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  1. India National Thread | Road to Tokyo 2020

    Yes, your point about 2-year period field for juniors in very important. I think for seniors we need to consider 10 year period as average. So, conversion from junior medals to senior medals has to be around 1/5th or so. Therefore, 24 medals at junior world champiionships would mea around 5-6 medals at senior level. That was our level already at London 2012. Another point is we had 8 medals in youth olympics 8 years back. None of those medalists have gone on to get anywhere close to being medalists in olympics and that 8 medal haul got converted to only 2 medals in Rio 2016. So, we have to be cautious about extrapolating these youth olympic medals and say that we will go to 10 medals level in 2024 olympics. First up I want us to get back r 6 medal level at Tokyo and then see how much we can improve over it by 2024.
  2. India National Thread | Road to Tokyo 2020

    We have 1 boxing too, So, we would be at 6 if we go by your estimate 1 more in wresling and shooting. I think getting back to 6 medal level achieved at London is a fair target for Tokyo olympics. Anything more would be a bonus.
  3. Summer Youth Olympic Games 2018

    How are USA and China, sporting superpowers wtth only 1 bronze at the of day 1 ? Have they not sent their best athletes ?
  4. Summer Youth Olympic Games 2018

    Thanks a lot. He is in second place now.
  5. Summer Youth Olympic Games 2018

    Where do you get results ? or any live scores ? Shooting 10M finals is supposed to have started. But, do not find results or stream anywhere.
  6. Wrestling UWW Junior World Championships 2018

    Vishal should have won his bout against the Moldovan. He left it a little too late and almost equalised the score in the last second. Rohit too had such close loss against the other Moldovan wrestler. Other 2 lost tamely in the QF.
  7. Wrestling UWW Junior World Championships 2018

    No. They are not same wrestlers of course. I do not what but for most of the Indians on UW site their first name is repeated twice and second name is not mentioned at all. I am sure their second name would be difference and all this confusion would have been avoided if the second name too was mentioned instead of Vijay Vijay for both. It was a super move by 60Kg. Vijay though to pin the Iranian. Do not see such time of moves usually in greco. Let see now if he is strong enough against Turkish wrestler in the final.
  8. Shooting ISSF World Championships 2018

    Why would they tank ? Does look like they are having a bad world championships. Just 1 quota for Italy so far and only 2 for Germany. US also seems to be underperforming. China, Korea and Russia seem to be the ones with better performance thier Rio olympics level.
  9. India National Thread | Road to Tokyo 2020

    We are only at 36 medals, how will go upto 75 ? Do you have sport wise break-up ?
  10. India National Thread | Road to Tokyo 2020

    That is an excellent idea, Kapil on Wrestling trials. Only one more issue which WFI has been presenting is that the trials held at a late stage can lead to injuries to wrestlers which will hamper their participation in Olympics. I don't how valid is that argument.
  11. India National Thread | Road to Tokyo 2020

    Yes, CAS has given it's verdict on very clear scientific evidence. It says the amount of drug which was found in his sample is so large that it could not have been thru being in the mixed form and has been taken in tablet form. They also say that amount of drug in his second test sample ( which was 10 days later) is higher than the first one. That means there was no one time ingestion but it was a repeated one. To that, Narsingh now says that his drink was contaminated multiple times. If someone is able to do that so many times, then the wrestler and his team too is guilty of negligence. Must say he is losing his credibility by coming up with new claims from time to time.
  12. India National Thread | Road to Tokyo 2020

    We as fans also have to be realistic about expectations. There were many on this board who went gaga over we getting our 120 athletes qualified for Olympics and saying that it is a sporting revolution in India and all. Where are all those hiding now ? Gone are the days when we were only satisfied with getting qualifiers. Medals are what it counts. And it was clear even at that stage how the number of 120 was achieved. That was thru getting a lots of qualifiers thru Athletics by questionable means. We as fans should see thru this. Realistically, I was expecting between 4-6 medals for us and we fell far behind that too.
  13. India National Thread | Road to Tokyo 2020

    WADA/CAS was never going to let it go if there was no clear evidence that Narsingh's food was spiked. If they would let it pass, tomorrow everyone who gets caught will claim that his food has been spiked. Stupid decision by WFI/NADA has actually hurt us and Narsingh. They should have let Praveen Rana participate.
  14. India National Thread | Road to Tokyo 2020

    I think time they have been provided with mental conditioning coach etc. Also they archers have reached Rio almost a month in advance. So, there is little room to complain for them. Missing an arrow altogether and hitting a 5 is unacceptable for a top level archer. It never happens with Koreans. Hope Deepika can correct the same in knock outs. But, as of now Atanu Das looks the best medal prospect for me in archery.
  15. India National Thread | Road to Tokyo 2020

    Brilliant stuff from Atanu. Perhaps, he should screwed up a little in the end and dropped to 6th. He would have avoided any Korean till final in that case.