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  1. I am going to vote soon, definitely before the deadline, just want to give another replay for some of the songs Have to say, I have clear favourite this time, easy twelve. Few good songs battling for the rest of top points and struggle for the fillers
  2. New Zealand Well, so many strong contenders at the National Selection Music Festival, but NZ decided to mix the things little and enter the TISC with something new. Grayson Gilmour, Broods, Ladyhawke, Mel Parsons, Theia, Fazerdaze, Zen Mantra, Lawrence Arabia all were denied, and unique opportunity got.... Graham Candy - Back Into It Getting to know Graham Candy: http://www.grahamcandymusic.com/ And here's a review I agree very much with: http://tearaway.co.nz/review-graham-candy-plan/
  3. Epic, just epic tiebreak between Murray and Kohlschreiber... 20-18 in the tie-break, Murray saved six or seven match points. Kohly played really good... except the third set...
  4. From bunch of current Serbian players I don't see any top prospect. Maybe one or two top 20... But you never know. Danilovic is yet to be seen; Jorovic still without any semi-breakthrough result... Kecmanovic will need much more time for a breakthrough too... It was amazing while it lasted And still we can hope for some old-Nole flashes of brilliance (aka Doha 2017 final )
  5. Most likely. Wondering what was the sum lol I kinda hoped Peng could win the title (was convinced Elina would withdraw at some point) but now Barty winning the title would be amazing
  6. Well, I am a bookish guy
  7. Ruud lost but I like what I saw in Rio and Sao Paulo
  8. WTA Dubai? Fed lost to Donskoy, how did that happen? ATP is still holding so-so, but WTA sinking deeper and deeper. Though, I am glad for some players making noise, or blooming after years of non-existence.
  9. Family, chemistry and music! will join in again!
  10. Tennis thread looks quiet. Probably resembling the quality of matches, both WTA and ATP.
  11. And is playing Kuala Lumpur the week after
  12. Ngā mihi o te Tau Hou! Happy New Year!
  13. Lol, rybak So, It's North America who advances from Heat 2! Congrats USA and Canada
  14. If I were you, I'd go with 63. Triangles 12-24-25 and 52-63-58 are similar (Thales theorem)