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  1. I don't know ((( But I know,that Bahran got two qoutas - from NOC - .....
  2. Armenia haven't wild card for air rifle men to the Olympics games???
  3. intersting information)))
  4. Thank you very much,dear But quota for Tokyo I will earn himself and get on the qualifying championship,because I believe in their capabilities
  5. I understand that the changes will not be? because 390 - quotes places TOTAL http://www.issf-sports.org/competitions/ogqualification/quota_places_by_nation_and_number.ashx
  6. no wildcard for us too
  7. nice )))
  8. thx, amico)))
  9. sorry, I was answered for russian member)))
  10. узнать бы как бы ещё повлиять на это всё )))
  11. Спасибо большое))) буду надеяться,что удача будет на моей стороне )))
  12. I do not know about what you're talking about fans but I pleasing - your support
  13. Thank you very much,dear )