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  1. Athletics at the Asian Games 2018

    It seems to me that another girl with the bib number 638 has been rejected and disallowed to run; judging from the colours of her singlet, she might be from Nepal ... poor girl ... any news about the reason ? Anyway great victory of Maslova; I never thought she could beat the naturalized Ethiopians and Kenyans.
  2. Athletics 2018 Discussion Thread

    Here you should find the (perhaps ...) complete results ... Groeten uit Fabio ! http://www.africathle.com/2018/08/01/african-championships-asaba-nigeria-1-5082018/
  3. I completely agree with my Friend INTERISTA (and evidently fan of the Olympic boxe): hopefully both Olympic boxe and Inter will come back ... "a riveder le stelle" (Dante, what a genious ...!)
  4. Caro Gianlu, grazie ! I have tried to browse thru the UEG and FIG and YouTube, but nothing ! Grazie, in ogni caso ...
  5. Isn't there any live streaming site for these morning and afternoon women qualification of the European Arstistic Gymnastics ? Thanks.
  6. Italy National Thread | Verso Tokyo 2020

    Sottoscrivo tutto e, vista la mia età "giurassica", tendo a ricordare e rimpiangere mitiche domeniche degli anni '70 in cui vincevano tutti: Thoeni, Panatta, Moser e, se invece s'era in estate, Mennea, gli schermidori, gli Abbagnale e le Nazionali degli sport di squadra, per non parlare di Agostini e della Ferrari (che è invece l'unica ad averci deluso oggi) ! Bando alla nostalgia, grande Italia e speriamo nelle nostre squadre e nei giovani virgulti dell'atletica ...
  7. Men's Football FIFA World Cup 2018

    Well, I don't have the time to carefully check but I remember some of your sarcastic opinions (against Schwazer, for instance, who is a close friend of mine); I'm really not sure that, within a discussion group, you must not prove your opinion, above all if it's against somebody; really not sure at all (maybe within a tiny group of close friends but not here).
  8. Men's Football FIFA World Cup 2018

    Dear Dcro, if your message is aimed to me,it's not well aimed; don't be mislead by the "newbie" title, as I am a subscriber since 2014 and ever since I have been almost daily reading many of the comments of you frequent posters; so, implying that the tiny number of active posts must be connected to the lack of knowledge of human habits of a 57 years old person, is at least imprudent; if, instead, I'm not the target of your irony, then sorry and ... "hvala" for your time (hoping that the Bakar bay is still wonderful as in the seventies when I was spending my holidays between Rovinj, Zadar, Biograd na Moru and Filip Jakov !) and Dobra Vecer. Fabio Majocchi
  9. Men's Football FIFA World Cup 2018

    It's always sad to be forced (unless I try to avoid this thread, but I cannot, as I am an old "jurassic" football fan) to read such offensive comments against other Nations or sportsmen: among the most zealous and biased commentators, there are OlympicFan, Bestmen, ThiagoSimoes and Heywoodu: I call them all, with a good-natured Italian expression,"pontificatori"..."Pontificatore" directly derives from the ancient Latin word "pontifex": it implies that someone is always busy in "preaching", besides being often sarcastic and sometimes offensive. They should also remember there's always somebody much older than them who could remind them about inconvenient mishaps, caused by their Nations sportsmen or idols or indeed by their ... whole Nations and I really would not like to reply to OlympicFan with something harmful; so it would be nice that he could refrain from offending the memory of two world cup victories in a period where there were no jokes at all, couldn't he ? One thing is kidding and teasing or expressing an opinion, another thing is stating something unproved. Otherwise I (all of us, actually) could unchain a long list of facts regarding German, Netherlands, Algerian, Brazilian (and many Countries more) athletes and their respective Nations, but that would be a pity for all of us !
  10. Taekwondo 2018 Discussion Thread

    Dear Friends, may I ask you whether I can somewhere find the COMPLETE results (not only the medalists ...) of some of the last ASIAN TAEKWONDO Championships (namely Astana 2010, Ho Chi Minh 2012, Tashkent 2014 and Ho Chi Minh 2018) ? I don't seem being able to find them within the usual specialized taekwondo sites (tpss.eu, mastkd.com, taekwondodata.com, ma-regonline.com) as well as the Asian Taekwondo Union one (frankly useless ...). I hope some of you can suggest better sites or ideas ! Thanks in advance and ciao, Fabio
  11. Italy National Thread | Verso Tokyo 2020

    Second consecutive ITALIAN TITLE ("scudetto") for my splendid tiny town LODI in RINK HOCKEY (very popular in a at least five Italian regiorns), thanks to the fantastic "en-plein" play-off serie of AMATORI WASKEN LODI against Forte dei Marmi; it's almost unbelievable that a little town like LODI is so good to earn two Italian titles in a row ! I'm overjoyed (in fifty-seven years of my life only three titles) and proud that just few days ago even my FANFULLA LODI (this is off-topic) has been promoted from E Serie to D (fourth tier) serie of the men's Italian National Soccer championships. LODI sugli SCUDI ! Too bad that RINK HOCKEY is not (yet ?!?) an Olympic discipline; shame on FIRS and CIO which allowed Skatboarding and not Rink Hockey and Speed and Artistic Skating ...
  12. Roller Sports Discussion Thread

    Second consecutive ITALIAN TITLE ("scudetto") for my splendid tiny town LODI in RINK HOCKEY (very popular in a at least five Italian regiorns), thanks to the fantastic "en-plein" play-off serie of AMATORI WASKEN LODI against Forte dei Marmi; it's almost unbelievable that a little town like LODI is so good to earn two Italian titles in a row ! I'm overjoyed (in fifty-seven years of my life only three titles) and proud that just few days ago even my FANFULLA LODI (this is off-topic) has been promoted from E Serie to D (fourth tier) serie of the men's Italian National Soccer championships. LODI SUGLI SCUDI !
  13. [OFF TOPIC] General Chat

    14/15 for me, due to my old age and the fact that for ten years I have been spending my holidays in the former Yugoslavia. Really unbearable the world's ignorance on these beautiful countries and their slavic languages and only because of the alliteration of the two names ... the world got still a long way to go to improve and how can I be optimistic if there are millions of peoples who mix-up SLO and SVK, Arabic and Persian, Shiites and Sunnites, Spanish and Portuguese, Indoeuropean and Afroasian languages, who still believe that languages and dialects can be clearly distinguished and - last but not the least - still think that the Olympic boycotts were useful (this one is the most painful one for an old Olympics lover ...) and fully plausible because ... "the sports are integrally part of our civil life" ?!?
  14. Athletics Qualification for Summer Olympic Games 2016

    For me it’s always a horrible day, whenever I read such a comment, imbued with moralistic attitude; I totally disagree; I am 55 years old and it hurts me too much whenever I face some (young?) moralists; provided the world which we live-in and the sport we have inherited, I am very sad that many of the members of this forum still think that the sport must be treated in the same way of other social phenomenons; in my opinion, provided the professional sport we have inherited , all our beloved sports disciplines should be considered as a world apart, a world where there is still the hope that more than one Guinean or one Malagasy or one Bhutanese can participate to the Olympic Games and arguably not thru the hideous qualification system ! Considering that this site and its threads unintentionally contradict this dream and stick to the cruel reality of contemplating the EXCLUSION of an incredible amount of athletes (maybe it’s the young average which leads this forum’s members to believe there is always a future Olympiad or a future chance !), I dare saying that moralism and exclusion get along well. Few things I know,but one is that I would like to INCLUDE all the athletes (even the “assholes”): this does not mean EVERY supposed athlete of the world (there is an evident difference between a “couch potato” like me and a real athlete, it’s just a matter of using common sense); it means MANY MORE athletes and their Nations and autonomous Territories (even Bonaire, Sint Maarten and Saba !) into the Olympic Games and according to the ancient wise rules (please do not say that now it’s impossibile or the Countries’ number has greatly increased ! Without corruption, it would be easily possible; with common sense nobody would claim that the first Moussambani or the Afghan girl who “walked” the 100 m. in 18:37 at the Paris 2003 WC – I was there –, can make the Olympic squad ! But there should be a place for for-the-time-being-excluded Kyrghyz wrestlers or for the two or three Central African wrestlers or for a dozen of Venezuelan track-and-field athlets just barely missing the Olympic minima, or even for Valentina Vezzali and Alice Volpi in foil, shouldn’t be ? ); I would like to INCLUDE the former disqualified athletes ( for doping or other “real” crimes – remember the New Zealander boxer who was a former convict and perhaps killer ? –); somebody would find-out that the invoked thoroughly clean atletes could dramatically decrease in number, if only some serious investigations could be made. How many hundreds of GDR and USSR doped athletes still hold an Olympic medal ? How many USA and European sportsmen one could discover among the “gedopt” ? Are you sure that Enith Brigitha, Ria Stalman, Hennie Kuiper and the magnificent Dafne Schippers (how much I’d like she could repeat the achievements of the Flying Mom Fanny Blankers-Koen !) were/are not doped ? Am I sure that some of my heros were thoroughly clean ? I guess the answer is always NO, we cannot be sure ! So, if this is the sports situation, with an extremely high ratio of athletes of all the disciplines using prohibited substances, wouldn’t be more … moral to treat the sports without any moralism and EXCLUSION ? Wouldn’t be fairer to consider the sport a world apart and leave the moralism aside, at least until we can reach some certainties about the now failing controlling system ? I am not ingenuous and I am not stating that there must not be rules in this world; I am not supporting anarchy but the sport – in my opinion, of course – must be maintained apart! Thanks to the moralist hypocrites stating that … “the sport is integrally part of life”, I have been witnessing (and I cried even when I was an adult) 4 boycotts from 1976 to 1988 ! Isn’t it indeed for this nasty mixture of politics and sport that some members sometimes discuss about Kosovo and other geographical entities (I would not long to see Lombardy or Sicily independent ,but I would try to see it as an opportunity to INCLUDE). As far as doping is concerned, there are NO sure things (“what is really doping for each of us ?”,wrote the greatest Italian sport writer Gianni Brera, after the Ben Johnson scandal), are we sure we can thoroughly define what is really dangerous ? Do we really believe in WADA ? Many years ago, when I was a subscriber of “Track & Field News”, a great biochemist wrote that he could NOT scientifically demonstrate to the athletes that the doping was absolutely (not probably, absolutely) dangerous.In future couldn’t we consider morally rejectable even athletes who smoke or atlete who drink beer or Gatorade or athletes who are … porn-consumers ? It hurts me too much to read in the Italian sports … Bible (the pink “La Gazzetta dello Sport” – by the way, congratulations to the Dutch Peoples for being so nice towards the “Giro d’Italia” –) a young guy’s statement: “If I steal, I am fired; so, Schwazer had to be life banned”. I believe it’s a real shame to compare Schwazer to a thieve ! With all the terrible problems we face, with all the bandits, terrorists, pedophiles, politicians and supposed managers we stand ? Schwazer must be life banned ? If he is despicable (maybe even”asshole” seems inappropriate), how can we define those above ? Must we have recourse to Dante Alighieri and his “Inferno” to classify their crimes ? Who are the “victims”of Schwazer ? Tallent or Diniz(I am still wondering how he was able to walk 3:32)? Bernard Hinault (and the first Lance Armstrong) stated that doped cyclists steal somebody else’s bread ! Hinault (he seemed a motorcycle in the mountains) and Armstrong ? And Pantani and Merckx ? What about Carl Lewis receiving reprimand for stimulants (only?) from his own federation? I was personally at the 1991 Tokyo WC and he (still the best athlete of the history for me) had his body structure altered and his face heavily pockmarked and he was already 30 years old. My post is too long but I hope it can be considered NOT a pompous speech; I am too sad when I see all these EXCLUSIONS and (young ?) persons who wish to EXCLUDE and to sentence to death (life-ban is death for an atlete). All the opinions can be expressed but some of them must be disputed. Ciao, Fabio Majocchi