. Bezi na vreme Ja ne mogu da verujem da je Vucic ovako LAGANO pobedio. Doduše, kada malo zagledam u kampanju, ispranim mozgovima je bilo dovoljno. Sve više lici na vladavinu Milosevica i uvođenje svojevrsne diktature. Jer sada je bukvalno sve u Vučićevim rukama. Zahvaljujuci tolikim kandidatima i nepostojećoj opoziciji, Vučko će ispratiti sportiste u Peking 2022 Osim ako Beli i neko slični ne nastave sa radom, angažuju mlađe, opozicija se pregrupiše i ojača na vreme Vučka inače sve više smatraju populistom na Zapadu. Cim im ne bude bio od interesa, izgubiće podršku Zapada.
  22. Amd what a meltdown for Pliskova... dark days for WTA. Venus and Miki Lucic inspiring stories though ans continued rise of Konta. Have to add, youngsters are knocking too. Vondrousova, Aiava progressing fast on ITF, fantastic results for Potapova and Anisimova in Curitiba...
  23. I would like to see either Zverev or Kyrgios. But Fognini winning it would be epic