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  1. Tennis 2018 Discussion Thread

    I do hope so
  2. Tennis 2018 Discussion Thread

    What a draw for Miami Bellis-Azarenka winner to face Keys Serena-Osaka to face Svitolina in 2nd round And the you have Liu-Osuigwe R1 Kvitova to play Dasha on this mud in R3... Low chances for R4.
  3. Tennis BNP Paribas Open 2018

    Finally masters title for Delpo! What a match! Well done both The crowd, once again
  4. Tennis BNP Paribas Open 2018

    Osaka What a week for here! Dropped only one set to Sakkari, beating Sharapova, Radwanska, Pliskova, Halep and Kasatkina - convincingly <3 Vamos Delpo
  5. Tennis BNP Paribas Open 2018

    I guess so I also like Roger, very, very much but I get annoyed by some fans. I mean, I'll aplaude to any player for a good point.
  6. Totallympics Annual International Song Contest 2018

    So, the goal is to beat Australia Or Iran, if there is going to be Asia/Oceania merging
  7. Tennis BNP Paribas Open 2018

    At least young girls are beating old ladies... Federer in better shape than Coric...
  8. Tennis BNP Paribas Open 2018

    Bornaaa The crowd
  9. Best Sports Moments of Your Nation?

    Speed skating in the past decade
  10. Totallympics Annual International Song Contest 2018

    Yes, it can happen and make the things easier For now, I have three songs in the top league, around 12 in the second, and 3-5 potential growers.
  11. Totallympics Annual International Song Contest 2018

    Managing prediction contests made my love with excel eternal I have to say, there are two very catchy songs which, all of a sudden, I cannot get out of my head
  12. Totallympics Annual International Song Contest 2018

    42 It will be such a battle! And a long grand final, yay!
  13. Totallympics Annual International Song Contest 2018

    I wish I could say the same Hahaha, just got in my mind: Your eyebrows may be the best thing in town I'd like to shoot 'em up and make 'em frown hey listen, Jane, here's a hit from me you're not the biggest catfish in the sea!