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  1. Test thread - aim to find best possible format for upcoming prediction contest.
  2. Ngā mihi o te Tau Hou! Happy New Year!
  3. Lol, rybak So, It's North America who advances from Heat 2! Congrats USA and Canada
  4. If I were you, I'd go with 63. Triangles 12-24-25 and 52-63-58 are similar (Thales theorem)
  5. Amazing @Gianlu33 my lucky penny Thanks a lot for picking. I'll make it sure to miss the final too
  6. Results are coming soon. I am asking for a bit more patience. Also, I can manage just a few contests next year (up to 5 throughout the year) so we'll need a team if there's a desire for some more complete schedule. Feel free to suggest all of your interests. I am sure we can find 2-3 users more to form a managing team. Also, now is the time to suggest some rules changes, scoring systems etc... 10 days are enough to have rules set and some provisional calendar.
  7. I am fan of Bayern And favourite Serbian team is Partizan. Couldn't be more opposite
  8. I actually like this idea very much! It is far more easier to organize a game like before with 4 participants
  9. Since Mexico and Serbia already hosted the event, they could play "qualification round" and winner getting in the 8-nations main draw
  10. Wow, nine nations. It's gonna be tough to win a bid, and also to the bidding contest organizer
  11. Delpo Argentina, finally
  12. yes, beat 2-1 in the overtime at the AFC Asian Cup 2015
  13. officially in the race. At least as an outsider
  14. What a crappy match I really hate this match up. Andy is so-so, nothing great, but Novak
  15. TISC 2017 GB Promo wow Winter in Lithuania
  16. What a match to end a season, #1 at stake. Djokovic was excellent yesterday, Murray had tough match. We'll see. But whoever wins, really deserves #1
  17. That is one of the options for sure!
  18. Eivør - Brotin
  19. I'llbe in Wellington next year by this time, and yeah +12 compared to CET is something... well, challenging
  20. Btw, I definitely thought Argentina would finish in top 10. Best discovery for me. And my favourite The Raveonettes song is "Love In A Trashcan" - secured 12 points
  21. Me neither. But I also didn't expect Canada to be placed that high. However, voting always turns in unexpected ways and that's the charm
  22. Yeah, I really want to know if is going to organize another TISC event (if they didn't spend the budget last time ) because I'd dare to put a bid for TISC Open 2017 in New Zealand (only if we don't suffer another quake and flood full year )