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  1. India National Thread

    Now it has gone offline... Guess no point watching with this disastrous stream
  2. India National Thread

    Unfortunately there might not be live stream of shooting due to faulty internet at Baku. Pray they can fix the issue in 20 min.
  3. India National Thread

    Hingis/Federer confirmed. Link - https://www.rio2016.com/en/news/roger-federer-prepares-to-go-after-unprecedented-triple-at-rio-2016-olympic-games
  4. India National Thread

    Any live telecast for Archery?
  5. India National Thread

  6. India National Thread

    Thanks guys. It is really surprising that no women out here.
  7. India National Thread

    There's wrestling world cup as well....though none of the rio bound wrestlers have been sent...
  8. India National Thread

    Rohan faces Dodig in Quarters. If they beat them, Rohan will be in top 10 according to my calculations. Dodig will drop points as he is defending champion and he will also past Soares. Then only Vasselin can come ahead of Rohan if they win French Open. So he should finish 9th or 10th. if Rohan loses, then Dodig and Vasselin should not win French Open for Rohan to be 10th.