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  1. Awwww. Speedy recovery for her.
  2. Thank you. I confirmed it later... She placed fourth. Great achievement for India. I wonder if she can earn enough support to take part at World and Challenge Cup events. It will be amazing if she eventually snatches a medal at the World Cup circuit. Any news about Dipa Karmakar? Last thing I heard about her is that she is training a new vault, and I really want her to nail it and win a medal at the World Championships this year.
  3. My reply is somewhat late, but you are right. Women's scores had a 0.5 decrease on Balance Beam, Uneven Bars and Floor. Vault scores had, roughly, a 0.4 decrease compared to last year.
  4. So, the Asian Championships are underway and we got to see some nice surprises so far. First, Pranati Nayak from India earned a bronze medal on vault. As of now, there are no official results, but a Twitter account mentions she earned a medal. This is very surprising, and this makes me happy. I really hope someone has recorded her vaults. We also have medalists from Iran, Hong Kong and Chinese Taipei. It's always nice when different countries make it to the podium. Finally, the Chinese girls are on fire with HUGE scores on beam. I'm speechless at their qualification scores and I'm looking forward to a great performance tomorrow as well. EDIT: It looks like India did not get a medal after all. Still no official results. Asian Gymnastics Union sucks.
  5. Edit: Originally I thought Pranati Nayak had won a bronze medalist on vault according to a tweet, at the Asian Artistic Gymnastics Championships. But I cannot confirm this information. Do you guys have any reliable sources?
  6. This link shows some news (in Portuguese) about Brazil's participation at the 2017 Jesolo Trophy. What surprised me is that Roger Medina, coach of newcomer Thais Fidelis, believes she will win a medal at the World Championships. Now, this is totally uncommon in Brazil. In every interview they say they will aim for solid routines, never for a medal. I'm surprised they are so confident right now.
  7. Amazing! Prokopenko really deserved an Olympic medal, and I'm so glad she's on her way to get one, now!
  8. Is there a date and a location for the Grand Prix Final already?
  9. Still, a gold medal is a marvelous international result for Lithuania. Congratulations!
  10. Official source from the government of Brazil (data from 2010 published in 2016): Male: 1. José 2. João 3. Antônio 4. Francisco 5. Carlos 6. Paulo 7. Pedro 8. Lucas 9. Luiz 10. Marcos Female: 1. Maria 2. Ana 3. Francisca 4. Antônia 5. Adriana 6. Juliana 7. Márcia 8. Fernanda 9. Patrícia 10. Aline
  11. This is weird. Two weeks ago Viner (head coach for Russia) said Kudryavtseva had retired. Kudryavtseva herself said she was not retiring anytime soon, and Viner said again that she had retired. I believe Kudryavtseva was forced to retire, since it was clear that Viner would not allow her to compete for Russia again.
  12. So, I am now focused on finding results from all of the World Cup events since 1983. It is really hard to find results prior to 2008; this is why I need help, any help, finding these results. Basically, what I want to know is which countries managed to win at least a bronze medal at one of the stages of the World Cup series since 1983. It might look like a lot, but so far I have been able to identify only 26 countries: Azerbaijan Belarus Brazil Bulgaria Canada China Finland France Georgia Germany Greece Israel Italy Japan Kazakhstan North Korea Poland Romania Russia Soviet Union South Korea Spain Switzerland Ukraine United States Uzbekistan I might be missing a few. This is why I'll ask for help. I believe Slovenia, Slovakia, Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia, Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, East Germany and West Germany are the only serious candidates to join this list, to be honest. But I have not been able to confirm any medal results from these nations from 1983 to 2007 at the Rhythmic Gymnastics World Cup Series. Can anyone help, please?
  13. Come one, everyone should have expected this kind of reaction fro him.
  14. Somehow you have mistaken Acrobatic for Aerobic. It's not Aerobic that was added to the program, it's Acrobatic Gymnastics. Besides, there's the insane combined event. I agree with @heywoodu that this is really unnecessary, but FIG has apparently lost its mind over the past few months.
  15. Acrobatic Gymnastics was also added to the program, as well as a Mixed Team event consisting of combined scores from Artistic, Rhythmic, Trampoline and Acrobatic Gymnastics.
  16. I believe most (if not all) of us are aware of the many difficulties India goes through, and sport -- even for able-bodied persons -- does not seem to be a priority for the government. However, their population is around 1 billion and 300 million people. Based on this absolutely humongous number of people alone, it is puzzling that India's athletes still fall behind at the world stage. It's impossible for me to think that all Indian athletes are absolutely deprived of good facilities and coaches. Also, it's impossible for me to think that no private companies decide to sponsor individual athletes. We have seen some incredible performances from a very poor nation like Kenya, so why does India still struggle so hard? Money is not the only deciding factor, and politics is definitely not the only reason for success.
  17. Yes. Turns, connection of turns and even her acrobatic dismount decreased in value, as far as I could understand.
  18. Reading the new rules carefully, it almost looks like they took a look at Sanne Wevers' gold medal routine on beam and said "Hmmm, how can we completely screw this gymnast up so she will never, ever win gold again?". Everything she performs on beam took a very big hit, and her winning routine at the Olympics is nearly useless now with this new Code of Points. Ouch. On Vault, it might look like they want gymnasts to perform the Produnova more safely, but at the same time the gap between the Produnova and the other vaults is still so big that gymnasts will keep vaulting it, even though the execution is not good. This new Code of Points does not solve the main problem it was supposed to address. What a joke.
  19. There's little time for gymnasts to test new routines in international competition, so it's usually hard for some countries (including Russia and Romania) to have six gymnasts with good routines in time for the World Championships. Even the US girls often have trouble adapting to the new Code of Points. The level of the team competition would be very low. Besides, it is important for gymnasts to take their time and adapt to the Code of Points instead of adding big skills and huge difficulty to their routines without serious thought, what would increase the risk of nasty injuries.