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  1. India National Thread

    Will this thread be active after rio olympics in the interim till tokyo olympics
  2. India National Thread

    is this thread going to stay for the four years to tokyo 2020...
  3. India National Thread

    he is not in medal reckoning
  4. India National Thread

    You just relieved me with this post, mate!!! I was feeling flustered with what happened yesterday.
  5. India National Thread

    Gaya medal archery mein aise khelenge to!!
  6. India National Thread

    Shooting does not have ranking rounds...we will not get to see Jitu earlier?? To hell with Star Sports
  7. India National Thread

    India at 3rd position
  8. India National Thread

    why are they not showing the archery in star sports
  9. India National Thread

    The Olympics actually start tomorrow with football matches...
  10. India National Thread

    Paisa quota
  11. India National Thread

    2 days left and the official website does not have the schedules...:(
  12. India National Thread

    Yes, it does. But she must lift 194kgs+; at the Olympics it should be 198kg++ to be sure. To top it off, she needs to remove mental pressure of the Olympics
  13. Summer Olympic Games 2016 News

    WHy are they not updating anything on the official website; details of the schedule, etc.