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  1. Men's Football FIFA World Cup 2018

    Who do you think should play then? I could imagine Dybala playing as AM and Messi on the right wing. Aguero and Higuain together probably isn't a viable option.
  2. Really a pity that Salah had to be substituted. Liverpool's confidence seemed to be low after that while Real got encouraged. Hopefully Salah will be at the World Cup. To me it seemed that Real was beatable this year, but nobody could get the job done for various reasons. Luck was also on their side.
  3. Typical for us losing 2-3 against Brazil at the table tennis WC, after 2-0 set lead in decisive fifth match. But our team has performed quite well here.
  4. I think Liverpool lost concentration with that overall big lead in both games. They also have a very important game on Sunday. Will be interesting to see if their counter-pressing game works against Real Madrid.
  5. Very unlucky that it had to be decided this way. In real time it looked like a penalty to me, in slow-motion it doesn't, so I'm not sure. Buffon shouldn't have been given red card, unless it was something he said. Maybe he insulted the referee.
  6. And I was wondering if City could turn the tie around, never even considered Roma to make it. I probably wouldn't even have watched the game Roma-Barcelona if it would have been the only game tonight. I wouldn't underestimate Liverpool. Even against Real they are not without a chance. Reminds me of 2005.
  7. We should qualify in both I think, even if only through OST in Swimming. Hopefully Gacina and Pucar can make it to Tokyo.
  8. I don't think so. Italy, France, Greece and Netherlands are very likely too strong for us.
  9. Really? Great. I've never followed this sport, was looking at the rankings some time ago and didn't see anyone of ours there. Women's water polo team was qualified in 2016 as well, but they were without a chance. I think they lost all five games with a goal difference of -80 or something like that. But it would be nice If they would qualify for Euro tournaments regularly from now on.
  10. Do we have a chance in sport climbing?
  11. I think he would need to play Davis Cup in 2019 or 2020 to be eligible. I doubt that he will still be around and will still have the results to qualify anway, besides that I'm not sure if he even wants to play at the Olympics.
  12. Surprising final for me. Well done, neighbors... and well done, neighbors. Incredible how good Doncic already is. I hope we will also be on this level again anytime soon. 22 years of hurt already (though we had a semifinal in 2013).
  13. Well, we won yesterday, but my expectations for the tournament aren't high. Depth in our team isn't there, several Centers are missing. We might be able to do some damage at the next World Cup, in case that Hezonja, Bender, Zizic and Zubac develop well (and maybe a solid PG will emerge).
  14. Badminton BWF World Championships 2017

    That's what I found, too. http://bwfworldchampionships.com/results/2663/total-bwf-world-championships-2017/2017-08-23
  15. Only 4th place for Sara Kolak. Probably the first disappointment in her senior career. The field wasn't even that strong, she just couldn't find her form. Also a pity that Ivan Horvat has been stagnating for a while now. But a nice surprise medal for Stipe Zunic. He has had a great year, constantly throwing over 21 meters. Also finally some good results in junior rowing. The women's four has been very impressive lately.